Chapter 40

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Soon there was a knock outside the door.


The book that was flying around seemed to have been in an uproar as they moved violently.


Hyazelky shouted hastily, as she seemed to hear someone rattling the doorknob and trying to open the door.




“Don’t open the door! I’m fine!”


“Miss! What in the world is going on!”




Not relieved by Hyazelki’s answer, Yuri knocked harder on the door.


Hyazelki, on the other hand, cut through the black energy that fluttered to her with a dagger.


When the red-patterned blade brushed against it, the black energy moved wildly, but it did not retreat.


This time, as if she was really determined, she gradually moved the dagger faster.


Hyazelki felt more and more out of power.


Even if she cut it, it just kept running wild and dispersing. She kept swinging the dagger at a faster pace than that.




[Come to us.]



Hyazelki frowned at the unpleasant voice that was heard again.




“I don’t want to.”




She liked it here. This castle. Everyone in this castle.


As if it didn’t like the reply she returned, the black energy shook even stronger.




[You, you need to stay with us.]




The fierce black energy covered everything, as it suddenly exploded.




* * *




Bang, bang!


No matter how hard she knocked on the door, she couldn’t hear any answer from inside.




“Should I break the door?”




Yuri’s gaze sank coldly.


Since learning that a curse was on Hyazelki, Yuri has often been angry at the “curse” itself.


She could never forgive it for bothering the lovely child.




“Just wait.”




Lisa patted her shoulder seeing the expression on Yuri’s face, which seemed like she wanted to break the door of the study, at any moment.




“We should inform Master.”


“I’ll be back.”




Yuri, who answered quickly, kicked the ground and ran.


Lisa, who saw her running back moving faster and faster, knocked the study door anxiously.


It was rare to see a maid running in the castle.


The servant and maid passing through the hallway looked at Yuri curiously but she ran fast without having time to talk to them.


It took her only a moment from leaving the castle and arriving in front of the judgment room.


Yuri, who stopped for a while in front of the door, knocked on the door carefully.


Knock, knock.


It was silence that replied to her.


Still, Yuri did not open the door hastily and waited calmly.


No matter how urgent it was, this door was not to be opened recklessly.


Soon, the door creaked open and Albert showed his face.




“What’s going on?”


“Something has happened to Miss.”




Albert’s expression was distorted by Yuri’s urgent voice.


The butler stepped aside and revealed Kael facing the sinner behind him.


Yuri immediately dropped her head.


The condition of the sinner was not good, and Kael’s face was also expressionless.


If she looked at him, she thought it would be difficult to manage her own expression.




“I think it’s the curse again. The door to the study is locked…….”




Before Yuri, who bowed her head, finished her speech, Kael left the room of the judgment, leaving the sinner behind.


“Leave him alone. I will judge after I come back.”


“Yes, My Lord.”




Everyone left the place, leaving the sinner unattended.


After all, as long as he entered the judgment room, he could never get out of it alone.


It was the power of the dragons that trapped them, and that’s not something humans can do anything about.


Kael hurried along, unable to hide his nervousness.


When he reached the study, Kael expressed his anger at the scenery.


Some of the maids stopped by Lisa, who was still knocking on the door.








Yuri’s expression, who returned with Kael, also turned white.


It wasn’t this much before she went to call her Master. But black energy was leaking through the gap of the door of the study.




“Go away.”


Lisa, who was unable to calm down, took a step back at Kael’s subdued voice.


Just as he was trying to grab the doorknob, he heard something similar to an explosion inside the study.


Kael’s expression was already distorted at the sound.




* * *




A black space where no sound is heard.


Hyazelki was in the study until a while ago, but when she opened her eyes the next moment, it was indistinguishable darkness on all sides.




‘Was I swallowed?’




She even thought she might have been swallowed by the darkness.




[I hate you.]




The voice whispered back to her ear.


The grotesque voice whispered to her as if seducing.


She could feel the voice meant something far from what it said.




[You can’t be the only one who’s loved by God.]


It was now a mature and soothing tone.




[Isn’t it unfair? We’re trapped in eternal pain, but you’re the only one who’s happy.]




Hyazelki couldn’t help but think it was nonsense.


It wasn’t until her fourth life that she finally got her family and happiness that she had been waiting for.


What does her happiness have to do with their suffering?




[Do you know what happened to those parents who hurt you in their past lives?]




Hyazelki’s expression, who was about to roll her eyes, hardened.




[Did they really want to do that? Did they want to hurt you?]








[A human that was loved too much by God but not loved by humans at all. What a pity. They couldn’t help it. What do you think happened to them because of you?]


The golden eyes shook inexorably.


She never thought about it. She never thought about what happened to her parents after she died.


The darkness slowly approached her and surrounded her from everywhere without her noticing.


They never showed proper affection.


They always looked at her with a cool gaze, and even if they smiled at her, they couldn’t hide the hatred that fluttered in it.


After a moment of thought, Hyazelki was a little late in noticing the approaching black energy.


The approaching energy was cut down with the dagger in her hand.




“……don’t come.”




Hyazelki, who murmured low, unwittingly reached out to the congregation clock hanging around her neck.




[They became like that because of you. And you’re going to be happy all by yourself?]




Not wanting to hear any more, Hyazelki swung the dagger wildly. But the speed swinging the dagger was slower than before.


Now, she could feel the black thing not dispersing even after being stabbed by the dagger.


Kael’s strength on the dagger became weak.


The result was the same even when Hyazelki, who frowned, swung again.


She slowly lost her composure.


Everywhere she looked, it was dark. So she didn’t know the distance, and she couldn’t hear anything.


She didn’t know if she was still in the study or if she was swallowed by that darkness.




‘… I hate it.’




Even if she wanted to let her guard down a little, fear was tightening around her neck.


The hand holding the watch turned white.


Only once. She went to the Summer Festival and used her strength to stop the sinners.


Since then, she has never used the power of this pocket watch again.


Although she had the watch on her neck like a habit, she believed that she had become strong enough for the power to be unnecessary.


However, this darkness that covered everywhere soon gnawed at her heart.


Holding her pocket watch, Hyazelki groaned in a breathtaking fear.








She didn’t know how this force would move this time.


When she used it the other day, she tied up those who tried to commit evil deeds, but now there was no specific target.


At the spell of “Theus,” which she muttered, the congregation clock shone and again a chain of white and dark red colours sprang out.


Hyazelki wanted to run away from the darkness that kept approaching her.


Perhaps that’s why the chains overlapped and wrapped around Hyazelki.


As she was surrounded by a softly shining chain of spheres, Hyazelki felt a little at ease.


When she crouched down on her knees and arms, she felt angry again.








Why do they hate her? What did she do wrong?


It wasn’t her fault to be over-loved by God. She had never hung on for so much love.


But this ‘why’ was meaningless.


Just as Kael no longer asks sinners why they are guilty.


However, Hyazelki, who didn’t know it, tried to think of the reason.




‘……and why do I…….’




Relieved from fear, she was furious.


And I’m waiting for someone to save me……?


The anger was directed at herself.


If she waited like this and got out of this with someone’s help, she would lose again.


If so, she can never be free from the curse.


She can’t see the world outside the castle or walk on the streets alone. Moreover, Kael will not be able to stay away from her in fear and anxiety.


When she felt that her freedom was being robbed by it, she couldn’t stand the fact.


‘If it’s like this……. Nothing will change.’




Hyazelki looked down at the dagger in her hand.


At best, they could push her to stand alone, but she can’t disappoint them.




‘I said I wouldn’t lose anymore to Papa…….’




She said she wouldn’t lose. So help her not to lose.


That’s why he and Jiel prepared this dagger.




‘……I’m strong now.’




Hyazelki, who was crouching, slowly rose to her feet.


As her will changed, the movement of the chain that made the sphere also changed.


In a defensive posture, it roared and scattered in all directions.


The chain changed from a shield that protected her to a spear that moved as she wished.


As Hyazelki’s attitude changed, the black energy faltered and shook again.


‘……whatever you say.’




As the chain flew into the bookshelf and walls, black energy moved away as if avoiding it.


The remnants of the curse, which had nowhere to go, moved quickly away from the chains that stirred everything.


Then, it pushed the books to her like a last ditch.


The chaotic books soon rushed for Hyazelki.


She valued the books in the study, so she simply avoided the flying books so as not to scratch them.




‘The sinners.’




It’s what Kael called the curse on her. The curse of sinners.


A curse was formed by jealousy for Hyazelki. For being loved by God, lamenting their situation, and just venting their anger.


Hyazelki, who slightly tilted her head to avoid the flying book, looked around with a sharp gaze.


Then she grabbed a book flying towards her.


Even the movement felt slow.


Hyazelki immediately swung her dagger at the black energy hovering around her.


She suddenly heard a terrible scream like a hallucination.


She narrowed her brows and stood straight again with an expressionless face.


Having put the book out of her hand, Hyazelki grabbed the dagger with both hands.


There was no good reason for them to attack her.


Sinners will only pay for their sins in pain.


The pain came from their sins, and Kael is right to judge it.


Hyazelki thought so strongly.


The red pattern engraved on the dagger shone lightly as if agreeing with her thoughts.


Hyazelki raised her hand holding the dagger as if she knew what was going to happen.


A familiar red light surrounded the dagger.


She didn’t want to be treated like this, and she didn’t want to be swayed by their words.




‘It’s already been four times…….’



Hyazelki lifted the dagger high.




‘This life is mine.’







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