Chapter 41 (Part 2)

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The more Hua Rong spoke, the angrier he became, “They told me to collect taxes to improve the living condition of the city, and when I did, they began to blame me for tax evasion. When the tax money didn’t work, they told me why don’t I use my personal money to build this and that. When I built a school for them to study, they said I restricted their freedom. Not restrict them and they say the city lord doesn’t think of the future of the people. All day long, they approached me with trivial matters. Told me to plant more trees and flowers. I planted, and they began to say the city lord is careless, not seeing if people could eat or not and only thinking about greening. Suggested that the roads of the city should be re-built. They said I should lay green slate and alabaster on the side of the road, and I allowed. As a result, someone immediately said, if I re-built all the roads of the city, it would create problems for the people. They said it was good for the people, what good for the people!”


“I understand, I understand,” Qin Wanwan nodded and tried to comfort him, “Calm down a little ……”


But Hua Rong didn’t stop talking, still kept saying angrily, “A group of people said that Guicheng should start welcoming tourists and engage in tourism, to let the people see the beauty of the city, but they didn’t see if the city had the conditions! Another group of people said that Guicheng should develop iron ore and sell it to the Tian Chen Sect to earn more money, but they didn’t even know that mining can destroy and pollute the environment of the city. Set death penalty as the highest punishment and they said that I was too cruel and didn’t care about justice. Don’t set death penalty they say the law is not hard enough! No matter what I say, they keep refuting everything I say. All they know is complain against me!”


“You had a hard time ……”


Qin Wanwan heard him, and understood Hua Rong was forced into the demonic path by too much work.


A city lord, now single-mindedly wants to screw the people of the entire city to death for their behaviour.


In order to resurrect Lin Yanzhi, he looked for a suitable body every month, while creating a large formation to summon the Linglong Jade, and trying to use the Linglong Jade to resurrect Lin Yanzhi.


As a result, halfway through the plan, the big boss was cut off of his plan and instead put here to replenish his own created formation.


So, this boss is actually a good guy, he didn’t think of using his own people to sacrifice and resurrect Lin Yanzhi.


But who is he? Why did he still insist on Jian Xingzhi to go to him?


Qin Wanwan frowned, this Hua Rong was obviously hiding things, not speaking clearly. Rather than telling her more information, his mouth was busy complaining and cursing, “a hundred years! For a hundred years, they wrote me letters of complaint and advice every day, scolding me for being incompetent as the city lord and asking me to replace me with a clear and pure Daoist Monarch. Did they think I didn’t want to? Whenever I think that I killed the pure Daoist Monarch of Mingjing for this group of people, I feel like I’m a fool! I want to resurrect him, I must resurrect him! I don’t care about this place, let’s all blow it up together!”


“Go ahead and blow it up, before you blow it, tell me something. How are you going to resurrect Lin Yanzhi with this formation?”


“I laid two big formations here.” Hua Rong replied without hiding, “one, which is laid on the ground. After the blood is spread, it converges to the eye of the formation. After finishing converging, it will summon the Linglong Jade. Linglong Jade itself is the centre of all the Qi. If it falls to the eye of the formation, it can converge all the surrounding Qi together. Once the formation accumulates enough power, it can summon the soul of Mingjian Daoist, and help him occupy the body of the sacrifice at the eye of the formation. After the soul of Lin Yanzhi successfully occupies the body, the soul of the sacrifice will shatter on the spot.”


“What about the other one?”


“Another one set up above the head. Because I was afraid of trouble, I specifically set up another protective formation. This formation can get unlimited access to spiritual power from the surrounding. So if there is no absolute power disparity between two people, the person who created the formation will be invincible.”


“So are you the one who created the formation?” At Qin Wanwan’s keenly asked question, Hua Rong fell silent.


“The person who trapped me, he was far more powerful from the formation or me. He is using my blood, if I try to change the formation, I’m afraid …… It would create more problems.”


Qin Wanwan understood.


Hua Rong is now being used as a rechargeable treasure. The person who trapped him inside the coffin is using him to charge the formation, so even if he comes out, he won’t be of much use. And with his current mental condition, freeing him means freeing a formidable enemy.


“Understood.” Qin Wanwan nodded, “The situation is all clear to me.”


“Then you can open the coffin now, right?”


“That,” Qin Wanwan pondered what to say without irritating Hua Rong, “I sympathize with you regarding what happened to you, but I think you may still need to stay inside the coffin. Don’t worry, I’ll stop this blood transfusion formation for you before I go. Rest well, I need to go out and continue to form my Nascent Soul. I will try to not bother you anymore.”


If the blood transfusion formation is stopped, the Linglong Jade wouldn’t appear for the time being. In this way, she could delay some time.


Saying that, Qin Wanwan raised her hand to pull off the tubes inserted into the coffin one by one.


Hua Rong’s voice turned cold: “You lied to me!”


“I didn’t lie to you,” Qin Wanwan explained in a coaxing manner, “I just want you to calm down a bit before I understand your condition and release you. After I solve my own problem, I can come and release you later.”


Qin Wanwan finished pulling out the last tube. Patting her hands and clothes, she got up, “Then city lord, I’m leaving.”


“Want to leave?!” Hua Rong was completely enraged by her. In an instant, long, blood-colored whip-like things broke through the ground, and rushed straight towards Qin Wanwan.


Qin Wanwan was tied by the bloody whip around her waist. With a pull, she was thrown on top of the coffin, fiercely hitting her body on the cold hard surface of it.


“Open it! Open it right away!”


Hua Rong’s voice became unusually violent: “Or I’ll kill you!”


Qin Wanwan felt her waist was about to break, she clenched her fists as she said slowly.


“You know what.”


Qin Wanwan held her thin waist and slowly got up, “Other than Jian Xingzhi, you are the second person who hit me so hard that it hurts like hell.”


“Quickly, open the lid!” Another long whip once again rushed towards Qin Wanwan. This time Qin Wanwan did not hesitate, raising her hand, she condensed her sword, the sword instantly cut through the long whip. Before Hua Rong could even react, the long sword with Qin Wanwan’s spiritual power and Silent Mountain magic, directly pierced into the coffin, penetrating the coffin from one side to another.


Hua Rong’s voice abruptly stopped, blood dripping down from the tip of the sword.


Qin Wanwan huffed, holding her waist. It was when she was about to let out a sigh of relief, her sword started to shake. Qin Wanwan instantly reacted. Her intuition told it wasn’t anything good, she hurriedly removed her sword from the coffin and leaped straight outside from the body of Miyu!


She just jumped out of the body of Miyu and then saw Xie Lutang standing outside. Seeing her, Xie Lutang’s face revealed joy, he instantly moved to her, and was about to speak, when something caught his eyes. His face changed greatly, pulling Qin Wanwan behind him, he raised his hand and quickly set up a barrier. And just at that moment, a sudden explosion of spiritual power was heard.


This spiritual power was too strong, and Qin Wanwan and Xie Lutang together were blown away in the explosion. But those spiritual energy didn’t stop and began to crazily attack the two.


The two of them were attacked by the madness of the spiritual energy. That Hua Rong had swallowed all the spiritual energy of Lin Yanzhi, but because they were the spiritual energy accumulated in a demonic way, his heavenly body couldn’t internalise it properly, so the energy was always stored in his body in the Qi state. He was like a huge container of Qi, so now because he was stabbed by Qin Wanwan, it actually exploded.


Although logically, the spiritual energy had no owner, because they stayed in Hua Rong’s body for a long time, they were still somewhat in his control. Because of this, the spiritual energy rushed to Qin Wanwan for revenge.


Qin Wanwan figured out Hua Rong’s intention and gritted her teeth.


She simply sat down cross-legged and raised her hand to set up the Silent Mountain’s Nascent Soul forming formation.


Xie Lutang could not help but ask her: “What are you doing?”


“So much Qi is running rampant, I simply can’t let it go to waste.” Qin Wanwan closed her eyes, and began to directly drag the spiritual energy into her body. She continued to form her Nascent Soul, quenching her body and muscle was almost done, she just needed to accumulate a large amount of spiritual energy to her body. When she began to draw the Qi, it was like the water of the ocean was flowing towards a river. All the Qi rushed straight to her Jindan.




Xie Lutang tried to stop her from forming the Nascent Soul. Blocking the rampant spiritual energy from the front, he tried to warn her, “If you form your Nascent Soul here, your Jindan won’t be able to hold so much Qi. You will simply die!”


If it were before, she would have probably really died. But with a perpetual motion technique like the ‘Spring Birth’, as long as she could endure the pain, her chances of dying were less.


Moreover, her Silent Mountain’s Nascent Soul forming formation can mobilise the Qi to some extent, giving her a kind of protection.


Qin Wanwan didn’t reply to Xie Lutang and kept forming her Nascent Soul. Xie Lutang couldn’t interrupt her, he could only see how Hua Rong’s spiritual energy was being swallowed by her little by little. Hua Rong seemed to perceive that something was wrong, so he stopped attacking them and tried to run. But Qin Wanwan’s formation followed him, like a whirlpool, it dragged him back and stuck to him like a leech. He was finally caught in the formation, and all the Qi in his body rushed into Qin Wanwan’s body.


Xie Lutang saw Qin Wanwan’s recklessness, he could only sigh and sit down beside her with his legs crossed, in case he needed to protect her. He looked at her face, saw the flow of spiritual energy around her, and thought about the pain caused by the formation of forming a Nascent Soul. He knew how much it hurts and couldn’t help but admire Qin Wanwan.


Generally, the pain of forming a Nascent Soul is already difficult to bear. But Qin Wanwan rashly inhaled so much Qi in the body, the pain should become ten times worse because of this. But her face was still serene, she wasn’t out of breath, nor did her face show any sign of feeling pain. Her mentality was very strong, which was rare amongst normal people.


As Xie Lutang lamented, he saw tears flowing out of Qin Wanwan’s eyes.


Then, he heard her beginning to choke and meditate while crying.


“Why does it hurt so much ……” Qin Wanwan began to wail, “Why does it hurt so much!!!”


Xie Lutang froze as he listened to Qin Wanwan crying, howling and meditating. He wanted to open his mouth to advise but couldn’t understand what he should say, so just kept his mouth closed.


Seriously, it was the first time in his life did he see someone crying and forming their Nascent Soul.


When Qin Wanwan cried and formed her Nascent Soul. Jian Xingzhi was also carried to the eye of the formation.


He felt his coffin being lowered, and as he lay in the coffin, he heard someone around him walk to the coffin. After some shuffling, the lid of the coffin was opened.


“We meet again.”


The other person smiled softly with a tilted head.


Jian Xingzhi opened his eyes and saw a face that was extremely similar to his, but this face was obviously a disguise. Qin Wanwan might not be able to see it, but he had traveled extensively in the cultivation world, and this kind of low-level disguise technique was a small trick in his eyes.


He saw through his original face, but it was just an ordinary young man’s face. His cultivation level was only at the Nascent Soul stage. The only thing that attracted his attention was the 40 ‘Favorable impressions’ on top of his head.


Jian Xingzhi was silent for a moment and affirmed: “Bai Suiyou.”


The other party froze in surprise, “You actually recognised me?”


It’s hard not to recognise you when you have such a green good feeling on your head.


“Even if you recognize me, it doesn’t matter,” the other party lifted his head and said, “I like this body of yours, so give it to me, okay?”




“That’s not for you to choose.”


The last time Jian Xingzhi saw him was at the Sword Mound.


Bai Suiyou in the meantime formed his Nascent Soul. But with Jian Xingzhi’s golden body, even without the use of his divine sense, he could kill such a cross-level Nascent Soul cultivator without much problem.


Seeing him unwilling, Bai Suiyou smiled faintly: “You probably don’t know about me, I’m not someone you can defeat.”


The moment his voice fell, he raised his hand, converged his spiritual energy instantly and threw it towards Jian Xingzhi. With a blast, Jian Xingzhi who tried to get up from the coffin was knocked back to the coffin!


Jian Xingzhi immediately tried to climb up again, but before he could do so, he heard Junshu shouting: “Fellow Daoist Jian, we are here to save you!”


The moment the voice fell, Shen Zhiming’s Sword Intent rushed to Bai Suiyou. Bai Suiyou immediately leaped up and dodged it.


Then, Jian Xingzhi again heard Liu Feishu shouting from the opposite direction: “Fellow Daoist Jian, I’ve come to save you!”


Saying this, he sent countless butterflies toward Bai Suiyou, which rushed to their target like knives. Just as the butterflies were flying towards them, a cold Sword Intent from the other side also rushed forward. With a loud boom, Ning Buyan appeared with his fragile body. Coughing lightly, he also shouted while carrying his sword.


“Fellow Daoist Jian, I will not fail to fulfill the task entrusted by Fellow Daoist Xie. I will bring you to a safe place.”


Bai Suiyou looked at the increasing enemy who appeared from three sides and was dumbfounded. But the group was even more dumbfounded and looked at each other in surprise, not knowing why they all gathered there together.


Jian Xingzhi began to calculate; here, one person was at Tribulation stage, two people were at the Nascent Soul stage and two were at the God Transformation stage. He should let them fight first and only come out after the fight is finished.


So he lied back into the coffin, and pulled the lid of the coffin on the way.






The author has something to say:


[Mini theater – 1]


Long Aotian at the beginning.


“I want to kill him, I want to beat him to death. How can I stay away from fighting when others are engaged? I want to fight until the last moment!”


Long Aotian now.


“You guys fight, I’ve already pulled the lid of my coffin.”


Qin Wanwan at the beginning.


“I’ll rest a bit first, in case he loses the fight, I won’t have the time to rest.”


Qin Wanwan now.


“The people who dared to beat me like that are all dead, except for Jian Xingzhi.”


[Mini Theatre-2]


Hua Rong: “A hundred years ago, the divine city ruler of Mingjing slaughtered all the people of the city after he entered the demonic path. At that time, I stopped him. A hundred years later I finally understood that there was a reason why he wanted to slaughter everyone in the city.”


Two city lords of Guicheng, due to the extreme pressure of work, were turned into a demon.









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