ILAV Chapter 15 (Part 1)

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A knight, who was following Eli, the Commander of the knight group at the head, whispered in a serious voice.


“Something is off, Sire.”


Eli nodded his head slightly, affirming the knight’s words. He was also feeling something was off.


“Wyverns are overly contracted. The number of them has decreased significantly.”


On the first day, they were so busy dealing with the swarming Wyverns that they didn’t notice. From some point on, the number of Wyverns attacking them had noticeably reduced. The Wyverns would run away helplessly when they saw knights wielding their swords several times. Thanks to this, the knights could easily remove the eggs from Wyverns’ nest. It seemed that the subjugation could be completed sooner than expected due to their speed of efficiency.


It was obviously a positive situation, but the knights were not happy. The flow of the works couldn’t change so easily. If the tide changes, it must be because a huge event is going to happen soon. Such tremendous events have had a great impact on human life as well as plants and animals. If that’s a positive effect, it’s fortunate, but most of the time, it were the opposite.


When the ecosystem of a forest is shaken, human lives also become unstable. The same was true for the ecosystem of the Black Forest. The fact that Wyvern’s behaviour changed overnight was evidence that something huge has happened or was about to happen.




Everyone walked through the forest with nervous faces. Suddenly, a knight came running with an anxious face. It was the scout sent to locate the nest of the Wyverns where the eggs were stored.


“Sire, I found something like this near an empty nest.”


He stuck out a piece of meat the size of a child’s head. Although the shape was not intact, it could be seen that it was a part of Wyvern’s body. The knights opened their mouths seeing the Wyvern’s body, which had been completely slaughtered. Everyone must be thinking the same thing, but they couldn’t bring themselves to say it.


Wyvern, a creature they can barely overcome by joining forces. But a mysterious predator slaughtered a Wyvern like this. The mere thought of it was terrible.


“If this being comes down after humans, after Erelle estate…….”


It was a situation they didn’t even want to imagine. If thay have to deal with a predator who slaughtered a Wyvern like this, they have to fight with the expense of their lives. Everyone’s face turned white. But Eli Roytz, the captain of the Knights, only looked at the meat in the knight’s hand with a calm face.


‘There’s a sign of fire.’


Then it couldn’t be an animal that doesn’t have a rational mind. Only beings with a rational mind can deal with fire.


Either it’s a human or another creature with a rational mind.


Then he could have a conversation. Are they a friend or a foe? He could be sure of that, too.


‘If it’s a foe..….’


There was only one conclusion. Eli’s hand, holding the sword, became tense.


* * *


Every night, I sneaked out of the mansion and headed for the Black Forest. It was for the ‘war’ that Harry wanted so much. Of course, the object of the war was not human. Wyvern, the magical creature living in the Black Forest, were the offerings to soothe Harry’s desire to kill.


Wyverns are stronger than humans. It was hard to fight with them, therefore, they were enough to satisfy Harry’ thirst to kill. Not only that, the population was so large that he could fight until he got sick of it.


‘And if the number of Wyverns decreases, won’t the knights from the capital that came for the expedition and staying in the mansion go back quickly?’


I could satisfy Harry’s desire and send Catherine’s troublesome fishes away. There was no better way to kill two birds with one stone.


‘The more I think about it, the better it is.’


I sat on the rock with pride and looked at Harry excitedly. At his light gesture, the giant Wyvern fell to the ground like paper. Wyvern, whose territory had been invaded, desperately opposed Harry, but even to me, who was not familiar with it, it seemed that it couldn’t beat Harry. It was actually a one-sided slaughter. Harry was the slaughterer of course.


Wyvern’s ability to keep Harry’s feet tied for a while was possible because he didn’t fight with all his might. Dozens of Wyverns rushed to him at once but failed to even put a scratch on Harry. Harry fought relaxdaily and enjoyed himself against Wyverns for a long time. When he lost interest, he called out the Blue Flame and burned the Wyverns without a trace.


‘Wow, his personality is so violent.’


I realised once again that Harry was a demon when I saw him smiling with joy at the scene of slaughter. Theo Harris, an infinitely cruel demon. That was the real Harry.


‘I’ve called out a great being.’


With Harry’s power, I thought I could easily blow up a castle.


‘Did I really ask that kind of guy to light a fire in the fireplace?’


It was like hiring Bill Gates to fix the laptop because it didn’t work.


And Bill Gates will fix the laptop and say, ‘My annual salary is $1 million, so pay for it.’


While thinking about it blankly, one of Wyvern’s wings that Harry blew fell in front of me. The scene was like straight from a horror movie when the wings of the Wyvern shattered and the bleeding monster rolled under my foot.


‘I don’t have a hobby of watching bloody things like this.’


I wanted to send Harry to the Black Forest, but I couldn’t tell how wild he would be. If anything happened, I had to be around to control him.


Due to the restriction that I had to go with him, our moving time was naturally limited to deep nights. He swept away Wyverns on a dark night to avoid people’s eyes, and repeated his life of quietly returning to his room as if nothing had happened before sunrise.


Meanwhile, Wyverns’ population has steadily shrunk. At first, there were so many Wyvern that I couldn’t count with my eyes, but now I can count the numbers.




I checked the time with my watch and quietly called Harry. It was a small sound, but he heard my voice and burned the Wyvern he was playing with. Harry’s face, which was approaching me after finishing his play, was filled with regret.


“It’s already dawn? I don’t think it’s been long, but time flew so quickly.”


“It hasn’t been long. Think of the number of Wyverns you’ve killed. You’ve killed so much that I think you shouldn’t be complaining for years.”


“Oh, what are you talking about? I’ve only killed about 50 of them. This won’t last even a few months.”


Wow, he has killed 50 of them but it could control him only for a few months.


‘Even if the cost-effectiveness is bad, how could it be this bad?’


Now he’s passing his time killing Wyvern. However, after Wyverns’ eggs are destroyed, we had to search for another sacrifice.


“Can’t you stay still at least a year? I heard that the Royal Knights that came for the expedition would throw a party after the expedition. It’s their luck that they were able to destroy so many Wyvern eggs. Usually, they can’t kill them and just push them back so that they can break the eggs.”


It was said that catching a Wyvern takes a few years. Even after the start of this subjugation, there was no news that any Wyvern had been caught. Considering that, isn’t the name of ‘Egg breaking’ more suitable than the ‘Wyvern subjugation’? They only break the eggs so that the population does not increase and wait for the adult Wyvern to die of old age.


Harry, who knew the reality better than I, snorted. His response meant that it was funny to compare him to a knight that came for the expedition.


“Will you stop comparing me to those weak knights? It hurts my pride a lot.”


Normally, I would have criticized Harry for being condescending, but I had nothing to say because I had watched his overwhelming power right in front of my eyes. Also, I didn’t even feel like praising Harry. So, I just decided to keep quiet. Harry tilted his head as if wondering at my ensuing silence.


“Why aren’t you doing it?”


“Doing what?”


“Why don’t you refute?”


“Do you want me to refute?”


“No, it’s not that, you’re acting different from usual…….”


Harry mumbled lowly. I looked at Harry wondering what the hell he was going to say, but he just sat next to me as if he had been waiting.


“Hey, are you scared of me? You are scared of me, right? Now you realize what a demon’s power is?”


“Yes. Harry is very strong. You must have been very bored because all you were doing was lighting a fireplace next to me with such great power.”


“Well, I wasn’t that bored. Just letting you know, you’re a funny person. It’s kind of fun to watch you from the side.”


I frowned at Harry, who was suddenly speaking gibberish.


“What on earth do you want to say?”


“I mean, it wasn’t completely boring to watch you.…. It was a pity that I couldn’t use my power completely, so…….”


“I don’t know what you’re saying, old man. Would you say that again in the language of young people?”


“Uh, I told you not to call me an old man! I’m a young man with a bright future!”


“Oh, I understand that just now. It’s good to speak so clearly, isn’t it?”


“Oh, my God! Do you have no brain? You can at least pretend to understand!”


“Why should I take the trouble to pretend to understand another person’s words? They should try to speak clearly if they want me to understand.”




Perhaps because he was speechless, Harry sprang to his feet.


“No matter what you say. I won’t tell you.”


“Really? Okay.”


‘He doesn’t want to say it, so I can’t help it.’


I didn’t have a hobby of prying and listening to the other people who didn’t want to say.


“If you want to say it, you’ll say it someday.”


Harry stamped his foot in wonder as I nodded in understanding.


“Hey, don’t you usually ask me what I want to do? Shouldn’t you do that at least once or twice? Why are you giving up so easily?”


“My strength is that I give up quickly.”


“……In general, I don’t think giving up is strength.”


“Why? It’s best to give up quickly on things that can’t be done. I’ll just ask them once and ignore them if I don’t understand what they meant. What’s the point of me clinging on to a person who doesn’t want to say anything? It’s better to just give up and wait for them to speak up.”


“Whew, so this is what you mean by that……”


Harry, who was about to shake his hand with a snort, rolled his eyes from side to side as if he realized something.


“……Hey. I think that makes sense.”


The moment Harry murmured blankly, a strong wind blew over his head. It was such a strong wind that the whole Black Forest shook. I couldn’t control my body in the strong wind and shook around. I felt like I was going to fall on the floor because I couldn’t balance myself properly, but Harry grabbed my shoulder and held it firmly.


“Wow. The wind was so strong, but you didn’t shake at all.”


As I was admiring him, Harry’s eyes turned to the sky, from where the wind came.


“What, why is he here?”


Harry’s face crumpled as he looked at the figure looming over to the sky.


‘What the hell did he see to have that reaction?’


I followed Harry’s gaze and raised my head to the sky. Then, at the end of his gaze, I caught a Wyvern that caused the tremendous wind. It wasn’t just an average Wyvern. It was twice as big as the Wyverns that Harry played with and killed. I knew why it was so big even though no one told me.


He was the leader of the pack.


At the same time as I thought so, the huge Wyvern landed on the ground. The wind that had been made by his flapping wings also stopped.


I looked at Wyvern, tidying up my hair, which was messed up by the wind. Looking closer, the size was more enormous than I thought. Just raising my head to look at it fully made my neck hurt. But the most surprising thing happened when the Wyvern opened his mouth wide. I thought he was going to attack us, so I closed my eyes reflectively, but something completely unexpected happened.


“I. Wyvern. Leader.”




“I say hello. Human. Demon. To you.”


The Wyvern spoke.






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