Chapter 43 (Part 2)

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Hearing this sentence “Xie Lutang is all I have left” from Qin Wanwan’s mouth, Jian Xingzhi felt a bit uncomfortable. He couldn’t help but feel that his young disciple is very naive and innocent. Xie Lutang, this old man, obviously he is hundreds of years old, but he still wants to cheat the little girl, bastard! An old cow grazing on tender grasses!


Qin Wanwan sat down on the ground again and raised her hand to start the formation: “I’m going to form the Nascent Soul!”




Shen Zhiming shouted, Liu Feishu coughed lightly and reminded him, “Shen-daojun, the thunder doesn’t seem ordinary tribulation thunder. This girl staying here won’t do any good to us.”


Shen Zhiming did not speak, after a moment of silence, he suddenly moved forward with his sword in hand!


The spiritual power of the God Transformation stage swept towards Qin Wanwan. Xie Lutang immediately raised his sword and swung forward, both his and Shen Zhiming’s sword clashed together.


Shen Zhiming had just lost more than half of his spiritual energy in the earlier fight. But he was a realm higher than Xie Lutang, and when they collided, Xie Lutang still felt a tremor in his chest. But he held onto Shen Zhiming’s sword and spoke in a cold voice: “What does Lord Shen mean by this?”


“If we don’t let her go, she will form her Nascent Soul here, but I’m unwilling to let her go.”


Shen Zhiming finished in a cold voice: “Since it has come to this, I’m going to get rid of the nuisance.”


Just as he finished speaking, the coffin exploded. And the young man, dressed in a wedding robe, leapt out of the coffin and grabbed the sword from Qin Wanwan’s hand, before colliding with Shen Zhiming’s sword.


The wind swept his wedding clothes flying, Jian Xingzhi coldly commanded: “Qin Wanwan, start your tribulation here. I will protect you.”


Saying this, Jian Xingzhi cast a spell under Qin Wanwan. Qin Wanwan did not hesitate and nodded obediently: “Yes, Master.”


Xie Lutang dodged Liu Feishu’s long whip and wanted to say something, but thinking about Jian Xingzhi’s longsword that supported the sky in the Secret Realm, he swallowed all his words back.


Qin Wanwan sat cross-legged on the ground and immediately began to induce heavenly thunder and start the tribulation.


Shen Zhiming’s face changed dramatically, he ignored Jian Xingzhi, and rushed towards Qin Wanwan with his sword.


However, Jian Xingzhi moved faster. He not only defended himself but also attacked and stabbed straight towards Shen Zhiming!


Shen Zhiming had no choice but to step back. Just in this small step, the whole situation immediately changed.


Jian Xingzhi’s range of motion of his sword swinging was very small. All his attacks were directed towards Shen Zhiming’s face. Because the range of motion was small, the speed of attack was very fast. Shen Zhiming felt that dense rain mixed with gale was attacking him without giving him any opportunity to breathe.


But the most frightening thing was that the Sword Intent hidden in every attack was so powerful that it shook Shen Zhiming’s divine sense. Although Shen Zhiming was two realms higher than Jian Xingzhi, Jian Xingzhi’s sword attacks were so powerful that he was forced to retreat a few steps!


When they were fighting, a thunderous roar from above was heard. The thunder as thick as a dragon’s body bombarded down, exploded the stone roof above their heads, and headed straight towards Qin Wanwan!


Such a shocking thunder shocked everyone and they all subconsciously dodged. But Jian Xingzhi on the other hand pointed his long sword above and forced the thunder to change its direction. A thin strand of thunder was attracted by his sword and ran towards the tip of his sword. Jian Xingzhi used the sword as a whip and threw the thunder towards Shen Zhiming!


Shen Zhiming dodged immediately and heard the second wave of heavenly thunder grumbling above. He moved away and hissed towards Junshu: “Junshu, let’s go!”


At that time, Jian Xingzhi used his sword to attract another strand of thunder and threw it straight towards Junshu!


Shen Zhiming, who had already escaped, saw this scene and hesitated a little. He had to rush to Junshu again to block the thunder. The thunder was of Heavenly Dao and it was too powerful for him to endure, so he vomited a mouthful of blood.


The thunder fell down on him and he felt his veins and blood vessels seemed to explode. He frantically ran towards the exit with Junshu following behind. Jian Xingzhi in the meantime swept a cold glance at the surrounding people who were still looking at Qin Wanwan and him. Without saying a word, he raised his hand again and threw his sword flying in the air. The third wave of thunder was attracted to the sword and condensed into it. One single sword immediately split and became ten thousand swords. Like fireworks, they exploded in the sky and fell towards the people in the surrounding area with breathtaking speed.


The sword-wielding cultivator was unable to escape and directly killed on the spot. Liu Feishu, Ning Buyan and others immediately fled, Shen Zhiming also dragged Junshu and sped away towards the distance.


Standing underneath the dense longswords, Jian Xingzhi’s red wedding robe became even redder and dazzling.


“The disciple of Benzou,” Jian Xingzhi coldly said to no one in particular, “is not someone that chickens and dogs like you can bully.”


“None of you can escape Benzou!”


The flying swords seemed to sense Jian Xingzhi’s anger. They chased Shen Zhiming and others all the way to the exit.


When they were gone, Jian Xingzhi turned his head to look at Xie Lutang who was injured not far away and ordered: “Go rest.”


With that, he turned around and walked into the thunder zone.


Xie Lutang spoke anxiously, “Senior ……”


But before he could say anything, Jian Xingzhi had already entered the middle of the thunder zone.


Giant thunder as thick as a dragon’s body fell one after another on Qin Wanwan, Jian Xingzhi came to her and sat down cross-legged in front of her.


Qin Wanwan, who was in great pain, opened her eyes with great difficulty and saw the calm youth in the white light.


She suddenly spoke aggravatedly: “Master, it hurts.”


“The path of cultivation is painful.”


Jian Xingzhi held her hand, and just like the last time they formed the Jindan, the two of them flowed their spiritual energy through each other’s circumference.


Qin Wanwan had already finished quenching her body and muscles, but Jian Xingzhi began to quench her body again in case she needed it. Together, they turned the thunder into spiritual power to wash over the sea of consciousness, Qin Wanwan was in so much pain that she couldn’t hold on any longer. But for some reason, seeing Jian Xingzhi’s calm appearance, she felt the pain was bearable.


Another thunder fell, Qin Wanwan trembled at the powerful energy. After a long time, she couldn’t help but ask, “Master, aren’t you in pain?”




Jian Xingzhi spoke: “But my master said, ‘if it hurts, bear it, if you are suffering, get used to it, then it will no longer hurt or bother you’.”


“What if I can’t bear it anymore?”


Qin Wanwan wanted to cry, she wanted to find some comfort from Jian Xingzhi. Jian Xingzhi paused for a moment and opened his eyes before saying: “So what if you can’t bear it? There’s nothing else I can do to help you besides hitting you. Are you still unable to bear the pain?”


Qin Wanwan: “……”


“I can bear it.”


Qin Wanwan spoke with tears in her eyes.


She shouldn’t have hoped for any comfort from him. Sorry, she was wrong.





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Jian Xingzhi: “Today was very lively, many guests came, I wore the groom’s robe, and Wan Wan wore the bride’s robe. We bowed to each other as dual cultivator partners. In simpler terms, I got married today, oh yeah!”


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