Chapter 7

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“It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you have to be by my side to be safe.”

‘What am I supposed to be safe from?’

No one in this castle wants to hurt her and she isn’t afraid of them anymore. Nevertheless, what should she be protected from?

The child was troubled by the thought and rubbed her plump chin.

“But, are you satisfied with only being protected?”


Her gaze, staring into space, turned to Kael.

It was too meaningful to ask a four-year-old child.

Hyazelki wanted to hear more details from Kael, but Yuri, who went to bring warm milk, returned to the room and so she didn’t have the time to answer.

Instead of answering back to Kael, Hyazelki drank the milk Yuri gave her.

She could feel that the warm milk was warming her up from inside.

Yuri, who took the cup back from her hand, put Hyazelki back on the bed and said.

“Don’t worry and go to sleep. I’ll be by your side until morning.”

The child, who was relieved by Yuri’s statement, looked at Kael while trying to close her eyes.

He stared briefly at Hyazelki and said, raising his body against the wall.

“It’s all right now, so go to bed.”


Hyazelki, who answered quietly, closed her eyes slowly.

He said it was alright, so she thought it would be alright.

Kael is a dragon.

She met new parents four times, but it was a sense of reassurance that she had never felt from them.

Before long, Hyazelki fell asleep with an even breath.

* * *

“Hyazelki’s room is too far away.”

That was something that Kael suddenly brought up one day.


“There are many empty rooms.”

At Kael’s murmured looking out the window, Albert quickly rolled his head.

“Well, I was going to move her soon because she was staying in a temporary room. Where should I move her room?”

“It just so happens that the room next to me is empty.”

“Yes, I’ll move there.”

“I see.”

Kael looked out of the window quietly, even though he knew the butler leaving the room was sweating.

Hyazelki, who woke up crying in the middle of the night the other day.

Recently, the same situation has seemed to repeat often.

‘I’ve finished purifying the castle.’

Kael, who felt uncomfortable, frowned and stared at the sky.

‘What the hell did you mean?’

He had done everything to punish the sinners.

It wasn’t difficult. But it was difficult to treat human children.

Kael, who had been sitting by the window all morning, got up.

Knock, knock.

“Come in.”

When his permission was granted, Albert stepped inside.

The butler’s expression, who was busy moving Hyazelki’s room all morning, was not good.

After seeing it, Kael could easily predict why.

When did Albert have this face, Kael knew it well.

“The messenger has arrived.”

On the butler’s shoulder sat a bird of green and brown feathers.

Kael’s red eyes, who found it, sank deeply.

“Where is he?”

“I took him to the prison of sinners and put him in the judgement room.”

“Let’s go.”


When he strode out of the room, he saw servants carrying their luggage to the next room.

Kael cursed himself for ordering to move the child’s room in the morning.

Frowning, he sighed impatiently and walked past them.

The steps to face the sinners were always heavy.

Albert has always guarded after Kael since he became a butler.

He recited the sins of the sinner and observed Kael punishment after a short conversation with the sinner.

And after the punishment, Kael always didn’t come out of the room for a while.

Originally, he didn’t leave the room very much.

In order to see the sinner who had arrived at the castle with the messenger bird, Kael entered a small building built separately next to the castle.

A room without any furniture, with only windows filling one side of the wall.

As Kael, who entered it, slowly reached out his hand, the bird that had been sitting on Albert’s shoulder flew up and landed gently on his hand.

[It’s time to work, the Dragon of Judgement.]

Kael frowned because he didn’t think the voice was very pleasant to hear.

After making eye contact with the messenger bird’s red eyes for a while, he flew the bird away.

“The charge is…”

“It’s reported that he’s a man who defiled the land and killed countless people for his own benefit.”

Inside an empty room of a dilapidated building.

The room was not furnished or painted, and it was just an empty space.

Just an interior with only a window filling one side of the wall.

The sun came out of the window.

It was like the last mercy for a sinner.

In the empty room, a man tied to a tree root was kneeling.

The expression on Kael’s face was very cold.

Kael looked at him and said to Albert.

“Let’s get started.”

When permission was granted, Albert, who carried the report, next to him detailed the crimes committed by the man.

Listening to it still made him sick.

From some point on, Kael stopped asking the sinners why.

Why? The question was so pointless.

There were many people who did not tell the truth, but there were more unconvincing reasons than that.

Things he didn’t know how on earth could be a reason.

So Kael didn’t ask for it any more.

His red eyes glowed.

The Dragon of Judgment had the power of truth.

Kael saw the truth for himself instead of the excuse the sinner made.

The man who was kneeling in front of him was the only one who mattered. Nothing mattered but himself.

As most sinners do.

Therefore, he could have done such a thing for his own benefit.

He saw people dying because of this man.

Kael, tired of seeing the terrible scenes, closed his eyes once and opened it again.

Looking down at the man with a stiff expression, he said coldly.

“This man’s sin is not light.”

“Sa, Sa, Save, Save…….”

Shaking, the man bowed his head.

“It’s not up to me to decide. But you’ll probably want to beg me to kill you.”

He has already seen how heavy the man’s sin is before he was taken to the Dragon of Judgement.

Kael took a step closer to the man.

Then, a red-colored celestial equilibrium appeared in front of the man.

“Human beings love each other, care for each other, help each other, and live with each other. The sin of this man is heavy because they violate God’s words, harm countless humans, and does not repent his sins. So the punishment for you is…….”

Kael ruled formally.

The man’s face turned pale as he heard the cruel punishment pouring out of his mouth.

Looking at it, Kael only showed signs of keeping it.

He didn’t sympathize, he didn’t rage at the sinner.

“Execute the sentence.”

At the end of the word, light poured out of the crimson equilibrium. The group of lights disappeared with a man trapped in a tree root.

Once looking through the empty room, Kael became uncomfortable.

Albert also bowed his head with a displeased expression.

It was a scene that he couldn’t get used to.

“Follow me.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Albert followed Kael, who took a step first before stepping away.

He wanted to hurry back to his room, sat by the familiar window, and looked up at the sky.

However, as he got closer to the room, he felt uncomfortable thinking that there would be Hyazelki in the room right next to him.

They are the same human being, but they are so different.

As expected, isn’t it better to move Hyazelki’s room back to where it was?

Just as he was thinking about it, he ran into her in front of the room before Kael could order to move her room back where it was before.

“Ah, Master.”

Standing in front of Kael’s door, it seemed she had been waiting for him.

However, Kael, who found Hyazelki, stopped there.

He was reluctant to go near.

The man was punished as he deserved, and Kael did what he was responsible for.

However, looking at those clear eyes, it seemed to be against God’s will.

God loved man.


After a long sigh, Kael soon moved again.

Shaking his head lightly, he threw away the foolish thoughts.

“Where have you been?”

“……No need to know.”

Hyazelki opened her eyes wide at a slightly colder answer than usual.

She was so accustomed to this attitude that she could tell right away.

That Kael is in a bad mood.


At the child’s call, Kael sneaked away.

“I’ve never hired you, so stop calling me that.”

“……Then what should I call you?”


Albert opened the door, glancing at Kael, who could not easily answer.

But Kael didn’t go straight into the room.

Instead, he rubbed his chin, thinking about the name that Hyazelki could call.

‘Calling me by my name…… That’s strange. No one dared to call me by my first name.’

Looking up at Kael, Hyazelki agonized over the same thing with the same pose.

“Since everyone calls you Master, I thought that would work.”

Albert looked at the two people, who were worried about something without entering the room even with the door open, with a slightly ridiculous face.

This situation was somehow funny and he was not in the mood to laugh, so he kept his mouth closed.

“Um…… so, Sir?”

“Am I your teacher or something?”


Hyazelki pursed her lips and agonized again.

She couldn’t bear to call him something that family members call.

She thought the bad memories will pour out if she said something she didn’t mean to. Nevertheless, it kept going around in her little head.

“The dragon?”

Kael still looked unhappy.

But she couldn’t even think of anything suitable, so she stayed still.


Hyazelki had been pondering for a long time whether to say a word that hadn’t left her mind.


She couldn’t bear to spit out the word ‘father’. So she didn’t say it, but she tried to put a synonym.

“Why would I…”

Kael immediately tried to deny it but blurred the end of his words.

This is also because the word “daughter” that Ciel mentioned kept going around in his head again.

“That bastard.”

He grumbled to himself that this was all because of the crap that Ciel said.

“Do as you please.”


As permission fell, she didn’t say anything because the word was unfamiliar, so Hyazelki bowed her head, feeling a little shy.

Kael, who was about to enter the room to avoid her, quickly avoided eye contact with Albert standing at the door with his jaw dropped on the floor.

‘Damn it…’

He also forgot that Albert was by his side because he only cared about Ciel’s words that were going through his head.

As Kael in trouble was worried about how to get out of this situation, Hyazelki pulled his sleeve.

“……Let’s go for a walk together.”


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