Chapter 41

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She wanted to live her life completely.


She didn’t want to be chased by a curse, and she didn’t want to tremble in fear.


Hyazelki quickly swung the dagger toward the shaking black energy, which was lumped together as it was.


Then, the red light scattered in the air along the arc of the sword.


The light spread in all directions without destroying the place where the dagger had passed.


Then, a terrible scream was heard.




[We’ll be back. We won’t let you go.]




Before the black energy completely disappeared, voices were heard through the fading screams.


But Hyazelki was unwavering.


Even if it reappeared, the results would not change.




‘……I won.’




The study, where the remnants of the curse had disappeared, was littered as if a storm had swept through.


Lagging her hand with a dagger, she slowly looked around.


A bookcase leaning against the bookshelf next to it, messy bookshelves and books scattered on the floor, torn cushions, fallen chairs and tables.


Looking at them with an expressionless face, Hyazelki soon stepped forward slowly.


She walked in a straight posture, there was no hesitation in her steps.


Her steps stopped at the door.


The doorknob turned gently, and the door slowly opened.


Right in front of the door of the study, Kael was standing with a red equilibrium floating in the air.


Everyone looked at Hyazelki with surprised eyes.


The hair and clothes were disheveled, but there were no wounds.


When she faced them, a laugh automatically bloomed on Hyazelki’s face.


The cold blank expression disappeared without a trace, and she smiled enchantedly pretty.






Lisa, who looked suffocated by anxiety, called her in a low voice.


Hyazelki looked up at Kael standing in front of her.


Then she opened her mouth with a confident face.




“……I finally won.”




* * *




After being attacked by black energy in the study, Hyazelki spent most of her time on the training ground.


It was to train herself who was shaken by the whispering words.


All the more, just in pursuit of strength.


And months after Owin and Lihan left for the Euston family.


The cool weather became cool enough to freeze the breath.


At tea time, warm Earl Grey tea was served instead of cool iced tea.


At lunch, stews that warmed the stomach frequently appeared, and the number of freshly baked cookies and bread increased as snacks.


Lisa and Yuri whined a lot, saying they were worried she would catch a cold, but Hyazelki locked herself in the training ground regardless.


She couldn’t neglect her training just because it was cold.




“My Lady.”




Hyazelki, who was wielding a wooden sword, stopped the sword at Yuri’s call.




“What? I still have time for training…….”




Yuri put her hand on her waist while looking at Hyazelki’s sweat filled forehead.




“Miss, you forgot the promise you made with me, right?”






Her shoulders flinched at the word “promise.”








When asked back, Yuri sighed with a face that she knew it would happen.


“You were supposed to meet Medil with me before your birthday this year.”


“Oh, that one.”




Then Hyazelki scratched her head as if she had remembered.




“I’ll have to ask Papa.”


“Yes, so please stop training now. I’m afraid you’ll catch a cold.”




Although she wanted to wield the sword a little more, she calmly returned the wooden sword to its place.




“All right. I’ll go in.”




She was a little sorry for forgetting the appointment, so she decided to follow Yuri’s words.


Hyazelki, who soaked herself in warm water before the sweat cooled, wore a thick dress instead of pants and a shirt.


She has already completed today’s training, so she wore a dress as Yuri wanted.


The maids whined, saying that the days she wore dresses became less and less because she was dressed mainly in shirts and pants for her recently being confined to the training ground.


That’s why she would meet Medil with Yuri this time.


Yuri asked her to wear a pretty dress on her birthday because she only wore shirts and pants all the time.


She herself liked pretty things, so she agreed because there was nothing she couldn’t wear.


Wearing a dress and a shawl, Hyazelki headed to the dining room.


Walking slowly down the hall, she looked up at the sky out of the window.


Perhaps because winter came, the sun went down quickly.




‘…they said they’d be here soon.’




Hyazelki has yet to hear from Lihan, who left with Owin saying they would be back soon.


She tried to send a letter, but she gave up when Yuri said they wouldn’t be able to check the letter.


Yuri already knew what kind of training the Euston family would be giving to Lihan.


Hyazelki took another step and stared out the window with a hopeful face.




‘Will they come on my birthday?’


For her, birthday now means more than a day being celebrated as a happy day.


The dragons often took the time to visit the castle on Hyazelki’s birthday.


So her birthday wasn’t only the day she was born but also the day she met the people she wanted to see.


Entering the dining room, she had a cozy dinner with Kael.


Perhaps because she repeatedly exercised all day, Hyazelki felt hungry and ate up the steak served for dinner in an instant.




“Oh, Papa.”




Hyazelki, who was eating creme brulee for dessert, called Kael.


Kael, who was looking at her eating crispy caramel toppings and cold custard cream, said quietly.




“You eat a lot.”






Hyazelki, who was trying to get permission to go out thinking about her appointment with Yuri, raised her eyebrows in surprise.


“I need to eat a lot to gain strength.”


“If you eat so many sweets, you will gain weight, not strength.”






Kael grinned softly as Hyazelki pouted her lips with a grumpy face.




“Yes, why did you call me?”




Having a glass of wine instead of dessert, he answered, putting the glass down on the table.


The sulky Hyazelki said grumpily.




“I’m going out with Yuri.”


“Really? Where?”


“Fiora, I’m going to meet Medil.”


“Why doesn’t he come to the castle?”




Kael pretended to be as casual as possible, but it was evident that he didn’t like it.


Of course Yuri also wanted the same. But Medil refused to come to the castle. It’s not that they don’t know the reason, so Yuri had no choice but to meet him and agreed to go to Fiora.




“Medil is a busy man, too. Besides, I said I wanted to see Fiora.”




Fiora was the capital of the kingdom occupying a part of the northern lands.


It was also the closest city to the castle.


No matter how close it was, it would still take half a day by carriage.








Kael tilted the wine glass again and took a sip.


It was obvious that he didn’t want to allow it.


But now there was no reason not to allow it.


Strictly speaking, Kael was uneasy about letting Hyazelki out of the castle alone, but he couldn’t speak it out.


That would negate the effort she had put into training so far.






After clearing his throat for no reason, Kael poured the cheese and crackers in front of him into his mouth with wine.


He was chewing and contemplating for a while, but he brought up the words with difficulty.




“It’s a long distance, so I’ll have to go with you.”


“No, it only takes half a day by carriage.”


“It takes half a day. How will you come back in a day?”


“I didn’t say I’d be back in a day, Papa.”




Kael frowned at the answer that was returned.




“What do you mean?”


“I’m going to spend a few days in Fiora.”


“How many days?”




Kael’s face gradually distorted.


It was because she had never been away for days since she came to the castle.


In the past, it was only half a day, or all day, that he was away from the castle to punish the sinner.


Still, when the sun went down, he always came back and spent a little time together.


It was possible for him, regardless of the place, to travel and come back in time.


However, it was only possible for dragons, so she had to stay outside the castle because of travel time.




“……If it’s because of travel time, I’ll solve that part.”






If the travel time was resolved, there was no need to go for a few days.


Kael sipped the wine while watching Hyazelki worrying with nervousness.




“I think it’ll be a little troublesome……. Okay.”




Kael breathed a sigh of relief in response to the positive answer.




“But how are you going to solve it?”




“Not together.”




At the stern words of Hyazelki, Kael turned sulky.


She seemed determined to go on this outing without him.


Inevitably, Kael changed the subject.




“When are you leaving?”




In response to the question, Hyazelki turned her head and looked at Yuri.


She didn’t seem to know the exact schedule.


Yuri took a quick step forward and lowered her gaze and as she answered instead of Hyazelki.




“We will be leaving as soon as we get permission, Master. Medil is already in Fiora.”


“Really? So he’s waiting for you?”


“Oh, he said he was going to stay in Fiora for a while anyway. You don’t have to worry.”


“Still. If Medil is waiting, we’ll leave tomorrow right away. Can we do that?”


Kael, with a bitter face, nodded reluctantly.




“Then I’ll prepare for the leave tomorrow.”


“Thank you, Yuri.”




Unable to hide his disapproval, Kael stood up first.




“I see. I’ll prepare a means of transportation so that you can depart tomorrow.”


“Yes. Thank you, Papa.”




Kael stepped out of the dining room first.


Before leaving the dining room, he called Albert to order something and went back to his room.


Kael wanted to follow her even in the name of escort, but Hyazelki shook her head firmly.


Since Owin was not there, Yuri was the most reliable.


Even if he wanted her to take more people, she couldn’t increase the number of people for escort purposes because Hyazelki was the strongest among them. Only Owin and Lihan were stronger than her.


“Miss, we’ll have to leave early tomorrow morning, so why don’t you take a day off from training?”




It was upsetting to see a pretty girl locked in the training ground.


But she answered innocently whether she knew how she felt.




“Tell me in advance when you’re leaving. I’ll get up earlier and train on time.”




Yuri sighed as she looked at Hyazelki smiling with another spoon of creme brulee in her mouth.




The next morning, Kael stood at the entrance of the castle and put a thin bracelet on Hyazelki.


He explained that it will send her location to him wherever she goes. And if she breaks the bracelet in time of danger, she will arrive at the castle by magic.


If the wizards on the continent knew how easy it was for Kael to perform the art of putting magic into objects, their eyes would have turned upside down.


Finally, Kael made a messenger bird and placed it on Hyazelki’s head.






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