Chapter 43 (Part 1)

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The moment she heard these words, Qin Wanwan’s first reaction was.


He is alive?


Then her second reaction – how dare he live?


She thought that he was dead, but now he dared to live?


The hand that was clasped with her hand didn’t give her any touching feeling. Rather, only the impulse to crush the coffin and bury him in the ground rose.


The good thing was that under the guidance of Jian Xingzhi’s divine sense, the pain in her tendons and veins eased a little, which made her head clearer than before and gave her the reason to think straight. She pushed herself with the help of her sword and asked Jian Xingzhi in a whisper: “What are you doing inside?”


Jian Xingzhi had the character of meddling in other people’s business. But how could he lie flat inside a coffin when a fight is happening outside? Shouldn’t he get excited and start fighting already?


But Jian Xingzhi gave her a reason out of his character: “I stole the Linglong Jade, we have to find the opportunity to escape now.”


Qin Wanwan’s heart thumped in excitement, but she didn’t show anything to her face and looked calmly at the surrounding people before speaking: “My Master is dead, I couldn’t feel his breath.”


Some teachers and disciples have some special connection with each other’s divine sense. Everyone looked at the coffin filled with holes made by swords and nodded understandingly.


The sword-wielding youth, who was ignored between their chattering, became angry and shouted at Qin Wanwan: “Did you take the Linglong Jade?!”


Linglong jade?” Qin Wanwan revealed a look of surprise, “Linglong Jade appeared already?”


The words of Qin Wanwan made everyone drop their guard. After all, she appeared here after the Linglong Jade vanished, so it was impossible for her to steal it. Then the Linglong Jade should be in the hands of the few people present here.


Five people began to look at each other suspiciously again, Jian Xingzhi in the time being finished combing her Qi and retracted his hand. Qin Wanwan also immediately took her hand back and asked the sword-wielding youth a little overbearingly, “Did you kill my master?”


The man with the sword didn’t say anything, he had realized that the surrounding Qi had long been drained by Qin Wanwan. Now that he didn’t have any power left, he didn’t dare to be arrogant and only looked away.


Qin Wanwan lifted her sword and pointed it at him before saying: “I still have things left to do today, so I will bury my Master first. When the day comes, I will return an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth!”


With that, Qin Wanwan turned her head and raised the coffin in grief, signaling Xie Lutang on the way: “Xie-daojun, let’s go.”


The crowd froze, they didn’t expect Qin Wanwan to leave the matter behind so quickly. But when they felt the heavenly thunder coalescing above, they understood that this girl was at the last stage of forming her Nascent Soul. If she stays here, the heavenly thunder, not only will cause trouble for everyone, but it may also turn them into a group of fried chicken.


They couldn’t help but feel pity for Qin Wanwan. The disciples of an ordinary sect are protected at the time when they form their Nascent Soul. The masters not only help the disciples to endure the pain, they even guide the disciples to the correct way and protect them at the time they are in danger.


But, Qin Wanwan was so ill-fortunate, just at the critical moment of forming the Nascent Soul, her master died. Now she has no one to protect, so even though she was fortunate enough to reach the Nascent Soul stage, it became a curse for her in the end.


But finding the Linglong Jade was the important thing, and other matters are trivial. The group stopped caring what would happen to Qin Wanwan without her Master and began to check each other for the Linglong Jade.


“I have been fighting together with Master Shen and Daoist Junshu.” Ning Buyan was the first to prove his innocence.


“I was entangled in the fight with Young Master Jun.” Liu Feishuo also said frankly.


When the group were busy questioning each other, Qin Wanwan and Xie Lutang were carrying the coffin and moving towards the exit of the cave with a pretense of calmness.


A small ant quietly climbed onto Xie Lutang’s shoulder and spoke in a whisper, “Xie-daojun.”


Xie Lutang knew it was Nan Feng, he gently responded and transmitted his voice to Nan Feng: “How is Daoist Jian?”


“Alive and well.”


Hearing these words, Xie Lutang let out a sigh of relief.


Just as they were about to leave the cave, the group of five that were doubting each other suddenly woke up with a sudden realisation.


Junshu sternly shouted out: “Wait!”


Qin Wanwan and Xie Lutang immediately stopped in their tracks and heard Junshu questioning, “Xie Lutang, weren’t you dead?


When Junshu asked this, everyone next to him also reacted. Liu Feishu was surprised as he asked, “Yes, weren’t you dead, Xie Lutang?”


“Fellow Daoist Xie?”


Ning Buyan’s eyes widened: “You ……”


“I apologize for deceiving everyone, it was just a ploy of mine.” Xie Lutang put down the coffin and bowed towards everyone, while explaining with frank face and utmost sincerity, “Jian-daojun is like a brother to me. But his cultivation level is poor, and he was captured by an evil person. I knew I was unable to rescue Jian-daojun, and I was afraid you wouldn’t save him if I revealed the truth. So I had no choice but to deceive everyone to come here.”


“But ……” Liu Feishuo could not understand, “Why did you pretend as if you were dead?”


“Because I also had to go to save Miss Qin, so I couldn’t stay with fellow Daoists. I was afraid that if I refused to go with you, you would think it was a trap set up by me, so I pretended to be dead.”


“Since Jian Xingzhi and you are like brothers, and his life was in danger, why did you choose to save this Qin-guniang instead of saving Jian Xingzhi?”


When Junshu narrowed his eyes in suspicion and asked, Xie Lutang turned his head to look at Qin Wanwan, his eyes were full of deep emotion.


Qin Wanwan, who was gazed by such deep emotion, was nervous for some reason. Her heartbeat suddenly accelerated, she had never felt this kind of feeling of ‘love you till death do us part’ from someone’s eyes.


At that moment, she felt that the person in front of her was not Xie Lutang, but Jack from the Titanic.


“That’s natural,” Xie Lutang said seriously, “I have deeper feelings for Miss Qin than Jian-daojun.”


The people present were defeated by this impeccable logic.


After a long time, Liu Feishu murmured, “So, you took a liking to your brother’s disciple, and without thinking if he died or lived, you threw his responsibility to us and went to rescue the girl yourself?”


When this was said, everyone knew why Xie Lutang was trying to be as silent as possible. He was clearly taking advantage of someone’s misfortune!


Everyone looked at Qin Wanwan, then at Xie Lutang, then at the coffin next to them, and suddenly felt contempt for Xie Lutang and pity for Jian Xingzhi who was ‘sacrificed’ for nothing.


But out of caution, Shen Zhiming still spoke: “No matter what, before the Linglong Jade is found, you are not allowed to leave.”


“But I’m about to form my Nascent Soul.”


Qin Wanwan frowned as she asked, “Are you sure you want me to stay here?”


“Then you can go.”


Shen Zhiming said very coldly, “Your Master’s coffin and Xie Lutang must stay.”


“My Master died right here but I couldn’t save him. There’s no way I will leave him here! I have already let him down, I will never let him down again and leave him behind!”


Qin Wanwan said with a righteous face and sat down on the ground stubbornly, “If you want me to stay, I’ll stay here and form the Nascent Soul. You guys don’t mind me and continue to fight with yourselves!”


Just as she finished saying that, everyone present heard the rumbling of thunder over their head. The sound was heavy, as if a dragon was growling, they perceived that it probably wouldn’t be the ordinary heavenly thunder.


Everyone began to hesitate, looking at Qin Wanwan’s resolute attitude sitting on the ground, Shen Zhiming pursed his lips and spoke up after a long time of hesitation: “Then, you can take your Master’s body away, but Xie Lutang has to stay behind.”


“I don’t want to!”


Qin Wanwan spoke decisively: “Xie-daojun has deep emotion for me, how can I leave him here alone? My Master is already dead,” Qin Wanwan got up with teary eyes and looked at Xie Lutang, holding his hand, she spoke with her acting skill turned on to the fullest, “I only have Xie Lutang left now. So I’m going to form my Nascent Soul here! Let’s all die here together!”






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