Chapter 48 (Part 1)

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After hearing that his family was rich, but they still didn’t want anything in return for saving him, the good feelings Junshu had towards Qin Wanwan multiplied.


“You don’t have to be so polite.” Junshu smiled. His smile in the past looked graceful, now extra benevolent. He looked at Qin Wanwan tenderly as he said, “Guniang saved me, so Guniang is as kind as a mountain to me. Wu Ming is not an ungrateful person, so I must thank you.”


“Then what about your enemies?”


Jian Xingzhi saw Junshu’s pair of eyes glued to Qin Wanwan body, so hurriedly moved a stone to sit between the two. Successfully preventing Junshu from looking at Qin Wanwan, he propped up his elbow and stared at Junshu before asking, “Fellow friend, looking at your body, it seems you have been a cultivator. Your skin looks so dry, is it because your cultivation was sucked by someone?”


When Junshu heard this, he hurriedly denied: “No, my cultivation went awry and I had no choice but to destroy my cultivation.”


If Jian Xingzhi could see that he once was a cultivator, it wasn’t difficult for him to deduce his past cultivation level. If Jian Xingzhi and others knew that their ‘friend’ was originally at the Tribulation stage, he was afraid they wouldn’t take him in.


Junshu coughed lightly as he thought about it in his head, “I was in the process of taking advantage of the situation and cultivating. If not, how could someone defeat me who had already formed a Jindan?”


“Is that so.” Jian Xingzhi nodded, “Then Fellow Daoist, which city and sect are you from?”


“I am the first son of a wealthy merchant in Lecheng.” Junshu was questioned by Jian Xingzhi and began to make up a story, “If it is convenient for you, why don’t you give me a sound transmission bird so that I can send a message to my family. And when my family comes to pick me up, I will leave immediately and will not slow you down. And although my family is only a merchant, they have a lot of money ……”


“Nonsense.” Cuilu raised her hand and threw a sound transmission bird to Junshu, “Tell your family to hurry and pick you up.”


Junshu could hear the impatience in Cuilu’s tone but endured. He took the sound transmission bird and bowed like an ordinary mortal: “Thank you, lady.”


“This Fellow Daoist is seriously injured, it’s better to rest early.”


Xie Lutang could see that Cuilu didn’t like Junshu and hurriedly spoke to ease the atmosphere. But Cuilu coldly snorted. Qin Wanwan gave Nan Feng a wink, Nan Feng put the chicken wings down and hurriedly got up, “Old grandpa, I’ll take you to rest.”


Old grandpa!


As soon as he heard this word, Junshu felt his Qi and blood boiling. And his resentment towards Shen Zhiming who had sucked his spiritual energy grew.


He held his emotions in control and followed Nan Feng into the next tent.


After Junshu left, everyone had nothing to say, so they scattered back to their tents to rest.


Qin Wanwan dragged her tired body into her tent, before falling on the bed, she felt someone sitting cross-legged next to her. She was so scared that she shrank to the side, only to see that the person who was sitting on her bed was Jian Xingzhi.




Qin Wanwan was bewildered: “Why are you sitting here?”


“Came to plan something great.”


Qin Wanwan was shocked by the word “great” and immediately sat up straight: “Master, please speak?”


“Tonight.” Jian Xingzhi started, “when he’s back in shape, then he probably……”


“No need.”


Qin Wanwan immediately raised her hand to stop Jian Xingzhi’s words, “He is in my heart, already set in stone*.”

[T/N: Qin Wanwan is being sarcastic in this sentence, saying how Bai Suiyou’s name is already set stone in her heart. Means she can’t love Wu Ming (Junshu).]

If it was Bai Suiyou, then it wouldn’t have been a problem. But Qin Wanwan felt that it is really hard to fall in love with this man.


“There is no chance at all?” Jian Xingzhi still wanted to pursue her a bit, but Qin Wanwan hurriedly shook her head.


She thought about it: “Not only I don’t want to give him a chance, I’m willing to take a step back. Even if I have no problem, I’m afraid he won’t give us a chance either.”


“What do you mean by that?”


“Think about it, would he ever speak with his enemy so nicely like today?”


When Qin Wanwan reminded, Jian Xingzhi immediately understood. But Qin Wanwan still gave him an analogy for better understanding: “Let me give you an analogy. Now the relationship between us and Wu Ming is like …… you, Jian Xingzhi, and I, the Lady of Silent Mountain staying together.”


Hearing this, Jian Xingzhi’s eyes widened. The feeling of suffocation came to his face, but Qin Wanwan kept saying seriously: “Suppose we don’t know each other’s identity and spend some time together. Do you think the Lady of Silent Mountain might fall in love with you? Or would you fall in love with the Lady of Silent Mountain?”


“Absolutely no! Not possible!”


“Exactly.” Qin Wanwan nodded, “It’s already surprising enough that he considers us friends. But to love each other? It’s only easy to gossip about and not expect.”


This analogy made Jian Xingzhi open his eyes, so he nodded in agreement: “You are absolutely right. It seems we must give up this time. Let’s just send him back to his family. At least we can have 500 points.”


“We can only observe first. But Master.” Qin Wanwan suddenly remembered something and asked, “Did he really destroyed his own cultivation?”


“Nonsense.” Jian Xingzhi snorted, “Is there anything like self-destructing one’s cultivation? It’s unheard of.”


“Then what kind of cultivation level did he have before?”


“Nascent Soul.”


“Then what kind of person can suck the spiritual energy of a Nascent Soul cultivator so cleanly?”


Qin Wanwan frowned as she Jian Xingzhi pondered, “It could happen only two way. One, the other party took advantage of his lack of defense, and it could be anyone who did this. Two, the other party’s cultivation level is higher than him by a large margin. In this case, he, only at Nascent Soul was unable to resist. So the person who could do that must be above Divine Transformation.”


“Then how can we help him ……”


Qin Wanwan pondered and couldn’t help but feel a little worried. She wanted to refuse doing the task but even if she was no longer just doing a quest, this world was closely related to her parents and these system quests seemed to be guiding her towards the unknown. So she didn’t dare to refuse.


Jian Xingzhi saw her worried look, patted her shoulder: “Don’t worry, your Master will protect you if something happens.”


“Master.” Qin Wanwan smiled bitterly, “It’s better if you don’t use your sea of consciousness, and cultivate well.”


“You are looking down on me?”


Jian Xingzhi showed a shocked look: “I told you before, I was a famous figure in the Immortal Realm…..”


His words couldn’t be finished when the sound of footsteps came from outside the tent. Jian Xingzhi subconsciously shut up and got down on Qin Wanwan’s bed and held his breath. Since he didn’t know who it was, it would be better if he hid.


“Wan Wan.”


Xie Lutang’s voice came from outside. Qin Wanwan and Jian Xingzhi glanced at each other. Jian Xingzhi raised his chin towards the outside, so Qin Wanwan hurriedly got up and went out of the tent: “Brother Xie?”


Saying that, she came outside and saw Xie Lutang standing at the door, carrying a lunch box.


“You have been busy and haven’t eaten anything tonight.” Xie Lutang said and handed her the lunch box before saying, “I roasted some wild rabbit, and congee. You can have some before you go to sleep.”


Qin Wanwan didn’t expect Xie Lutang to bring her something to eat. She froze for a moment, then reacted slowly. Hastily taking the porridge handed over by Xie Lutang, she thanked him, “Brother Xie, I’ve troubled you. Thank you.”


“You always like to eat, so I left something for you. I also gave some to Nan Feng.”


“Then Master ……”


“I just went to the Senior.” Xie Lutang frowned, “But he was not in the tent, perhaps went to practice.”


“Well.” Qin Wanwan nodded, “you don’t need to care about him. Please go to rest. Master doesn’t like late night snacks.”




Xie Lutang smiled, “Then I’ll leave.”


Saying that, Xie Lutang actually didn’t say anything and left. Qin Wanwan watched him leave, looked down at the lunch box again, and couldn’t help but call out to him, “Big Brother Xie.”


Xie Lutang stopped walking at the word and looked back at her, “What is it?”


“You ……” Qin Wanwan hesitated, “Don’t you have anything to say?”




Xie Lutang heard this, he seemed to be puzzled. Thinking about something, he smiled and seriously complimented: “Your dance tonight was pretty.”





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