Chapter 52

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He revealed his name, saying that the introduction was late, but they never said their names.


Nevertheless, he naturally called their names as if he had known them for a long time.


Lihan gently wrapped Hyazelki’s hand after Charles as if possessed.


With his eyes fixed on Charles.




“Now, this is the orphanage!”




They saw the two children, who were behind Charles a while ago running inside as he spoke with his arms stretched out.


A small yard where a swing was made by hanging a rope from a large tree on one side.


An orphanage with shabby buildings along with a nursery school.


Children who lost their parents in the war, or abandoned by their parents. Those were the majority of the kids here.


After looking through the place once, Hyazelki thought casually.


If she had escaped safely from her parents without dying in the past, would she have come into this place?


But that was something no one would know. There was a curse hunting her, so someone might have died at the end of the day if she escaped.


She shook her head lightly and shook off her useless thoughts.








Then she called Charles, who was busy introducing the orphanage.




“Why are the children here……. Are they hated by other people, too?”




Because they don’t have parents? No, it’s not a reason to be hated.


Even though she had parents, she had always been hated by everyone.




“It’s just that there are many adults who are obsessed with committing crimes.”


“Committing crimes?”


“It’s all the adults’ fault that these children came here, but they blame it on them.”


Ciel had said the same thing. It’s not her fault for being hated by them.


That’s what Hyazelki believes now. The children were not to blame.


The bully is at fault, how can the victim be at fault?




“Now, look around as you wish. You can look inside, too. There are many children, so I’ll show you around.”




Charles, who walked excitedly into the building, somehow had a similar atmosphere to Jiel.




“Let’s go.”


“Wait, Hia.”




Lihan caught Hyazelki, who was about to follow Charles into the orphanage.








Her expression, which had not been good until a while ago, was already relaxed with interest in the place she was about to enter.


“We should send a messenger bird to Mr. Kael first. In case he searches for us.”


“Oh, that’s right.”




Nodding, Hyazelki waited calmly while Lihan wrote a letter to Kael.


Lihen folded the note stating the location of the orphanage and tied it to the messenger’s leg.


Then he flew it away and entered the orphanage with Hyazelki.




* * *




Red footprints on the ground.


Of course it wasn’t the footprints that everyone could see. It’s an ability only given to the Dragon of Judgment who sees the truth.


He could know the truth of anything or anyone. But that was only possible for Kael.


Just as Jiel can bless the land.


Kael was always relaxed when looking for a sinner.


Of course, the dragon didn’t have to move urgently to catch the sinner.


He wasn’t impatient because he would miss the sinner.


If he follows the footsteps even at a slow pace, the sinner will soon be caught by the Dragon of Judgment.


Despite his apparent slow pace, the sinner who would be caught by him was caught no matter how much he ran.


Albert was always amazed and frightened by the sight.


The messenger bird arrived at Kael just before the judgment was over.




“I’ll check.”




Instead of Kael, the butler, who released the note from the messenger’s leg, hurriedly unfolded it.


There was a short word written about where they were now.




“I think Lord Lihan has given us a location.”


“Is that so? Then I’ll go there.”


“Yes, My Lord.”




Kael, who waved his hands to make the red equilibrium disappear, swept his hair up with a tired face.


Why do humans sin? It’s been a long time since he thought of that.


It’s just a waste of time.


Kael returned with Albert to Russo, where he dropped off Hyazelki and Lihan.


Kael, who visited the orphanage under Albert’s guidance, looked at it curiously.




“Are you saying they are here?”


“As the letter says here……. Yes, My Lord.”


“I see.”




Kael, who answered slowly, went inside.


The narrow yard was quickly passed by him with a few steps on his long legs.


As he entered the shabby building, he could hear the sound of laughter.


He could hear Hyazelki’s voice in the middle of the laughter and headed there.


Passing through a low-ceiling hallway, he opened a small door and saw children sitting together.


Hyazelki was holding a book, and there were a lot of children sitting around her.


Even though her outfit was made of endless high-end materials, she quickly got mixed among the children.


The children also spoke to Hyazelki without any hesitation.


Kael had never seen a child who was a sinner in his long life.


So he didn’t feel any negative feelings toward humans who are young, but he was reluctant to get close to them apart from that.


On the contrary, they are so pure and small that he is afraid that the energy of the sinners who he meets on a daily basis will be transferred to the children.


He is afraid he’ll colour the clean children dark for no reason.


Even though he knows it’s a ridiculous idea……. Especially right after facing sinners, he was reluctant to get close to them.




“Welcome Mr. Kael.”




Kael turned his head to a low voice right next to him.


In a cramped room, while Hyazelki was reading to the children, Lihan stood quietly by the door.






“Oh, Papa, you’re back.”




At Hyazelki’s gentle smile, the eyes of the children around her turned to Kael.






One of them took a sharp breath.


Looking at the children who even had hiccups, Albert was worried that the situation would turn a little difficult.


Sure enough, soon a child burst into tears.






“No, wait…….”




The children wept more vigorously, perhaps not knowing Albert’s efforts to appease them.




“Now, now! What happened to you for crying like this?”




Soon, Charles appeared, speaking deftly.


Standing by the door, Kael slowly turned around.




“You are…”


“Oh, I see you’ve arrived here, Mr. Kael.”


“What are you doing here?”


Hyazelki opened her eyes wide to Charles’ natural greeting.




“Do you two know each other?”




Looking at her puzzled face, Kael looked at Charles with an expression of what he was doing without explaining quickly.




“Oh, didn’t I tell you? I work with Hiel.”




The short explanation with a sly smile didn’t really help her understand.








Unlike Hyazelki, who tilted her head in wonder, Lihan, who quickly grasped the situation, stared at Charles with a sullen face.




‘That’s why he knew our names.’




Lihan sighed as he watched the crying children hiding behind Hyazelki.


Then he approached her and held her hand.


“He’s a priest of the Temple of Light.”




The priests of the Temple of Light were those who shared the power of healing from Hiel.




“Temple of Light?”




Hyazelki, who opened her eyes wide, finally remembered where she had seen the same hair color as Charles.


It was the same hair color as the priest’s at the temple of Hiel on her seventeenth birthday that she had seen talking to Kael.




“Just call me Charles. We’re friends.”




“……it hasn’t been long since we met.”




Unlike Hyazelki, who opened her eyes to the word “friend,” Lihan grumbled with a sour face.


But it was a very attractive word for Hyazelki. Friends. They are friends.


She kept rolling the word over her tongue.




“Huh? Has it not been long since we met?”




“I thought it’s been a long time since I’ve known you because I’ve heard so much about you, isn’t it right?”




Charles put his hand over his waist and laughed loudly.


Kael raised his eyebrows at the slightly different atmosphere around him than he had seen in the temple.








Hyazelki never had anyone to call a friend.


Even when Jiel forced Kael to take Lihan while saying, “When a child grows up, there should be friends around him.”, She thought him more of a younger brother than a friend.


It felt like he was the younger brother she always wished and a family rather than a friend.


Lihan looked at her thoughtful face and sighed deeply.


She must have liked the word “friend” quite a bit. It was practically shining in her eyes.




“Hey, sister…….”




As she looked at Charles with her eyes shining, a child hiding behind her pulled on the hem of Hyazelki’s dress.


“Is he your father?”




With tears in their eyes, the children glanced at Kael.


She nodded, smiling broadly because such children were cute.




“Yes, my father.”




Lihan smiled faintly at the obvious answer.


It was Charles who seemed surprised.


No wonder, how many people on the continent will call the Dragon of Judgment their father?


No, there’s only one Hyazelki, no one else.




“You don’t seem like you like my father at all.”


“That’s right. You’re pretty, but your dad is scary.”




She smiled awkwardly at the children who said they were scared without hesitation, whether they really knew what was scary.




“You two don’t look alike, but you’re family. You’re the same as us.”




“We don’t look alike at all. But we’re family!”




At the confident words, Hyazelki lost her words for a moment.


These children were also family to each other. Like everyone in the castle is a family to her.


Although the form is different, it was more like a family than any other family she had in the past.


They were more like a family to her even though they weren’t related by blood.


She smiled softly and stroked the children’s heads.




“Yes, we have a similar family.”






Hyazelki nodded to the child, who asked back proudly as if he was right.




“Yes, we are a wonderful family.”




Kael, who stood still by the door and stared at Hyazelki and the children, turned his head.


The children’s clothes, the buildings, were too shabby.




“Yes, Mr. Kael.”




Charles, who was smiling, immediately came to his side at his call.


The atmosphere seemed quite different from when he was in the temple.




“The environment is too bad for the place you’re going in and out of.”


“Ha ha… There’s a person in charge who used to steal donations. The head of the orphanage has just been replaced.”


“Is that so?”


“Yes, this time a really proper person came. He’s someone who’s willing to starve for the kids.”


“I see.”




Kael only thought that it would take some time to restore it calmly.


But the idea soon changed.


This is because Hyazelki’s expression was not good when he saw the children’s skinny limbs.







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