Chapter 9

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“What a fuss.”

Kael murmured softly as he watched the servants moving everywhere busily.

Those passing through the garden walked faster than usual, and their faces were full of laughter.

Albert, who was pouring tea from the teapot, smiled lightly.

“There is something that I wanted to ask the Master.”

“What is it?”

“Everyone wants to have a small party, so I’m asking for Master’s permission.”


Kael, who was looking out the window, turned his head to Albert at the words.

Kael spent most of his time looking up at the sky. But recently, he has been looking at other things other than the sky.

Like, watching Hyazelki take a walk in the garden, or seeing others working.

“What kind of party is it?”

Albert, who came up with a teacup, replied, holding it out to Kael.

“Yuri mentioned that they have never celebrated the Lady’s birthday since she came here.”


“It’s an event to celebrate the day humans were born.”

“Are they doing it, too?”

“They aren’t thinking of really doing parties. The chef just made a small cake for the Lady.”

“……I see.”

Kael accepted the teacup from Albert.

He didn’t even know why everyone was bustling around while he was being served by them.

“So, when is Hyazelki’s birthday?”

“They say it’s the last day of the year.”

“Then isn’t there still time left?”

“Yuri said the Lady didn’t know that her birthday is something to be celebrated and congratulated. Maybe because no one has ever congratulated her. So since the Lady’s birthday is still far away, they all just want to throw a party like a summer festival. There are many seasonal festivals in the city.”

“……I see. Tell them to do as they please.”

“Thank you, my Lord.”

Kael, who was holding a hot teacup, looked out the window again.

It seemed like the first time he saw everyone working so happily.

No, it’s simply because he wasn’t interested.

Kael again called the butler, who had finished his work, trying to leave the room.

“Ah, Albert.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“How do you celebrate birthdays?”


Albert opened his eyes wide and figured out the meaning of the question before answering.

“Oh, we say congratulations and give the child gifts. We also have parties to celebrate together.”

“I see. You may go now.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Turning from the receding butler, Kael looked up at the sky blankly.

‘A gift…’

* * *

After Kael’s permission was granted, the busiest were Lisa and Yuri.

Since it’s warm in summer, they decided to have the party in the garden.

The landscapes were decorated with colorful ribbons.

The table was filled with the chef’s skillful dishes.

“Now all I have to do is wait for the Lady to come, right? I’ll bring her over.”

Lisa stopped the excited maid.

“Wait, just wait here. She’ll be here soon.”

The maid looked at Lisa with a meaningful smile.

As it became more noisy outside, it was difficult for Hyazelki to stay still and stick her butt to the chair.

Yuri, who was brushing her hair, smiled because it was cute to watch her fidgeting in her seat.

A light dress in the same color as amber eyes with a charming golden tinge.

The apricot-orange pink hair was braided on both sides, making her look several times cuter than usual.

Knock, knock.

When they heard the knock, Yuri whispered in Hyazelki’s ears that everything was ready.


At the same time as the answer, the door opened.

“My Lady is already ready…… Oh, my lord.”

It was Kael who broke Yuri’s expectation, thinking that a maid who had finished preparing for the party would have come to call them.

“I think you’re ready for the party. Let’s go now.”

“Yes, Papa, I’m ready.”

The cute Hyazelki, who had a ribbon on her head, stopped after a few steps seeing Kael unmoving.


For some reason, Kael standing at the door remained motionless.

Hyazelki, who tilted her head because she could not understand why he was standing still, found someone behind him gesturing wildly.

Yuri held both hands above her head, and extended her index finger straight to point to her other hand.


Looking at the shape of her mouth, it was clear that she was referring to Kael’s hand.


Hyazelki quickly approached Kael again and gently grabbed his hand.

“Let’s go.”

“Hmm… let’s go.”

Only then did Yuri secretly smile at Kael, who was moving.

Yuri didn’t know how shocked she was when she first saw her Master holding the child’s hand.

He walked hand in hand with the child wearing a stiff expression, and Yuri couldn’t even move on the spot for a long time because of the shock.

But she thinks she is used to this now, too.

Because she often saw Kael taking a walk hand in hand with Hyazelki.

For the past year, they have lived a peaceful life without any problems.

Hyazelki was growing more and more lovely by the day.

‘I think the atmosphere has gotten a bit softer, too.’

Yuri smiled softly, following the two people walking hand in hand.

Arriving in the colorful garden, Hyazelki quickly let go of Kael’s hand and ran inside the garden.

Only Yuri and Albert saw Kael looking down at his hand with a slightly sad face.

“Wow! The garden is pretty!”

“Right? Right?”

Looking at Hyazelki smiling brightly, a maid who was standing beside became proud.

It was a sunny garden. There was also a shade on one side to avoid the sun.

The outdoor table was full of delicious food, and the decorated landscapes made everyone feel excited.

Everyone was smiling at Hyazelki, who couldn’t shut up because of how happy she was.

“My Lady’s birthday is already over…… There are months left until your next birthday, so we prepared a summer party.”

Hyazelki, who ran toward the wide-smiling maid, was hugged in her arms.

“Are you saying it’s a summer festival held in the city? I’ve never done this before!”

“City festivals are much bigger than this. The whole street will be decorated with splendor.”

“Really? More than this? Wow….”

Imagining the festival of the city, Hyazelki looked around the decorated garden in awe.

“Enjoy yourself.”

Kael, who patted Hyazelki’s head lightly, headed for the shade.

Kael sat down on the place where the blanket was laid, leaned his back against the tree, and looked at the child happily running around.

“Try this, miss.”

“It’s delicious!”

Not only the chef, but also the maids squealed in joy. The way Hyazelki was surrounded by maids and was fed with her mouth full of food was cute.

“Should I bring tea?”

Before he knew it, Albert approached Kael’s side and asked.

“No need.”

Just looking at Hyazelki made him feel good enough.

“Humans seem to like festivals. I can’t understand it since it is a hassle because of the season that comes every year.”

“Ha ha…… That’s right. A year will be a very short time for Master.”

“It won’t be too long for you either. If you look at it throughout your entire life.”

“Yes, perhaps.”

The gentle smile of the butler turned to the child surrounded by the maids.

“Not only is it short for us, the time watching the kids grow up is also short.”

“……I see.”

A castle towering on the barren land of the north.

In the garden, for the first time since the Dragon of Judgement came to the Earth.

Laughter overflowed.

* * *

Step step.

Someone who was walking in the garden stopped for a moment.

“It’s a rare thing. I can’t believe I can hear them laughing.”

The man started walking again, murmuring in a low voice.

“Miss, try this, too.”

“I’m full now!”

“Just taste it, just taste it! I made this with all my heart and soul for you!”

Amber eyes with pink hair and golden pupils.

A lovely little child was seen arguing with the chef who was holding a small piece of cake.

Everyone around her was smiling at it, and Kael’s expression, sitting in the shade, was also calm.

And there he appeared.

“I’m finally here!”

Surprised by the loud noise, Hyazelki turned her head.

In an instant, all eyes turned to the entrance to the garden.

Satisfied with the gaze, the man smoothed his braided green hair and laughed.

All of them had surprised faces, but Kael was wrinkling his face impatiently.

“Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve met you, and your eyes welcoming me are as fierce as always!”

“You’re noisy.”

It was only Kael who crumpled his forehead and turned his head away.

“Lord Ji, Jiel? What are you doing here….?”

“I don’t know why such a man comes and goes to my castle at will.”

Albert, who trembled at the words of Kael filled with thorns, exchanged glances with the servants.

With his long green hair braided, he had red eyes like Kael.

There was naughty look on his tanned face.

Hyazelki, who was trying to ask who he was, closed her mouth.

‘That’s weird.’

And instead of asking around, she tilted her head.

Because strangely, he felt similar to Kael.

And also like Ciel, who brought her to this castle.

“My Lord, please come this way. Shall I serve some refreshments?”

“Would you please bring me a drink?”

A maid quickly left the garden at Jiel’s request with a smile.

Jiel, who was moving towards Kael, stared at Hyazelki, who stood still and looked at him.

Then he smiled.

Jiel, who was walking to Kael suddenly smiled and turned his feet.

“Well, who is this cute creature? You said you were raising a human child, was it true?”

As Jiel approached Hyazelki and jumped to her with excitement, Kael, who was sitting leisurely in the shade, stood up.

“You, stay away.”

Jiel still reached out to Hyazelki, as if he were enjoying the threatening stare sent at him.

“Hi, I’m the Dragon of the Earth, Jiel. Actually, I was going to come earlier, but I had something to do. I thought, if he had the child for more than a year, then it would be okay to meet you.”

Hyazelki, who was looking up at Jiel with a big smile, gasped in awe and covered her small mouth with her hand.

“The Dragon of the Earth? The green dragon? The one in the book?

“Huh? Oh, yes, yes. My name was probably written somewhere in the books of humans. First of all, I’m a dragon, too.”

“I read in the book that the Dragon of the Earth is the savior of farmers!”

The appearance of Hyazelki, who seemed to be very excited seeing Jiel, made Jiel freeze in his spot.

“How, how! How can such a cute creature exist? Kael is so into it. I think I’m going to fall into it, too!

“Stop talking nonsense and go back.”

“What? I just got here!”

“It’s enough already. Go back. Hia, come this way.”

“Hia? Her name is Hia?”

As if he had no intention of telling Jiel her name, Kael clicked his tongue.

“Hia is a nickname!”

“Baby, stop talking nonsense and come over here.”

Kael once again said to Hyazelki, who spoke proudly.

She closed her mouth and rushed to him when she found that there were wrinkles on his brows.

“Albert, is my drink here? Oh, so what’s your name?

“My name is Hyazelki.”

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