Chapter 47

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Kael recalled Medil’s letter he had received not long ago.




– To the Dragon of Judgment.


I took the liberty of writing this letter.




The content of the letter, which began with such formality, was about the knight’s uniform of Hyazelki and Lihan designed by Medil.


Of course, it was being made with highest quality fabric prepared only for them. However, he wanted to borrow the power of the dragon because he was greedy.


I hope the knight’s uniform is more complete. I want it to be more perfect.


Kael responded actively to his demands. Furthermore, he decided to suggest that he would add more first.




“I’ll make time after today.”


“I’ll inform him.”




After hearing Yuri’s answer, Kael headed to the entrance.








Lihan, who welcomed her with a smile, stopped breathing the next moment.


As Hyazelki approached, he was visibly astonished.


And on his shoulder was Lynn, a snow fox that he had found in the northern forest the other day.




“Hi, Lynn.”




When she reached out her hand, Lynn rubbed its face on her palm.


Before leaving the forest, they put it back on the tree and turned around. It was true that she was unhappy to part ways like this, but there was nothing she could do because the forest was the home of a fox.


When Hyazelki went back to the forest one day, she greeted the fox, hoping it would play with her again.


Then it suddenly climbed onto Kael’s back and returned to the castle. This was how the snow fox secretly followed them here.


It also clung to Lihan’s back.


So he was forced to raise it in the castle because it would never get away from him.


Lihan breathed out a long breath and glanced away from Hyazelki.


She was really too beautiful.


In addition, as the days went by, the exposure of the dress increased.


With her shoulder exposed through the wide neckline, Lihan could not tell where to look.


Looking at her face, it’s so pretty that he felt he would say nonsense if he looked at her more.


Lihan calmed down somehow while she greeted Lynn.


Realizing for a long time that he didn’t reply, he soon turned his head and faced Hyazelki.




“…Happy birthday, Hia.”




She hasn’t faded a bit. Lihan was amazed at her still vivid color.


It was amazing, it was good.


Of course, everyone in the castle didn’t look very dark, so they were more colourful than ordinary people.


However, they were not as vivid as the Dragon of Judgment and Hyazelki.




“Thank you, Lihan.”




Despite the usual greeting, Lihan felt his heart thumping.


She looks so pretty today. The color is more vivid than ever.




“But you seem in a hurry today. We still have time before the party.”


“Yes. I’m going to visit Hiel and Ciel. That’s why I came to tell you that I’ll be back.”






Lihan somehow felt sad.


On such a beautiful day, his desire to be with her all day soared.




“Go ahead.”




But the greed was swallowed with the words. He was so used to not showing his greed.




“Yes! I’ll be right back!”




Hyazelki waved to Lihan and Lynn and headed for the entrance of the castle with quick steps.




* * *




Recently, the plague spread to the end of the eastern land, and many temple priests were sent to treat the people there.


And Hiel was working on medical research so that humans could treat it themselves.


It’s easy for him to treat, but he thought humans couldn’t always rely on him.


Those in critical condition were treated urgently, and those who were not were treated with human medicine.


He was so busy studying the cause of the plague and how to treat it that he couldn’t attend Hyazelki’s coming-of-age ceremony today.








Looking at Hiel sighing deeply, the priest next to him asked.




“Are you sad that you can’t go today?”


“Yes. It’s still her coming-of-age ceremony, but I’m sad that I can’t go and congratulate her.”


“Lord’s Hiel’s whole attention is focused on the plague but you still think about her. I’m curious, too.”




The priest with light blue hair still had a young face.


After his birthday this year, he will be 20 years old. So he was very young from Hiel’s point of view.


In fact, he was the youngest priest in the temple of light, so it was natural that he had a young face.


Then, a messenger bird flew into the temple of light. A white letter was tied to the bird’s legs.




“I’ll check.”




Hiel sighed again as he saw the priest opening the window and releasing the letter from the bird’s leg.




“They are asking to send more herbs because they don’t have enough herbs.”


“Is there more in the temple?”


“Yes, I’ll go get it.”






While the priest was away, Hiel called the messenger bird to rest on his shoulders.




“I’m sorry to keep you flying.”




Not long after the priest left his seat, another priest entered.


“Lord Hiel, we have a visitor.”


“A guest?”


“Yes, the Dragon of Judgement…….”




As the priest blurred the end of his words, Hiel rose up with a puzzled face.


What brings Kael here on a day like this? He had no idea, so Hiel dropped the messenger bird on the window frame and headed to the entrance of the temple.


The temple of light, made by cutting white marbles, had a magnificent and sacred atmosphere.


When Hiel, who moved quickly, reached the entrance to the temple, a familiar voice called him.








She was beautiful enough to be considered a goddess of beauty.




“Hya…. zelki…”




She came running to him bathing in colourful colours. She looks extraordinarily pretty, perhaps because her dress was gorgeous.


As if she didn’t care one bit about the crumpled dress, Hyazelki rushed into Hiel’s arms.


“I missed you, Hiel.”


“How did you get here?….”




When Hiel asked bewilderedly, Kael, who was looking at him with a discontented face from behind, replied instead.




“I brought her here because she said she missed you.”




Whenever he met her, she always told him that she missed him.


When he would visit the castle, she would run to him and hug him, but he never felt he had ever been more happy to hear the word “I missed you” this much.


Hiel gently wrapped Hyazelki’s shoulders.


Longing. It was the best word to describe her presence. For the dragons.


It fills the longing and makes you miss it at the same time.




“Thank you, Hyazelki. Happy birthday.”


“Thank you. Today is my special birthday, so I really wanted to meet you.”




Hiel, who was hugging her warmly, suddenly came to his senses.


“By the way, I have a present ready. Would you like to wait here for a while? I’ll be right back and get it for you.”


“Oh, Hiel doesn’t need to prepare a gift for..…!”




But he didn’t listen to Hyazelki until the end. Hiel hurriedly ran into the temple.


While Hyazelki waited for Hiel, she looked at the inscription on the inside of the temple.


She walked towards the large pillars and walls and looked at them closely.




“Papa, can I take a look inside the temple?”


“Do whatever you want. Today is a special day for you.”




The permission was readily granted.


It was because of the belief that there was nothing dangerous because it was a place where the power of the Dragon of Light was brimming to the fullest.


Hyazelki excitedly walked into the temple with a light step.


The walls were carved with angels, and dragons.


Hyazelki just walked in the hallway, where paintings that were not known what they meant were displayed.


Man hurts man, man heals man. At the end was a dragon, and there was a sky.


Hyazelki, who was just walking along the paintings, stopped walking only after finding a priest who brushed by her.




‘Hiel said he’ll be back soon, so I’ll have to go back again.’




Next time, she wanted to take a closer look. With that thought, Hyazelki turned around from where she stopped.


Looking up at the painting carved on the ceiling, she gently touched the wall and traced it gently.


Then she went back to Kael again.




“I see. I guess it was misplaced. Then I’ll be on my way.”






Kael was with a priest. The sky blue hair looked like cotton candy.


The priest bowed slightly to Kael and took a step backward.


Hyazelki opened her eyes wide and approached him. By the time she stood by Kael, the priest had already walked far away.




“What’s going on?”


“He’s looking for Hiel.”


“Oh……I didn’t know he was so busy.”




Somehow, she seemed to have taken up his time even though he was busy, so she slightly bit her lips.


Around that time, Hiel, who had disappeared inside the temple, was seen rushing towards them.


Hiel smiled softly and held out a gift to her, smiling awkwardly.




“Thank you.”




Rather than the gift itself, Hyazelki was grateful that Hiel prepared a gift even though he was not able to come to see her.


When she opened the small box, it contained a hair ornament and a bracelet made of subtle white flowers.


The bracelet had a thin decoration.


“Pretty… Thank you, Hiel.”


“Always keep it on your body as much as possible. I’ve put my power in it, so if you take the decoration off here and put it on your wound and break it, it’ll be a first aid.”




She thought it was only pretty, but she was overwhelmed seeing it was made with the thought of her safety in mind.


As of today, she was supposed to get a sword from Kael when she became an adult. Maybe that’s why they prepared this gift.




“Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. I just wanted to see Hiel after a long time using my birthday as an excuse.”


“I’m also happy to see you like this.”




Hyazelki pumped her fist and said to Hiel.




“I heard you’re working on medicine. Cheer up!”


“If they keep leaning on me for help, humans will not grow.”


They will be complacent, lazy, and eventually ruined.


So Hiel was heartbroken to see the sick, but he let humans treat patients who were not in an emergency.


Perhaps she knew his heart, so she reached out and grabbed Hiel’s hand.




“Hiel is right. That’s what I think.”




Although nothing great came out of her mouth, somehow it was a great comfort.


Hyazelki immediately took a step back and smiled.




“Come and see me when you’re done.”




Leaving a message to do so, she left the temple of light with Kael.




* * *




Ciel had no fixed place to live. At least on this continent.


The Dragon of Observation went back to the sky without mixing among humans.


It was an area that humans could not enter, but it was not very important to Kael.


It was all the more important to him that Hyazelki wanted to meet Ciel.


The place where Ciel stayed was called the ‘Conpinium’ in ancient language, which means ‘Space’.


Between heaven and earth. Between a god and a dragon. Between God and man.


At that boundary, Ciel was busy doing a lot of things.


In a little house in the clouds.







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