Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

As it turned out, Bai Lu completely underestimated the strength the cold. Forget about two days, persisting for ten days is a piece of cake for it.

On the night of the 19th, Bai Lu went to find Mr. Bao Jianxun, her class teacher to ask for leave.

She took the leave slip given by Mr. Bao Jianxun and return to the dormitory early, without going to evening study.

She was the only one in the dormitory room. When she returned from school last Wednesday, Bai Lu found that all of Jiang Ru’s bedding and daily necessities had been taken away. When she went to the hostess aunt and asked, she heard that Jiang Ru’s parents had come and took them away.

Bai Lu didn’t meet them, otherwise she would have liked to ask them how Jiang Ru was doing.

There was an umbrella standing next to the table, folded neatly and properly.

Bai Lu used her cell phone to look up the traffic of the second hospital of the medical university. She remembered the day properly. After watching the date, she took a shower, studied a little and went to bed.

The weather forecast said it was 22 to 28 degrees today, so Bai Lu put her school uniform away and changed to a white linen eight-part sleeve, a light brown pants. Carrying a shoulder bag and wearing a mask, she slowly walked to the bus-stand.

Bai Lu thought the cold would go away after two days so she didn’t take proper medicine. But her physical state was already very poor. Now squeezing in the stuffy bus gave her severe dizziness. She nearly fell on the ground when getting off the bus.

The traffic jam in front of the second hospital was so bad that Bai Lu had to almost wove her way through the constipated road and squeezed to the hospital gate.

The hospital was overcrowded because it was weekend, and Bai Lu stood in the hot sun, fanning herself.

She found the inpatient department. It was a separate building from the rest of the hospital, fourteen stories high. Standing downstairs and looking up, Bai Lu found it simply breathtaking. The backyard was under construction, so there was a fence laid down around the area. A foundation was being laid inside. Based on the depth of this foundation, another fourteen-story inpatient building should take shape next year beside it.

Bai Lu is a local, she also came to the second hospital when she was a child. She remembered that the size of the hospital at that time was one-fifth of the present. She did not expect that after just ten years, people’s bodies have become so fragile.

Bai Lu entered the building, the air conditioning inside provoked her to shiver slightly.

Many patients were sitting in the lobby on the first floor to rest. The doctors that were coming and going looked stern and prideful. Like a flock of tigers wearing white coats.

Bai Lu rubbed her hands together and took out a jacket from her shoulder bag and draped it over her body.

She opened her mouth to ask around but suddenly let out a sneeze.

“…… sorry.” Bai Lu said as she fumbled to pull out tissue from her bag and wiped her nose with it.

The receptionist nurse did not change her face, “What do you want to ask?”

Bai Lu: “I came to visit my friend, but I don’t know which ward he is staying in.”

Nurse: “What’s his name?”

Bai Lu: “Xu Yiheng. Xu of river, Yi of easy, Heng of constant.”

“Just a moment ……” The nurse quickly checked on the computer, “Xu Yiheng, in 7th floor, room number A710.”

“Thank you.”

Bai Lu went to the elevator and waited for the elevator while looking up at the index board of the inpatient department next to the elevator.

Below the seventh ward were two departments – the neurology ward and the rehabilitation ward.

With a ding-dong sound, the elevator arrived. Bai Lu also squeezed up with the flow of people.

The smell of hospital medicine gave her a headache, and everyone in the elevator seemed to have the smell of disinfectant on them, making her headache grow stronger.

When she got out of the elevator, there were not many people in the hallway. Bai Lu followed the room numbers and found A710.

This ward was not open, but the door next to this door was open, a general ward of three rooms.

Bai Lu took a look at the time, it was less than ten o’clock.

She turned around at the ward next to A710 and went to the corner. There were four wards there, but there were no stairs or elevators.

Bai Lu sat down on a bench behind the corner to rest. She pulled out her word book and started reading it.

At 10:20, Bai Lu put everything away and focused on the doorway of the ward.

Ten thirty past.

Ten forty …… fifty ……

Eleven o’clock.

She was still waiting for him.

Is he not coming?

Bai Lu wiped her nose, let out a long sigh and put away her word book to prepare to go back.

The elevator was too hot, the door has been crowded with many people. Bai Lu seeing this situation thought, even if the elevator came, it couldn’t transport all the people away. She has to wait for the next turn but the same thing could happen again, so she simply took the stairs.

Bai Lu just stepped into the stairway when she felt like stepping on electric stairs. She abruptly retracted her feet, turned over and leaned on the wall of the hallway.

Her heart was pounding like a earthquake.

Bai Lu opened her mouth to breath, her breathing still hasn’t slowed down.

What the hell, so frightening.

Half a minute later, Bai Lu slightly looked sideways, to ensure that her body was not showing, her eyes rolled around the place that made her so frightened.

He was still standing in the same place.

Xu Hui was wearing the same clothes he wore that day when he was out in the rain – black shirt, jeans, and white sneakers. He was standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking out the window and smoking, his face couldn’t be described as relaxed.

There was a plastic bag on the windowsill. The inside could be vaguely seen, there were fruits inside.

He came but didn’t go to the ward?

Bai Lu pondered, the smell of smoke at the stairway was heavier, he should have smoked more than one cigarette.

Bai Lu waited patiently, and after a few minutes, Xu Hui ruthlessly put out his cigarette and turned around to go downstairs. But he forgot to take the fruit bag.

Bai Lu followed. Her eyes landed on the fruit bag. The bag disappeared once she crossed the windowsill.

Bai Lu originally thought to keep a little distance, but later found that it was completely her overthinking. Xu Hui was very fast, Bai Lu who was sick, not to mention follow, she had to do her best to run in order not to be too far away from him.

Xu Hui came out of the inpatient department and went straight to the door, Bai Lu patted herself on her back a moment before she also left the building.

Xu Hui turned his head, Bai Lu’s inertia almost caused her to hit his back. Luckily, Xu Hui reacted quickly and held her arm before hitting him, giving her a tug to the side.

His action was slightly rough, so Bai Lu felt pain in her arm.

Xu Hui frowned, his eyes that were looking at her was strange.

“Who are you?”

Bai Lu opened her mouth to speak, but her mouth behind the mask was busy gulping the air.

Xu Hui turned around and left.

“Hey ……”

Bai Lu called out to him, and Xu Hui turned his head again with an even more impatient expression.


Bai Lu ripped off the mask as soon as she could, her face has reddened because of the outdoor heat.

She pointed at herself and took a deep breath.

“Do you emember, remember me?”

Xu Hui paused, his eyebrows loosened a bit, apparently recognizing Bai Lu.

“It’s you.”

Bai Lu nodded, “So you remember me.”

Xu Hui looked Bai Lu up and down.


Bai Lu huffed through her nose, her nose itched for a while because of the intense movement, and sneezed a big sneeze before opening her mouth to speak.

Xu Hui: “Did you catch a cold?”

Bai Lu rubbed her nose and nodded: “The last time I got wet in the rain.”

Xu Hui: “You came here to see a doctor?”

Bai Lu shook her head: “I came by to visit a friend, who is hospitalized here, and I just saw you when I came downstairs.” She looked at Xu Hui and whispered, “You walked so fast, I almost couldn’t catch up.”

Xu Hui smiled faintly, “Really.”

Bai Lu: “I wanted to call you, but I didn’t know your name. Are you here to see your friend too?”

Xu Hui looked a little distracted, both of his hands was in his pants pocket, his head slightly lowered.

“…… hmm.”

Bai Lu held her hand on her backpack strap and asked, “Have you eaten lunch yet?”

Xu Hui raised his eyes.

He looked tall in front of her, and Bai Lu nodded, her voice lowered.

“If you haven’t eaten, do you want to eat together? Just to thank you for your help last time.”

Xu Hui’s gaze moved slightly, measuring Bai Lu, as if he was examining something calmly, and finally shook his head, “No, I’ll go first.”

He turned around and but was pulled back again.

Xu Hui frowned and turned back, “I said-“

The words were interrupted by something that was handed over.

A plastic bag, which was packed with small kumquats, raisins and apples.

Xu Hui looked at the plastic bag and Bai Lu said, “I just saw it in your hand, but you forgot to take it.”

Xu Hui was stunned for a long time, his eyes stopped on the bag, but did not take it. Bai Lu moved the bag and Xu Hui finally raised his eyes from the fruit bag.

Bai Lu’s gaze was clear, tiny beads of sweat condensed on her forehead, and her small mouth gently opened.

“I saw this so I wanted to call out to you, but you ended up walking too fast and I almost didn’t catch up.” Bai Lu said softly.

Xu Hui pursed his lips, for some reason, averted his gaze.

Bai Lu thrust the bag forward, showing a faintly puzzled expression, and said, “Take it ……”

Xu Hui looked at the flower bed next to him and casually picked up the bag.

Bai Lu lowered her head. The two of them had no words to talk for a while.

After a while, Bai Lu lifted her backpack upward a little and said, “Then I’m leaving …… see you later.” She stepped around Xu Hui and was about to leave.


Summer wind was blowing, a small piece of shredded paper was rolling on the ground, Bai Lu faintly turned her head with a raised brow.


Xu Hui stood behind her. His hair was long, dark and shiny, and was blown by the wind. It stuck to the corners of his eyebrows. His tall, thin body was like cut clean by the sunlight.

“Let’s have a meal.” He said carelessly.

Bai Lu bowed her head, “Yeah, okay.”

The two walked side by side towards the outside of the hospital.

Bai Lu asked, “What do you want to eat?”

Xu Hui: “Whatever.”

Bai Lu’s walking habits were not very good, she always walked with her head down, looking at her toes and gently kicking away small gravels or stones when she encountered them.

Walking on the sidewalk, Bai Lu suddenly said indifferently, “Let’s eat wontons.”

Xu Hui’s mind was not at all on eating. It can be seen he clearly was thinking of other things. But he still heard to Bai Lu’s words and did not think twice before nodding.


Bai Lu took her phone out, “I’ll find out if there’s a wonton store nearby.”

Xu Hui stood and waited, looking out at the traffic-filled street.

The map showed three wonton stores within two kilometers of the surrounding area. Bai Lu looked at the screen and whispered, “…… doesn’t have one yet.”

Xu Hui turned his head, “You want to eat wontons?”

Bai Lu closed the phone, “Not really, but there’s no store around ……”

Xu Hui: “Oh, there is one near my school, but you have to take a bus to get there. Let’s just find a store nearby and eat anything.”

Bai Lu looked at him, “Where is your school?”

Xu Hui gave a beat and said, “Service Arts Vocational High School, next to my house.” He said, glancing at Bai Lu, “You still remember my house, right?”

“Of course I remember.” Bai Lu said, tilting her head, looking at Xu Hui a little timidly, and followed up with another sentence.

“Actually, I’m going to that neighborhood too ……”

Xu Hui suddenly smiled. He looked aside, the corners of his mouth hooked, who knows why.

“Okay.” He said lightly, “Then let’s go.”

The two went to take the bus, the one Bai Lu came here.

The bus was still dumpling-like, crowded with people.

Xu Hui stood behind Bai Lu.

There were oo many people, so the two would inevitably bump into each other.

The bus suddenly turned around, Bai Lu’s body swayed, her head tilted back slightly, and her ponytail gently pressed against the collar of her shirt.

The collarbone was a little itchy.

Xu Hui lowered his eyes, Bai Lu’s hair that look slightly gold in the sunlight, looked soft and fragile.

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