Chapter 47 (Part 1)

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Junshu stumbled out of the cave, he concealed his presence and ran with extreme difficulty.


Although Shen Zhiming knew most about him and sucked away all his spiritual energy, he didn’t know about the trick that he learned from his mother. His mother was from a family of puppeteers, and she taught and left a set of life-saving magic treasures to him. Just now, he pretended to be dead and when Shen Zhiming threw him to the ground, he left a puppet in his place and ran for his life.


The puppet was hidden in his body by his mother through special means, and could only be used at critical moments. He has been waiting for the day to use this puppet, and never thought that this day would be given by Shen Zhiming.


He used the sea of consciousness left by his mother to conceal his whereabouts and stumbled forward. He knew the person was still chasing him behind, so in a panic, he kept running for several days. When he slowed down, he realized that he had almost stepped into the Ning’s domain. The Ning family and the Junshu’s family weren’t considered related in any way. But compared to the masterless Guicheng, the Ning family was more powerful than them and so Shen Zhiming wouldn’t dare to do anything here. Moreover, if the news of his deep-rooted Devil Seed is somehow spread, the Ning family will definitely do their best to kill him.


Junshu pondered for a moment and decided to step into the Ning’s territory as soon as possible. But there was a cliff in front of him. He has lost all his cultivation and become a mortal now. If he went around the cliff, it would take at least a few days to walk, and Shen Zhiming’s people in the meantime would chase him there too. Because they knew he wouldn’t be able to climb the cliff.


Now the fastest and most secure way to reach Ning’s is to climb over this cliff.


Junshu lifted his head and looked up at the tall cliff with his wrinkled eyes. The perseverance of being a cultivator for so many years told him that he could climb the cliff.


Making up his mind, he walked to the bottom of the cliff and started climbing up.


Junshu climbed for a day and a night. While he was fighting for life and death, Qin Wanwan’s group also reached Meixuan safely.


Seeing that they arrived at the place, Jian Xingzhi called Cuilu and said, “Cuilu, we have something to do here, why don’t we rest here for the night?”


Hearing this, Cuilu hesitated for a moment and looked at Qin Wanwan in the carriage. Qin Wanwan lifted the curtain and moved her eyebrows and threw a wink, signaling her to play along with them.


Recently, Qin Wanwan has been practicing hard to learn the ‘Jian Xingzhi style wink’. She has almost perfected herself in this action and found that it was really efficient. She moved her eyebrows so much that Cuilu’s expression couldn’t help but crack.


Cuilu wanted to laugh, but felt that it would make her lose face. So she could only use anger to cover her almost cracked cold expression and ordered, “Set up a camp here!”


After Cuilu set up the camp, Jian Xingzhi took Qin Wanwan and told her where they would go before leaving together with Xie Lutang and Nan Feng. When they reached the mountain, Qin Wanwan changed her clothes and prepared herself.


They had planned for a long time for this night.


Qin Wanwan was wearing a white long-sleeved dress, embroidered with bright peonies on the chest. She looked like a fairy from the Moon Palace that had descended to earth. She even wore a fluffy goose feather headband on her head, which made her high and stunning features look a bit cute. With her bright features, she could be called a perfect woman for falling in love.


Jian Xingzhi carried two large fans in his hands. Xie Lutang and Nan Feng were carrying several big bronze mirrors. While they were bringing them up, Jian Xingzhi discussed with Qin Wanwan, “I will use spiritual power to light up these bronze mirrors to brighten your surroundings and wave the fan to create wind, okay?”




Qin Wanwan nodded: “You want my hair to fly up and the moonlight to shine on me. So that I’ll be the center of the light. This will be the mood.”


Jian Xingzhi nodded as if he understood, and turned his head to ask Xie Lutang and Nan Feng: “Do you understand?”


The two nodded blankly. Jian Xingzhi was relieved that he was not alone.


Qin Wanwan took the three people together to the top of the cliff. She helped Xie Lutang and Nan Feng to set up the position of the bronze mirror. After that, she told Nan Feng to infuse his spiritual power into the mirrors, adjust the position and amount of spiritual power to create the right lighting atmosphere.


Finally, she also instructed Xie Lutang to play the flute and confirmed a perfect sound level.


Finishing setting up the mood, she turned to Jian Xingzhi: “Let’s practice it first. You will wave the fan and blow the wind towards me. The target must be chased by a group of people and would come up to the mountain from bottom. So you have to stand on a tree so that he won’t see you.”


“Why would he run to the mountain from the bottom to top?” Nan Feng asked curiously.


Qin Wanwan speechless: “We are already at the highest place of Meixuan. Where would he run if not come up the mountain?”


“Then why would he run to the mountain rather that climbing the cliff?” Xie Lutang could not understand.


Qin Wanwan glanced behind her and only saw dense clouds and mist. She sighed, “Xie-daojun, it’s a cliff. If he’s being chased, how can he climb a mountain and not run away?”


The two nodded and thought it made sense. Which time wasn’t that when a large group of people chased someone?


It’s not like the killers and the person they are hunting would climb the cliff together. Would they fight by tugging and kicking each other?


Everyone understood Qin Wanwan’s reasoning. When everything was ready, Qin Wanwan stood at the center of the light and winked toward Xie Lutang. Xie Lutang immediately began to play the flute.


When the flute sounded, Qin Wanwan raised her hand and made the first move.


While dancing, the most important thing is not how well you dance, but to set up the mood.


Xie Lutang flute sounded like a clear stream running, as his gaze involuntarily fell on the person standing in the middle. Her white figure under the moon, the wide sleeves that were covering the lower half of her face like a shy flower, a pair of sparkling eyes raised, containing unspeakable love. Then suddenly, she narrowed her eyes and moved her eyebrows.


Xie Lutang smiled mildly.


Suddenly, a ding sounded in Jian Xingzhi’s mind along with a +10 points.


Jian Xingzhi was shocked. He instantly looked at Xie Lutang standing a little further away from him and saw that the ‘Favorable Impression’ on top of his head turned to 46 from 45 in an instant!


An inexplicable panic rose in his heart, so his action waving the fan became disorganised.


At that time, Junshu, who was climbing the mountain heard the sound of the flute from the top of the mountain and annoyance burst in his heart.


He didn’t expect there to be people on top of the mountain, but it didn’t matter. He had climbed such a long way, he could no longer go back!


He gritted his teeth and climbed up little by little.


Qin Wanwan, who was dancing on the mountain, twirled around in the sound of the music and noticed Jian Xingzhi blankly waving the fan. So she quickly reminded him: “The wind isn’t enough!”


Jian Xingzhi heard her and began to wave the fan a bit strongly. The wind became a little stronger but Qin Wanwan still felt it wasn’t strong enough. So she twirled around again while shouting, “Make it stronger!”


Jian Xingzhi waved harder. In fact, he could wave more strongly but he was afraid of accidentally waving Qin Wanwan away if he was out of control.


But the apprentice didn’t appreciate the concern of the master. Qin Wanwan wasn’t satisfied with the force of the wind and stopped dancing while saying grumpily, “Master, have you not eaten? Why don’t you use a bit of spiritual power? Make a stronger wind, as if I can ride on the wind, floating like an immortal kind of feeling. Can you do it or not? You can let Xie-daojun do it instead.”


“Who says I can’t?”


Men, you can’t say no.


Jian Xingzhi immediately spoke: “You can jump. I will immediately help you ride on the wind.”


Qin Wanwan got the word and began to dance again. Jian Xingzhi infused spiritual power into the fan, raised his hand and waved fiercely.


The wind swept by, and Qin Wanwan felt like she was facing a hurricane. Not to mention the fluttering sleeves, if she did not instantly used her spiritual energy to hold her grounds, she would have really rode on the wind like a paper.


At that moment, Junshu climbed up to the top with difficulty. Just as he was about to sigh with relief, a big hurricane-like wind hit him hard and swept him away. Junshu could only let out a scream of terror and fall down.


“What’s that sound?”


Qin Wanwan subconsciously stopped dancing and asked. They all listened carefully for a moment, and in the end, Nan Feng bewilderedly replied: “There’s no sound ah.”


Qin Wanwan became a little scared, Jian Xingzhi frowned and affirmed: “I think I also heard a sound.”


“Stop.” Qin Wanwan interrupted him, “it’s creepy, let’s continue.”


As Qin Wanwan was speaking, Junshu was falling off the cliff. He frantically waved his hands and tried to grab something in the air. His hand found a vine hanging in the air and wrapped itself around it, finally saving his life.


He gasped for breath, his heart palpitating thousand miles per second. For a moment, he was confused about what had happened.


Where did that strong wind come from? Could it be that the person who wants to kill him was waiting for him up there?


No, it couldn’t be them. If it were them, they wouldn’t have waited for him to go up.


Junsh comforted himself, it was all just an accident. He took a few breaths, looked at the top of the cliff that was less than ten feet ahead. He has been climbing for a day and a night, he can not give up here!


He gritted his teeth. Stretching his dry and trembling hands, he began to climb once again.


Qin Wanwan and her group were singing and dancing on the top. After dancing for a while, the group was a bit tired. They decided to take a break, Qin Wanwan turned her head at Jian Xingzhi and asked, “That man with a face value of 90, why isn’t he coming yet?”


“Wait a little longer, we have to rehearse a little more. After all, he would appear in the middle of the night.”


Jian Xingzhi’s explanation was reasonable and everyone nodded. Since they had nothing better to do, they began to advise some improvements to Qin Wanwan’s dance.


“What do you guys think of that dance just now?”


Qin Wanwan asked for opinions, and everyone nodded their heads in appreciation.


“Excellent.” Xie Lutang responded.


Nan Feng applauded, “Superb!”


Jian Xingzhi nodded: “It was okay, but there was only one problem.” Jian Xingzhi frowned and revealed his thoughts, “Doesn’t it look too monotonous?”


Everyone looked at him, and Jian Xingzhi explained: “Just think about it, the moonlight is white, the clothes are white, the surroundings are white. This color matching is too common, ah.”


“What the Senior said is right.”


Xie Lutang nodded, the group of males’ aesthetics was surprisingly good: “It would be nice if there was a little flower decoration.”


As he said that, everyone unanimously looked at a nearby peach blossom tree that was in full bloom.


The peach blossom tree was born a little tilted to the sight, and they were staying a little far from the location of it. Jian Xingzhi clapped his hands and said, “it’s okay, I’ll move it over.”


Saying this, Jian Xingzhi began to plan how to uproot the tree. He instructed Nan Feng to dig a pit. Nan Feng was fast, and dug the ground in a few minutes. Jian Xingzhi grabbed the trunk of the tree.


“I’m pulling it up.”


He bellowed, but couldn’t pull up the tree. It was then when he found that there were many vines wrapped around the trunk. Jian Xingzhi instructed Xie Lutang: “Lao Xie, cut the vines.”


Xie Lutang nodded, carried his sword to the tree and waved. With a swish, the vines were cut clean.


At this time, Junshu once again reached the top of the cliff.


A little bit, he was only a little bit away from climbing at the top.


His eyes were full of hope. Reaching out, he tugged on the vines next to him. He didn’t have any more strength left to hold the rocks, so he could only rely on these vines to climb up. But just as he tugged on the vines, he listened to the sound of several voices coming from the top of the mountains.


They were talking about cutting the vines. If they cut the vines, he would fall down again. Junshu was so scared that he hurriedly grabbed a nearby stone. It was loose stone and suddenly broke, which made him immediately slip down!


Flesh and blood smudged the rocks of the mountain. He was in so much pain that he could not even make a sound. He just grabbed a rock with his last will to live, desperate and angry to –


Who! Who is it! Who did this to him!


He must kill him, he must destroy this man and Shen Zhiming together. He must kill them all one day!




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