Chapter 5

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Chapter 1. To you who will live with something else than human.

Yuri was in a dilemma, she didn’t know if it was really okay to bring the child to the Master, so she began to ponder on the situation.

The Master didn’t exactly order her not to bring the child around. But that didn’t mean that she was allowed to bring her to him either.

Master didn’t seem to be very happy to meet the child but there was no reason why.

Even when she was hiding in the study, she found him looking at Hyazelki, but turned his back on her quickly.


The child tugged at Yuri’s sleeve, wriggling her eyebrows.

“Yuri… Can’t we go to the master?”

Yuri couldn’t refuse the request when she faced the amber eyes that were about to cry.

“Go, of course go! He’ll probably be in his room at this time. Let’s go.”

When Yuri smiled, Hyazelki grabbed her hand, on the other hand she was holding a small pebble.

“Yes! Let’s go.”

Yuri, who grabbed her heart with a “so cute!,” moved forward with the thought that she had no regrets even if she died.

Yuri’s expression was loosened by the small, soft hand held in her hand. But the loosened expression hardened again as it got closer to Kael’s room.

‘……… am I really allowed to do this……?’

The glass standing in front of the door was white.

She just had to put her hand on the doorknob and turn it around, but she couldn’t hold it as if her hand was too heavy.

Looking up at Yuri, Hyazelki let go of her grip.

“It’s all right now. I’ll go alone.”

“Huh? But…….”

Yuri blurred the end of her speech with a puzzled face.

Hyazelki showed a pretty pebble in her hand to Yuri, who looked anxious.

“It’s a gift, so I’ll go alone.”

Yuri closed her mouth again at the cute action. She blocked it so much that it seemed to have become a habit now.

Then she lowered herself and gently stroked Hyazelki’s head.

“Well, in the meantime, I’ll get you a snack.”


Looking at Yuri’s back running with an excited face, the child took a small deep breath.

‘I’m a little scared of the dragon’s reaction…….’

Because Yuri’s face was so white, Hyazelki let her go with a generous heart.

Of course, the child was not as scared as the day she first came to the dragon’s castle.

Still, he was not comfortable to be around, so Hyazelki swallowed her saliva nervously and reached out with a small hand and knocked on the door.

Knock, knock.

“Come in.”

Permission fell from beyond the door, but Hyazelki could not open the door.

When she thought of opening the door, her hand didn’t work.

She grabbed the doorknob, but it didn’t turn.

“What’s wrong with you?”

When the door didn’t open even after a long time, footsteps from over the door coming this way could be heard.

As the sound approached, a faint black energy rose from the doorknob.


‘Oh, it’s open!’

When the door opened, the faint black energy evaporated in an instant.

“Why didn’t you open it when I told you to come in…….”

Kael, who burst open the door, mumbled impatiently, but immediately closed his mouth.

This is because he made eye contact with the amber eyes standing in front of the door.


“What happened?”

When the door opened and Hyazelki was happy for a moment.

But when Kael found Hyazelki standing in front of him, he closed the door again without hesitation.

Hyazelki became a little sulky because of the door that was tightly closed.

Knock, knock.


This time, she knocked on the door again more confidently than before, but didn’t get an answer.

Knock, knock, knock.

Somehow, Hyazelki, who was determined to meet the Dragon of Judgement, knocked on the door again.

‘I’ve felt it since last time…… Why does it seem you’re avoiding me?’

With her lips pursed, Hyazelki stubbornly knocked on the door again.

Knock, knock, knock knock.

‘No, isn’t it me whom everyone should be scared of and avoid?’

Kael asked himself in suspicion.

Knock, knock, knock.

Knock, knock, knock.


Hyazelki gulped but continued to knock.

“Stop it, don’t……!”

At the persistent knocking, Kael finally couldn’t resist and opened the door again.

The moment the door opened again, Hyazelki quickly inserted herself through the gap in the open door.

Surprised, Kael pulled his hand off of the doorknob and stepped back.

‘Look, you’re really avoiding me.’

It felt a little strange, but since she just came to say thank you, Hyazelki reached out to Kael with a pebble as she spoke.

“Last time…”


But Kael widened the distance as if she was trying to attack.

Hiazelki blinked in surprise and looked up at him, before approaching him again.

But sooner than that, Kael stepped back.

‘…… am I more scary than the Dragon of Judgment?’

Feeling the confusion of her identity, Hyazelky looked down at the pebble in her hand.

She just wanted to give it as a gift because it’s pretty.

‘There’s nothing else I can give you…….’

She was getting emotional.

She had a false sense of pride, thinking that he would also like the pebble because it’s pretty.

When she stopped still, Kael also stopped moving backwards.

After taking a deep breath, Hyazelki looked at him and suddenly ran toward him.

As the small body rushed, Kael, who was frightened, quickly turned around and headed back to the door to leave the room, as if escaping from a scary predator.

‘I’m a girl who knows how to be grateful! I’m just trying to say thank you!’

Whether he knew Hyazelki’s injustice or not, Kael only wanted to run away.

However, he did not really run away, but just walked quickly, and repeatedly stopped while maintaining a certain distance from the child.

So, Hyazelki, who followed him out of the room, continued to play a strange tag with the Lord Dragon.

After walking fast in the long hallway, Kael quickly looked back again and stopped when the child stopped.

‘Are you kidding me?’

It was Hyazelki, whose face gradually turned into irritation. Forgetting her original purpose and just focused on chasing after Kael.

And soon, the child, who had limited physical strength, eventually called him out loud.


Kael, who stopped at the call, turned to her with a strange face.


In the meantime, Hyazelki, who successfully stopped him, quickly trotted over to him and grabbed his sleeve so that he could no longer run away.

Missing the timing to back off, Kael, who was caught by her, hardened instantly.

Hyazelki did not care about Kael’s expression and held out the pebble she had held in her hand for all the tiy.

“Thank you for your help last time.”

“……what is this?”


Kael looked down at the child, wriggling her eyebrows.

“……is this a gift?”


He stood still with a face of total incomprehension.

However, he also did not intend to reach out to take the small pebble that Hyazelki held out.

“My arm hurts.”

Kael, who had no intention of receiving it, reflexively reached out to the child’s murmur.

A very small pebble was held in a large hand.


“Pretty, right?”

The smiling Hyazelki finally let go of Kael’s sleeve. But this time he didn’t run away either.

“I found it while I was taking a walk.”

“……I see.”

Kael stood still and looked down at the pebble in his hand.

It was nothing, just a stone. It’s just a round stone.

‘What’s the point of….?’

Kael had no idea why she brought it as a gift.

However, when he looked at Hyazelki, who stood straight with her shoulders held high with pride, the stone seemed to look better than other stones.

“……Yes, thank you.”


Seeing her smile, Kael clenched the pebbles unconsciously.

Even if she gets close, the black aura doesn’t emit from him.

On the contrary, even the surroundings seemed to brighten up.

The human child, who he had never even given a proper look, seemed to be a little cute.

He shook his head by shaking off the word “daughter” that came out of Ciel’s mouth, which continued to linger in his head.

‘…God’s will…… Is it?’


In the land of humans who do farming.

The dragon of the earth, Ziel, wandered around the world and visited a place which was called a ‘Barren and cursed land’ and blessed it.

So he is still known among farmers as a dragon to be served.

The place where he is standing right now is completely devoid of any greenery.

As there are fertile lands, there are also dry lands.

A man, who was stomping on the dry ground, found a bird flying toward him and reached out.

The brown and green-feathered bird landed familiarly on his finger.

The man who was looking at the bird picking at its feathers slightly raised the corners of his mouth.

Tanned skin and dark green hair.

The red eyes met the bird’s.

“……Ho? That guy?”

The bird chirped and flew from his finger the next moment.

After chasing the bird flying high in the sky for a while, he let out a small laugh.

“If it’s true, then it’s worth seeing.”

He murmured lowly, and took another step, saying, “I should go.”

“Oh, but I have a place to stop by before that.”

Then he stopped walking quickly and rubbed his chin and pondered.

The pondering didn’t take long, he immediately scratched his head and took off again.

“You won’t die if I’m a little late.”

His long braid of green hair shook vigorously behind his back.

Every time he walked briskly on the ground, a small sprout broke out in the dry land.


The healing dragon who heals human wounds.

Hiel, the healing dragon, headed for the southern land.

And it was known that while he was in his journey, he continued to give healing powers to some priests and treat humans.

He stopped a long way into the southern part of the continent and deep in the rocky mountains.

There was a white temple located between the cliffs.

Originally, it was located not far from the city where people lived, but as its name became known, the temple was moved to a place where it was difficult for people to find.

This was because so many people came to him for healing that sometimes it became difficult.

A man with long blond hair loosely tied around his shoulders found a bird flying into the temple and asked softly.

“What’s the matter?”

As if answering the question, the bird flew in with matching red eyes as the blond haired man.

He reached out for the messenger bird to rest his wings, and opened his eyes wide while looking at the bird in that state.

“Is that so? But…… I already know that.”

As if dissatisfied with his teasing answer, the messenger bird poked the man’s finger.

“Ciel has already brought the child to me. We’ve already met.”

The messenger bird cried and flew up at once.

The man, who was staring at the receding messenger bird, swept his golden hair.

“……and again, I do miss you.”

Soon after the bird disappeared, he stared at the sky for a while.

* * *

A man was sitting by the window and looking at the sky.

It was no exaggeration to say that the man was Kael, because that’s all he usually does, if not punishing sinners.

He was looking up at the sky with his head resting on his hand as usual.

Until he heard the sound of laughing.

When he lowered his gaze, he saw Hyazelki walking in the garden with Yuri.

Kael, who was staring at the child through the glass smiling cheerfully, recalled what had happened in the study the other day.


The black energy that pushed the bookshelf away.

It must be…….

Kael, who looked down at Hyazelki silently, soon rose from the window.

‘Is it time?’

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