Chapter 47 (Part 2)

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T/N: Changes have been made in chapter 47 (Part 1).



Anger gave him motivation, he was tired and hungry, his mortal body made him exhausted. He once again gathered courage and climbed little by little.


This time he climbed very slowly, until the four people above him were tired, and he was still climbing.


Cuilu sent people up to call them down and eat barbecue. Qin Wanwan waved her hand tiredly and replied, “I can’t go, I have to wait for the target. You guys can go.”


“I’ll stay with her.”


Jian Xingzhi’s self-consciousness as a master declared, “Just bring some up later after eating.”




Nan Feng nodded and went down the mountain with Xie Lutang. Qin Wanwan was a little tired and stood on the edge of the cliff before turning to Jian Xingzhi: “Master, I’m so tired oh.”


“I’ll find a rock for you to rest.”


Jian Xingzhi looked left and right for a suitable rock.


Junshu finally climbed up to the cliff. He had just reached out and placed his hand from the clouds on the edge of the cliff when he heard a somewhat familiar voice: “Sit down.”


Just as the voice finished speaking, a huge stone fell from the sky and hit Junshu’s hand squarely.


A sharp pain like electricity ran through his body. Junshu couldn’t even scream and fainted from the pain on the spot.


His hand was pressed under the boulder, and his whole body dangling in the air. When the wind blew, his body began to wobble like a jingle bell chiming in the wind.


Jian Xingzhi smashed the stone on the side and picked another one before placing it in front of the big one. The two stones together looked like a chair and were just a dozen feet long. Qin Wanwan sat on it, Jian Xingzhi was also a little tired and sat on the other end of the rock.


“Master,” Qin Wanwan was tired of waiting, “it’s already this late. Why didn’t the man with a face value of 90 points come? I’m sleepy.”


“Maybe he’s on his way?” Jian Xingzhi thought about it and encouraged her, “Hang in there a little longer.”


“Why don’t we give up?” Qin Wanwan thought, “I can’t jump anymore, I’ll just wait for him. When he comes later, we will just save the person.”


“All right.” Jian Xingzhi nodded, “If you can’t wait for the right time, you can rest. You can lean against me and sleep if you’re sleepy. It will also help me get some points. Come, sleep.”


Qin Wanwan: “……”


Such heartfelt words, how come it became dog’s poop coming out of his mouth?


But Qin Wanwan didn’t care much, she was really very sleepy. So she leaned on Jian Xingzhi’s shoulder and fell asleep in a daze.


The mountain breeze blew over. Jian Xingzhi looked at the plucked up peach blossom tree far away and turned his head to look at the little apprentice leaning on his shoulder. Suddenly he realised that life has become so peaceful, unlike ever.


He has been practicing swords, fighting, cultivating, and repeating the process over again since he can remember ……


Week after week, soaring all the way up.


Busy and busy, without a moment to stop. At that time, sitting on the edge of a cliff, with his little apprentice leaning, watching the petals dancing in the wind with a beautiful arc and the scenery far ahead, he surprisingly felt it wasn’t that bad.


His heart and mind relaxed slightly. After a moment Qin Wanwan fell asleep on his shoulder, he saw Nan Feng trotting up with two skewers of chicken wings: “Master, Jian-daojun, have some chicken wings.”


When Qin Wanwan heard the word ‘chicken wings’, she hurriedly opened her eyes. Jian Xingzhi took the chicken wings, handed them to Qin Wanwan, and instructed Nan Feng: “Go get some water.”


Nan Feng obediently nodded and went down the hill again. Qin Wanwan and Jian Xingzhi held the chicken wings and began to nibble on them.


Just as they were relishly eating the chicken wings, the mountain was suddenly being covered with thick and dense fog. Qin Wanwan puzzledly turned her head and asked, “Master, this fog doesn’t seem right. Why is it so thick?”


“I’ll go and take a look,” Jian Xingzhi handed half of his chicken wings to Qin Wanwan and instructed, “you, don’t go anywhere.”




Qin Wanwan nodded and watched as Jian Xingzhi walked in the direction where the fog was blowing from.


The wind blew over her chicken wings, the fragrance mixed with wind wafted into the tip of Junshu’s nose, Junshu slowly woke up and looked around. A sharp pain came from his hand, he raised his other hand and pushed the stone.


Qin Wanwan felt the stone under her butt shaking. Her movements chewing the chicken wings froze. She jumped down from the stone with a start, holding the chicken wings in her hands, she nervously looked at the boulder.


The surrounding fog was getting thicker and thicker, almost impossible to see ahead. Qin Wanwan looked around, and didn’t see even a shadow of Jian Xingzhi. He had gone far away.


Chilly wind began to blow at the top of the mountain. A moment of inexplicable horror rose in her heart. She stared at the stone not far ahead, and saw it trembling as if someone was punching it.


Countless horror movies she saw in her previous life flashed through her mind. She even heard a BGM playing in her mind. Until finally, the stone was violently overturned and a bloody hand emerged from the cliff!


Qin Wanwan was so frightened that she lost her voice. She gripped the chicken wings and backed up repeatedly. She watched silently as a man covered in blood climbed up the cliff with difficulty like Sadako.


He stared dead at her, his pale face with a wolf-like eagerness in his eyes, and his hand reaching towards her.


Between the thick fog, his wrinkled face yodelled out, “Chicken ……”


The word “chicken wings” couldn’t come out of his mouth when Qin Wanwan, whose fear had reached to the top of her head reacted violently. Holding the chicken wings, she sent a burst of spiritual power towards the man while screaming out: “Master!”


Hearing Qin Wanwan’s scream, Jian Xingzhi’s heart shrank. He raised his sword and split the fog sideways before running towards the direction of Qin Wanwan’s voice and shouted: “Beicheng!”


The fog was split by his sword, he saw a figure was being thrown away by Qin Wanwan’s spiritual power. Not having any time to think, he swiftly sent a fierce kick on the other person’s face. Like a shooting star, the man rose in the sky, and fell towards the distance with an arc.


Jian Xingzhi hurriedly turned back to Qin Wanwan and asked, “Are you okay?”


“Just …… just now ……”


Qin Wanwan was scared so her reaction became a little slow: “What was that?”


Jian Xingzhi froze, he recalled the person he just kicked out. He didn’t see the other person’s face before kicking but it seemed that the other person had ……


A bright 90 on top of his head, no?


Jian Xingzhi opened his eyes wide and screamed, “Oh no, it was the target of the mission!”


Qin Wanwan was confused: “Target? How did he come up from the bottom of the cliff? And he looks ……”


Qin Wanwan couldn’t finish her sentence, Jian Xingzhi quickly stabilized his thinking, “It’s not important, let’s hurry up and find him. Who knows if I had accidentally killed him.”


“Oh, yes,” Qin Wanwan also nodded, “I was too impulsive just now. Let’s hurry up and find him.”


The two of them got up on their longswords and began to look in the direction where the man was kicked away together. Jian Xingzhi activated his divine sense to the fullest, searching every inch of the place. He screamed when his divine sense swept to a place: “Found him!”


Jian Xingzhi together with Qin Wanwan went down with their sword. When they landed into the dense forest, they saw half of Junshu’s body had been rooted in the soil.


Qin Wanwan and Jian Xingzhi hurriedly pulled him out. Only then the two realized that the man seemed to be a hundred years old, his hair was white, he was skinny and had only bones left, his whole body was bloody. The bones of one hand were all broken, and he seemed at the verge of dying.


“Quick, medicine.”


Jian Xingzhi channeled his spiritual power to Junshu and instructed Qin Wanwan.


Qin Wanwan imitated Jian Xingzhi’s usual way to feed Junshu medicine, but Junshu was still unconscious and couldn’t open his mouth. Jian Xingzhi got anxious and quickly instructed, “Open his jaw!”


Qin Wanwan nodded and decisively opened his jaw, threw the medicine into his mouth and closed it for him again.


Junshu opened his eyes in a daze and saw a beautiful woman half-kneeling in front of him. The woman was dressed in red, looking at him eagerly, she asked anxiously, “Old man, are you okay?”


Old man?


Junshu was a bit confused, then he suddenly remembered that his cultivation was lost, and he indeed looked like an old man.


He was used to being handsome, but suddenly, he became an ugly old man today. He subconsciously lowered his head, trying to hide his appearance. But Qin Wanwan only thought he was uncomfortable, and so her heart thumped.


Seeing the bloody hand, she probably guessed what had happened. It must have been when Jian Xingzhi put the stone and unknowingly placed it on the old man’s hand. She felt very guilty, so she hurriedly spoke and assured him, “Old man, if you feel uncomfortable, tell us. We will do our best to help you!”


Jian Xingzhi did not say anything, he just stared at the point ’90’ on top of Junshu’s head.


How could this face have 90 points?


He could not believe it, but looking left and right, he didn’t find anyone else or if the man was in disguise. Junshu, on the other hand, didn’t dare to answer. But a few moments later, his stomach growled, so he could only speak: “I’m hungry.”


Climbing for a day and a night, with a mortal body, had been extremely difficult for him.


Just now, his attention was on the chicken wings. He woke up with the smell of chicken wings and wanted to have it. Because of it and the fog, he couldn’t even see the face of the enemy!


Junshu was angry with himself. Qin Wanwan and Jian Xingzhi glance at each other. Jian Xingzhi nodded before saying, “Okay, I’ll carry you back to eat.”


With that, Jian Xingzhi carried the skinny old man on his shoulder and said to Qin Wanwan, “Let’s go.”


Not waiting for Qin Wanwan to make a sound, Jian Xingzhi got up on his sword. The wind was blowing strongly, and because Junshu’s hair became loose in all the fiasco, it was slapping his face wildly.


But he did not say anything, he had also cultivated the sword. One can ride on a sword after building his foundation. So how he can not even endure such a simple wind!


He will not admit defeat, he will rise again. Sooner or later, he will definitely revive, go back and kill Shen Zhiming! Kill the woman with the chicken wings! And kill the person who kicked him!


But those people, he didn’t even see their clothes clearly. Damn it!


Junshu held back the gale of curses. Jian Xingzhi carried him to the camp, everyone had finished eating barbecue and was cooking porridge. Seeing Jian Xingzhi and Qin Wanwan carrying an old man back, they froze.


Cuilu looked at the visitor and frowned: “Where did you get this ugly looking old man from?”


“Lord Cuilu, we saved this man while passing by.” Qin Wanwan hurriedly spoke up and pacified Cuilu, “He seems to be being chased, so we’ll just take him to a safe place.”


Cuilu knew a bit about the mission, so she only looked at Junshu and did not say more. But her unhappiness could clearly be felt in her mumbling, “You could save a beautiful man. Just look at him, what’s there in him to save?”


Hearing these words, Junshu clenched his fist, but he knew that these people were stronger than him and he could only bow down. He gritted his teeth and didn’t make a sound. It would be better if he just left the next day.


The river blows thirty years to the east, thirty years to the west*. Do not bully the poor youth. Sooner or later, he, the young master of Jun……



[T/N: It’s an idiom, which means; time changes like a river’s tide. Those who you bully may bully you back someday.]


“Here, have some porridge.” Qin Wanwan handed him a bowl of porridge and whispered words of comfort to him, “Don’t take Lord Cuilu’s words to heart. She has a hard mouth but a soft heart. Have some porridge and soothe your stomach.”


Junshu didn’t speak, and just listened to this woman rambling.


He looked around and found that they were all his acquaintances. The pair of man and woman who carried him, and Xie Lutang ……


He knows all of them.


He secretly lowered his eyes, took the bowl with one hand, and spoke in a low voice: “Many thanks to the benefactor.”


“No need, you still have injuries. After drinking the porridge I will tell my master to take a look at you.”


Junshu responded half-heartedly and stirred the congee into the bowl with one hand.


He was very hungry, but he still tried to uphold his manners. When he finished his porridge, he raised his eyes and saw Qin Wanwan and Jian Xingzhi sitting together, looking at him somewhat nervously.


Qin Wanwan was wearing a red dress, and he could remember someone who was somewhat similar to her.


Only that person’s personality was more indifferent, more open. She would never save an ugly old man who has nothing to do with her.


Junshu put down the bowl, and Qin Wanwan hesitantly looked at him: “That, old man, what’s your name?”


“Wu Ming*.”



[T/N: Wu Ming (无名) means Nameless.]



Junshu would not be foolish enough to say his real name at this point, and asked in return, “What about you guys?”


“My name is Qin Wanwei.” Qin Wanwan again made a fake name than the one she told to Xie Lutang and Jian Xingzhi, in order to let him enjoy the uniqueness of ‘Gu Beicheng’ alone. Qin Wanwan turned around and introduced him, “This is my master, Jian Xingzhi. ”


Junshu nodded, he knew that the original name of this person was….. Qin Wan.


“That,” Jian Xingzhi pondered before asking, “how did you appear there?”


Shouldn’t he appear at Meixuan while being chased up the mountain? How come he climbed the cliff?


Jian Xingzhi couldn’t figure it out. But he was also guilty and didn’t dare to reveal that he was the culprit who kicked him off, so he could only ask questions from the root.


As soon as he heard this, Junshu clenched his fist: “I was chased by my enemies and went under the cliff. In order to avoid the chase, I could only climb over the cliff and enter Ning’s domain.”


Everyone gathered around and began to listen to Junshu’s experience. Junshu spoke with a sad expression, “I had even climbed to the top of the mountain, but I didn’t expect a gust of wind to pass by and I fell down!”


At this moment, people who were present at the cliff, coincidentally remembered the ghostly sound they heard and flinched. Qin Wanwan asked with anxiety, “And then?”


“Good thing that I was lucky. Halfway through falling down, I grabbed a vine, and started climbing again. I just almost climbed the top of the mountain with vines’ help……” Hearing this, everyone became anxious once again. Junshu, with his eyes red, shouted aggravatedly, “who had thought that someone would cut off the vines!”


Everyone looked at Xie Lutang together, Xie Lutang gulped as he replied: “Yes …… You are quite miserable.”


“But I was lucky and escaped by grabbing a rock.”


    No, you aren’t lucky at all.


Everyone silently bowed their heads, all afraid to make a sound. Junshu continued to recall his tragic experience, “With my willpower, I climbed up the cliff once more. But at the very moment I placed my hand on the edge of the cliff, a huge rock fell from the sky and smashed into my hand!”


Junshu raised his hand, which was bandaged like a boxing glove, and said with grievance, “I fainted from the pain, hanging on the cliff. And when I woke up again, I was too hungry and suddenly smelled the smell of chicken wings. I climbed up and tried to beg that person to give me some chicken wings to eat. Who thought they actually kicked me off the cliff and smashed me to the ground! ”


The more Junshu said, the sadder he became, “What did I do wrong? I just want to live, I just want to eat a chicken wing. Am I wrong?!”


Everyone sat rigidly together, shaking their heads frantically. Nan Feng hid the chicken wings behind him and never dared to take them out again.


“Ladies and gentlemen, today, your great kindness saved me. I, Wu Ming, are grateful to you from the bottom of my heart.” Junshu thought, although they were a bit hateful, he expressed his gratitude towards everyone, “Wu Ming was framed by someone, and was on the verge of being killed. Thanks to all of your high righteousness, I was saved. If you are willing to protect Wu Ming until my family comes to pick me up, I will expressed my gratitude to everyone heavily.”


“We don’t care about your gratitude. We are glad you are safe,” Qin Wanwan said carefully, “that, if you know who kicked you off the cliff, what are you going to do?”


“I will kill them.”


Junshu’s eyes were full of killing intent, “I will beat them, break their bones, turn them to pieces and vent my hatred!”


Hearing this, everyone was silent.


Junshu suddenly remembered: “Why are you asking this? Do you you know who my enemy is?”


“We don’t know.”


Qin Wanwan replied decisively: “We just passed by, and saw you buried in the ground. So we pulled you out to help you. Old man, don’t think too much. The most important thing is to send news to your family as soon as possible. So that they can come and pick you up. You have to go back safely, so no need to thank us too much. Even in the future, the bridge will be bridge, the road will be road, and the mountains and rivers will be far away*,” Qin Wanwan raised her hand and clasped them into a fist before saying, “I hope we don’t meet again.”


[T/N: A Chinese idiom, which means; everything will be its own thing, and we have nothing to do with each other. (Not too sure about the meaning. Please point it out if I’m wrong.)]


The author has something to say:


[Small Theatre-1]


Jian Xingzhi: “Little apprentice is sleeping against me, peach blossoms are flying, I feel so happy.”


Junshu: “When you are happy, can you take a look behind you?”


Jian Xingzhi: “No, real men never look back.”


[Small Theatre-2]


Qin Wanwan: “I didn’t realize until now that this is actually Journey to the West. I, Monk Tang.”


Jane Xingzhi: “I, Qi Tian Da Sheng.”


Xie Lutang: “I, Second Brother.”


Cuilu: “I, Senior Third Brother.”


Nanfeng: “I, White Dragon Horse.”


Can we take the scriptures now?


[Small Theatre-3]


Jian Xingzhi: “What are you doing here? Want to develop a relationship?”


Junshu: “…… don’t dare ……”


Qin Wanwan: “Then what are you here for?”


Junshu: “Just …… thirty years of east, thirty years of west……”


Jian Xingzhi: “I remember, you beat me in the past. And now, the river is flowing west.”






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