Chapter 42 (Part 1)

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Jian Xingzhi lied down inside coffin, and thought of observing the fight outside. He very silently made a hole on the side of the coffin where ‘Bai Suiyou’ was standing.


He saw ‘Bai Suiyou’ sweeping a glance at his enemies and smiling faintly: “so many people have come to fight and accompany Benzou.”


The voice just fell, and Jian Xingzhi saw that the 40 ‘Favourable Impression’ on top his head instantly disappeared. He was shocked and immediately understood that this person was only the vessel of someone’s divine sense, the person who is controlling him isn’t here.


‘Bai Suiyou’s’ demeanor immediately changed. His face restored to his original ordinary appearance, and his body also became sturdier.


His face was cold and expressionless. Flipping his hand, a large sword immediately appeared in his hand. He calmly looked ahead, the tone of voice resounded in the whole cave without any emotional fluctuations: “If you escape now, I promise I will let you lived.”


“That’s funny.” A talisman paper appeared on Liu Feishu’s hand. He looked askance at the young man with the sword and said mockingly, “just you, who is only at Nascent Soul stage can kill all of us?”


The youth didn’t say anything, he looked down at the formation under his feet and murmured: “Just in time, you will be,” he raised his eyes, the sword in his hand rushed towards Liu Feishu as he exclaimed, “the sacrifice for the Linglong Jade!”


The long sword rushed straight with a violent momentum towards Liu Feishu. Liu Feishu deftly dodged, a long vine with flowers and leaves appeared in Liu Feishu’s hand. He raised his hand and the vine wrapped around the young man with the sword. At the same time, Shen Zhiming and Ning Buyan also teamed up, their Sword Intent broke through the air and rushed together to Bai Suiyou. Junshu also began to play his jade flute and sent a sound attack towards the youth. Four people teamed up against one man who was only at Nascent Soul stage, so the victory should be determined. According to the power disparity between ‘Bai Suiyou’ and the group, it should be just a piece of cake for them to defeat the youth. But who thought the young man with the sword was fiercer than they thought, he just swung his sword and the spiritual energy of four people were instantly swept away!


Blood flowed from the mouth of the four people as they fell to the ground. Countless tentacles like things rose from the spell formation under their feet. As if it was written in their mind they would only attack the person with high level cultivation, those tentacles rushed towards the group of four.


The group was shocked at the sight of the long tentacles and began to dodge in a panic. But the tentacles below the spell formation were so dense that there weren’t any place for them to stand still. So the four people could only float in mid-air, while looking for opportunities to attack the youth in the middle.


The cultivation level of the youth wasn’t high, his attacks and weapons weren’t first-class either. But the strange thing was that his spiritual power was majestic, every attack he used, the spiritual power directly knocked the group over. After being attacked by such strong spiritual energy, the group finally understood that something was wrong.


His spiritual power seemed inexhaustible, this person always dodged their attacks. How could he stand before the attacks of four cultivators who are obviously several levels higher than him? How could he restrain their attacks and stay unharmed? If this person doesn’t run out of his power soon, the group are afraid that they will all be buried here.


Cultivators cherish their lives, the higher the level of cultivators, the more so.


Having worked hard for thousands of years and encountering countless treasures and opportunities, the Linglong Jade was the most valuable of them all. But it wasn’t more valuable than their lives.


When the four of them gathered together, Liu Feishu was the first to speak out: “Forget it, this Daoist doesn’t want Linglong Jade, goodbye.”


As he said that, Shen Zhiming also immediately told Junshu: “Let’s go.”


Ning Buyan sighed and said helplessly: “Daoist Jian, I have tried my best. Sorry for leaving you.”


The four, just as quickly they came, the quickly they began to leave.


But the formation seemed to have no intention to let them go at all. Just as the four of them rushed to run outside, the tentacles became more excited. Countless tentacles again rushed to them and began to chase them. Before they reached the door, a huge rock fell down at the door of the cave, blocking them from leaving. In just a moment of hesitation, the tentacles grabbed the four people and dragged them straight back!


“Blood sucker,” the sword-wielding youth looked calm as he explained, “the formation will never let you go until it dries you all out of blood. Originally, I thought of using the people of Guicheng to sacrifice and summon the Linglong Jade. But since you guys came to accompany me, using them won’t be necessary.”


With that, the sword-wielding youth raised his hand, and the tentacles, with his signal surged with majestic spiritual energy. The tentacles suddenly grew thicker and began to strangle the four people who were tied up like a snake.


The four people used their own spiritual power to block these tentacles from strangling them. While the tentacles were trying to strangle them, they were trying their best to stop them and save their necks, so the two sides were at a stalemate. The young man walked to the coffin where Jian Xingzhi was still lying inside with a sword in hand. He raised his hand and touched the lid of the and said with a hint of mockery in his voice, “Didn’t you say you came to save him? Why are you all running away then?”


“Let us go.”


Shen Zhiming’s voice was cold: “I will forget whatever happened here and spare your life if you let us leave.”


“You people of the righteous path, always so pretentious. What situation are you in, aren’t you already aware? You are still talking about forgiving me? Don’t you guys want to protect this little friend Jian of yours? How about I kill him in front of you?”


As the sword-wielding youth talked about killing him, Jian Xingzhi’s heart thumped. He knew that the fight outside wasn’t finished yet, so he couldn’t even go out. He had to wait for the group to fight to death before coming out.


So he continued to hide inside, but he began to condense his sword in his mind, in case he needed to protect himself.


“I like to hear your pleas, if you are willing to say ‘I beg you’, I can assure that this person won’t die.”


The sword-wielding youth pressed the tip of his sword on the top of the coffin. He looked at everyone, and his gaze fell on Shen Zhiming’s face, “The Sect Leader of Wen Xin Sect, Daoist Shen, what would you like to choose between ‘I beg you’, and a person’s life?”


Benzou will never bow down,” Shen Zhiming said with a righteous and frank face, “I know, Fellow Daoist Jian is willing to die for justice.”


His words just fell, when the sword in the youth’s hand was plunged violently into the coffin. Jian Xingzhi quickly dodged to the side in fear, but the youth didn’t even blink and sent a chilling smile at Shen Zhiming: “What do you think, did this sword stabbed him or he dodged it?”


Shen Zhiming didn’t speak, the youth calmly pulled the sword out. Seeing no blood at the tip of the sword, he again plunged the sword in the coffin, this time in the middle. Jian Xingzhi was unaware of the angle from where the sword plunged in, but he still managed to dodge immediately.


The youth frowned, seeing this time he wasn’t able to stab him again, he pulled out another sword and plunged two swords in the coffin this time. But Jian Xingzhi avoided both the swords again and the two swords weren’t able to stab him. The youth became dissatisfied at the result and begs to plunge the swords from various sides. But each time, Jian Xingzhi dodged and didn’t give him the satisfaction of stabbing him.


The youth instantly became angry and grumbled lowly, “I don’t believe I can’t stab you.”


After saying that, countless swords appeared in his hands and he plunged all the swords at different angles to the coffin!


All the swords poked from one side and came through the other. The scene was too deadly for a faint hearted person to tolerate.


However, even after all the swords were plunged in and countless holes appeared in the coffin by the swords’ poke, there wasn’t any blood on the swords!


As the youth began to indulge himself in sword plunging, he forgot about the group of four who were tied by the tentacles. He began to madly pull more swords out of his Qiankun bag and plunge them all in the coffin.


“I don’t believe that I can’t kill you!”


The youth began to plunge the swords crazily, as if performing an acrobatic play. But Jian Xingzhi’s body was flexible, he twisted his body to dodge the position of the knife, even though it was very difficult.


A dozen swords, one by one plunged into the coffin. Jian Xingzhi knew that if this went on endlessly, he would surely be poked to death by ‘Bai Suiyou’. So he pulled out some water and some things that could be coloured with it. After finishing colouring the water, he poured them down on the swords.


The youth was finally satisfied seeing the blood flowing out of the coffin, and he burst out laughing: “He’s dead! Your little friend Jian is finally dead! Jian Xingzhi, he’s dead!!!”





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