Chapter 46 (Part 1)

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Qin Wanwan confirmed that Jian Xingzhi was fine and returned to her room. She hugged her pillow and thought something, then sat up on the bed and took the initiative to meditate.


This action scared 38 and she couldn’t help but ask, “Master, what are you doing?”




“You’ve been practicing long enough today, fighting and crossing the tribulation.” Seeing her so active and willing to cultivate on her own initiative, 38 said in a trembling voice, “you should rest. Don’t work too hard and make me panic.”


Qin Wanwan listened to 38 discouragement and thought about it. Her parents’ matter didn’t leave her head even though she was meditating. Sighing, she lied down in bed, freeing 38 from her worry.


In her dream, she heard the sound of the gong again. She saw this dream so many time that she got used to it. So she turned her head and saw the familiar Deng Xian Gate was hanging in the sky. A green dragon was seen curled up in front of the Deng Xian Gate, seemingly in great pain.


Qin Wanwan frowned, looking around, she found that the the whole landscape was filled with ice and snow and seemed a bit familiar hard. Thinking hard for a while, she finally recalled that the scenery in front of her was similar to that in Su Yueli’s sea of consciousness. Then this place is……




Qin Wanwan stepped in the snow and walked forward as she thought. Just after taking a few steps, she heard the sound of something hitting hard.


It was like someone was banging on the door. One knock after the other, dull and feeble.


“Let me out ……!”


Someone was shouting, but she could not understand if it was a man or a woman. She only felt as if the voice contained all the despair in the world, and she couldn’t help but clutch her heart.


“Let me out ……!”


She could not help but speed up, sprinting forward. As she ran, she saw a a door far away. The door is about two feet high, a huge sword was carved on one side of the door and a Qinglong was on the other. The Qinglong along with a sword carved on both sides of the door looked like it could open the door of despair.


Qin Wanwan ran towards the door, but before she reached it, she heard a soft call of excitement: “Beicheng!”


Qin Wanwan opened her eyes and saw Jian Xingzhi’s big face in front of her eyes. He was sitting next to her, holding a book in his hand, and seemed very happy.


Qin Wanwan looked at Jian Xingzhi blankly. When Jian Xingzhi saw her fearful expression, he immediately understood: “A nightmare?”


Saying that, Jian Xingzhi raised his hand and touched between her eyebrows. A cool spring like feeling entered into her brain, which made her instantly calm down and her heart settling down.


She propped herself up and rubbed her eyes, “Master, why are you here?”


“Cuilu asked someone to call us over. I came to call you and earn some points on the way.” Jian Xingzhi said as he lifted a cup, pinched Qin Wanwan’s face and fed her water. Then, he skillfully took a handkerchief and wiped her face like a toddler, wiping her little face clean.


He had become very skilled after doing this set of actions in the desert. Qin Wanwan was tossed out of the bed by him, draped a outer robe on her before he said, “I will take you out after dinner to buy some books, and also find a suitable man for you.”


Qin Wanwan: “……”


She had always known that Jian Xingzhi was always head strong in his decision, but she hadn’t thought it was this strong.


Jian Xingzhi tidied her up and listened to the sound of points increasing with ‘ding ding ding’ and felt the day was very pleasant.


The two of them came out of the room together and saw Xie Lutang standing by the door. Xie Lutang greeted the two with a bright 45 shinning on top of his head. Jian Xingzhi swiftly stood between Qin Wanwan and Xie Lutang before guiding them to the dining room together.



Just as they entered the dining room, they saw Cuilu sitting on the high seat and waiting for them.


When she saw the three of them entering, she took a quick glance at Qin Wanwan, who winked her eyes, telling her not to reveal anything about yesterday’s incident.


The three people sat down, Qin Wanwan sat on Cuilu’s left side and Xie Lutang on the right side. Jian Xingzhi sat in the middle of the two, facing Cuilu.


Although the seat was comfortable, Jian Xingzhi couldn’t help but feel that there was something wrong with his position. But as he thought of changing the seat, it seemed it would be wrong too.


He couldn’t help but start thinking about what position he should be seated when Cuilu started speaking, “Yesterday, I had someone survey the situation at the scene. You people are indeed right, there is indeed a blood sacrificing formation in the whole Guicheng. This formation wasn’t done by you, but it’s not enough reason for me to forgive you, unless it is as you say.” Cuilu raised her eyes and looked Qin Wanwan as she said, “Daoist Mingjing died at the hands of Hua Rong. In this way, I and Hua Rong are enemies. Since you are avenging Daoist Mingjing, I have to help you.”


“Then how do you plan to help us?”


Xie Lutang was the first to ask, but Cuilu seemed to have already made a decision: “Huangcheng.”




Xie Lutang didn’t know what Cuilu and Qin Wanwan had talked about previously, so he couldn’t help but wonder, “Why do we have go to Huangcheng?”


“Because Lin Yanzhi did not die in Guicheng.” Jian Xingzhi held the tea cup and explained everything to Xie Lutang and Nan Feng who was sitting next to him, “That year, he sealed the Demon King in his body while staying in Guicheng and later was sent to Huangcheng. A year later, the Nings sent news to Guicheng that he couldn’t surpass the Demon King so he committed suicide lest he hurt other people.”


The whole matter of Demon King and devil’s seed wasn’t clear Xie Lutang. So he muttered with a face full of wonder, “It turned out to be so ……”


“The Demon King was sealed by Daoist Mingjing?”


Nan Feng has lived for five hundred years, so the memory of the scourge of the devil seeds back then was still fresh to him. Excited, he couldn’t help but ask, “Then why wasn’t it publicize to ordinary people?”


Hearing this, Jian Xingzhi squinted at him, “Shut up, don’t ask.”


Nan Feng hurriedly raised his hand and covered his mouth, silently saying he had shut up.


“I plan to depart tomorrow.” Cuilu sipped her tea and glanced at them before saying, “you should recuperate a bit and prepare yourself to go together with me.”


As soon as the words left her mouth, the voice of 38 surfaced in Qin Wanwan’s mind.


Task 4: Battle of Huangcheng. Get the Linglong Jade.


 Point: +2000.


Do you accept?


At the same time, the voice of 666 surfaced in Jian Xingzhi’s mind.


Task 9: Beauty saves the hero. Let the female lead save the target (can be searched), and send the target to his father.


Point: +500.


Do you accept?


This task had a detailed description of.


On the Meixuan, Jian Zhiyan and Qin Wan watched the moon together. At Jian Zhiyan’s request, Qin Wan danced under the moonlight, like an immortal descending from the earth, as beautiful as a heavenly fairy.


The target saw the beautiful Qin Wan from afar, and fell in love with her at first sight. The target was being chased by a group of people, but Qin Wan immediately jumped forward with her sword and saved the target. Her beauty along with her kindness and bravery were etched into the target’s heart and mind which was unable to forget even for a lifetime.


Meixuan was a famous cliff situated in the middle of Guicheng and Huangcheng.


Jian Xingzhi confirmed the location and exchanged a glance with Qin Wanwan, who saw the other’s affirmative eyes and nodded, “Okay.”


After deciding on the task, Qin Wanwan had some doubts and couldn’t help but ask more questions, “Lord Cuilu, dare I ask what exactly is the relationship between you, Hua Rong, and Daoist Mingjing?”


“Hua Rong and I, both are demons.”


Speaking of the past, Cuilu’s eyes showed a bit of despair: “I am a Yu Niao* spirit, and Hua Rong is a Taohua* spirit. We were originally cultivating in the deep mountains. But one day, we were suddenly captured by a group of demon traffickers. I had high talent in cultivation, so Daoist Mingjing valued me a lot. It only took me a hundred years to form my Nascent Soul. It was also the time when he saved a group of children and raised those who had the most outstanding talent. Everyone thought that I would be the next city lord. But in fact, it didn’t matter. For me, it didn’t matter if I could become the city lord or not. Daoist Mingjing treated me kindly. He was the roof that protected me from the harsh reality. As long as I can repay him, I would be satisfied.”


[T/N: You Niao spirit means Jade Bird spirit. It’s a kind of spiritual bird. For more information, click here.]


[T/N: Taohua spirit means Peach Blossom spirit. For more information, click here]

“What about Hua Rong?” Qin Wanwan seemed puzzled. Cuilu smiled as she said, “Hua Rong then and Daoist Mingjing didn’t have much contact with each other. Daoist Mingjing actually didn’t even remember someone as ordinary as him. After all, he was an average person who built his Jindan in a hundred years, too common. But that Taohua spirit had ulterior motives. He tried to seduce me to have Dual Cultivation with him. But I don’t like him. Later, I went to secluded cultivation. After coming out, I found that he had already reached the Divine Transformation stage. When asked, he said that Daoist Mingjing had made him the City Lord, and he wanted me to assist him. I missed the people of Guicheng, and was afraid he would bring chaos without my presence. So I stayed as the City Lord’s steward. I would usually help him in his political affairs in Guicheng. He seems to have a poor health, so he has been in seclusion cultivation for a while.”


“Cultivation?” Qin Wanwan was surprised, “but he said he was always busy with work ……”


“Busy my ass!”


Cuilu instantly flared up: “I helped him to do almost everything and all he had to do was stamp the documents. And he still has the face to say he was busy? I dare him to say that in front of me. I’ll beat his head off!”


“Take it easy.”


Qin Wanwan hurriedly poured tea for Cuilu: “If he has been in seclusion, how come he is suddenly looking for a male pet?”


“Just a year ago.” Cuilu drank the tea as she said, “he suddenly started looking for male pets. Whenever I found one, he told me sent the person into his underground palace. I didn’t think much of it, he was the City Lord, after all. He ordered, I complied. As long as it doesn’t endanger the city or its people, he can have a few male pets. He was a Taohua demon who are all like that, it wasn’t unusual. ”


“Have you not ever wondered why he was looking for male pets?”


Jian Xingzhi sipped tea and asked. Cuilu thought for a moment before replying unsurely, “He likes the Daoist Mingjing?”


“Like?” Jian Xingzhi snorted, “Have you ever seen someone performing such a dangerous spell, looking for a body to Dual Cultivate just to get the soul of the person he likes?”


Hearing this, everyone was stunned. Jian Xingzhi looked around at the surprised expressions on their faces and said leisurely, “What, you all don’t see it, huh? That spell formation is not used to revive people, it is used to trap the ghost and spirit of a certain person into someone else’s body and destroy it. Oh, and,” Jian Xingzhi remembered something, “It was the exact method the Daoist Mingjing used to trap the Demon King into his body and destroy it.”


Listening to this, Cuilu froze and forgot to make a sound. Jian Xingzhi finished his tea and stood up while saying, “you can use this trip to Huangcheng to see if I’m telling the truth or not ah. But I think that Hua Rong, if he was guilty,” he smiled as he finished, “he wouldn’t have thought of using this formation.”


Saying that, Jian Xingzhi turned around and called Qin Wanwan: “Beicheng, let’s go. Master will take you out to buy books.”


Hearing that they would go buy books, everyone glanced at each othe. Xie Lutang hurriedly opened his mouth and called Qin Wanwan: “Qin …… Wanwan ……”


Hearing this “Wanwan” from his mouth, Jian Xingzhi’s ears twitched. Before Xie Lutang finished speaking, he shouted at Qin Wanwan: “Gu Beicheng, let’s go!”


“I’ll leave then.”


Qin Wanwan smiled apologetically towards everyone and hurried to follow Jian Xingzhi out.






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