Chapter 49

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Chapter 5. To you who made a friend




“Papa? What are you doing not sleeping?”




With her eyes wide open, Hyazelki, who was wearing thick pajamas asked.


Her coral hair was hanging freely.


Even this comfortable appearance was prettier than anyone else in the world in Kael’s eyes.




“As you can see.”




As he shook the bottle lightly, she sighed, her lips pursed, and then she carefully closed the door.


Hyazelki, who walked quietly to his side, leaned against the window and looked up at Kael.


Her hair reflected in the moonlight looked more prettier.


What a lovely child. This is who God loves, Kael thought.




“…is it delicious?”


Hyazelki, who was still looking up at Kael, asked, tilting her head to the side.


Even the flowing coral hair was so lovely.


How can you not love her?


Kael shook the bottle again and looked down at her with a deep smile.




“Would you like a drink?”







She ran through the forest. Feeling weak, she lay down on the ground.


She ran through the forest all day on her tender little feet.


Her lungs felt they were going to rip, and her dry throat was burning like sandpaper.


Her feet were covered with wounds by stepping on stones and rolling on the dirt floor and broken pieces of wood.


But more than physical pain, the trauma was greater.


The area around the chest was stiff, and she felt suffocated as if she was submerged in water from the deep part of her stomach.


She felt like something broke inside her.




“I’m the one who gave birth to you. You should do anything for me, right?”


She clearly remembered her mother’s face, who said so while pushing a blade to her throat.


There was no guilt, no sadness.


The small child that was running in the forest quickly lost her strength and collapsed.


It was obvious what it would be after that.


But before that, the light went out as the darkness poured in.


After that, only voices were heard.


The voice that complained that she couldn’t see, and the voice that shouted, “Have you gone crazy? You said you know your previous life?”


And when she tripped on the mountain and fell.


The voice that called her.


Obviously, it’s not a worrying tone……. It was a call to make sure she was alive.




“Did you die?”








With that voice at the end, Hyazelki sprang up her upper body.






“Hak, ha, ha…….”


Breathing heavily didn’t last long either.


Now that she’s used to nightmares like this.








It didn’t matter. It’s definitely nothing.


Hyazelki looked at the bed she had been lying on a while ago and got up with a sigh.


It really didn’t matter. Nightmares and all.


Still, she didn’t feel like falling asleep right away.


She was afraid the nightmare would continue and come out again.


So she went out to walk down the hallway a little bit to fall asleep later.


Wearing slippers, she stepped slowly and carefully grabbed the doorknob and turned it around.


This is because Lihan always noticed her leaving her room, even though she was always as careful as possible.






“……why aren’t you sleeping?”




Kael, who turned his back on the moonlight, somehow looked miserable.


Hyazelki, who stopped breathing for a while in the atmosphere, breathed out carefully.




“Papa? What are you doing not sleeping?”


“As you can see.”




He answered with a light shake of the bottle.


She gently closed the door, her lips pursed.


Trying not to make a sound, Hyazelki walked forward and stood beside Kael.


Kael often drank alcohol.




“…is it delicious?”




She looked at him quietly and asked.


Then Kael had a deep smile.




“Would you like a drink?”




Come to think of it, he once asked the same question when she woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare in the past.


Hyazelki, who recalled that time, burst out laughing.




“Well… shall we have a drink?”


Kael paused for a moment at her answer.


He had a complex face somehow.




“Are you old enough to drink?”


“Aren’t I an adult now that my birthday is over?”




Kael’s pupils shook at the answer, shrugging his shoulders.




“Is that how it works?”




He had an unwilling face, but he still picked up the glass he had put on the window frame.


She asked first, so she couldn’t say no now.


After measuring how much alcohol was left in the bottle, Kael poured it over to an empty wine glass.


He looked very reluctant until just before he handed the glass over to her.




“Did you have another nightmare?”




Hyazelki, who took the glass, nodded softly and smiled broadly.




Smelling the alcohol, Hyazelki frowned at the strong scent.


Then she carefully tilted the glass to her lips.


Sipping the alcohol Kael poured, she breathed in a breath because her throat felt like it was burning.








Then she turned straight away from the glass in her hand.


Kael, who laughed low as if Hyazelki’s response was funny, asked.




“Is it bad?”


“Papa…Why do you drink this?”




It looked like she couldn’t understand.




“If you don’t know that, it means it’s not time for you to drink this yet.”






Hyazelki smacked her lips with a hesitant face, but Kael was a little relieved.


“Not yet.”




Yeah, not yet. She’s not old enough to drink yet.


It wasn’t known what the human law is like, but it was in Kael’s eyes.


She still has a long way to go.


Time can’t have gone that fast.




“You still have a long way to go to drink together.”


“It’ll be soon.”




Kael said teasingly, but didn’t want that day to come.


The day they drink together. The way she grows up and leaves.


He didn’t want to see it.


Time seemed to go so fast that his mouth was bitter.




‘……I can’t believe time flies.’




It was a strange feeling for him, too.


Everything was boring and slow because he had lived so long.


Time flies so fast. Human time flies so fast.


Kael couldn’t get rid of the bitterness because he felt like she didn’t have enough time to stay with him.


I wish time would go slowly……. He thought.







Three years after the coming-of-age ceremony of Hyazelki.


In the meantime, they made a new habit.








Turning her head at Kael’s call, she found a messenger bird sitting on his shoulder.


Knowing what it meant, Hyazelki smiled faintly.




“I’ll get Lihan in a minute.”




When the messenger bird arrived, it was time to inform Kael that there were mostly sinners who had to be judged.


And since Lihan became an adult and received a real sword, when Kael leaves the castle, they leave together.


The life of Hyazelki, who spent almost all her time only in the castle, is now different.


She would pack a lunch box and go on a picnic, and she would also go to see the National Foundation Festival.


It took some time to go to a festival with many people like the National Foundation Festival.


But she no longer recognized herself as weak.


She wasn’t afraid of crowded places and complicated people.


The same thing never happened again, and even if similar things were repeated, she was confident to prevent it.








At the call of Hyazelki, who popped open the door and appeared, Lihan, who was changing, became surprised.








Looking at Lihen, who quickly hid his chest, she playfully covered her eyes.




“Papa is going out. Let’s go.”


“Oh, yes.”


Whenever Kael leaves the castle for punishment of sinners, or even if there’s nothing special, they’ll be together often.


They looked around the continent carefully.


One day in the forest, one day in the lake, one day in a small village, one day in the city of the empire.


The beginning was to hope that Kael’s outing would be a little less unpleasant.


His expression on the way out to punishing the sinners was so bad.


Then, while he’s at work, let’s look around the neighborhood, and when they’re done, let’s spend some time outside together and come back.


So not only bad things happen to Kael when he goes out, but good things too.


What started like that is now habitually leaving the castle together.


Hyazelki smiled as she looked back at Lihan, who turned red to the tips of his ears.




“Then I’ll go down first, so hurry up and come!”






Closing the door gently, she giggled uncontrollably.




‘How cute.’


As Hyazelki, wearing a light shirt and a sword, reached the entrance of the castle, Lisa called her as she waited.








Sure enough, as Lisa feared, she only wore a shirt and not a jacket.




“It’s still cold.”




Just in time, Yuri, who brought Hyazelki’s outer garment, quickly put it on her shoulder.




“Miss, it’s still early spring, so it’s cold.”


“Oh, thank you.”




Hyazelki smiled and tied her hair up.


Yuri was still upset about her not wearing a dress often, but recently she seemed to have compromised in her own way.


Tied up hair, tight pants on a shirt. A jacket with a high atmosphere that was made by Medil’s hard work hand on the shoulder.


A white sword belt embroidered with gold thread, and a white sword.


It was ambiguous to call her a knight because she did not officially belong to any country.


She didn’t take any steps to become a knight.


Therefore, the appearance was more appropriate to call a warrior than a knight, but the unique atmosphere naturally reminded her of good times.


Because she had fun watching her like that.


Yuri nodded in appreciation at Hyazelki, who was ready to leave the castle.


The uniform she received from Medil was kept neatly and not worn often.


Of course, there was no reason to be so formal.


In addition, it was because it was so luxurious, and the magic added by Kael’s power which makes Hyazelki feel burdened.


If she walks on the street wearing that, it will be too noticeable.


She didn’t necessarily need colourful clothes to be noticeable because she’s a noticeable beauty.


No, it was better to stay out of sight if possible.




“Let’s go.”


Kael, who found Lihan coming down the stairs quickly, stepped first.




“I’ll be back.”




They left the castle, being seen off by Lisa and Yuri.


And Albert was with them too.


This was familiar because there were often times when the butler accompanied him.


They climbed onto Kael’s back, who turned into a dragon, and headed east indefinitely.


He seemed to fly away to the East, but turned toward the city, moderately close to his destination.


Coming down the quiet field, Kael used magic to move to a narrow alley in the city.




“Where are we?”



Hyazelki, glancing out of the alley.


Ahead was the dragon, Kael, who was not very talkative.


This was always the case, and Albert replied as if it were natural.




“The Kingdom of Russo in the East.”


“I see.”




It was a place which she read in the study of geography on the continent.




“You can look around. I’ll be back.”


“Yes, go ahead.”




Kael stroked Hyazelki’s head in turn and patted Lihan on the shoulder.


And soon disappeared with Albert.


Kael’s expression toward the sinner was not good.


He still feels uncomfortable with the punishment.




‘I understand,’




For Hyazelki, who has seen him judging before, fully sympathized.


She didn’t think she’d like either it if it was her. And she also has to keep doing it even though she doesn’t want to.




“Shall we go now?”










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