Chapter 40 (Part 2)

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Xie Lutang looked down at the banana in his hand, pressed the red magic seal on it, and called out, “Senior.”


Jian Xingzhi, who was lying in the coffin and was being sent by Cuilu to the place where Hua Rong was, was surprised. When he heard Xie Lutang’s voice, he had a bad intuition: “Why is it you? Where is Beicheng?”


“Miss Gu decided to stay where she was to form a Nascent Soul and extract Qi to help you.”


Xie Lutang answered truthfully, and Jian Xingzhi immediately became furious: “What’s wrong with you people? Every time I ask you to protect her, you can only run away. You don’t want to keep your promise?”


Xie Lutang restrained his emotions and replied: “I will call for help for Senior and go back to protect her. Senior, how can I confirm your position?”


“Help? Do I need help? I told you she is very timid ……”


“Senior,” Xie Lutang interrupted him coldly, “Miss Qin is a cultivator, she is not a child.”


This statement caused Jian Xingzhi to freeze. Xie Lutang repeated his question again, “How can I confirm your location?”


“I just observed, according to the route they are taking and the arrangement of the hillock, a Taiyu Shangqing* Formation should be laid in the whole city of Guicheng. The whole city is working as a formation, so you have to find the eye of the formation where you will find me.”


[T/N: ‘Taiyu’ means ‘vast’ or ‘big’ and ‘Shangqing’ means ‘Supernatant’. So ‘Taiyu Shangqing’ means ‘A vast formation for extracting liquid’. In this situation, blood.]


Jian Xingzhi quickly returned to his senses at Xie Lutang’s cold words and immediately told Xie Lutang about his location.


Xie Lutang nodded: “Understood.”


After saying that, he tucked the banana into his bosom, swept the surrounding area with his divine sense and determined the location of the four people, Shen Zhiming, Junshu, Liu Feishu and Ning Buyan. After thinking about who to go first, he rushed towards Shen Zhiming.


“Xie Daogun.” Nan Feng reminded him, “you can just call them all out and inform them all together.”




Xie Lutang denied Nan Feng’s suggestion, “I must bring them with me to save the Senior, so I have to inform them separately. Otherwise they will suspect me of lying to them and perhaps hesitate to do so. I also have to go back to protect Miss Qin.”


“Then what?” Nan Feng asked with doubts. Xie Lutang did not speak, his expression solemn, “Just wait and watch.”


Shen Zhiming’s room was on the way to the kitchen. Xie Lutang didn’t go directly to Shen Zhiming’s room, instead, he grabbed two chickens from the kitchen, splashed the chicken’s blood on himself and slashed a few areas of his body. His appearance from clean and calm instantly changed to bloody, as if he just fought a fierce battle. After finishing his disguise, he told Nan Feng, “Nan Feng, hide yourself now and go back to Senior after I finish my work.”


Nan Feng froze and nodded, he looked at Xie Lutang, who was filled with chicken blood and stumbling towards Shen Zhiming’s courtyard: “Shen …… Shen-daojun ……”


Shen Zhiming was discussing something with Junshu, hearing Xie Lutang’s voice, they instantly looked over to Xie Lutang, and saw him falling to the ground.


They rushed over, and Xie Lutang’s head was lifted to Shen Zhiming’s lap.


Xie Lutang, with his mouthful of chicken blood spat on Shen Zhiming’s hand. Raising his pale face, he spoke while trembling: “Linglong Jade …… Appeared …… My friend was caught …… ”


Linglong Jade appeared where?” Junshu asked urgently. Xie Lutang’s words paused, struggling as if they were his dying words, “Taiji Shangqing Formation …… formation eye …… please …… ”


Xie Lutang handed the banana to Shen Zhiming: “Please, contact Jian Xingzhi ……save him……”


Xie Lutang did not finish the words, his body suddenly stiffened and eyes lost focus. With his head down, he ‘died’ in Shen Zhiming’s arms.


His body was full of blood, but didn’t have any severe injuries. But Shen Zhiming and Junshu’s attention was on Linglong Jade, hearing that the Linglong Jade appeared, they didn’t care if Xie Lutang died or not. With Xie Lutang’s character, the possibility of him lying about it was less. The two immediately used their divine sense to search for the so-called Taiji Shangqing Formation. Finding the eye of the formation eye, the two rushed over without paying any attention to the ‘dead’ Xie Lutang.


Once the two people left, Xie Lutang instantly opened his eyes, and rushed to Liu Feishu’s small courtyard. Using the same method, he held Liu Feishu’s hand, and after explaining the whole situation and the location, he looked at Liu Feishu desperately and spoke with a trembling voice, “You must save …… save …… ”


“Don’t not worry.” Liu Feishu’s eyes were full of grief. Holding Xie Lutang’s hand, he assured, “I will definitely save your friend Jian Xingzhi.”


Hearing these words, Xie Lutang revealed a smile of relief and closed his eyes again.


Liu Feishu sighed, stood up, and hurried towards the eye of the formation in a hurry with the speed hundred kilometres per mile.


The second he left, Xie Lutang got up the next second and rushed towards Ning Buyan’s room.


Ning Buyan was not well, and was resting in the inner room. Xie Lutang staggered into the room, kneeling in front of Ning Buyan, he again explained everything, the location and what was the situation. Finishing just like before, he looked up at Ning Buyan and spoke while trembling: “You must, save my friend ……”


“Don’t worry,” Ning Buyan was moved by Xie Lutang, he immediately got up and declared, “I’m going to get the Linglong …… Oh no, going to save your friend. You don’t need to go.”


Hearing this, Xie Lutang slowly kowtowed, then, he did not straighten up again and kept lying down.


Ning Buyan immediately wiped off the pity from his face, turning around with his sword, he left.


After Ning Buyan left, Xie Lutang immediately got up. He looked for a cup of tea and drank a mouthful of water. Washing his mouth to release himself from the disgusting smell of blood, he exhaled slowly. Nan Feng, who was hiding all along and seeing Xie Lutang ‘dying’ three times, looked at him dumbfoundedly and asked blankly, “Xie-daojun, what’s next ……”


“Let’s hurry up. Go to Miss Qin. I will follow them to save the Senior.” Xie Lutang returned to his usual calm appearance of a gentleman, as if it wasn’t him who just showed a great show of superb acting skills. He wiped the blood from around his mouth and instructed Nan Feng, “When the time comes, contact me with Miss Qin. I will immediately come to protect her.”


“Okay, take care of yourself, Daogun.”


After Nan Feng finished speaking, he quickly left.


Xie Lutang turned around and ran back towards the hillock.


At that time, Shen Zhiming grabbed the banana on his hand and pressed the magic seal on it and contacted Jian Xingzhi: “Fellow Daoist Jian, are you okay? Where are you?”


Jian Xingzhi was in the coffin, and when he heard another person speaking to him from the other side, he asked blankly: “Who are you? Where is Xie Lutang?”


“I am Shen Ming,” Shen Zhiming lied without a red face or heavy breath, “I was entrusted by Xie-daojun to save you. We will need your cooperation to find the eye of the formation.”


“What about Xie Lutang?”


Jian Xingzhi persistently asked, Shen Ming was silent for a moment before replying in a sorrowful voice: “He died.”


Jian Xingzhi was confused, he was fine just now, how could he die so early?


Xie Lutang was at least a God Transformation cultivator, what could happen to kill him in one sweep? Is the enemy so strong? This can’t be right, right?


When Shen Ming saw that he didn’t say anything, he thought he was overly sad and comforted him, “Don’t be sad, we will come to save you. You mustn’t let down the opportunity that Xie-daojun fought for with his life. Although he is dead, he can live in your heart forever!”


Jian Xingzhi: “……”


This nonsense, is something that even Gu Beicheng wouldn’t say.


While Jian Xingzhi was still confused, Qin Wanwan felt her tendons and veins being burst in pain. They hurt so much that it was as if they were about to explode. The scenery in her illusion became shaky, but she still held on.


After eating barbecue, it was time to eat dessert. She began to eat dessert and soak in the spa. The more painful her body feels, the more the mind needs to enjoy.


But who knew why, she suddenly started to hear a ghostly voice calling her from her periphery: “Save me ……”


“Auditory hallucination.”


Qin Wanwan ate fried chicken and told herself, “It must be an illusion trying to drag me out of the illusion. There are no ghosts in this world, I don’t need to be afraid.”


“Help me …… I am Hua Rong ……”


“This kind of lie can’t even be chewed.”


Qin Wanwan took a sip of beer to calm herself down: “It seems that my mind is not strong enough. The illusion can’t even solidify, I won’t get out.”


“This is not an illusion …… Save me! Save me!”


The voice coming in her ears suddenly became grumpy, Qin Wanwan drank a few more mouthfuls of beer, closed her eyes and decided to chant what she learnt from Jian Xingzhi.


“All living things are like a dream bubble, like dew and also like thunder ……”


“That’s enough!”


The other party finally could not stand it and shouted angrily: “I’m a heavenly figure, it’s none of my business if you want to stay in the illusion world or not. How did you get here if you can’t even tell the difference between an illusion and a desperate cry for help? I am Hua Rong, the city lord of Guicheng. If you don’t come to my rescue, I will ……”


“You what?”


Qin Wanwan, who was scolded, froze momentarily but retorted sharply a while later. The other party became silent for a moment, he seemed to realize that it was his own problem, calmed down and coldly spoke: “I’ll beg you.”






The author has something to say: [Mini Theater-1]


Readers: Xie Daojun often seems out of place because he is too serious.


Xie Lutang (in female clothing): Sorry, (vomiting a mouthful of blood) the only characteristic of my character, may be to achieve the purpose. I was written to be a flexible person, who can bend and stretch like rubber.


[Mini Theatre-2-How to leave the cave]


Xie Lutang: With a loud rumble, and blazing fire, Xie Lutang, who is like a long white dragon, rose from the ground, and shot straight to the clouds ……


Qin Wanwan: Xie Daojun, can you carry Nan Feng while launching?







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