Chapter 46

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A stable, peaceful feeling.


Going deeper into the forest, it was easy to see the snow frozen on the tip of the rhombus leaves.


And they could also find purple fruits that were seen through the leaves.




“There are fruits.”




At her questions, Kael nodded.




“It’s a forest in the North, so there are only these kinds of trees that can overcome this cold. These fruits can survive the winter for the animals who live in the forest.”


“Do animals live in the forest?”




Kael nodded softly as he saw Hyazelki’s shining eyes.




‘I don’t see anything.’



While admiring the beautiful scenery, Hyazelki looked around just in case.


But she didn’t see anything.




“Let’s walk a little deeper. There’s something inside that you might like.”


“More inside?”






In response to Kael’s answer, Hyazelki took an exciting step.


Her pace kept accelerating, focusing only on what he said was “something to like.”








Until she heard Lihan’s voice softly ringing in her ears.










She turned her eyes to where Lihan’s fingertips were headed in a small whisper.


‘Oh, my.’




A fluffy tail was seen through the bushes.


A pale silvery white tail.


With both hands covering her mouth, Hyazelki approached the tail very carefully.


It was the fox who turned around the bushes and peeped out.


White fox. Hyazelki looked back at Kael with an excited face.




“I’ve seen it in a book. It’s a snow fox, right?”






It was a fox that lived only in cold areas and lived only in the North. They were much smaller than ordinary foxes, so they didn’t need much food.


So even the small fruits on the trees in this forest were enough for them to survive in the winter.


In addition, it was called Snow Fox because its fur was as white as snow.




“It’s my first time seeing it.”


It was much smaller and cuter than she imagined while reading the book.


Hyazelki lowered herself and quietly made eye contact with the fox. Then the fox came to her slowly.


Hyazelki did not reach out first and waited still.


Then the fox observing her, soon rubbed itself against her and acted cute.


Only then did Hyazelki reach out carefully and pet the fox.


The fox received her touch pleasantly.




“So cute…….”




Kael murmured grumpily as he spoke at her overwhelming expression.




“Even if the fox is cute…….”




‘You’re the only one who can approach it.’




He muttered in spite of himself, and fortunately swallowed his last words.


However, as if it understood the word, the fox immediately approached Kael.


Then it acted cute as if protesting, “Aren’t I cute?”




“Hey, go away.”




Of course, he was distracted by Hyazelki, who looked at it with an excited face, so he couldn’t afford to watch the fox’s cuteness.


As Kael stepped back as if refusing it, the fox quickly climbed up on him.


The fox sat on his shoulder as if it had found a cozy nest.








Kael frowned and reached out to catch the snow fox.


Then it quickly ran to his other shoulder and wagged his tail as if it were teasing him.




“Come down.”




Kael suppressed his irritation and tried to catch the fox on his shoulder again.


The fox avoided the touch again, and this time climbed on top of his head and settled down there.


Kael raised his eyebrows and tried to snatch the fox above his head, when he heard a laugh.








Hyazelki couldn’t help laughing.


A dragon with a beauty that is out of this world. And a white fox on the black hair.


Kael looked up at it with a frown.


Avoiding his touch to catch it all seemed a rare sight too.


No wonder it didn’t suit him. It was a strange combination that somehow seemed to go well.


If Jiel had been here, he would certainly have taken a wrong turn.


The thought of it made Hyazelki laugh again.




‘Well… for a moment.’




Kael slowly lowered his hand which was trying to drive the fox out of his head.


But seeing her liking it, he thought it wouldn’t matter if he left a fox on his head for a while.


But not knowing if it knew his heart, the fox jumped out of his head as he lowered his hand.


Then, this time, it got on Lihan’s shoulder.


As Lihan reached out slowly, the fox did not dodge.


He looked rather happy as he received a careful patting.




“Hey, why doesn’t it avoid Lihan’s hand?”




Kael asked if it was unpleasant.




“It’s because Papa was trying to throw it away.”




The fox rubbed its cheek against Lihan’s hand, as if it agreed with the giggling Hyazelki’s answer.




“Hmph. Let’s go.”


“Papa, let’s go together!”




Hyazelki rushed to follow Kael, who was walking away.


Lihan followed with a snow fox on his shoulder.


Kael walked a little further into the forest.








Seeing her breath coming out, Hyazelki walked lightly.


After walking for a long time, Kael removed the branches on his way and entered an open place.


Hyazelki, who was walking only looking at his back, belatedly noticed her feet stepping on the vine.








When she stumbled on the vine, the two rushed and grabbed her.




“Are you okay?”


“Be careful.”




There were voices of concern, but Hyazelki could not answer.


Immediately after stabilising her body, she discovered what kind of scenery lay behind Kael’s back, who came to assist her.


Snowy plains, trees surrounding the open spaces. In the middle of it, there was a lake that looked like a big mirror.


It was so beautiful that it did not freeze in the cold weather and reflected the surrounding scenery.


Hyazelki walked to the lake, unable to shut her mouth as if possessed.


It was not as big as the lake she saw in Bavaria, but the lake was more beautiful.


It was a scene where she couldn’t breathe properly.




“What do you think?”




Kael asked, as if he had expected such a reaction.




“Do you like it?”




The answer was already revealed in her expression, but he asked because he wanted to hear it from her.








Instead of being as excited and fussy as usual, Hyazelki nodded quietly.


However, one could see that she was more moved by the scenery than usual.


Lihan, who came forward with the fox and couldn’t catch her who almost stumbled on a vine, stood in front of the lake.


Lihan’s gaze remained relatively short on the lake.


Compared to Hyazelki, who has been looking at it without speaking for a while.


That gaze quickly turned to her.








As Kael said, it was beautiful in the winter.




‘I want to see what it’s like in the fall.’




She had such thoughts in her head, when a voice whispered in her ears that she was almost used to.




[I hate you.]




Hyazelki glanced at Kael and Lihan.


Perhaps this voice is only heard by her.


With a sigh, she answered the voice in her mind.




“Do whatever you want.”




* * *




“The knight’s uniform you ordered last time will take more time.”


“Really? It’s taking longer than I thought.”


“It’s for the Lady, so he seems to be doing his best.”




Hyazelki only shrugged at Yuri’s laughable words.


The last day of the year.


It was the peak of the cold winter, and it was a special day for everyone in the castle.


Hyazelki’s birthday.


She was no longer a little girl who didn’t know how to be congratulated on her birthday or receive gifts.


Instead, if someone congratulates her, she returns it with a smile. And if someone gives her a gift, she returns her sincere gratitude.


However, if one asked what she wanted the most, she would answer that she wanted to meet those she loves on this day.




“Well, it’s finished.”




Yuri finished dressing her up by putting a flower decoration on Hyazelki’s head.


Her dress from Medil was really not justified to say it was only beautiful.


Knock, knock.








It was Kael who opened the door and entered at the short answer.




“You look pretty.”


“Thank you, Papa.”




His compliment made Hyazelki smile shyly.




“Papa, can I ask you a favor?”




The high-quality fabric that stuck from her neck to chest was yellow like spring.


The waist area was sewed with a dark blue cloth. Emphasized in dark colors, her waist looked narrower.


And the skirt gently falling from the waist was decorated with blue roses.


The dress created a mysterious atmosphere by properly mixing blue and yellow.


A blue rose with the flower word “miracle.” Medill also sent a note that Hyazelki was a person who would bring miracles to everyone around her.




“Papa, can I ask you a favor?”




When Kael saw such a pretty Hyazelki, he was overcome by two impulses.


Show, show everyone how beautiful this child became that humans have hated and become his daughter. At the same time, he wanted to dig the snow and hide the pretty Hyazelki.


He was nervous and wanted to brag about her.




“What is it?”


“I want to meet Hiel and Ciel before the party.”




Yuri dropped her head slightly as if she were convinced.


This is why Hyazelki was in a hurry to dress up today.


Hiel was now in a position where he could not vacate the temple.


In the midst of the plague and treating people, they were striving to develop medicine to treat the plague because they could not borrow only the power of the dragon for a long time.


Ciel hasn’t shown his face since her first birthday party in the castle.


He couldn’t be away often, and he couldn’t come to see Hiazelki.


However, he often sent messenger birds to exchange letters.




“Let’s say you want to meet Hiel. But you’re going to meet that skinny guy?”




Kael frowned as if he didn’t like the part where she said she would go to meet Ciel.




“Yes, I want to meet Ciel, too. For today.”


“Do you have to?”


“I’m seventeen now. Now that I’m an adult, I really want to meet Ciel.”




Kael knew Hyazelki wouldn’t give up.


There was a strange look on her face when she was stubborn. It’s the determination of Hyazelki.


Kael sighed deeply and nodded.




“Yes, I’ll do as you want today.”


“Well, I’ll be right back with Lihan. I want to see if Lihan is doing well.”


“Yes, I’ll wait at the entrance.”




Hyazelki left the room with a jolly face.


After she had completely disappeared, Yuri carefully approached Kael.




“Master, a letter has arrived from Medill. If you help him with what he said, he wants to proceed with the work. That’s what he said.”


“I see.”


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