Chapter 51

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“You have to listen to what the beauty says.”




His smile with his lips lifted to the ears was very cheeky.




“So? You want to go after those guys?”


“What? That’s….”




Hyazelki, who blurred the end of her sentence, gave no answer.


But the young man smiled, and spoke when saw she wasn’t speaking.




“I also agree that we shouldn’t follow. Even if you follow them anyway, you won’t know anything.”




“They don’t go straight back to the client.”




In response to the careless answer shrugging his shoulders, Hyazelki sighed, slightly dropping her head.


“By the way, who are you?”






His face, which had been smiling all the time, was filled with confusion.








With a little exclamation, he licked his lips.




‘Come to think of it, they don’t know who I am.’




He said with a small smile, as he grasped the situation with his purple eyes rolling.




“……I’m late in introducing myself. My name is Charles.”




Charles’ introduction was short, as if he had no intention of introducing himself properly.




“Oh…… yes.”




Unlike Hyazelki, who nodded in surprise, Lihan looked suspicious.


‘Oh, they are pretty.’




Charles raised the corners of his mouth, thinking about it blankly.




“Oh, yes. If you want to help a little kid in need, you’d better come with me than go after them.”


“What? Where are you going?”


“Where there are a lot of children.”




Charles smiled and shrugged.




“Follow me if you want to see those kids who need help.”




Tilting her head to the sly attitude, her eyes stayed on his hair for a moment.


Lihan caught Hyazelki, who was about to take a step.








“If you follow someone you don’t know…….”


“I know this area well. Oh, you don’t have to be so wary because I’m not a bad person. I’m just trying to show you the way.”




The smile somehow seemed to be teasing, so Lihan frowned.


He didn’t know what color he originally had.


However, to Lihan’s eyes, Charles’ darkness seemed light, like everyone else in the castle.


No, rather, it seemed lighter than them. But it wasn’t a vivid color.


He’s not a bad guy, that’s what he already knew.


Still, Lihan did not want to follow Charles, whom he had just met.


But since Hyazelki has already agreed, he has no choice but to follow.




“The child who was assaulted here a while ago……. Well, Mr. Charles……. Can I call you that?”


“Oh, just call me Charles.”


“Yes, okay.”


“The scene where you stopped the men with that sword was cool at a distance.”


“Ah……. Thank you.”




Charles smiled brightly at Hyazelki, who slightly lowered her head at the compliment.


Lihan, who was staring at Charles humming and rushing forward, pulled her hand.




“If you follow someone you don’t know…….”


“It’s all right.”




“Charles doesn’t even have a weapon anyway. Even if there’s a dangerous situation, the two of us can solve it.”




Hyazelki’s eyes stared straight at Lihan.


Her eyes were filled with confidence. It sounded convincing.


Lihan, who smiled very lightly in helplessness as if he couldn’t win against her, nodded.








Hyazelki, who was walking along Charles, quickly lost her attention.


It was because there were many wooden buildings, or buildings highlighted with wood around them.


Vine-wound wooden posts, or small pots on a window frame.


She smiled automatically because it seemed to give a clean and cozy feeling.




“By the way, where are we going?”




Lihan, who was obediently walking behind Charles, asked a little dissatisfied.




“Huh? Oh, we’re on our way to the orphanage. There are a lot of kids in need there.”






Charles nodded to Hyazelki, who opened her eyes wide and asked.




“Yes, we’re almost there…….”


“Don’t come close! Dirty and smelly!”




The child’s acrimonious voice came over Charles’ voice trying to say something.




“I, I didn’t mean to get close…!”




Charles’ head swung around at the thin, contradictory voice.


“Well, just a cat…….”




A child who looks smaller than his peers and was wearing shabby clothes appeared before their eyes.


Behind the child was a kitten shivering.




“Dirty things are together! Look at that!”


“Go away, you filthy lump!”




The children eventually threw small stones and branches at the child and the kitten.


The little child shed heavy tears and cried.




“Hey! You guys stop right now!”




Another child, who shouted in a loud voice, ran toward the group.


He was dressed similar to the crying child, but he was a little taller as if he was older.


The child, who ran patting, swung his fist at the group of children recklessly.




“Get out of here!”


“There’s another lump!”


The children scattered screaming.




“I told you not to touch him! Go away! Go away!”




His eyes were inadvertently opened wide at the loud screaming.


The child, who picked up a wooden stick that fell on the floor, wielded it randomly and drove away the children who were bothering them.




“Hey! Who are you swinging at?”




A middle-aged woman, holding a running child in her arms, shouted at the children in shabby clothes.




“I told you not to come near my son! How many times do I have to tell you to understand!”




The child, who wielded the stick vigorously, had an angry face, but clenched his fist as if he could not maintain a strong attitude to the adult.




“If you don’t have parents, you should listen to the adults! How can you cause inconvenience to people around you?”


A thorny voice drew attention to the surrounding people.


Seeing it from beginning to end, Hyazelki distorted her face.








It was a very difficult situation for her to understand.


Why are those kids bullying a small child, and why is another child angry at it and being scolded by that woman?








Hyazelki was able to get out of the castle often, but she had never encountered anything like this.


It was all about following Kael’s work or going on a picnic. That’s also since Lihan got the real sword.


It has been a little over a year, but it has not been common for Kael to leave the castle to judge the sinners.


Moreover, Kael was always with her when they went on picnics or sightseeing somewhere. And there were also Albert or Yuri, so she had no chance to face those figures.


“Well, calm down for now.”




Charles approached them with a smile and calmly hid the children with shabby clothes behind his back.




“What, how can you tell us to calm down? That kid just swung that dangerous thing at my kid.”


“That’s the same for your son. He was throwing something dangerous like this.”




Still smiling, Charles picked up a stone from the ground and shook it lightly.




“What! They came close to my son first!”




“When did they get close?”




Frowning her brows, Hyazelki trudged along and stood next to Charles.


The coral colored hair tied up fluttered. The hair falling behind the back caught the eye for a moment.


The middle-aged woman was speechless for a moment as she looked at the glaringly beautiful girl.


The beauty made her heart ache for a moment, and soon an unknown hatred rose.




“Who are you?”




The woman asked in a scathing voice, but Hyazelki only frowned and didn’t answer anything.




“Hia. Don’t get too close.”




Lihan, who pulled her slightly from the back, had an angel-like beauty.


Of course, the action was more like sanctioning a child for getting close to something dirty.


The woman seemed quite embarrassed by the two people who suddenly came into view.


It is because they were not common beauty, and their expressions were not good either.


Lihan was offended by the darkness that was bubbling and colouring the woman in front of him.


The expression of displeasure distorted the woman’s face.




“What’s with that face?”


As the tension flowed between them, Charles, who had been smiling all along, intervened.




“Now, now. It’s because they’re not used to this situation yet, Madam. They are people who can’t just pass away seeing injustice.”


“What, what injustice?”


“Ah, injustice means opposite of righteousness and justice.”




The woman’s face turned red with shame at the words of Charles, who added with a smile.




“I know that much!”


“Oh, you know? Excuse me for this. I thought you were covering for the child because there was no perception that it was wrong to bully one with many people.”






Charles was still smiling as he watched the woman asking with a frown on her face.




“In addition, I thought you didn’t know the meaning of injustice because an adult who should set an example for young children lost their composure is the ugly one.”


“Ug, ugly…!”




The woman’s face was more distorted, but Charles, who had a smile, did not stop talking.




“I’ve heard that the Russo people are all like this, and the future of this country is bleak because the people here can’t judge right from wrong.”


“Wh, what….”


“Raising children means the future of the country is in your hands, but there seems to be no adult to teach them what’s right and what’s wrong. All the attention was paid to the power of the surrounding countries and left it to be like this……. It’s a pity.”




Everything Charles said was true. Russo was a powerless little country, so its existence was at the verge of collapsing .


The woman puffed her cheeks at Charles’ sharp words with a smile.


She want to refute something, but there was nothing to refute.


“Everyone knows who is the guardian of the orphanage from where these children are. You should have limit to say nonsense, Madam.”


“Well, uh, I didn’t say anything wrong…….”




With a vain laugh, Charles cut off the woman’s words that she tried to refute even with logic that could not be understood.




“Now! Let’s all go back to the orphanage!”




Charles swung his back as if it were not worth listening to any more.


Then he pushed the backs of the children who were clutching his hem.




“Come on, come on, let’s go. Hyazelki, Lihan. You too.”


“Oh, yes.”






Hyazelki, who nodded eagerly, followed Charles, who walked with the children with a blank face.


Lihan glanced at the woman, whose red-colored face had been distorted.


Of course, that gaze didn’t last long.


There was something he was more concerned about than a woman colored with a bad dark color.


Lihan’s eyes were soon fixed on Charles walking in front of him.


He dealt with such an unpleasant person, but the dark colour didn’t get any darker.


It was the same colour as the first time he saw it. In addition.




‘…he knows us.’









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