Chapter 44

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“……at least the name……. Let me know…….”




He drooped his eyebrows unknowingly along with his drooping shoulders.


The boy looked young at first glance.




‘I think he’ll be younger than Lihan.….’




Hyazelki felt strange because it seemed she would make a child cry.








More than that, Hyazelki was a little surprised because he seemed to have resemble someone. Apparently… …a child she saw in her first life.


Adults expressed a clear hatred for her, but not necessarily for the children. So sometimes, there were children who exchanged a few words with her.


He looked quite like the child in her memory.






After a moment’s hesitation, she immediately told me her name carefully.




“My name is Hyazelki.”


“……the name is pretty.”


“Thank you.”




The boy opened his round eyes wider when he saw Hyazelki smiling.


Then, with trembling hands, he held her hand very carefully.


Hyazelki couldn’t easily shake off the hand.


It was so precious to her that they exchanged a few words.


But it didn’t mean that she could accept this boy’s heart.




“My Lady is very popular. No. No. This is a matter of course.”




Hyazelki looked at Yuri, who was nodding and muttering and felt relieved she was helping.


However, it was useless because Yuri was busy saying words that praised her.


With a sigh, Hyazelki said carefully to the boy, instead of pulling out her hand.




“I’m sorry. I appreciate that, but……. It’s not something I can accept.”




“Well…… I just saw you for the first time, how could you feel that way?”


“Then if we know each other better, will you accept it?”




The boy’s innocent question shut Hyazelki up.


It was an unknown part of her.


However, it was hard to believe that the person she met a while ago had her in his heart.


She didn’t think know anything about him.


She didn’t know his name, she didn’t know what kind of person he was. Neither did he. Hyazelki couldn’t figure out how it was possible for him to fall for her.




“Hey…… First of all, the hand…….”




Her thin, young hands were trembling. Just then, another big hand overlapped hers.


“Let go of her hand first.”




At the sudden appearance of a new character, the boy opened his mouth and was surprised.


The platinum blonde hair flowed smoothly, giving off a more delicate atmosphere.


The beautiful face line can capture anyone’s attention.


He gently removed the boy’s hand in the stiff atmosphere.








Looking at Hyazelki who stared at him with a surprised face, he gently pulled the corners of his mouth.


Her eyes grew bigger. It was a very light smile, just the corners of the mouth tilting upward pleasantly.




‘…he smiled….’




It’s been a while since they have seen each other. And finally, it was the first time she saw him smile.


Perhaps because it was his first smile, her heart fluttered.


Turning to the boy, Lihan said, wrapping his hand on Hyazelki’s shoulders.


“No, she can’t.”




It was a short word, but it was enough for the boy to feel his soul leaving his body.


The boy felt like an angel came down and separated her from him.


It was a beauty that could cause such an illusion.


The boy, who was facing the man with shining platinum blonde hair, bowed his head.




“……Thank you for letting me know your name.”




It was a very pitiful voice.


To the point where she sighed with regret. They saw the back of the person trudging along the street with his shoulders drooping down.


However, Hyazelki soon took her eyes off the boy’s back and turned her head.


As if to engrave in her eyes, Hyazelki, who was staring at Lihan, smiled quietly.


Then she hugged him. Her body moved first without realising it.




“What happened? Why are you here?”


Lihen, who gently hugged her, grew taller and bigger as if he had grown up again.


He has become more manly in months.




“I stopped by on my way back to the castle. My teacher said there was something I had to buy.”




Hyazelki, who let Lihen go, said with a slightly coy face.




“You said you’d come on my birthday.”




She didn’t hear anything from Lihan in summer and winter.


Rather than being sad that he had been taking a long time, she was disappointed that she had not heard from him.




“Even so, you came before winter passed.”


“Yes, because it’s Hia’s birthday. I worked hard to come back before that.”




At the compliment, Hyazelki grinned and jumped back into Lihan’s arms. No wonder she was happy. All the time he was away, she missed the hand she always held.




“Welcome. I missed you.”


“I missed you, too.”




Yuri’s expression looking at the two tightly hugging each other was strange.




‘People would think they are lovers who’ve been apart.’




Yuri shrugged her shoulders.


With Lihan joining them, the three walked and watched the streets of Fiora.


Owin, who appeared after a long time, bought a Fiora muffin that she had given up because the line was too long.


He said he bought it for her.


Hyazelki, who jumped and rejoiced, clung to Owin’s arm.


Of course, she soon came back to Lihan after.




“It’s so delicious.”




Looking at the happy Hyazelki, Owin also smiled happily.


When she took a bite, sweet and sour blueberries and soft cream cheese poured in together.


“I bought it because I thought you would like it.”


“Did you wait for that long line?”


“Oh…… well……. It didn’t take too long because I waited a little, and some kind people gave me a concession.”




It was a little meaningful, but he skipped it.




“By the way, why are you in Fiora?”


“What about Hia and Kael?”




Hyazelki smiled and said to the two men, who looked suspicious.




“I’m here with Yuri.”


“The two of you?”


Unbelievably, Owin and Lihan asked at the same time.


They were two people who didn’t know yet that she had won against the black energy by fighting it alone.




“It’s all right now.”


Hyazelki smiled softly and told them what happened while Lihan and Owin were away.


The dagger prepared by Jiel and her victory by fighting against it.


Yuri grumbled, “You don’t know how difficult it was because she was stuck in the training ground.”


While talking about this and that, the four of them went back the way they came.


With an increased number of people, they returned to Medil’s studio.


There, Yuri, who confirmed the modified dress design with Medil, looked moved.




“I’ll make it the best coming-of-age ceremony for you.”




Next to Medil, who spoke confidently, his staff said regretfully.




“It’s a shame that you won’t be attending the Empire’s coming-of-age banquet. When completed, it will be much more beautiful than you can imagine now.”


“But I’m not an aristocrat.”


The employee quietly closed his mouth when he saw Hyazelki responding as if it were natural.


In empires and kingdoms, the day of the coming-of-age ceremony was fixed. At the beginning of the year, a banquet was held for the children of the noble family who became adults that year.


Yuri once said excitedly that attending such a splendid banquet would draw attention, but she was not very interested.


She didn’t make her social debut, and she didn’t want to.


In addition, there was also Kael who always said that there was no need to be deeply involved in human history, so there was no lingering attachment to the royal banquet.




“If you go to such a place, will you have time to enjoy the banquet properly?”




Medil added with a quick laugh.




“Now that the design has been decided, shall we go back to the castle?”




Yuri brought it up, as if she knew Medil’s desire to change the subject.


The sky was already dark because it was winter so it got dark quickly.


“Yes, let’s go back.”




Medil saw them off with a happy face.


Asking them to come to Fiora one more time for the dress test.


Hyazelki told everyone to hold on to her, as Kael instructed her to.


He said that there needs to be physical contact to be teleported together.


Then, when she cut off the bracelet she had in her wrist, they quickly moved from Medil’s studio to the castle.




* * *




With one blinked, the view was different.


Kael, who was pacing nervously in front of the entrance to the castle, found them and breathed a sigh of relief.




“I’m back, Papa.”




Kael seemed to have something to say, but stroked her hair instead as if he had changed her mind.




“Come on in.”




Lihan stood behind Hyazelki as if he were waiting for his turn.


Then Kael patted him on the head for a long time before he greeted him.




“I’m back, Mr. Kael.”






In contrast to the patting of Hyazelky’s hair to make it all messy, Kael replaced the welcoming gesture with a couple of pats on Lihan’s shoulder.


That day, Kael thought of persuading Hyazelki at night.


From now on, he must accompany her whenever she goes out.


Except while she’s getting ready to go to bed.


Kael took the messenger bird that had been stuck on her head all day, made eye contact for a while, and then made it fly away.


Then, the persuasion began.


He took a chair next to Hyazelki, who was preparing to sleep and opened his mouth.




“Before coming-of-age, a child has to be under his parents’ protection. In addition, I heard that the daughter will be under parental protection for a while after the coming-of-age ceremony.”


“Who said that?”






Hyazelki, who saw him answering while she lied in bed, laughed.




“That’s what the book said. You deserve to be protected. This isn’t unusual for me. So listen to me.”




Kael called her ‘daughter’ as if he were telling the obvious.


Hyazelki listened to Kael quietly because it was soothing and warm-hearted.




“It’s okay if you want to go outside. There are times when I go outside the castle to do business anyway, so it’s okay to take me with you every time.”






Hyazelki asked back with a surprised look.


The only time Kael left the castle was when he visited a sinner who was not brought to the castle and judged.


Kael added impatiently, noticing late what she was asking back.




“No, can’t you look around the nearby city every time?”


“That’s fine.”




Hyazelki had a good enough time today.


She got rid of the black energy by herself and walked around freely.


However, apart from being free, it couldn’t leave her head that it would have been nice if Kael and Lihan were together.




‘Today is enough.’




Hyazelki decided not to be stubborn and greedy anymore because she thought it was enough already.









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