Chapter 42

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“Tell me immediately if you are in danger.”




Hyazelki smiled brightly as she glanced at the red and black bird sitting on top of her coral hair.




“Yes, Papa.”


“Have a safe trip.”


“I’ll be back soon.”




As the words left her mouth, Hyazelki felt touched. Wherever she goes, she knew she would come back here.




“Take care of her properly.”


“Yes, My Lord.”




After the short greeting, Kael sent the two to Fiora.


Kael, who held back even though it was clear that he was full of complaints, turned around.




“Should I bring the carriage?”


Kael nodded silently to the butler who was looking at him.




* * *




Fiora was the capital of the Kingdom of Dalyan, which occupies one part of the northern lands.


As it was a kingdom generally located in the cool northern land, it was a country where trade became active by making products that only grew in this land.


Yuri, who had previously communicated to Medil through a messenger bird with the help of Kael, headed to the appointment place shortly after arriving at Fiora.


As a city in the northern part of the country where winter is the most beautiful, there were many snowflakes and snowman-shaped decorations.


Some of them were carved with ice, which caught Hyazelki’s eyes quickly.




“What a beautiful city.”




Yuri urged, pushing Hyazelki’s back, who was looking around and muttering.




“Yes, yes. We can see it later. We need to meet Medil first.”


“Yes, Yuri.”


With a smile on her face, Hyazelki hurried along the road, looking at the street with regret.




“How have you been?”




As a designer who made a name for himself, Medil was still attractive.


Yuri and Hyazelki, who arrived at Medil’s studio prepared during their stay in Fiora, looked a little exhausted.


In addition, the messenger bird sitting on Hyazelki’s head looked marvelous.


Medil, who was staring at the immovable bird, soon shrugged his shoulders and asked.




“What happened?”




Yuri explained to Medil, who asked with a questioning face, with a flushed face.




“Men keep chasing her. I knew my Lady’s beauty was amazing.”




Medil smiled quietly at the way she talked about it.


“Come, come. Come on in. I’ll arrange a carriage for you when you go back.”




Sitting comfortably on the soft sofa, they finally felt relieved.


This has never happened before, so Hyazelki was embarrassed.


Although she didn’t go out often, she had been out of the castle quite a few times. But something like this has never happened before.


Which noble family’s daughter are you? May I treat you to tea, or perhaps a meal? Please wait a moment.


To avoid all those words, Hyazelki had to hurry further.


Until now, Kael, Jiel, and Lihan had been around, so people like those avoided her.


However, Hyazelki, who could not have known that, was just embarrassed.


Medil asked a staff member in the studio for tea, and brought a bundle of paper and a notebook.




“I heard you’re coming-of-age on your birthday.”


“Yes. How did you know?”


“Someone asked me to make the most beautiful dress that I’ve ever made before for you.”




Medil spread a bunch of paper and notes on the tea table in front of the sofa.




“Papa said that?”


“By all means. Well, it’s your special day, I want to make the most beautiful dress for you.”




Medil picked a few sheets of paper from the scattering paper and held them out to Hyazelki and Yuri.




“These are the things I designed when I first saw you, when I imagined you as an adult. And this is what I designed after I was asked to make a dress for the coming-of-age ceremony.”






Hiazelki looked at the papers that Medil handed over one by one.


Everything was pretty to her.


“Everything is pretty, Medil.”


“Of course. Everything will be pretty if you wear it. Oh, come to think of it, the clothes you ordered the other day were completed, so I brought them on the way here.”


“Really? Miss, how about you try on a few?”




Yuri, who was looking at the paper with the design on it, raised her head excitedly.


Hyazelki nodded reluctantly because of Yuri’s very excited face.




“Well…… just a few. Just two.”




Hyazelki raised her two fingers and set the number because she knew she had to try on everything Medil brought since Yuri said “a few.”




“Wait, I’ll get them in a minute.”




Medil, who seemed to be in a good mood, turned to get the clothes while humming.




“Would it be okay if you try only two? How about a few more….”


“Yuri. We have to go back today. I want to see Fiora.”




She didn’t want to spend too much time trying on clothes.


On the way to the studio, Yuri urged her to hurry and she couldn’t even see the streets properly.




“That’s true, too.”




Yuri, who quickly accepted, nodded and stood up suddenly.


It was because she found Medil pushing the hangers where the clothes were hanging and coming this way.


Yuri immediately looked at the dresses, but Hyazelki first stared at the shirt and pants.


Among them, what stood out was a uniform-like cloth.


She felt it looked different from the clothes she usually wore for her training.


As she stared onto it and gazed at it as if possessed, Medil approached with a proud face.




“I designed a new knight uniform of the Imperial Knights of the Empire. This is an additional one for me.”




“Yes. In return, please show me your swordsmanship someday.”




Hyazelki nodded shyly.




“Yuri, I want to try this on.”


“Then try this one too!”




Hyazelki took the uniform she liked handed by Medil and the dress that Yuri handed before following Medil to the dressing room.


Hyazelki tried on the dress first, as Yuri requested.


It was a light sky blue dress reminiscent of the sky. The skirt looked luxurious with white lace.


On the top, the colour tone was a little lighter, and the color got darker as it went down and looked impressive.


In addition, it was a little different from what she had received from Medil so far.


It was an off-shoulder garment that showed her shoulders in all its glory. In addition, thanks to the wrinkles of the clothes that wrapped around her waist, the volume stood out even more.


“Yu, Yuri……. This……”


“You look so pretty, Miss! This must be a dress made only for you.”




Hyazelki blushed at Yuri’s words close to praise.


She patted her on the shoulder for no reason on the clothes with unfamiliar exposure.




“Doesn’t it look strange?”


“What are you talking about! You look more beautiful than any other princess.”


“Yuri, you shouldn’t go around saying that. Of course, she is as beautiful as you say, but you may get caught by guards for no reason.”


“I’m saying this because only the people I can trust are here.”




Leaving their conversation behind, Hyazelki quickly closed the curtains.


Then she threw off her shy dress.


She carefully wore the uniform that she wanted to try on. Yuri, who was helping her, could not stop admiring her.


With comfortable movement as the top priority, she boasted hard next to Hyazelki saying that clothes were made using only the finest fabric.


She didn’t feel any inconvenience in sticking the clothes to her body.


White shirt and white pants. And a jacket with a unique design.


The dark red jacket, which only came near the chest, was embroidered with gold thread. The collar half covering the neck was neat.


She even wore high boots. But she felt a little empty because she didn’t have a sword at her waist yet.


She wore a turquoise cape prepared for her and tied her hair up, which were flowing like a beautiful waterfall.




“Miss……you must take this one too. You look so cool.”




Yuri’s touching words, which covered her mouth with both hands and admired, also sounded blurry.


Hyazelki was looking at herself in the mirror.




‘…… Knight.’




She looked quite like a knight.


Hyazelki loved the clothes so much that she thanked Medil from the bottom of her heart.




“Thank you so much, Medil. I really……. I really, really like it.”


“I’m glad you like it.”




Hyazelki, who checked herself in the mirror for the last time, changed her clothes again and smiled lightly.


After changing back to her original clothes, Hyazelki approached Medil while Yuri was distracted by the dresses on the hanger.




“Medil, can I ask you a favor?”


“Yes, whatever you like.”




Facing Medil’s soft smile, she felt a little more courageous.




‘……I’ll be in trouble…….’




She was getting greedy, and she thought she would be in trouble because she felt like she was being selfish.


But she also liked that kind of self.


Smiling with a complex face, Hyazelki said, smoothing the uniform she had just worn.


“This uniform… Please make one more for me.”


“One more?”


“Yes, in the size of Lihan.”






Medil couldn’t hide his smile after understanding the reason and exclaiming in a small voice.




“Yes, I’ll prepare it for you.”


“Thank you, Medil.”


“Then I’ll send Lihan’s clothes later, along with yours. Since Lihan’s clothes needs some arrangements.”


“Yes, I understand.”


“Now! You have to choose a dress, right?”




Hyazelki sat on the sofa with Yuri, who was buried deep in the design of the dress.


Everything seemed pretty to Hyazelki, so she didn’t help much in choosing a design.




“Here, this part of the design over here…….”


Hyazelki was watching Medil, who was having a heated discussion with Yuri, and turned her head slightly.




“Then I’ll modify the design like this.”


“Medil must be a genius.”




Hyazelki, who had been waiting calmly while looking at the excited Yuri, carefully called her.






“Yes, Miss. Do you need anything?”


“Hmm……. If the matter of dress is settled to some extent……. Can I take a look around?”




Yuri, who was very excited about the dress, only then remembered that Hyazelki said she wanted to see the city of Fiora.




“Oh, yes! You said you wanted to see Fiora.”


“It’s okay if I go alone.”


“No, that’s not possible.”




Medil suddenly pushed Yuri lightly while looking at her with a stern face.


“Yuri, you can come later. We’ll have to revise the design.”


“Really? Then I’ll be right back.”




Seeing Yuri standing up after leaving her seat, Hyazelki smiled a little awkwardly.


She felt a little sorry for interrupting the two people who were having fun talking.


But she couldn’t wait to see Fiora.




“Well, I’ll be back.”


“Yes, take your time.”




Hyazelki left the studio with Yuri while being seen off by Medil.








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