Chapter 48

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Standing at the door, Hyazelki somehow felt it was like Ciel.


Not fancy, not huge. Just a neat and tidy feeling.


Kael, who blindly tried to open the door, kicked his tongue and took his hand off the doorknob.


Then he knocked on the door a little nervously.


Then the door opened a little later.








Ciel, with his snow white hair, which was not at all untidy, appeared.


He looked at Kael with a face asking why he was here, and turned his silent gaze to Hyazelki.




“……come in.”




Then he sighed deeply and stood aside slowly.




“Excuse me.”


The shy Hyazelki entered under Ciel’s guidance.


Inside, there were three doors and a table in the middle.


Hyazelki tilted her head to the overly monotonous structure.




“Isn’t Ciel staying here?”




It was a place where there was too little to stay.


Looking around inside, she carefully scanned the three doors.


Among them, attention remained on the door with a complex black pattern engraved on a dark gray background.




[Come here.]




At first glance, a voice seemed to be heard, so Hyazelki took a step closer without realizing it.


Ciel immediately stood in front of her.


Then gently led her to the other side.




“It’s better not to get any closer. Especially you.”


Hyazelki was a little surprised, but she didn’t ask the reason because it was odd.


She didn’t really want to get that close.




“By the way, I don’t know what’s going on……. I don’t know if I should blame Kael for bringing Hyazelki to a place where humans shouldn’t…….”


“As expected, it didn’t work.” (Kael)


“Of course.” (Ciel)


“I thought it was okay because there was no word that Papa couldn’t do it.” (Hyazelki)




Ciel, who was looking at Hyazelki with a big smile, turned his head toward Kael.




“So, what brings you here?”


“Hia said she missed you.”




Ciel sighed deeply.




“Why didn’t you send a messenger bird?”


“Because Hia said she wants to go herself.”


Ciel stared at him with a distorted face.


He didn’t look like he could think of coming here on his own, but he didn’t say it out loud.


Still, Ciel was happy about Kael’s change.


It would be better to spend a long time without thinking about anything than to spend it like hell.


Ciel, who sighed with a muted expression, smiled lightly and said to Hyazelki.




“Happy birthday, Hyazelki.”


“Thank you. That’s the excuse I really wanted to see everyone today.”


“I hope you are happy today, too.”


“I’m happy.”




It looked as if she had come to report it. To Ciel.


Like the first day she spent her birthday in the castle.


However, it was not a report that he hear everyday, it was like a word coming from her heart at the beginning of the day. It was a word of confidence.


He’s sure she’ll be happy today.


“Hyazelki, you will be the only human being who has set foot in this Conpinium.”




She laughed amusedly even though Ciel said with a voice as if she were to blame.




“It’s an honor.”




Kael, who thought smiling Hyazelki was so sweet, kicked the floor for no reason.




“Hey, hurry up and give Hia a birthday present. And let’s go.”


“Wait, Papa! I’m just here to see Ciel.”




Even her stern face looked cute.


Ciel smiled as if he knew Kael’s thoughts.


He knew he would change, but it was unexpected that he would change this much.


Even if he expected it to some extent, he was surprised to see it with his eyes.




“You look happy. It’s like a lie that you are running wild about raising a human child.”




Kael hardened his face at Ciel’s words, which sounded a little mean.




“When did I….”




He was going to run wild asking when he did it, but he closed his mouth.


Because he couldn’t bear to tell a lie.


Especially in this Conpinium.


When Kael could not answer and hesitated, Hyazelki couldn’t help laughing.


She also knew that he wasn’t happy with herself at first.


Now Kael’s attitude is dramatically different from the first time.


Ciel smiled helplessly and gently grabbed Hyazelki’s wrist.




“Well, since Kael said so, I’ll give you a present.”


“No, no, I really don’t want it, Ciel.”




Hyazelki looked at him, with a crying expression as if she was worried they would misunderstand, but she still looked lovely.


Both to Ciel and Kael.


Ciel covered Hyazelki’s hand with his other hand.


Even though she was already old enough to hold the coming-of-age ceremony, her hands were still so small.


Ciel suddenly thought of it and swept the back of her hand gently.


Then, a white pattern was engraved on the place where the fingertips crossed.




“This much kindness…….”




It shone lightly for a moment as if to announce its existence, and then disappeared without a trace.




“I think God will let you move on.”




Hyazelki wanted to ask what the pattern was, but she didn’t.


When she looked up at Ciel’s face, she felt that he wouldn’t answer even if she asked.


Siel always said a lot of unknown things. The day she had her first birthday party.


She received an incomprehensible word and an unknown gift.


“It’s better not to stay here long.”




Ciel led her gently to the door.


It felt like being kicked out, but it was as natural as water, so no one noticed it.


Ciel glanced back just before opening the door to the outside.


The black door that seemed to attract Hyazelki.






“Hyazelki looks beautiful, today. Thank you for coming to see me.”


“It was nice to see Ciel, too.”




Pushing the shyly smiling Hyazelki back, Ciel whispered softly to Kael who was following her.




“Don’t ever bring her here. Send a messenger bird if necessary. At least think about it.”




Kael stared blankly at the black door that Ciel glanced at.




“……I will.”


He answered slowly and left the Conpinium with Hyazelki.




* * *




Hyazelki, who had left the castle early in the morning after dressing up, returned before the start of the party.


As beautiful as a princess in a fairy tale, she had a good time being congratulated by everyone in the castle.


On her birthday, maids, butlers, chefs, and servants regardless of their positions, all hung out together.


They were all at the same party, in their comfortable clothes.


Those who were more comfortable in maid’s clothes just wore the maid’s clothes, and some maids wore pretty dresses that they had.


Tim made a cake decorated with blue roses to match her dress.


The blue roses on the yellow cake really felt like a set with Hyazelki’s dress.


Roses were not made from raw flowers, but from cream with only blueberries, which turned into blue roses.


Tim was also very careful when squeezing the blue-colored cream in a piping bag.


Every year, Hyazelki had a happy birthday as if she were rewarded for enduring a sad past.


It’s been a while since they couldn’t prepare more gifts because Hyazelki didn’t want them.


She threatened not to talk to them for a week if they prepared more than one gift.


Nevertheless, there was another reason to wait for this birthday.








At Kael’s call, Hyazelki turned her head.


The birthday of becoming an adult. This is because Kael said he would allow her to hold a sword at that time.


Although what she was to receive was a sword without a blade, that alone was overwhelming.


A servant appeared with a longsword in his hands.


It went through Kael’s hand and was held by Hyazelki.


A white sword. Holding on to the dark red handle, she slowly pulled out the sword.


It was not threatening because the blade wasn’t sharpened, the sword was as white as the snow.


However, it looked colorful because the pattern engraved on it was golden.


Still, since the true sword was a true sword, it was heavier than the wooden sword.


Kael, who was staring at Hyazelki, holding the sword with both hands, slowly covered her hand.






“Yes, Papa.”


“It’s a sword that hurts people. Just because it doesn’t have a blade, doesn’t mean you can’t hurt people. Keep that in mind.”




Hyazelki, who returned the sword to its sheath, held it tightly.


She was no longer afraid of curses. She didn’t even think she needed a sword to defeat it.


Just that, she liked the sword. She longed to be a knight.


She longed to be like Owin, and Lihan, who became infinitely stronger at an alarming rate.


More than she imagined, she liked being strong.






Lihan, who was silently watching her receive the sword, stepped out.


He took out what he had prepared and held it out to Hyazelki.


It was a belt embroidered with gold thread on white leather. A sword belt that allows a sword to be inserted into one side.


Hyazelki opened her eyes wide as she accepted it, which matched the sword perfectly.




“I told you not to prepare a gift.”


“Just this time, in particular.”




If she received a gift every year on her birthday, she felt like her room would be full of gifts.


Hyazelki, who glanced at Lihan with a coy face, soon accepted it happily.


She tried to bind it to her waist straight away, but stopped when she saw the blue roses decorated with a skirt around her waist.


She couldn’t ruin the dress Medil made with all his heart and soul.


Hyazelki embraced the sword and the sword belt in her arms.


She didn’t want to be separated for a second.


She smiled and said, rubbing her face against the sword.




“It’s the best coming-of-age ceremony. There’s no one happier than me today.”




Every time she’s happy, every time she laughs like she’s really genuinely happy.


Kael felt emotional.


A breathtaking smile. It was her smile that made even the viewer laugh along.


What is this feeling that comes from deep inside your heart?


The reason for that was unknown.


Is it because he knows the pain that Hyazelki, who is infinitely small in his eyes, has walked in her past life?


Or really……..








Kael could only put it that way.


It’s been a long time since he thought of her as his real daughter. But apart from that, he didn’t think he really felt like a parent.


Because it can’t happen to a dragon?


No. It’s just that he couldn’t substitute himself being a parent for her.


Since coming down to earth, a long time. For an awful long time Kael has faced only sinners.


The feeling was unfamiliar because he only knew himself who was tired of humans.




* * *




In the middle of the night after the party.


Kael opened the door and went out because he felt uneasy for no reason. He held a glass of wine in his hand as always.


Leaning against the window of the hallway, he drank in the pouring moonlight.


Then he soon put the glass on the window frame and drank from the bottle.






“……why didn’t you sleep until this hour?”




Hyazelki, who was carefully opening the door, was surprised to find Kael.








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