ILAV Chapter 14

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After soaking in the warm water of the hot spring, my whole body warmed up and I felt sleepy. Even before I returned to the room, my eyelids were heavy, and after a cup of warm tea, I couldn’t open my eyes at all. I headed to the bedroom without resisting sleepiness.


I was going to take a nap for a while, but Harry jumped on the bed before me. I was used to Harry occupying the bed in the form of a dog. The problem was that today he was lying in the bed in his human form, not dog.


“What are you doing?”


“Can’t you see? I’m lying in bed.”


“Do you think I don’t know that? Why are you lying in bed? I’m sleepy. I want to sleep, so hurry up and move.”


I waved my hand roughly as if I were driving away a pesky mosquito. Harry’s eyes twinkled for some reason at my sign of annoyance.


“No, I won’t move.”


“What? I’m not in the mood for a joke. I’m sleepy. Get out of the way quickly.”


“I always wanted to see blood, but I wasn’t able to do that because of you. You ignored my pleas, didn’t you? You should go through it, too. How hard it is to put up with basic desires! Then you’ll understand how I feel. There’s a limit to holding it in somehow with the help food.”


Harry looked at me and raised his chin proudly. His attitude was triumphant as if he had caught my weaknesses. My eyes narrowed at the sight.


‘Well, I can just go sleep somewhere else.’


I don’t need to sleep in bed. I shrugged my shoulders and crumpled myself into the sofa. It was a bit hard to sleep on the sofa because it was a one-person sofa, but it was enough to lean on. In addition, it was very comfortable because it could cover my body fluffyly. Of course, it was not that comfortable compared to the bed, but somehow it seemed to be enough to lull me to sleep somehow. Besides, I was so sleepy that I could fall asleep without knowing where I put my head.


“Uhhhhhhh……. Contractor? I’m really at my limit now! I’m telling you!”


“Noisy. I want to sleep.”


“What are you going to do if I cause another accident? Huh? I’m really at the limit…… Hey, Contractor?”


I didn’t even have the strength to respond to Harry’s whining. I slowly fell into the dreamland against the nagging of Harry’s delirious voice.


In the dream, I saw myself in the body of Evaria, standing in a modern city with a completely different background. But the dream didn’t last long. The modern city, which used to be full of skyscrapers, distorted little by little. The tall buildings shrunk and became wide, low roof houses. As if a virtual world was being unfolded in front of me. I fell into the world, and for some reason, I felt like was being weighed down by a large rock.


‘Oh, I feel stuffy. Why is the dream so strange? Is it because I’m lying on the sofa?’


I couldn’t sleep properly no matter how much I tried. I pushed the rock out of my dream, groaning for a refreshing sleep. However, even in the dream, the rock was so heavy that it did not budge no matter how much I pushed it. After being weighed down by the weight for a long time, I felt suffocated. It was definitely just a dream. However, the weight was so realistic that I felt like I was really having a hard time breathing.


‘What kind of nightmare is this vivid?’


I opened my eyes with irritation. I thought it would definitely be dawn when I get up, but when I looked around, the surroundings were dark. I couldn’t sleep deeply because I was suffering from nightmares, but I guess I slept longer than I thought.


‘I should sleep properly in bed this time.’


I raised myself thinking so, but again this time, I couldn’t move as if I was weighed down by something heavy.


‘Is it still a dream? No, didn’t I open my eyes?’


I blinked a few times not understanding the situation. A clear view unfolded in front of my eyes that had become accustomed to the darkness. There was someone’s face in front of me.




I screamed in surprise and looked at the face properly, it was Harry’s face. As soon as I saw the familiar face, my heart, which had fallen to the floor with surprise, calmed down.


“Harry, what are you doing?”


Harry was crouching on my leg. He was whining about starting a war even before I went to bed. In the end, he seemed to have chosen to disturb me in my deep sleep in this way.


“No matter how much you pleaded, it’s no use. I’m not going to start a war!”


I thought the refutation would come immediately at my exclamation, but Harry didn’t respond to the firm declaration. He just looked down at me with a strange expressionless face. Even his eyes were lifeless.




I called Harry, wondering at his unusual appearance. But instead of answering, he reached out and clasped my shoulder tightly. He held it so hard that my face distorted with pain.


‘Did he get upset because I ignored his whining?’


It was my job to soothe the old man who was annoyed and upset.


‘I summoned him on my own volition, so I have to take care of him.’


“Okay. I’ll listen to you, so move your hands……”


But before I could finish, Harry bowed his head and bit me on the nape of my neck. Is that all? He even stuck out his tongue and licked the flesh down.


‘Why is he biting and sucking my neck like a candy?’


It was an action that I could never understand considering the usual Harry. I didn’t know why, but I felt like he was out of his mind.


“Hey, old man, old man, Harry? Hey, Harry!”


I called Harry several times to wake him up, but there was no response.


‘I don’t think he’s in the state of communication. I have no choice but to use my strength.’


“I definitely called you. But you didn’t answer.”


So, please don’t have any resentment. I took a deep breath, gathered my strength, and hit Harry in the back of the head with all my strength. The hit was accurate.




With a low moan, Harry fell off me. Harry’s hazy eyes began to come alive little by little.


“Why does the back of my head hurt? This place is tingling.”


Harry rubbed his head after being beaten by me and blinked with a confused face.


“Did you hit me?”


“Yes. I hit you.”


“What? Why did you hit the demon who didn’t do anything?”


“What do you mean you didn’t do anything? Don’t you remember? You bit me in the back of my neck.”


“Me? Your neck? Don’t lie.”


Harry waved his hand as if I was speaking nonsense.


“Are pretending not to tknow about this?”


I squinted at Harry’s face. But he was blinking innocently as if he knew nothing. Harry has been bad at lying so far. It was clear that he was not used to the lie itself because there was no problem with living with saying whatever he wanted to say.


‘No way, he really doesn’t remember.’


“Look at this.”


I showed Harry the nape of his neck instead of a long explanation. Although the surroundings were dark, the demon’s eyes would be enough to check the condition of my neck even in the dark.


“……why is my tooth mark there?”


“That’s what I want to ask. Why are you biting me on the neck all of a sudden?”




Harry mumbled lowly as if he had become a sinner, then straightened his shoulders. It seemed like he was preparing his explanation.


“I told you so! I’m at my limit now, I don’t know what’s going on!”


“I didn’t know that you will chew my neck because of this. If you had told me earlier, shouldn’t you have told me about it properly?”


“I was going to say! But you fell asleep without listening.”


“Are you telling me that you did a good job?”




“Did you do it on purpose?”


“Of course not…….”


Harry, who was responding without backing down, drooped his shoulders. He looked very depressed.


“I’m not a demon who has no control on his instinct like this! But it’s because it’s the first time I haven’t seen blood in a long while.”


“So, if you don’t see the blood, you might accidentally eat me?”


A life that ends with being eaten by an insatiable cannibal. I’ve never wished for a grand death, but I didn’t want to die like this either. Although I refused him, he can’t tell me to kill people without reason can he?


‘Is there any good way?’


It was a time of great concern.


“Harry. You’re very annoying.”


“But I’m the best dryer.”


“Yes, but it takes a lot of work and costs a lot of money to maintain you!”


I held my head and let out a long sigh.


* * *


I ended up reading a book about the demons in the library in the mansion, but the answer was not easy. The cases introduced as summoning demons were so different from mine that there was nothing to refer to.


All those who summoned demons sought revenge or rule the world with strong power. Thanks to this, the interests between the demons’ basic needs and their contractors’ goals matched well without trying to think.


‘Why did everyone summon demons for such a big reason?’


I closed the book with a sour mood. I was looking forward to some helpful information because the title of the book was called 《Very Simple Way to Summon Demons》,but it was useless again this time.


[It’s normal to summon demons for a grandiose reason. You’re the weird one for calling a demon to light a fire in the fireplace.]


[Harry, is that all you have to say to me who’s working hard to find a way for you?]


[For me? You are the one who don’t want to be eaten. Do you hate being eaten by me?]


‘No, is there anyone who likes to be eaten?’


The absurd remark made me open my mouth wide.


[Of course I don’t like it. Who likes to be eaten?]


[There’s someone I know who likes!]


[Don’t lie. It hurt so much when I got bitten by the neck. Is there anyone who likes that?]


I thought it was the truth, but Harry’s face became subtle when I said it. He clicked his tongue as if looking a very pathetic person.


[What are you thinking? That’s not what being eaten is.]


Isn’t meaning of being eaten is eaten? What other meaning is there?


[Then what is it? Are there other ways to being eaten? Could it be you will actually suck my blood but not flesh? Because what Harry wants is blood?]


My head, which had been blurred by the sudden realization, felt clear in an instant.


[I thought it was definitely human meat you wanted to eat. Do you want to drink my blood now? I think I can give you a little blood.]


When I asked with my eyes open, Harry closed his mouth.


[…… As expected, you’re just a grain of sand.]


He looked like he had a lot to say, but he was trying to hold it in.


[Yeah. What can I say to a grain of sand that hasn’t matured?]


[Who was the one who bit and licked the neck of the immature grain of sand? What’s so good about my neck that you licked as if it has even been seasoned? You could just wait for me to wake up and order a cake for you!]


[That’s because I wasn’t in my right mind! It’s because of you that I lost control!]


Harry shouted in a fit of rage, but his voice was buried in the loud shouts of the knights who were practicing at that time.


‘Are they the Frost Knights of Erelle? Is Lionel here?’


It was quite fun to watch Lionel train.


‘It’s worth watching him being scolded for not being able to move his body properly.’


I peeked out the window and saw a group of knights running in line. But they were the Royal Knights, not the Frost Knights. I could tell right away from the uniform.


The knights from the capital would train lightly in the morning, and when the sun would rise in the middle of the sky, they would leave for the Black Forest with the Frost Knights to subjugate Wyverns. It was a fact that I learned indirectly through the noisy training sounds from outside and the chatter of maids praising the knights for being wonderful.


My radius of activity has become narrower thanks to the knights who travel through the mansion like their own. None of the knights who run and train through the mansion were Lyndon or Eli, but after bumping into them on the way to the hot spring, there was a chance that I would come across them in an unexpected moment.


‘Therefore, it is best to reduce the activity radius as much as possible. I don’t want to be bothered by running into them.’


It’s already been a week. I like to stay in my room and spend time leisurely, but it is completely different from being forced to stay in my room because I don’t want to. Feeling frustrated, I asked Emma when the subjugation would end, and she replied that it would take at least a month. It meant that I had to stay in this room for another three weeks.


“Does it take that long?”


“Yeah, I guess…… It takes a lot of time because they wait for the time when Wyverns get weak.”


“The time when Wyverns get weak?


“Wyverns can’t stand the sunlight. Around noon, when the sun is strongest, their movement becomes dull, making it easier to subdue than other times. To reduce the number of injuries of knights, they have no choice but to subdue them at that time.”


If there was no way, they wouldn’t have come to subjugate, but they didn’t have to take risks since they knew the time when the Wyverns would weaken. Thanks to this, the progress of the subjugation has been slow.


‘Should I at least spread rumours that the eggs of Wyverns are good for the body?’


If such rumours were spread, there will be a flood of people who will risk their lives to save the eggs of the Wyverns. But how would they eat the eggs?


‘They could just boil the egg and eat it. At least it’s better than a beautiful woman being sucked dry by a demon.’


But if I do that, the Wyvern eggs will soon become extinct. Later, it may be designated as endangering animals, rather than subjugation.


‘However, are Wyverns considered animals here?’


Unnecessary thoughts followed one after another, and at some point something clicked. It was because I just thought of something.






[Harry’s desire is to see fblood, right?]


[It’s not just seeing blood. It’s no use if you show me your blood. The fun is to fight, kill, and see blood on the way. The process is also important.]


[Then it’s okay if you don’t have to see human blood, right? It doesn’t matter whose blood it is as long as you can fight, kill, and see the blood?]


[If I’m happy to kill the person, then, yeah. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a human. But that’s not necessarily always true. Killing bugs is also considered killing, but it’s not fun at all.]


Harry shrugged and grumbled, but I was confident. An opponent who is much stronger than humans and can only be subdued if several people work together. Nevertheless, it was an opponent whom Harry could aim for some time to kill his boredom.


I smiled and put my hand on Harry’s shoulder.


[Harry, let’s go to war.]







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