Chapter 50

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Hyazelki shrugged her shoulders and took the first step. Lihan quickly followed her and grabbed her hand.


Now Lihan’s hands were big enough to cover her hands.


At 18, he looked like a burly adult male.


But his face still looked young.




‘It’s really pretty.’




In addition, his face was so pretty that he caught everyone’s attention when he walked down the street.


The appearance of platinum blonde hair that flutters slightly in the wind and creates a noble atmosphere.


Even the expressionless expression was mysterious.


For similar reasons, a huge amount of attention was drawn to Hyazelki, but she never noticed it.


As the two people who left the alley walked slowly while looking around, people who were talking around straightened up.


The women were seen blushing and glancing at Lihan.






Just as there are men who want to talk to Hyazelki eagerly, there are women who approach to Lihan, even though it was rare.




“What happened?”




Even if Hyazelki is next to him.




‘I’m glad…….’




But she felt a little strange when he talked to them.


There was a sense of pride that Lihan, who was so small and thin, grew up so nicely. But she didn’t want the women to approach him


Why does that bother her so much? Hyazelki was unaware.


The woman who spoke to Lihan glanced at Hyazelki with an uncomfortable face.


However, she (Hyazelki) didn’t think of leaving her place, so she smiled awkwardly and held on.


‘Papa told me to stay next to Lihan.’




That’s the excuse she used for her actions.


It was true. Although he said this a long time ago.




“It’s… … by any chance……. I was wondering if you could tell me your name.”




What the woman wanted with the barely scratched courage was the name of this noble-looking man.


Lihan looked puzzled as the woman asked that.


Then he opened his mouth to answer a simple question.






“Excuse me!”




But Hyazelki interrupted him.








The woman’s shoulders flinched as the eyes of the two people turned to her.


‘Why, why did I stop him?’




It was an act that she couldn’t understand herself. But somehow she didn’t want to give him the woman his name.




“We’re on our way somewhere. Excuse me.”




Smiling, she took a step forward with Lihan’s hand held.


Hyazelki walked and glanced at the hands she held.




‘…I was holding his hand. Why are they approached still?’




What kind of psychology will someone have if they see a man and a woman holding hands and asks for their names?


Hyazelki, who was walking as if she was running with that thought, was surprised to find out what she was thinking.


Then she let go of Lihan’s hand, which she was holding reflexively.




“What happened?”




‘No… No, I don’t, I don’t really want us to look like a couple…….’




Hyazelki, who was making excuses to herself, stopped thinking.


Her mind went blank in an instant.


Lihan tilted his head as he saw her dumbfounded look without being able to shut her mouth.




“Hia? What’s wrong?”


“No, it’s……. I mean…….”




Her stuttering face turned red, unable to give a proper answer.


She was in trouble because she could feel the heat rising itself.




“Ah! No, I don’t like……!”


“You will be the only one who will suffer if you resist.”




There was an intrusive voice just around the corner.








With an involuntary frowning sound.


Turning their heads, Hyazelki ran out before Lihan could catch her.


Her body had reacted faster than her mind.


Shortly after, Lihan followed right behind her.




“Get up, let’s not make it hard for each other.”


“Hey, let go of me……!”




Violence continued toward a child who was still struggling to escape from the man’s hold.


The man who grabbed the child and another man who was bullying the child.


The two were dressed in a bit of distinctive attire, different from the security guards.


It was because there was no characteristic of the security guards on their clothes.


It was the law of Security Guard Distinction Association that all countries on the continent implicitly observed.


There was no national emblem on the chest either.




‘They aren’t security guards.’




It would have been even more problematic if they were the security guards. Violence against children was unacceptable.


As soon as the man’s hand that was about to fall down toward the child, a white sword slit dug in between.










The man who tried to slap the child in the face frowned.


Then he glared at Hyazelki, who intervened, pushing the sword in.




“What are you doing?”




The man took a look at her and said without hiding the sign of annoyance.




“You seem to be an aristocrat, are you new to the Kingdom of Russo?”


“Why do you ask that?”


“Because any man in the Kingdom of Russo won’t care about what we do.”




“This is our job.”


“Work? This is work? Do you mean it’s your job?”


“Don’t we have to make a living?”


Hyazelki looked incredulous. She glanced at Lihan, who had followed her, but he had a face that he didn’t care.


Whatever the reason, if she intervened more than that, they wouldn’t let her go.




“So, you’re saying that you’re doing this for money?”






The man nodded and gave her look of ‘You should get out of the way’.


But Hyazelki couldn’t understand the man’s answer more.




“If you don’t get money…. You’re going to hit him?”




What kind of crazy human being pays to commit violence against a child?


She couldn’t understand, and she didn’t intend to.


The man, gave a distorted look, and briefly sighed.


“This is a runaway servant. It’s our job to catch the servants that refuse the owner’s order and run away.”




It was as if they were trying to rationalize their work.




“If he is a servant, he can formally submit a resignation letter.”




Lihan, who was watching in silence, said.


If you want to quit your job, hand in your resignation letter. There is no reason to sneak away even if you take risks.




“Yes, a servant can. But we catch those servants who owes a debt to his master.”




‘……a horse will be a horse, a slave will be a slave.’




Lihan’s cool, sinking gaze swept the men and the child.




“So, who told you to catch the child?”


The men closed their mouths at the question of Hyazelki, who frowned softly.


Lihan knew humans better than she did. It was because Owin and he often went to the Euston family and cities for training in Dalian.


Moreover, it was all the more so because of their ‘colour’ in their eyes.


Lihan frowned at their dark grayish colors.


It was a color not seen in the castle. Now he didn’t even wonder what colour they had in their original form.


He was a little curious when he was young.


They had no intention of answering, and Hyazelki was suspicious in their incomprehensible act.








The man still wouldn’t let go of the child’s collar.


Lihan wanted to quickly clean up this uncomfortable situation.


Those men who were forcibly dragging the child, he didn’t want their eyes to reach Hyazelki.


He knows it wasn’t possible, but he was afraid their darkness will cloud her colour.




“Just let him go.”


“That’s a problem. We need to make a living too.”




Lihan took out the entire purse he received from Albert.


The men exchanged glances when he held out the money bags with faces that it was impossible for them to utter any words.


They seemed to be worried because it was much more than the amount they were supposed to receive.


Their troubles were not long, and they soon withdrew modestly.




“It’s all right now. You can go.”




At Hyazelki’s gentle words, the child ran away crying.




“Let’s go after him.”




Lihan shook his head at her words, who gave her a short look at the child’s back.


“No, we can’t.”






Hyazelki stared at the direction in which the men disappeared.


It hasn’t been that long yet, so they can catch up with them if they chase them.




“If we go now, we can still catch up. Let’s go.”


“Then, what if Kael will comes back before we come back? It’s right not to chase.”




At the stern words of Lihan, Hyazelki gently narrowed her brows.




“But if we leave it alone, they’ll do this again.”


“Hia, Kael told you not to get deeply involved in human affairs.”




It was Lihan who listened to whatever she wanted to do.


But this time it was different. He didn’t want to let her to get involved in unnecessary things.


She was sure to fall in trouble. Just like when they went to a Summer Festival for the first time.


So Lihan shook his head.


“It’s right not to go. We saved the child, so that’s enough.”






Hyazelki still looked discontented.




“… No, I have to go.”




“I’ll go alone.”






Despite Lihan’s words, Hyazelki stepped forward as if she was possessed by something.


Lihan grabbed her wrist urgently.




“No. Hia, don’t interfere with human affairs.”


“I’m a human being, too. I can interfere.”








Hyazelki clenched her fist.


She didn’t know why she felt like she had to go like this.


She knew Lihen would be in trouble if she goes. And she doesn’t want to get him to get into trouble.




Suddenly, she realised why she felt that way.


The pocket watch around the neck was vibrating.


Hyazelki grabbed the watch over her clothes. In her hand, it vibrated as if it wanted the burst out at any moment.




‘The men from before..…. We’re they sinners?’




Hyazelki slowly loosened her hands and let it hang freely on her neck.


‘What if? What if they are sinners? No, why would I feel that way if there is a sinner?’


Hyazelki couldn’t figure out what she was trying to chase by herself.


What would happen if she followed them and recited the spell? What would happen if they were caught by the power of the pocket watch? The chain would seep into their bodies and they wouldn’t be able to sin anymore.


That was what she hoped for. But it would be accompanied by terrible pain.


Hyazelki still clearly remembered the scene of the men struggling in pain at the Summer Festival.


‘Can someone else cause the pain?’


At the same time as the question arose, Hyazelki could not easily turn around because of other concerns.




“…but, if another child is being bullied…….”


“Yes, yes. Another child may be being bullied.”






At the sudden interruption of the voice, both Hyazelki and Lihan turned their heads in puzzlement.


Light blue hair that looks like cotton candy.


A smiling face with a gentle look.


In addition, it was a comfortable chime, but it was cute.




‘This man…’




She thought the man somewhat looked like Lynn.








T/N: Sorry for the late update! The thing is, I’m losing enthusiasm tling this novel. I have this bad habit. No matter what kind of novel it is, I won’t, can’t read it further the moment it is shown that both the FL and ML have fallen in love. All I like is the process of how they chase each other. But the moment the two people began to realise their feelings, I feel bored. I feel like, “Oh wow, they’ve fallen in love already. What’s there to read in it now?”


I’ve dropped countless novels that I have been reading because of this. And I guess I’m going to drop it too. I won’t drop it now but I may drop it the moment I think both or either Hyazelki and Lihan accepted their feelings for each other. I feel bore already. Hence the late update.



Anyway, please don’t feel bad if I drop this novel. It’s my habit and I can’t change it. Even if I do translate in the future despite my disinterest, the quality of the translation will be very bad. So please forgive me.🙏








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