Chapter 43

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The Dalyan Kingdom of the northern lands, which could be characterized by its bitter cold environment.


The capital, Fiora, was always full of blue, like a symbol of the North.


The northern forest is filled with bluish leaves, not green leaves, even in summer.


Jiel called it the influence of the cold weather in the North, but she heard that the people living on the land attributed it to the winter spirit. Among them, some seemed to believe that it was because the Dragon of Judgement settled in the northern land.


Selling green leaves harvested in summer in a small glass bottle with water was a symbol of Fiora.


At the bottom of the lake deep in the northern forest, there were stones shining brightly. Hyazelki picked it up and bottled it with the leaves.


The stones and leaves shone softly. The nobles liked to place them in the room and enjoyed a subtle blue light.


Fiora was also quite famous for snacks sold in winter, so aristocrats from other countries visited and ate them once in winter.


If she couldn’t buy it, she would order a maid to buy it for her.




“Wow, the line is incredibly long.”




The muffin with blueberry jam in the shape of a snowflake was especially famous. Cream cheese was added along with blueberry jam to add flavor to the taste.


Seeing people lined up in a row in front of the small store, Hyazelki murmured with a regretful face.


She wanted to try it, but she didn’t have time to wait for that long line.


She couldn’t give up sightseeing in the city just to eat that one snack.




“Do you want some?”


“No, I think I’d just prefer touring the city.”




Yuri smiled widely at her smile and took out her purse.




“I’m going to get it right now…….”


“Yuri! Hey, let’s go over there!”


Hyazelki led Yuri away, who was about to rush to the store at any moment, and went out of there.


The two walked down the street after drinking warm milk at a relatively deserted store.


Hyazelki smiled a lot because she liked to see lively people even in the cold that made her body tremble naturally.


It would have been better if Kael and Lihan could come together with her.




‘But I can’t stay with them forever.’




Hyazelki turned her head, leaving the disappointment behind.




“Where should we go next?”




At Yuri’s question, Hyazelki pondered for a moment.


The two stepped back a little from the middle of the street and stood in front of a narrow alley.




“Yuri, let’s…….”


She couldn’t finish her sentence while pointing to the front.


Because she could see black energy swaying behind Yuri, who stepped more inside the alley than her.








As Hyazelki’s expression hardened, Yuri turned her head curiously after her gaze.


Then, she found the black energy behind her. So she stepped back in surprise.




“Yuri, step back.”






Yuri was anxious, but Hyazelki calmly took the dagger she got from Jiel from her pocket.


When she pressed the wings, there was a gap with a small noise.


Hyazelki, who took the dagger out without hesitation, stared at the black energy with an expressionless face.




‘I won’t lose again.’


It was a firm commitment.




“Miss, let’s contact the Master…….”


“You don’t have to.”




She shook her head firmly to Yuri’s worried tone.


Then she stepped on the ground to leap forward.



“Now I will win.”




For this reason, Hyazelki, who took a quick leap, cut off the black energy with the dagger at once.


As the blade brushed past, the red light chased the black energy away.


A scream close to hitting the eardrum was heard for a moment. And soon, the black energy disappeared without a trace.




Hyazelki, who put the dagger back in its sheath, put it in her pocket and turned toward Yuri.




“Shall we go now?”




Asking with a smile as if it was no different from usual.


‘……you’ve become really strong.’




It was not just in swordsmanship. Yuri felt relieved and pitiful because her (Hyazelki) heart seemed to have become quite firm.








Yuri, who glanced at the alley where the black energy had escaped for the time being, followed Hyazelki out of the alley.


Yuri felt like nothing happened when she saw her acting like usual.




“Yuri, there must be a snowflake tree near the square. Let’s go see.”


“Yes, Miss.”




Looking around the information board, she walked excitedly toward the square.


Standing under the snowflake tree, Hyazelki looked as beautiful as a picture.


To the point where no one can stand without being distracted.


There were as many people who approached the beauty as they were heading to Medil’s studio, but most of them did not talk to her this time.


It was because on the way to the studio, Yuri, who had learned how to chase people away, stared at them as if she would bite their heads off if they approached.




“Young Lady.”




Of course, there were people who didn’t care about Yuri’s eyes and talked to her.


Never imagining that she would be called like that, Hyazelki stared blankly up at the snowflake tree.


As soon as the man’s hand was about to touch her shoulder to draw attention, Hyazelki, who turned around, grabbed the hand and bent it.






“Oh, I’m sorry.”




When she saw the man twisting his face, she hurriedly let go of his hand.




“What can I do for you?”




The man could not hide his embarrassment for a moment, but soon said, pretending to be calm.


“You’re amazing, Young Lady. Did you learn self-defense?”




Hyazelki, who looked up at him with a good natured smile, answered honestly.




“I learned swordsmanship. But… why are you calling me Young Lady?”


“You look like a precious daughter of a noble family. If it’s not rude, may I ask which family you are from?”


“Knowing it’s rude, you still asked?”




The man’s expression was distorted for a moment by the mumbling of Yuri, who looked at him with a sulky face.


Having caught it without missing it, Hyazelki just tilted her head.




“You seem to be generous to the people of lower status.”




She just looked up at him curiously without answering anything.


Even the appearance was so pretty that it was hard to take his eyes off of her.


The man looked at her for a moment as if he were possessed, and then changed his expression as if he were wearing a mask.


“Are you raising the bird above your head? It’s so quiet.”


“I’m not raising it.”


“Really? It’s cute.”




Hyazelki didn’t answer because she couldn’t understand what was cute.




“Can I treat you to tea if you have time?”


“You don’t even know which family she is from.”




When Yuri got in between over again, the man turned his head to her this time.




“Then you answer it. Which family are you from?”




Yuri snorted as she stared at the man’s cold gaze.




“We’re not from the Kingdom of Dalyan. So My Lady has to go soon.”


“I just asked which family you are from.”


The man this time stepped away slightly from Hyazelki.




“It’s not good that you’re just too generous with the people of lower status. If you are an aristocrat, you should know how to act like an aristocrat.”




The man said so and reached for Yuri.


But as soon as the hand touched her shoulder, Yuri pushed her elbow to the man’s chest hard.


While his arm bent weakly and missed her shoulder, Yuri lightly hit the man’s face with the back of her hand with natural movement like water flowing.


It was so intense that Hyazelki could also feel shame and pain.


The man, who stepped back automatically, couldn’t hide his expression at the unbearable insult.




“How dare you… to me, the aristocrat of the kingdom…….”




The man, who wrapped his face where Yuri’s hand had hit, suppressed his anger and muttered in surprise.


Yuri said with a shrug.


“Oh, even if it’s a kingdom, don’t you know the Euston family of the Empire? If you are unhappy with my behaviour, please contact your family. Instead, I will also inform the Master of your approach to My Lady at that time.”






The man looked back at Hyazelki with a distorted face.


He seemed to misunderstand that she was the daughter of the Euston family.


However, both of them closed their mouths because they did not intend to correct the misunderstanding.


The man rolled his eyes along with his head and then left in a hurry.




“It’s not even funny.”




Yuri, who stared pitifully at the back of the man who was moving away fast, said.




“By the way, Yuri.”


“Yes, miss.”


“Why did he run away when you said the Euston family? Isn’t it a family of historical knights?”


“That’s right.”


Yuri nodded positively.


And added to help Hyazelki understand.




“He will be a laughing stock of the society if the news that he approached a Young Lady of the Euston family spreads throughout society.”


“Is that something to be laughed at?”


“The Euston family does not marry their children to anyone unless they are a strong family from generation to generation. A strong woman for giving birth to a strong son. A strong man for giving birth to a strong daughter. This is the rule of this family. So if someone wants to approach, they have to be stronger than the person they want to court or they have already been recognized.”


“Wow…… this is something wonderful.”


“It’s like an annoying rule, you know.”




Yuri smiled quietly as she saw Hyazelki’s shining eyes.




“However, the children of the Euston family are not usually capable of winning over the noble family. That’s why I ran away.”


“Oh, I see.”


He was not confident of winning against anyone from Dalyan, nor was he strong enough to be recognized by the family.


It was a foregone conclusion that he would be a laughing stock if society became aware that he approached the daughter of the Euston family.


In addition, he ran away because he didn’t have the courage to ask for her hand. And it would be even more disastrous if rumors circulated.


Having freed from the attention of the man who soon approached her, Hyazelki looked up at the snowflake tree again.


Hyazelki under the white snowflake tree looked like a blooming flower in the white snow.


Appreciating her, Yuri was slow to notice another person approaching them again.








At a trembling voice, Hyazelki turned her head for the second time.


The guy seemed quite nervous as his face was dyed red and his body was trembling.


He looked like he’s really pulled up his courage from the bottom of his stomach.


Yuri, who found the young boy, lost her fighting power and looked at him with a slightly sad face.


“Well, well, that……. You’re so beautiful, so beautiful, so charming….”




The boy smiled difficultly for a moment as if he was suffocating. And soon exhaled a long breath.


He concentrated all his attention on his breathing to catch his breath.


Then, he looked at Hyazelki again, and said with a hardened body.




“I, at first sight……. I fell in love! Please, now, give me a minute…….”






Hyazelki, who waited calmly for the boy’s words, opened her eyes wide.


It was difficult to say anything straight into the face.


The boy who was staring at her even cried because he could see her smiling awkwardly.




“Oh, that’s….”




The boy, who read the meaning of rejection from her appearance, sighed for not being able to convey his words properly.


She was as beautiful as the only flower in the world. It was overwhelming enough for him to lose his words up close.







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