Chapter 42 (Part 2)

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The formation below absorbed the ‘blood’ but didn’t respond. But the youth was completely oblivious of this, he was filled with the joy of ‘killing’ his enemy and laughed like a maniac. The group of four looked at the person who was acting high and mighty a moment ago but laughing like a crazy person the next with an inexpressible expression.


Suddenly, the youth stopped laughing, raising his hand with the sword, he looked at the group with crazy eyes.


“Now,” the youth’s voice turned a few octave lower before exclaiming loudly, “it’s your turn!”


As he said, the tentacles began to strangle the group more violently like before. Shen Zhiming and others became a little shocked, drawing the spiritual sword, Shen Zhiming cut down the tentacles binding him and shouted fiercely, “You are simply looking for death!”


The group of people again became entangled in another feat of fighting.


On the other hand, Qin Wanwan was in the critical stage of forming the Nascent Soul. As she cried buckets of tears, she kept absorbing the spiritual energy of Hua Rong which was getting thinner and thinner by the moment. All her concentration was focused on forming the Nascent Soul and she could no longer feel or hear anything, her reaction became almost subconscious.


As she looked inside her divine sense, she could vaguely see the shape of a person appearing inside. The person was very small, just like a baby. And its whole body was pure white. As she kept absorbing the Qi, she saw the little person slowly growing hands and feet ……


The vague shape of the person started to become clearer and clearer, and its body appeared more and more delicate. Qin Wanwan had absorbed an abundant amount of Qi in her body, but for some reason, she couldn’t feel the person with her five senses.


As the Qi was being absorbed by her, a little amount of Qi was also going to the side of Jian Xingzhi and the group, which was the centre of the formation. Qin Wanwan felt her body brimming with Qi, weather her spiritual root of her Jindan, both have depleted and were at their limit.


There was no place in her body that didn’t hurt, the speed of spiritual energy absorption also slowed down because of too much pain. Xie Lutang frowned at the sudden slow speed and couldn’t help but speak: “Miss Qin, please hold on a little longer. The last stage of forming a Nascent Soul is the most difficult. Get yourself together, everything will be fine afterwards.”


Qin Wanwan couldn’t say or hear anything, her mind started to give her countless reasons to stop, her teeth were chattering, and she couldn’t feel any strength in her body.


From the distance, the sound of fighting was coming. The sound abruptly stopped and Qin Wanwan suddenly heard a wild laugh.


“He’s dead! Your little friend Jian is finally dead! Jian Xingzhi, he’s dead!!!”


As soon as these words reached her ears, Xie Lutang instantly turned around in surprise, and Qin Wanwan also opened her eyes.


Impossible, Jian Xingzhi is dead?


Qin Wanwan couln’t believe it. At that moment, the spiritual energy around her body instantly became chaotic, as if it was about to burst. Xie Lutang hurriedly raised his hand and held her shoulders, guiding the spiritual energy in her body.


“Qin Wan!” Xie Lutang shouted, “Your mind has become chaotic, stabilise your thoughts!”


“He said ……” Qin Wanwan stared at Xie Lutang, her teeth chattering as she murmured, “My master, is dead.”


“You have to control your spiritual energy first.”


Qin Wanwan heard Xie Lutang but didn’t respond. She couldn’t stop thinking about the voice saying her Master is dead, she should take revenge for him.


Qin Wanwan clenched her fist, the sound of fierce fighting again came from the side. The ground shook, at that moment, she could no longer care about all the pain in her body. Whimpering lowly, she let the Qi run in her body without any hesitation or resistance.


The Qi that was flowing in the direction of Jian Xingzhi suddenly turned its head towards her and exploded around her. Xie Lutang was sent flying at the explosion, and when he got up, he saw that the Qi had formed a huge vortex in front of her. It was like a tornado, spinning round and round and Qin Wanwan sitting in the centre of the tornado. She looked peaceful and calm, like a statue of God standing in the torrent of wind freely.




The little person inside her has gradually begun to have a face. The blood on the formation gradually spread around, and at the same moment Qin Wanwan finished forming her Nascent Soul, dozens of flashy lights coalesced under the coffin of Jian Xingzhi.


Linglong Jade!”


Junshu shouted excitedly.


As soon as the words left his mouth, Liu Feishu pounced on him. After that, he turned his head towards Ning Buyan and shouted, “Brother Ning, take the Linglong Jade. Let’s work together, this one will be yours and the next one goes to me!”


All four of them had extremely serious cultivation loss, if he didn’t ally with Ning Buyan, Liu Feishu was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get the Linglong Jade from the group of Shen Zhiming and Junshu.


“Let me off!”


Junsh raised his hand and punched Liu Feishu, Ning Buyan and Shen Zhiming rushed towards the Linglong Jade together. The sword-wielding youth, who was at the front also shouted, “Don’t even think about it!”


Five people got entangled again in another fight. Jian Xingzhi poked his head out from the coffin and peaked at the situation outside, seeing the five people busy killing each other, he took this opportunity, and swiftly took the Linglong Jade. Stuffing it into his Qiankun bag, he went back to the coffin as stealthily as possible and covered the coffin lid before lying back.


The sword-wielding youth, Shen Zhiming and Ning Buyan fought fiercely with each other. Although the youth had infinite spiritual energy, in front of Shen Zhiming and Ning Buyan’s joint forces, he was at a disadvantage. Just as the youth was about to send another wave of spiritual energy with his sword, the spiritual energy suddenly went away like a wisp of smoke and couldn’t leave any injury on Shen Zhiming or Ning Buyan. It was as if a fierce tiger ran up to bite but suddenly let out a gentle ‘meow’ after reaching over.


The sword failed to hurt Shen Zhiming and Ning Buyan, the three people dumbfoundedly looked at each other for a moment. Shen Zhiming and Ning Buyan exchanged a glance and took this opportunity to stab the youth on the stomach. The youth retreated a few steps, raised his hand and began to drag more spiritual energy to him. The formation above the head helped him condense the Qi and gathered them at the tip of his sword.


He covered the wound and laughed wildly: “Go to hell!”


Just as he finished speaking, he swung his sword towards the group of four. Shen Zhiming and Ning Buyan stood in position to defend the attack but before they could do anything, the spiritual energy suddenly became a gentle breeze and brushed past them.


The three people froze again, Shen Zhiming sneered, and Ning Buyan raised his sword.


The sword-wielding youth suddenly panicked and didn’t hesitate to turn his heel and run. But when he turned around, he saw the coffin where Jian Xingzhi was lying was still standing there, the coffin was still the same coffin, but –


“Where is the Linglong Jade?!”


As the youth shouted, the crowd also finally reacted. They looked at each other, and couldn’t help but doubt themselves. Their gazes were roaming at each other’s body suspiciously. Just at that moment, they heard a loud explosion behind them. With a loud boom, everyone was blown away.


As everyone slowly sat up and looked into the distance, they saw a woman in red and a purple-clothed man standing at the collapsed place not far away.


The woman held a long sword, her long skirt stained with blood. Dust and clamor were covering her sword, she slowly raised her head and gazed at them like a predator.


“Which one of you,” Qin Wanwan’s voice was cold, “killed my Master?”


Hearing these words, Jian Xingzhi looked up.


The coffin had long been stabbed into a colander by the fool with the sword. Thin strands of light fell in through the hole, and Jian Xingzhi saw Qin Wanwan standing not far away through the narrow hole.


She has such a beautiful face, and the blood-stained clothes made her look like a sharp blade that was just sharpened.


Jian Xingzhi was obsessed with swords all his life, and felt that no woman could be as beautiful as a sword. To him, a sword dripping with red blood might be the most beautiful thing he has ever seen in life.


But looking at Qin Wanwan, he realized for the first time in his life that there is a person who can be as beautiful as a sharp blade, sharp and stunning.


Everyone looked at Qin Wanwan in a daze, and the system in Jian Xingzhi’s head began to notify him crazily: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”


Caution! Caution! Mission eight’s key point is here. Please, requesting the Master to abide by the role of being the perfect hostage! Leave the spotlight to the heroine!


“What do you mean by being a perfect hostage?”


Jian Xingzhi was bewildered, so 666 hurriedly told him: “Just, just lie flat.”




Jian Xingzhi nodded, he observed the Qi surrounding Qin Wanwan and noticed that her spiritual energy was rioting and in urgent need of controlling. He frowned and was thinking about how to help her control her spiritual energy when he saw her walking over with her sword and stopping in front of his coffin.


“Where is my Master?”


Her voice was cold, the crowd finally reacted. Liu Feishu hurriedly pointed to the coffin and exclaimed: “He’s inside!”


Qin Wanwan turned around and saw the coffin with a dozen swords stuck in it, her heart ached and she was a little afraid to open the coffin for a while.


The thought of Jian Xingzhi actually dying in this small world was like an acrobatics troupe being killed inside a box while performing, she felt heartbroken.


At the moment, she was surrounded by Qi, the Qi was spinning around her like a storm. The sadder she became, the more violent the energy became.


She raised a trembling hand and placed it on the coffin.


“My Master, although he wasn’t a very good person,” she spoke in a dumb, sad voice, “he is overbearing, selfish, not smart enough, bullying people with his strength, always beating me, never cared about what I wanted, didn’t care about my inner feelings, broke my bones at any time in order to teach me martial arts techniques, and didn’t give me a vacation even after a tough job, carried me forward when I fainted and kept beating me after I woke up ……”


Qin Wanwan began to count his shortcomings, the more Jian Xingzhi listened, the more blank his face became. He couldn’t believe someone was badmouthing him at his ‘deathbed’.


Liu Feishu couldn’t help but console her: “Guniang, this kind of Master is better to be forgotten.”


“But he was my Master!”


Hearing this, Jian Xingzhi was moved. He suddenly felt that even if he couldn’t complete the task, he should never lie to her. This disciple of his is soft-hearted and kind, and was also filial, look how sad she is now ah.


So he reached out from one of the holes created by the sword and tugged her sleeve.


Qin Wanwan didn’t feel the movement and shouted excitedly: “He must die in my hands even if he wants to die! You have no right to kill him! And even if you kill him, how can you put him in the coffin and stab him like this?”


Jian Xingzhi continued to tug at her sleeve with a blank face.


Xie Lutang persuaded Qin Wanwan this time, “Miss Qin, why don’t we open the coffin first, in case Fellow Daoist Jian isn’t dead?”


“Dead ……” Qin Wanwan’s brain was overwhelmed, the pain caused by the spiritual energy and the sadness of Jian Xingzhi not dying in her hands were mixed together. Her mind was in turmoil, she was about to say something when she felt someone tugging on her sleeve.


“Don’t tug!”


Feeling impatient, she wanted to push that hand away, but when she did, the other party not only didn’t let go, but also held her hand in a smooth manner.


The other party’s hand was warm, filled with calluses for welding the sword for a long time.


The hands of Jian Zhiyan shouldn’t be filled with calluses. But after he became Jian Xingzhi, because he practised the sword everyday, his hands were soon brimming with calluses.


The moment her hands were held, a familiar spiritual energy came from the place where the palms met. As the spiritual energy helped her raging spiritual energy to run smoothly, she heard Jian Xingzhi’s voice in her ears.


“Your spiritual energy is out of control. Control it first, your Master is fine, don’t worry ah.”



[Mini theater]


Jian Xingzhi: “Wanwan was scared out of her mind by the news of my death, *showing a proud look*.”


Qin Wanwanzhi: “It’s true that the male pet was sent to be sacrificed for the female lead to ascend.”


Jian Xingzhi: “……”







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