Chapter 49 (Part 2)

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The trestle was repaired and the carriages continued to move forward. Qin Wanwan and Junshu was shocked at what was happening ahead. Junshu’s admiration for Qin Wanwan rose instantly as he exclaimed: “Guniang really did not lie to me, being at the front is the most dangerous!”


Qin Wanwan froze and nodded when she heard Jian Xingzhi’s voice suddenly coming to her ears.


“Beicheng, the carriages at the front are all under the attack of blasting talismans. These talismans were hidden within the rocks. We cannot remove them without blowing them up. You must not act indiscriminately.”


Qin Wanwan listened with confusion: “Then Lord Cuilu ……”


“With her cultivation, at most the talisman could blow her hair into a bird’s nest. So don’t worry.”


Qin Wanwan didn’t speak, just listened to the sound ‘boom!’ coming from the front again. Another blasting charm seemed to have exploded again.


Her heart palpitated as she peeked out of the carriage and saw that the carriage carrying Cuilu stopped for a moment, fixed the carriage and the road in front before moving forward.


The sound of explosions became the accompaniment of this journey. Every few moments, the sound ‘boom!’ would sound again and again. Junshu and Qin Wanwan both were so frightened by the sound that they didn’t dare to speak. Seeing that they were about to reach the top of the mountain, leaving through the blasting charms he had set and the mountain’s top transmission array, Shen Zhiming finally couldn’t resist.


At the last minute, not only did he use the blasting talismans he was carrying, but also decided to take action himself.


The majestic spiritual power and blasting talisman exploded together. Hidden in the dark Jian Xingzhi and Xie Lutang sensed this spiritual power at the same time and were ready to strike. Only to hear a loud sound and feel the ground vibrating.


Qin Wanwan used a defensive boundary to protect themselves in the carriage and reassured Junshu while stammering: “Don’t…… Don’t be afraid.”


“I’m not afraid.”


Junshu was used to seeing big scenes, so this kind of situation can’t scare him. But seeing someone fighting so hard for him, Junshu felt a special emotion pervading his heart.


Jian Xingzhi and Xie Lutang together made a formation to block Shen Zhiming’s spiritual power. A few moments later, the chirping of a bird emerged from the carriage. A green phoenix rushed towards Shen Zhiming hiding in the dark, attacking him straightly and forcing him to reveal himself. The carriage carrying Cuilu suddenly exploded, revealing her burned form which had been long blown up into coal.


She clenched her fist, her eyes burning with flames.


“I’ve waited for you for so long.” Cuilu stood up and gritted her teeth, “you finally revealed yourself!”


The green phoenix rushed towards Shen Zhiming and attacked him wildly. Shen Zhiming raised his sword to block the attack. The green phoenix tried to scratch his face, which made Shen Zhiming pause in action, before bellowing angrily: “You are seeking death!”


Sayings this, he looked at the series of carriages and was suddenly filled with killing intent.


He only wanted to kill Junshu alone, but now since he couldn’t find the old man, he would kill them all.


Thinking of this, he no longer hesitated. Sacrificing the sword he was holding, he formed another sword and flashed towards the carriages!


This sword rushed to them in an instant. Cuilu’s face changed when she realised, “the Tribulation stage!”


Jian Xingzhi raised the sword in his hand, the spell on the tip of the sword exploded and formed a spell formation. Xie Lutang hurriedly ran to him with his sword in hand. Together with Cuilu’s green phoenix, they attacked Shen Zhiming.


Seeing the power of the sword of Shen Zhiming’s, Qin Wanwan instantly turned around and stared at Junshu: “Who is your enemy actually?”


Qin Wanwan gave a suspicious look, which made Junshu grab the dagger hidden in his sleeve which was given by his mother before replying hesitantly with a guarded posture: “It is …… The patriarch of Wen Xin Sect …… Shen Zhiming.”


Hearing this, Qin Wanwan suddenly realized something. Junshu nervously looked at her. If she decided to leave him behind, then he would immediately use the magic weapon given by his mother to hurt her before abducting her. In this way, even if they want to throw him away, it is impossible for them to throw Qin Wanwan.


Junshu made the plan in his mind and was prepared to take action holding the magic weapon his mother gave him. But Qin Wanwan only thought for a moment and raised her eyes to look at Junshu with a serious face before saying: “Don’t worry, even if it’s Shen Zhiming, we won’t abandon you.”


Hearing this, Junshu froze. Qin Wanwan raised her hand and patted his shoulder: “Just stay in the carriage and don’t go out. I’ll guard the door.”


Saying that, Qin Wanwan lifted the curtains of the carriage went out. She sat in front of the carriage door, blocking the entrance with her body.


The horse dragged the carriage forward, standing on the small stairs of the carriage, Qin Wanwan looked up at Jian Xingzhi, Cuilu and Xie Lutang who was surrounding Shen Zhiming. She raised her voice and shouted out: “Master, he is Shen Zhiming! Shen Zhiming at the Tribulation stage!”


Upon hearing these words, Shen Zhiming’s face suddenly changed and he turned his head towards Qin Wanwan.


Xie Lutang and Jian Xingzhi immediately blocked Shen Zhiming’s path. Jian Xingzhi immediately shouted without looking back, “Cut the tail! Cut the tail!”


Qin Wanwan also had the same intention. If it was Shen Zhiming, who was at the Tribulation stage attacking them for the old man, it wouldn’t be necessary for them to fight for their lives.


Qin Wanwan immediately began to cut the rope of the carriage bound with the horse. But the ropes seemed to be made specially. Qin Wanwan frantically cut the rope with her sword. Even after cutting it back and forth for a while, only a small part of the rope was cut.


While Qin Wanwan was busy cutting the rope, Junshu was sitting back, watching Jian Xingzhi and the others fighting for him. Seeing the girl in front of the carriage and not leaving, he felt something indescribable.


He felt his life had been sublimated.


He couldn’t help but open his mouth and tell the truth: “Guniang, actually I’m not really a good person. So why don’t you guys leave me.”


Jian Xingzhi at that moment, saw Qin Wanwan still didn’t cut the rope. Thinking that Qin Wanwan didn’t understand him, he shouted and explained, “What are you doing! Cut the tail to survive! Survival of the fittest! Give up that old man, don’t play kindness with him with my life!”


Kindness, my ass!


Qin Wanwan squatted in front of the carriage and tried to cut the steel-like rope. Her hands trembled hearing Jian Xingzhi’s fierce voice. The movement of the horses running the carriage became unstable because of the fighting happening around, which made her body shaking from side to side. She still didn’t dare to speak and continued to cut the ropes.


Junshu could not see the movement of Qin Wanwan’s hands. Only saw the girl was shaking like a leaf because of fear. She was obviously ordered by her master, but still refused to give up on him.




This time, he was deeply touched.


At this moment, Shen Zhiming’s sent a punch at Cuilu and threw her away. With breathnecking speed, he rushed straight towards Qin Wanwan to attack. Jian Xingzhi shouted in alarm: “Beicheng!”


Qin Wanwan looked up at the fierce call and saw the powerful Sword Intent falling down towards her like a meteorite. She subconsciously waved the sword in her hand, and the Sword Intent that Shen Zhiming had left in her body came out.


When Shen Zhiming left to investigate the entanglement between her and Su Yueli, he left her his Sword Intent on her to protect her from Junshu. And at this moment, this Sword Intent was finally used.


The moment the Sword Intent emerged, Shen Zhiming and Junshu both opened their eyes wide.


However, it was too late for Shen Zhiming to reverse his sword. Seeing the tip of the sword arriving in front of her, Qin Wanwan only closed her eyes not being able to avoid it. Suddenly, a purple figure rushed in front of Qin Wanwan, grabbing the long sword pointing at her.


Shen Zhiming’s longsword went through Xie Lutang’s shoulder. Qin Wanwan opened her eyes and saw Jian Xingzhi flew towards Shen Zhiming and stabbing the sword into his body. Shen Zhiming stared at Qin Wanwan, understood that he couldn’t win the fight now and immediately turned into a bright light before disappearing.


Qin Wanwan froze looking at Xie Lutang standing in front of her. The sword cultivator was tall and thin, his wide sleeves rolling wind fluttering in the wind. One hand holding a long sword, his face stained with blood. Turning his face to the side he asked Qin Wanwan: “Are you okay?”


His voice and the figure within her sea of consciousness overlapped, Qin Wanwan felt her heartbeat stopping for a moment.


Was that…… Xie Lutang?


The person she likes …… is …… Xie …… Lutang


She didn’t have time to think more when she heard Jian Xingzhi bellowing, “Stop right there!”


She turned around and saw that thousands of swords made of light was chasing Shen Zhiming. Qin Wanwan saw the swords and immediately understood that Jian Xingzhi had used his sea of consciousness again. She quickly got up and followed Jian Xingzhi: “Master!”


“Senior, Wan Wan!”


Xie Lutang saw two people leaping after Shen Zhiming towards the mountain. He immediately followed, but paused halfway when he heard Qin Wanwan’s voice ringing in his ears: “Take everyone to Huangcheng first. We will meet you after everyone’s is safe.”


Xie Lutang movements slowed down. He looked towards the place where they disappeared. The three of them fell into the sea of clouds below the mountain.


Xie Lutang blankly stopped above the sea of clouds. Gritting his teeth, he turned back, and went back to the group waiting at top of the mountain. Cuilu was being taken care of, with a group of maids. Junshu was still sitting in the carriage and staring ahead blankly, the whole person looked confused.


It’s Qin Wan ……


He climbed out of the carriage madly, went to the side of the canyons and looked down at the sea of clouds below the mountain, before reacting.


This person who took care of him, accompanied him, and never left him, was the one who always loved him deeply, Qin Wan!


How could he not be aware of it?


How could someone protect him at all costs, regardless of life and death?


Only Qin Wan, only Qin Wan would treat him this way!


Junshu wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. Xie Lutang raised his hand to stop the blood on the wound on his shoulder before ordering in a cold voice: “Get in.”


Hearing these words, Junshu turned back fiercely and looked coldly at Xie Lutang.


Xie Lutang saw the sudden change in his eyes and frowned: “What are you doing?”




Junshu snorted coldly and turned his head away.


Little white face, seducing his fiancee, wait till he recovers his cultivation……


Wait, Xie Lutang?


Junshu suddenly awkwardly realized that even if his cultivation returns, he seems to can’t win against him ah?


He stopped talking and began to secretly compare himself with Xie Lutang. He has a Ninth-Grade Heavenly-Rank Golden Core, so does Xie Lutang. He is the young master of Lecheng, Xie Lutang is also the senior desciple of the Tian Chen Sect. He is the strongest music cultivator of the young generation of Wen Xin Sect and Xie Lutang is also a strong sword cultivator of Tian Chen Sect ……


And so on.


Junshu suddenly realized something and reacted, Wen Xin Sect?


He remembered the conflict between him and Shen Zhiming, suddenly threw the jealousy in his heart away, and looked up at Xie Lutang with a kind gaze.


“Master,” he changed his way of addressing him, “are you okay? Are you tired? Do you want to bath and rest?”


“Shut up.”


Xie Lutang raised his hand and pressed Junshu directly into the wall. After successfully scaring him mute, he turned his head and said Cuilu: “Lord Cuilu, let’s depart.”


When Xie Lutang and Cuilu departed towards Huangcheng, Qin Wanwan fell down after Jian Xingzhi.


Just past the sea of clouds, she saw countless crows and the swords made of light colliding with each other was coming thick and fast. Jian Xingzhi chased after Shen Zhiming like crazy, ignoring the light swords cutting through his body. Qin Wanwan chased after him, barely dodging the light swords, and cried out: “Master, stop chasing him!”


Hearing Qin Wanwan’s voice, Jian Xingzhi’s movements paused. Just at that moment, the light swords instantly gathered together and rushed towards Jian Xingzhi. Qin Wanwan took her sword Yuan Ning and waved it, forcing the swords to break into particles. She threw a set of magic charms around them to block the swords before lightly touching Jian Xingzhi’s forehead from behind. Her spiritual power flowed into Jian Xingzhi’s sea of consciousness, helping him stabilise his sea of consciousness, “Let him go, he’s not worth it.”


Jian Xingzhi didn’t say anything, just raised his eyes to look at Qin Wanwan.


If it was someone else who told him that, he wouldn’t bother to listen. Those who cherish life, do they think whether killing people is worth it or not?


Shen Zhiming, this guy, not only he tried to kill him, but also dare to hurt his apprentice. If he doesn’t kill him today, he wouldn’t be called Long Aotian anymore.


But looking at Qin Wanwan’s blood-stained body, he couldn’t say anything for a while. Compared to killing Shen Zhiming, curing Qin Wanwan’s wound was more important.


Qin Wanwan channeled her spiritual energy to stabilise Jian Xingzhi’s sea of consciousness. Seeing Jian Xingzhi stop chasing Shen Zhiming and turn his head to destroy the swords around them, Qin Wanwan immediately volunteered, “Master, I’ll do it.”


After saying that, she raised her hand. The light condensed around her sword, and with a light bloom, the swords made of light around them were swept clean.


Jian Xingzhi paused before realizing that, unknowingly, Qin Wanwan had become so strong.


She already can protect her Master.


He didn’t know whether he was sad or relieved. He let Qin Wanwan pull him directly to the ground, without giving him any chance to speak.


After landing, they realized that they seemed to be at the bottom of the canyons with mountains on both sides. Next to them, a stream of molten lava was flowing slowly. The temperature around the warm environment was unusually hot because of it.


After they landed on the ground, Jian Xingzhi finally realized that Qin Wanwan was right. His sea of consciousness was indeed a bit unstable, he had a splitting headache, but he didn’t show it. He just found a place to sit down. After taking a few deep breaths, he saw Qin Wanwan’s figure bathed by blood. He raised his hand and gestured her to come forward, “Come here, I’ll heal your wounds.”


Qin Wanwan didn’t say anything, she took the medicines from the Qiankun bag, walked to Jian Xingzhi’s side before saying, “Take off your clothes.”


“Why should I take off my clothes?”


Jian Xingzhi was confused, Qin Wanwan held the medicines, her expression restrained: “You are injured, now that your sea of consciousness is damaged, it is not appropriate to use your spiritual power to heal. Moreover, even if you can use your spiritual energy,” Qin Wanwan raised her eyes before asking, “won’t you be in pain?”


Hearing the question, Jian Xingzhi was was inexplicably a little flustered and confused: “I …… fighting will obviously hurt ah.”


Qin Wanwan was speechless for a moment.


“Take off your clothes.”


She knew that Jian Xingzhi’s brain circuit was different from normal people, so she couldn’t make him understand. She could only coax him, “I’ll only put medicine on myself after you put on medicine.”


Jian Xingzhi obediently took off his outer robe before taking the medicines from Qin Wanwan’s hand. He began to rub the medicines on himself while complaining, “You just need to rub the medicine, why drag me in it, ah? If you hadn’t stopped me today, I would have killed Shen Zhiming.”


“Kill Shen Zhiming, and your sea of consciousness collapses. You will immediately become a devil cultivator, or self-destruct yourself.” Qin Wanwan saw him rubbing the wounds with a coat of medicine and snatched them from his hands. Stepping around him, she went behind his back and lifted her hand before rubbing the medicines on the wounds on his back, “But I still have to take care of my crazy master. You only do things your own way, can’t you think about the others? ”


The words of Qin Wanwan froze Jian Xingzhi. The girl slender fingertips rubbed the cool medicine on the wound.


The wound wasn’t much painful, but when her soft fingertips brushed the place, he felt a little itchy.


Jian Xingzhi didn’t know what to say, remembering that in Guicheng, how Qin Wanwan thought he was dead, cursed him saying, he, her master was selfish and domineering, never cared about her feelings, always beat her, but in the end was her master.


But what could he do, he doesn’t know how to get along with Qin Wanwan and be a good master.


In fact, he also wants to be like Xie Lutang, do something to make Qin Wanwan happy. Such as, complimenting that she danced well or send her some foods.


But every time before he could think about those things, he would first want to make her physique strong. He could only think about helping her to get some points, think about how to help her ascend to the Immortal Realm as soon as possible. How the two of them, the master and disciple duo, will go to see her parents who sell sugar gourds at the Immortal Realm market, improve her living condition, and let her parents stop selling sugar gourds ……


He lowered his head, and didn’t dare to speak for a moment. Qin Wanwan rubbed the medicine properly on his back and took some bandage from Qiankun bag. Seeing him mute, she couldn’t help but ask, “Why aren’t you speaking?”


“Just …… I’ve been alone all my life, so didn’t think about this.” Jian Xingzhi said with difficulty, “Then …… I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I will think more about you.”


Hearing this, Qin Wanwan froze. She didn’t think that Jian Xingzhi could answer this way, so she couldn’t help but be a little helpless.


She really hated Jian Xingzhi in the beginning, the Jian Xingzhi who sent her in this stupid Cultivation Realm.


Obviously, she wanted to hammer his dog self to death, hammer some sense into him. But now ……


She actually still worries about him.


It was feeling like raising a living and breathing husky. The husky smugly destroys everything, before returning while wagging his tail, as if asking for praise. At that moment, the urge to kill him and make him into a stew dog meat soup would surge up. But she also couldn’t help but think ……


Forget it, isn’t he just a dog?


Qin Wanwan helplessly bandaged his wounds. Done dressing his injuries, she took the medicine before saying, “I’ll go apply the medicine over there.”




Jian Xingzhi knew it wasn’t convenient for him to put on the medicine for her. So he nodded, feeling inexplicably a little lost.


But he couldn’t help but think, if his little apprentice was a male, how good it would be. He would be able to apply medicine for her too.


He was a little heartbroken in his heart. Qin Wanwan went behind the rocks to take care of her own wounds, but her hand couldn’t reach the wounds on the back. She thought for a while before opening her mouth to call Jian Xingzhi, “Master.”




“I …… can’t reach the wound on my back.”


Qin Wanwan’s voice was soft: “Can you please help?”


Jian Xingzhi paused, his heart beating faster.


But he immediately scolded himself again. There is no gender discrimination in front of the doctor. He would be a ghost in his heart if he felt squeamish to treat his disciple’s injuries.


He calmly answered “yes”, raised his hand to tear his sleeve and tied it on his eyes before getting up and walking towards where Qin Wanwan was.


“Don’t worry,” he sensed Qin Wanwan’s presence and walked over. Kneeling in front of Qin Wanwan on one knee, he said, “I can’t see.”


“Oh.” Qin Wanwan consistently felt reassured by Jian Xingzhi. Knowing that he would never be distracted, she took off her clothes, turned around, and showed her bare back to Jian Xingzhi.


“The medicine is on your left side.”


Qin Wanwan reminded, Jian Xingzhi grabbed the medicine bottle, when Qin Wanwan commanded again, “The first wound is three inches below the shoulder.”


Jian Xingzhi hummed and raised his hand to dip his fingers in the medicine bottle before his finger fell on Qin Wanwan’s back.


He couldn’t see anything, and relied solely on perception, which made his sense of touch became unusually sharp.


His fingers caressed the girl’s back, and he realized for the first time that this person’s bones are different from his. They are more delicate and small. Her skin was also different from his, as tender as jade, and smooth like satin. Even though he beat and made her exercise till she fainted, her body didn’t seem to have turned into that hard body of a sword cultivator.


She seems very soft?


Some unthinkable thoughts suddenly emerged in Jian Xingzhi’s mind, which made his hand tremble.


Qin Wanwan was confused: “Master?”


“No …… nothing.”


Jian Xingzhi stammered, “What about the next wound?”


“One inch to the left of this wound.”


Qin Wanwan continued to direct, and Jian Xingzhi didn’t dare to speak.


Distracting thoughts are hard to get rid of, and stopping halfway would also make it seem deliberately awkward.


The surrounding molten lava gurgled and bubbled. The temperature was so hot that it inexplicably makes people feel a little embarrassed.


  It seems the bone charming insect is acting up again.


Jian Xingzhi pondered, his mind rather stiff as he reviewed all the possibilities.


  Or is it that the unstable sea of consciousness has caused the heart devil to act up?


He thought left and right, his fingertips dipped in medicine and caressed Qin Wanwan’s back.


His fingertips were calloused, and with such a gentle stroke, Qin Wanwan couldn’t help but shiver.


Feeling her trembling, Jian Xingzhi asked, “Are you feeling cold?”




Qin Wanwan spoke anxiously, panicking about the sudden sensation she felt for a moment: “I …… I’m just a little hot all of a sudden.”




Jian Xingzhi nodded and agreed almost in a mute voice, “It’s indeed a little hot.”


Neither of them dared to speak, and Jian Xingzhi found the situations a little too difficult to handle.


It’s the bone charming insect again, he’s sure.


He gulped, finished applying the last coat of medicine on the wound and raised his hand to bandage them.


The bandage looped around her body, as if holding her, and then returned to her back. After the repeated action of several times, Jian Xingzhi tied the knot for her. He heard Qin Wanwan rustling around in front of him wearing the clothes. Finally, he could not hold back and called her, “Beicheng.”


“Are you dressed?”




Qin Wanwan was kneeling in front of him and tying the belt on her waist. Hearing her affirmation, Jian Xingzhi finally took of the blindfold from his eyes and asked her with hesitation, “You ……can you give me some blood?”


“Hmm?” Qin Wanwan action paused, somewhat confused.


Jian Xingzhi heard her, his heart beating faster. Panic rose in his heart as he was at a loss for words: “I …… That bone charming insect seems to have acting up again.”


This topic was a bit awkward.


Qin Wanwan did not dare to turn around, her heart speeded up for some reason. So it was the bone charming insect, maybe she is also under the influence of the bone charming insect.


She tied her belt, nodded, and raised her hand to pull her hair from her neck, revealing her long and slender neck: “How much do you want?”


Jian Xingzhi wasn’t sure either. Last time, only a drop of blood from her lips was enough, but the deadline of one month still hasn’t arrived. So he doesn’t know how much he would need this time.


He wiggled forward and held Qin Wanwan’s shoulders before saying hesitantly: “I …… I’ll try to find.”


Saying this, he mouth reached Qin Wanwan’s slender neck. A warm breath blew on her neck before a sharp edge seemed to cut her neck and something warm touched the flesh on her neck.


The blood flowed to his mouth but the palpitations of Jian Xingzhi’s heart didn’t stop, rather it increased. He desperately tried a topic to talk about before asking in a hurry: “Does…… It hurt?”


Qin Wanwan: “……”


“Master,” Qin Wanwan seriously reminded, “compared to how you broke my bones last time, this is not painful at all.”


Saying that, Qin Wanwan wanted to wrench back this atmosphere that seemed to be heading towards something strange, and said frankly: “Drink it quickly.”



Jian Xingzhi heard Qin Wanwan’s words, nodded his head and put his mouth on her neck again.


He first licked the blood, thought that it would be enough but the small amount of blood didn’t seem to have too much effect. He then drank a few mouthfuls while desperately chanting scriptures in his heart, trying to be a good master again.


But the sutras weren’t enough to beat the heart’s desire. He didn’t even know when his hand unconsciously slipped to Qin Wanwan’s arm and wrapped around her waist. Qin Wanwan finally felt the atmosphere was not right.


She was a little afraid, and an indescribable feeling rose in her heart ……


It’s similar to the weird feeling of being single for a long time and looking at a dog with clear eyebrows.


Jian Xingzhi is certainly not someone who can or will like her. It’s just her own distracting thoughts which were too frivolous.


In order to break this strange atmosphere, Qin Wanwan decided to say something. She desperately tried to find something important to talk about, so that it could attract both of their attention and the situation wouldn’t be so awkward.


She thought left and right, and finally thought of something really important!






“I think I finally found out who that shadow in my sea of consciousness was.”


“Hmm?” Jian Xingzhi’s mind finally cleared a bit and he asked leisurely: “Who?”


“Xie Lutang.”


As Qin Wanwan answered, Jian Xingzhi’s movements froze in an instant.


In a moment, what bone charming insect? What distracting thoughts? All evaporated like air. He thought it was because Qin Wanwan’s blood was effective. All strange emotions were gone.


He just froze and knelt in place, not moving a muscle.


At this moment, the system let out a “ding” sound, and a series of “ding dong dong” sounded in his head along with a cheerful applause. The system exclaimed in an excited voice.


    Special reward for joining the festival! The festive season is a month of great success! The system helped you participate in the lottery at the system’s headquarters. Congratulations to the host! You have won the lottery! You have obtained 500 points!


I….. won the lottery?


Jian Xingzhi was bewildered, this …… what the hell is this festival ah? Did Gu Beicheng win a lottery too?




The author has something to say:



[Small theater – 1]


Jian Xingzhi: There is no gender discrimination in front of the doctor. If I have distracting thoughts in my mind, it is my problem.


(Tear sleeves, blindfolds)


Jian Xingzhi: That’s right, I have a problem.


[Small Theatre-2]



Chapter. 33


Author: “I kicked away all other characters for you guys, and even set only one way, just for you guys to kiss. The atmosphere is all set, don’t fail me!”


Jian Xingzhi: “Can I bite your head?”


Author: “Kneel down right now!”


Chapter 49.


Author: “The atmosphere I set for you guys is perfect. There are no people around either. The golden opportunity is also open. If you guys don’t fall in love now, I’ll stop writing!!!”


Qin Wanwan: “This atmosphere is too strange, I have to find something to break the environment. Master, I think I like Xie Lutang.”


Jian Xingzhi: “Wow, your blood is so effective, I don’t feel anything at all.”


Author: “I’m tired.”






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