Chapter 53

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“Yes, Master.”


“Prepare food for the children.”


“Yes? Ah… yes, Master.”




Albert, who glanced at his countenance, and immediately turned to Hyazelki, bowed as if he had guessed why.


Because she was always the reason when Kael did something unexpected.


He was smiling, but the drooping eyebrows and his gaze were directed at the children’s skinny limbs.


The butler smiled as if he couldn’t win and left.




“By the way, Charles.”




Kael glanced at Albert, who was moving away, and called Charles.




“Yes, Mr. Kael.”


Charles, who answered with a smile, gave off an atmosphere like a clean country lad with no darkness.


Even though he’s well aware that this is not the case, of course.




“When did you become friends with Hia?”


“I met her earlier.”


“Was it supposed to be that quick to be friends?”




It wasn’t annoying that Hyazelki had a friend, it was just a pure curiosity.


Charles’ purple eyes turned to Hyazelki momentarily.


He had heard a lot about her.


He spent a lot of time with Hiel.


Usually, Hiel doesn’t open his heart, but it was a little different when it came to Hyazelki.


Especially how lovely and pretty she is, he had heard enough of those compliments. She was really too beautiful in real life.


So he knew the names Hyazelki, and even Lihan.


Their stories were often heard through Hiel.


So when he happened to see them on the street, he recognized them at once.




‘I wanted to meet them after hearing about them often.’




He also knew that Hyazelki had no one to call a friend.




“Time doesn’t matter. Because time is not everything about human relationships.”


“Is that so?”




Of course, Kael didn’t think time was everything either.


The flow of time he feels is different from the flow of human time.




‘Well… there’s no harm in it.’




Basically, there was no way that Charles would harm Hyazelki because evil humans could not stay by the dragons.








“I will prepare food for the children. So let’s go back.”


“Oh, yes.”




Gently smiling, Hyazelki patted her clothes and got up.


How did he notice these children’s bony limbs?




“Will you come, too?”






Kael turned his head and asked Charles.


Charles, who opened his eyes wide as if he had not expected it, looked at Hyazelki and Kael alternately.


Charles, who seemed to be agonizing for a while, soon raised the corners of his mouth.




“If you are inviting me, of course I’m willing.”




Kael didn’t put much meaning into bringing Charles into the castle.


He just thought that if Hyazelki had a friend, it would be natural to allow him to enter the castle.






Of course, Lihan had a lot of complaints, but couldn’t voice out.




* * *




Charles was basically good at everything.




“Mr. Charles!”




A maid came to Charles with a scratch on her hand.


To be exact, a maid forced a wounded maid to come to him.




“You said you’d treat us if we got hurt, right?”




It was Walter who they should be looking for if someone in the castle was hurt.


But the maids found Charles instead of Walter.


Rather than the blunt Walter, they wanted to be treated by Charles, who smiles a lot, is young, and even handsome.


However, Hyazelki, who could not know the inner thoughts of the maids, so she tilted her head in wonder.


Although Lihan seemed to have guessed to some extent, she couldn’t understand anything.




“Oh, my… It’s a big deal if you leave a scar on your pretty hand.”




Charles spread the ointment he had thinly on the maid’s hand and wrapped a gauze around.




“Please be careful.”




Charles’ smile was definitely a fresh feeling.


The maid, who had injured her hand, seemed to have been forcibly dragged by another maid, but she already seemed to have forgotten that.


The maid, who was looking at Charles with an ecstatic look, returned to her work full of regret when the treatment was over.


Charles soon melted into the castle.




“Charles, we will go to afternoon training, what will you do?”


“Oh, I’ve been in the study for a while. I wonder what books are in the castle.”


“If it’s a medical book, it’s better to go to Walter than to the library.”


“Then I’ll go to study first and then go there.”


“Okay, see you later.”




As Charles, who had turned, disappeared while waving his hand, Lihan’s expression became more relaxed.


Moving to the training ground, Hyazelki glanced at Lihan.




“Do you feel uncomfortable with him?”






“Because he keeps coming close to you.”


“You don’t want me to make friends?”




In response to her question, Lihan shook his head slightly.


It wasn’t that he hated her having friends.


A few days after Charles came to the castle. He often deliberately wrapped his hand around Hyazelky’s shoulders in front of Lihan’s eyes or touched her cheeks, saying there was dust.


He didn’t know if it was real or not, but right after that, he had an expression as if was having fun looking at Lihan’s expression.




“I like Charles.”


“You like him?”


“Yes. It’s good to have a friend like him.”


“Haa, friends……. please don’t have a wrong idea.”


“What? No way!”




She looked pretty even when she looked at him with wide eyes. How can a person be so lovely every moment?




“Charles is also popular with maids, good at everything, and kind. He’s not a bad person either. It’s good to be friends.”




In addition, he was a priest staying next to Hiel, and his personality itself was favourable.




“Do you like him?”




“How much do you like him?”






Hyazelki had no idea what Lihan’s question meant.




“Which kind of like are you talking about?”




When she asked again, Lihan stopped walking. Then he stared down at her and opened his mouth.




“You miss him, you want to be with him, you want to talk to him, you want to touch him, you want to hug him. This kind of like?”


“What? No!”




Hyazelki couldn’t hide her absurdity and opened her mouth.




“That’s, that’s, that’s not it, it’s just that he’s a good person!”


“Really? It’s not that way?”


“Of course!”




It was only after confirming her denial with her fists clenched, that Lihan took a step again.


Walking straight along Lihan, Hyazelki rolled her eyes a little confused.




‘But why do I feel like I’m making an excuse.’




She didn’t do anything wrong.


By the time she had such a doubt, Lihan, who took a step first, raised the corners of his mouth.





Tak, tak!


The sound of friction between the wooden swords rang through the training ground.


At the end of her training, Hyazelki always fought with Owin.


She also fought with Lihan. He didn’t respond often, but if he did, he was serious.


Since Owin didn’t deal with her half-heartedly, she naturally felt the difference in skills with Lihan.


It wasn’t just because she started sword fighting later. The difference was in natural talent.


However, Hyazelki did not want to beat Lihan in particular.


She just wants to protect herself, protect her current life by doing it. She was satisfied with it if no one near her was hurt by her.


She was not satisfied with being protected.




“You’re working hard.”




Hyazelki, who was fighting with Owin with a wooden sword, inadvertently turned her head in the direction in which the voice came.




“Charles? What brings you here?”


“It’s definitely past training time, but you haven’t come back, so I came to look for you.”






Hyazelki spoke in a low voice and glanced at the wooden sword facing Owin.


Now, she can hold against Owin for quite a long time.


Owin was proud of it, but she felt somewhat upset.




“That’s it for today, Miss.”


“Thank you, Owin.”




When the dual between the two was over, Lihan, who was waiting, arranged the wooden swords.




“Come to think of it, why don’t you call the knight Teacher?”




“Lihan calls him Teacher.”




Owin, who was leaving the training ground, flinched at Charles’ words.


Hyazelki blinked in confusion and looked at Owin’s back and Charles alternately.




“Is there any particular reason?”


“No, I don’t think so…….”


Hyazelki’s eyes gently turned to Owin.


The knight hurried out of the training ground before someone caught him.




“Then since you’re his disciple, can’t you call him a teacher?”




“Teacher doesn’t want it.”




Lihan, who returned from organising the swords, intervened.


At the firm words, Hyazelki smiled awkwardly as if she knew it.




“He said it’s better to call him by name. I prefer a name, too.”


“I see.”




Charles shrugged his shoulders as if he was not very interested.


Lihan never moved from Hyazelky’s side, staring at Charles, who was walking first, saying, “Let’s go back.”


Charles, who was walking in front of them, slightly raised the corners of his mouth when he saw Lihan’s sullen mood.


Then he returned to him and whispered in Lihan’s ear in a low voice.




“Don’t worry, I won’t take Hyazelki away. You don’t have to be so wary.”







With Charles’s whisper, Lihan was more explicitly wary of him.


At the training ground where darkness loomed. Lihan, who lit a faint light there, swung his sword alone.


Lihan, who was wielding the sword he received on his 17th birthday as an adult, was already covered in sweat.


His true sword was a gift from Jiel.


Unlike Hyazelki’s, it was a well-defined sword.


He didn’t have as much resistance to harming people as she did.


Furthermore, Lihan’s top priority was to protect Hyazelki.


Whatever or whoever it is, if they threaten her, Lihan will remove them.


There has been no change in the idea so far.


However, the existence of Charles, who appeared in front of him now, made him confused about how to deal with it.


He’s not a threat to her, she even called him a friend.


And yet, Lihan felt threatened.


Every time Charles approaches Hyazelki with a smile. Every time he talked to her.


Every time she laughed while talking to him.








Lihan, who swore low, shook his head to shake off his thoughts.


There should have never been such anxiety. Even if a strange man approaches her out of nowhere.


Hyazelki would refuse at once and turn around.


Besides, anyone outside the castle is not allowed to enter the castle anyway. He didn’t feel the need to care.


He tried to soothe his mind by saying this.


He’s the only one by her side so far, so he shouldn’t be afraid.


Lihan, who was wandering around the training ground to soothe the anxiety, suddenly stopped and stared ahead.




“You’re working so hard until this late night.”




Holding the hilt of the sword with one hand, Lihan gazed at Charles, who stood at the entrance of the training ground with cautious eyes.


“What brings you here at this hour?”




His gaze was sharp as if he were on high alert.


Charles still kept a smile against his fierce eyes.




“You don’t have to be so wary. I told you? I won’t take Hyazelki away or anything.”


“……You have the ability to take her away?”






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