Chapter 6

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That day, after Hyazelki went back to his room, Kael visited his study again.

But there was nothing there. the lingering feelings of sinners’ greed. Nothing.

Kael couldn’t even understand why there was such a thing.

What can be done to commit a crime by their own choice and complain that they are unfair?

‘Things that bother me till the end.’

Looking out the window, once again his eyes fell at Hyazelki in the garden, then Kael left the room.

He walked a little faster than usual.

When Kael left the room, Albert, who appeared quickly, followed him.

“Albert, we need to have a purification ceremony.”


At Kael’s words, Albert opened his eyes wide at once.

He regularly held a ceremony to purify the castle, mainly every 20 years.

‘I don’t think it’s time yet.’

Albert wondered, but didn’t complain.

“Yes, I’ll have them ready.”

After stepping down, Albert hurried out of the castle before Kael stepped out of the castle.

In an instant, the castle was emptied, and Hyazelki saw some people coming in and out of the garden.

“What’s going on?”

When Yuri asked with a puzzled look, Lisa blocked Hyazelki’s front and grabbed her small hand.

“We’re having a purification ceremony.”


‘Purification ceremony?’

With her eyes wide open, Hyazelki looked at Kael’s back standing in front of the castle.

When he murmured something, a red-lighted Libra appeared in the air.

Surprised, Hyazelki grabbed Lisa’s skirt.

Kael’s low gaze swept through the outer walls of the castle.

Soon, light poured from the Libra and surrounded the castle. All the people turned their heads and away from the bright light.

However, Hyazelki closed her eyes for a moment only at the first time when the light spread, and soon fixed her eyes on Kael’s back again.

The light that surrounded the castle was slowly sucked back into the red Libra.

“Lisa, I think it’s okay now.”

“Oh, yes.”

Hyazelki passed Lisa and trotted over to Kael standing in front of the castle.

There was still a red Libra in front of him.


Looking back at the calling voice, Kael was startled seeing the child.

He turned his head back toward the red Libra, as if he was bothered by the proximity of their distance.

After the red-colored Libra disappeared, Kael took a step back from her as if he had been waiting to increase the distance between them.

However, Hyazelki, who had already experienced a chase with him last time, quickly took two steps closer.

Then Kael flinched again, but he didn’t run away anymore.

“What did you do?”

“…… have been purified.”

“Why? What’s that?”

She didn’t mean much to ask why. It was just a little curiosity.

“……I didn’t do it just for you. It’s just, it’s a regular thing. Don’t let anything impure get into my castle. Do you understand?”

“Yes? Yes.”

There was a feeling of excessive excuse, but Hyazelki let it go.

For some reason… the more they faced each other, the less afraid she was of Kael.

The child, looking up at Kael, who was sneaking away with a strange expression, grabbed him by the sleeve.

“Let’s take a walk together, master.”

“What? Why would I…….”

“The flowers are pretty!”

Kael, who tried to refuse with a single word, blurred out the end of his words when Hyazelki smiled.

When he saw her bright smile, he couldn’t bear to spit out the words of rejection.

‘……Are you really crazy?’

Kael doubted if he was crazy.

“Let’s go!”

Kael walked along, pretending he couldn’t win against her, whether she was grabbing his sleeve or not.

“………what are you doing looking at the common flowers?”

He was grumbling, but he followed Hyazelki’s lead.

Yuri and Lisa, who were waiting for the child in the garden, opened their mouths when Hyazelki returned with their owner.

It wasn’t just the two who were in shock.


Albert, who found such a figure of Kael walking along with Hyazelki a little away, could not shut his mouth.

‘This, this must be reported to Ciel.’

The butler, who judged so, approached Lisa and hurriedly said that he would leave them behind for an important task.

While the two were enjoying a walk looking at the flowers, Albert ran into the castle to write a letter to Ciel.

* * *

Hyazelki had already fully adapted to the life in the castle.

The people were all kind, and Kael no longer avoided her.

Far from being scary, the more they spent time together, the more she felt as if it was what she had longed for.

Nevertheless, in the moonlit that lit the room.

Hyazelki, who fell asleep, suddenly opened her eyes.

It was maybe a dream, or something that happened in the past. She couldn’t distinguish them well.

‘Isn’t there no one in this house?’

A faint scratching of wood and a husky voice rang in her ears.

‘He saw my face.’

The parents didn’t come home very well.

In the old house, the child had no recourse, and was always starved.

Still, sometimes when her mother and father returned home, she approached them with a big smile.

Then they didn’t hide their annoyance, and threw a bread roughly at her and turned their backs.

The bread to soothe hunger was good. But what the child wanted wasn’t only just the bread.

Why don’t they smile at her? Why don’t they hug her?

She craved nothing but parental affection.

As the days continued, strange men entered the old house.

The house was too old to be said they have come in to steal things. There didn’t seem to be anything to steal.

They came in looking for a place to hide.

The child who encountered the men in the dark trembled with fear.

She couldn’t even stand up from the bed where she had been sleeping and hardened like a statue.

A strange intruder into the house and a fear in the dark.

The child came down carefully from the bed, breathing silently so that she wouldn’t be noticed.


What she didn’t expect was the sound of the old house creaking.

It was not a loud noise, but it was a sound that would attract attention to it.

After that, she didn’t really know what happened.

Her whole body was hot with pain, and her vision was dark.

Tears constantly burst out, and no matter how much she begged for help, the kicks and punches that poured toward her never stopped.

Until the last breath was gone.

Hyazelki, who woke up breathing heavily, gasped loudly as if it was real.


A soft little hand wandered through the air.


Someone please save me.

The pain of that time was gone, but she still kept crying.

Stop it, please don’t hit me. It was clear that her little body tried to escape the violence that never stopped no matter how much she begged.

She was about to cry out of her throat, which felt like something was stuck in it. Just then.


The vision, which had been blurred with tears, cleared out properly.

Red eyes were looking down at her from the darkness.

Another silhouette that came close grabbed the small hand that stretched out into the air.

“Miss, what’s wrong? Did you have a nightmare?”

It was Yuri’s voice.


A hoarse voice came out of her throat, which was clogged with tears.


In the dark room, for some reason, there was Kael.

In the case of Yuri, she had been taking turns with the maids to protect Hyazelki while she was sleeping.

But she didn’t know why Kael was in her room.

Hyazelki, who slowly raised herself from the bed, stared blankly at Kael.

Tears that had formed in her sleep fell from her eyes drop by drop.

Kael’s eyes sank when he saw the tears.

“Why are you crying?”


Hyazelki rubbed the sleeves around her eyes.

“I had a dream…… I had a dream…….”

“As expected, you had a nightmare. Should I bring some warm milk?”

“That would be nice.”

“I’ll be right back.”

Hyazelki was in no mood to swallow anything. But before she could shake her head, Yuri left the room.


In silence for a moment, Hyazelki still stared at Kael.

He also tilted the wine glass while looking at the child with his red eyes.

Even though the wine was clear, it gave off an atmosphere that looked like drinking blood.

“Do you want a drink, too?”


When Hyazelki looked at him, Kael, who interpreted it as thinking she wanted to drink and asked.

“I heard that humans can sleep well if they drink this.”

“……Master, children should not drink.”

“Is that so? That’s annoying.”

He answered with a sullen face, and moistened his throat with wine again.

‘I can’t believe he’s offering a drink to a child…… As expected, he’s an extraordinary dragon.’

You really don’t know much about humans…… Hyazelki felt the tension slowly eased as she thought about it.

It was funny to offer the child a drink, and think that she could go back to sleep if she drank it.

Even though she saw such a terrible memory as a dream, she felt sleepy listening to that voice.

“……what did you dream about?”

Kael asked calmly, watching the wine in the glass swish back and forth.

Hyazelki briefly pondered on what to answer.

In the past, she remembered being scolded by her parents for talking about her previous life, so she couldn’t tell them easily.

“……… It was just……… a scary dream.”

His eyes glanced at her small murmuring lips.

“That’s not right.”


“Ciel said. You need me to take care of you. Being born with a different fate from the average human being is the worst.”

Kael’s gaze was now looking into the unknown.

Come to think of it, Hyazelki seemed to have heard similar things. It’ll be safe if she stayed with the Dragon of Judgement. Because it’s her destiny.

If it was about the curse.

“A dog.”

‘Yes, a dog…… What?’

Hyazelki, who was nodding her head thinking of Ciel’s words, tilted her head at Kael’s words that followed in her thoughts.

“Do you really think there are people who are destined to live? I don’t think so.”


“If all human beings live only a fixed fate, then there should be no sinners.”

A man whom God loves and does not sin. There is no way that he would intentionally put a sin on the fate of living.

‘In other words, it is the man’s choice to commit a crime.’

Kael, who closed his eyes to hide his deeply sinking gaze, poured the remaining wine into his mouth.

“So tell him to give his fate to a dog.”

The “curse” that Ciel inadvertently put into her ears.

‘Did he mean that?’

Living a different fate from ordinary people.

Hyazelki didn’t know exactly what the curse was on her.

To be reincarnated continuously? The life that keeps falling down in vain? If not, never loved by parents?

But even so, it doesn’t feel important now.

Kael’s words kept ringing around in her little head.

‘Tell him to give his fate to the dog.’

Hyazelki stared blankly into space and rolled the words in her mind.

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