Chapter 50 (Part 1)

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Suddenly his movement stop, so Qin Wanwan became confused. Seeing him not responding, she looked aside and called him, “Master?”


“Oh,” Jian Xingzhi responded as he nodded his head, “I’m fine, it’s okay.”


“Then how is your sea of consciousness?” Qin Wanwan raised her hand and wiped the back of her neck. The wound instantly disappeared without a trace, she turned around and looked at Jian Xingzhi with a rather worried expression.


Jian Xingzhi waved his hand: “I will meditate to recuperate.”


Saying that, Jian Xingzhi got up, went around the stone to a rather wide place and raised his hand to draw a spell formation on the ground. After that, closed his eyes and began to meditate.


Qin Wanwan saw Jian Xingzhi meditating, sat down next to Jian Xingzhi for protection and looked around.


Shen Zhiming jumped down to here, and now they don’t know where he went. She doesn’t know what animosity Wu Ming had with Shen Zhiming for Shen Zhiming wanting to kill him recklessly.


Qin Wanwan pondered about the matter. Jian Xingzhi in the meantime managed to stabilise his sea of consciousness. He calmed down, and remembered what Qin Wanwan just said before asking her: “You said you like Xie Lutang?”




Qin Wanwan heard Jian Xingzhi’s question and nodded: “Probably.”


“How can you tell?”


“Just now, when he blocked the sword for me.” Qin Wanwan recalled that moment, and couldn’t help feeling deep emotions rising in her heart, “I think that I saw the shadow of the sword cultivator in my heart. He is willing to die for me, so I was moved by him.”


Jian Xingzhi paused and Qin Wanwan turned her head to look at him, “Master, what do you think? Didn’t he do it because he likes me?”


“We, the disciples of the Shangji Sect,” Jian Xingzhi suddenly said with a righteous expression, “we can’t do anything about feeling.”


Qin Wanwan: “What??”


Why can’t she understand what Jian Xingzhi said?


“Master,” Qin Wanwan asked curiously, “what do you mean by that?”


“Don’t talk to me. I want to meditate.”


When Jian Xingzhi refused to answer, Qin Wanwan couldn’t ask any more questions. She could only continue to sit next to Jian Xingzhi to protect him.


Jian Xingzhi was communicating with 666 in his head, “If I want to specifically enter the emotional quest of Xie Lutang, do you have any ways?”


“Master, Xie Lutang’s ‘Favorable Impression’ is only 46 ……” 666 reminded him.


40 to 60 ‘Favorable Impression’ could be considered as just liking. Wu Ming’s points are a bit higher than this.


Jian Xingzhi gave 666 cold eyes: “I asked you to search for a way, not ask you whether you can or not.”


666 sniffed with a shiver and desperately nodded: “I’m searching, I’m searching right away!”


666 began to frantically run the program. After a while, she solemnly said: “host, Xie Lutang and you are a bit similar. Both are sword cultivators, so the method of making him fall in love is similar, too. If you follow your aesthetic, as long as you can make Qin Wan someone to your liking, making Xie Lutang fall for her would be a piece of cake!”


“Makes sense.”


Jian Xingzhi nodded: “You are right. If she becomes the woman I like, is there any way that Xie Lutang won’t fall for her?”


Jian Xingzhi figured out how to finish the emotional quest of Xie Lutang and felt that he had solved a big problem for Qin Wanwan. He finally quieted his mind and repaired the sea of consciousness happily.


After meditating all night, Jian Xingzhi almost recovered. He opened his eyes and saw Qin Wanwan sitting on the side and sleeping. He poked her with his sword and called her, “Get up.”


Qin Wanwan woke up with a jolt, and after a moment of reaction, she breathed a sigh of relief: “Master, can’t you be a little more gentle?”


“Am I not gentle enough?” Jian Xingzhi squinted at her, “In the past, my Master kicked me in the face to wake me from sleep, you know?”


Qin Wanwan was convinced, she could never communicate with him. Jian Xingzhi reached out, and she stood up with his help. Patting the ashes on her buttocks she asked, “Master, your sea of consciousness is repaired ready?”


“It’s half repaired, I just can’t mess around.”


Jian Xingzhi was eager to try out the new plan he made so he urged Qin Wanwan: “Let’s go, we should head back to Huangcheng now.”


The canyons had just one straight road ahead. Jian Xingzhi led Qin Wanwan at the direction of Huangcheng.


Then he began to tell her his plan, “I thought about it all night last night. If you want to Xie Lutang to fall for you, it’s not impossible. But I must tell you, it’s a very difficult road.”


“How…… how difficult?”


Qin Wanwan was surprised by Jian Xingzhi, who suddenly turned his head and gave her a serious look, “You have spent a lot of time with Xie Lutang, and your Master, me has created opportunities for you many times. But up till now, his ‘Favourable Impression’ for you is still only 46, not as high as that Wu Ming. So it’s clear that you are not his type.”


Hearing this, Qin Wanwan’s first reaction was, “Impossible, he even blocked the sword for me.”


“Sword cultivators value promises, it was what he promised.”


Jian Xingzhi reminded her, but Qin Wanwan refuted again, “He brought food for me in the middle of the night!”


“He went to my tent first and found that I was not there before he came to you.” Jian Xingzhi reminded again, not forgetting to add, “He also gave it to Nan Feng.”


“He ……” Qin Wanwan remembered the look of Xie Lutang speaking to her with deep emotion in front of Jian Xingzhi’s coffin in Guicheng, “He looked at me with special deep emotion at Guicheng in front of your coffin. So, I thought that he was my Jack, I thought……”


“What he did or how he looked at you back then is not important.” Jian Xingzhi interrupted her, not wanting her to have fantasies again, “46 is 46, nothing wrong to admit it. The Shangji Sect where your Master is from, there’s nothing that member of this clan can’t do. I already told you, since the score doesn’t increase, it means you are not his type. Then you have to be his type! You have to be bold when chasing the person you like, understand?”


Qin Wanwan didn’t say anything, for some reason, she became a bit calm.


That shadow in her heart doesn’t seem like Xie Lutang anymore.


“Don’t be afraid, your Master has an amazing plan.”


Jian Xingzhi saw that she did not speak and comforted her.


Qin Wanwan listened to Jian Xingzhi’s tone and became a little scared: “What plan?”


“Xie Lutang and I are both sword cultivators.” Jian Xingzhi started in a confident voice, “I know sword cultivators very well, and I guarantee that you will become the most loved woman of all the sword cultivators’ hearts if you follow my aesthetics.”


“Then ……” Qin Wanwan was bewildered, “What type of woman do you like?”


“When we choose a Dual-Cultivation partner, the first thing we evaluate is strength.”


“Stren….. strength?”


At Qin Wanwan’s confused reaction, Jian Xingzhi nodded: “Yes, if there is a woman who can beat me, I think, maybe I will be moved.”


No wonder you are a single dog until now……


This was the first thought came to Qin Wanwan’s mind. But then her heart suddenly sank, “So what you mean is ……”


“I’m going to give you a special training.” Jian Xingzhi solemnly said to her, “I’ll teach you to be a high level sword cultivator. I will teach you techniques that specifically targets Xie Lutang’s weaknesses and defeat him.”


Qin Wanwan was shocked to hear his words. Jian Xingzhi suddenly swept her up and down before asking, “Are your wounds healed?”


“Not yet.”


Qin Wanwan immediately denied, but Jian Xingzhi still nodded: “It seems to be healed. We have to start the training as quickly as possible.” Jian Xingzhi suddenly drew his sword and exclaimed, “Come on, Master will teach you!”


Jian Xingzhi raised his hand and attacked Qin Wanwan with his sword. Qin Wanwan sucked a breath of cold air and then draw her sword to block the attack before saying, “Master, you forgot one thing! I can never defeat Xie Lutang ah!”


“Don’t loose heart just over one person. Even if it’s Xie Lutang, how can my disciple not win.”


Qin Wanwan dodged quickly with all her strength, and listened to Jian Xingzhi’s serious words: “If you like someone, you must be steadfast until he falls for you. Don’t be afraid of the hardships and dangers, and go forward. Don’t dodge, block the sword! Can you feel the strength?”


Jian Xingzhi continued to attack. His and Qin Wanwan’s sword collided against each other. Qin Wanwan was pressed to the wall by him, the two were extremely close. Jian Xingzhi stared straight at her and said, “This is Xie Lutang’s usual move. If you don’t block the sword properly, your sword can break.”




Where the movement of Jian Xingzhi’s sword was very stable, Qin Wanwan’s hand was shaking. Jian Xingzhi reminded and corrected her posture, and she instantly began to fight back. The longsword in her hand moved up and down as she turned over and attacked towards Jian Xingzhi.



But Jian Xingzhi’s longsword fell on her like a million daggers. Qin Wanwan’s sword could only block his attack in a very small range. The two quickly exchanged a few moves. Jian Xingzhi used more force at each strike and almost pressed Qin Wanwan to the ground, and reminded her: “This is the second move of Xie Lutang. Now I’m about to use the third move, block my sword properly this time.”


“Master, I think, I will give up……”


“There is no giving up in the Shangji clan halfway.”


Jian Xingzhi’s pressed her further while commanding, “Get up!”


Qin Wanwan knew Jian Xingzhi’s temper, there is no way she could give up. Thinking about her parents, she gritted her teeth and stood up. Since he wants to teach, she will learn.


The two of them chased each other under the cliff, their swords and shadows colliding with each other again and again. After fighting for most of the day, Qin Wanwan’s earrings suddenly lit up, and then she heard Xie Lutang’s voice: “Wanwan, can you hear me?”


Qin Wanwan’s movement paused, and Jian Xingzhi’s sword was immediately drawn to her neck and her back pressed against the rocks. She looked at Jian Xingzhi and anxiously asked,”Brother Xie, have you guys arrived in the Huangcheng?”




Hearing Qin Wanwan speaking, Jian Xingzhi decisively stroked on his earring. Xie Lutang’s voice was heard from the earring, “Yes, we have arrived at Huangcheng. The Ning family received us and accepted to help us. Wu Ming also returned to his family.”


As soon as Xie Lutang opened his mouth, Jian Xingzhi’s sword appeared in front of Qin Wanwan with lightning speed. She barely dodged, listening to Xie Gutang talking about their situation: “I’ve been trying to contact you before, but no response came. So I can only rely on Nan Feng to sense that if you are in danger or not. What are you and Senior doing?”


“I ……”


Her words couldn’t be finished when Jian Xingzhi’s sword stuck in the rocks behind her. A spark rose as the sword collided with the hot rocks. Qin Wanwan was so surprised that she sharply cried out: “We are fine! We are on our way back!”


“Are you okay?” Xie Lutang heard Qin Wanwan’s voice and was a bit worried, “Why does it seem like you are fighting with someone?”


“Ask him about this move.”


Jian Xingzhi spoke directly, Qin Wanwan dodged from Jian Xingzhi’s sword while asking Xie Lutang: “I …… my Master is teaching me sword moves. Brother Xie, do you know how to defend and fight back against 32nd uppercut of the Qiūshuǐ Yuèliàng moves?”


Xie Lutang didn’t expect Qin Wanwan actually asked this. He froze for a moment and became excited the next moment when he understood Qin Wanwan’s words. Restraining the rising excitement he asked, “Senior actually know this? You can try defending with the Tiānshàng Báiliàng.”


Most of the sword cultivators search of ways to expose and practice various sword techniques. So they know what these sword techniques are as soon as their names are heard.


Jian Xingzhi didn’t use some immortal world sword techniques because he wanted to make sure that Xie Lutang knew these moves.


But even so, the ordinary sword moves became unordinary as soon as they were performed by Jian Xingzhi. Xie Lutang soon realized the strength of the other party and was excited.


Hearing them fight, he tried his best to guide Qin Wanwan while listening to her description about the sword moves.


The more he heard them fighting, the more excited he got. Qin Wanwan who was caught in between the two hardcore sword cultivators was physically and mentally exhausted.


After fighting until midnight, Qin Wanwan finally got tired and started to whine after being thrown to the ground by Jian Xingzhi.


“I can’t fight anymore,” Qin Wanwan said, lying on the ground, “let’s stop here.”


“Okay …… okay.”


Xie Lutang was obviously unwilling so he couldn’t help but ask, “When will Miss Qin practice her moves with Senior again? Do you still need my help?”


Qin Wanwan: “……”


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Table of Content
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