Chapter 4

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Life is frankly different from the TV series.

Bai Lu warily spent the night without Jiang Ru. She couldn’t even study properly the next day in school. Her gut was telling her that some cruel news was coming her way.

Bai Lu loosen her clenched palm, which was all wet with thin sweat.

She thanked Mr. Bao from the bottom of her heart for his short, cold words, because before that, her mind had been a mess – last night she was afraid of the rain and stayed in the dormitory, but Jiang Ru left school alone with her backpack.

After class, Bai Lu went to the teacher’s office, where Mr. Bao was grading test papers with a serious face.

“Jiang Ru?”

Mr. Bao was a little surprised seeing her here. When Bai Lu said the reason for her visit, Mr. Bao looked up from the test paper, his eyebrows knitted together.

“Oh, you’re her tablemate.” Teacher Bao nodded, “She’s gone home.”

Bai Lu: “Last night ……”

“Well, she sneaked out of school. Then someone called her home and her parents came and took her away.”

Someone called, who was it?

Bai Lu didn’t say anything, and teacher Bao looked at her and said, “You girls, you specialize in messing up at such critical moments. You too, you should have informed me about this situation earlier, how could it get to this point!”

Bai Lu bowed her head and looked like she admitted her mistake.

Teacher Bao still wasn’t finished, “How dangerous it was to go out at that time yesterday! It was also raining. You say, what if something really happened to you girls?”

Bai Lu nodded, “I’m sorry. I should have stopped her.”

Teacher Bao sighed and said in a deep voice: “Forget it, don’t let things get worse, her parents took her away. You should also stop meddling and focus on your studies.”


“Go back.”

Bai Lu hesitantly asked, “So when will Jiang Ru be back?”

Teacher Bao’s attention returned to the test paper, “I don’t know about that, she may come back in a few days if her family allow.”

In the following days, Jiang Ru did not come. But some bad news came, just as Bai Lu expected.

Because of the study for the upcoming exam, Bai Lu’s thoughts gradually faded into oblivion. Only occasionally when it her their turn to clean the classroom, Bai Lu would stare at the next empty desk for a while.

A week later, someone came with news of Jiang Ru.

“It’s terrible, do you know, Jiang Ru stole the family’s money to go for cosmetic surgery.” Zhou Yuxin ran to Bai Lu’s side and said with a horrified face.

Bai Lu first froze, and then said, “What?”

Zhou Yuxin nodded, next to them the two girls gathered around, “What’s wrong? what happened?”

Zhou Yuxin then said, “she stole money for cosmetic surgery ah, and the surgery was quite risky. Deforming cheekbones, moving the bones.”

Some girl said exclaimed loudly “Oh my God! Did something happen?”

Zhou Yuxin nodded as she continued, “I heard that it got infected. Her family immediately went to hospital after knowing that-“

“Which hospital?” Bai Lu interrupted, looking at Zhou Yuxin, seemingly trying to catch some hint of exaggeration. “What hospital operated on her? She’s only seventeen this year, not yet an adult, and the surgery requires the consent of her guardian.”

Zhou Yuxin shrugged her shoulders before replying, “Some small clinics, ah. All they can do is take the money, and doesn’t care about their patients. …… heard that Jiang Ru’s parents want to sue that clinic, and now there is a lot of trouble.”

Everyone was discussing Jiang Ru’s surgery, but there was no true information.

Infection, why infection?

Bai Lu was not an optimistic person. But hearing this made her hands and feet cold.

Her shoulder was suddenly poked, Bai Lu turned back and saw Wu Hanwen’s calm look.

“Don’t worry, it has already happened, it’s useless to worry.”

Not a few days after the incident, Jiang Ru took a break from school and went back home.

Jiang Ru was not a local, Jiang Ru’s family was also not very rich, but her parents in order to further her education, worked hard to buy a house in the city. Now she did such a thing, after being suspended from school.

Bai Lu once tried to call her, but the cell phone number was out of reach.

Outside the window, the sky was crystal clear with white doves flying around, pear blossoms spread all over the campus ground.

The front row of seats in the class had to be filled, it was impossible to leave an empty seat. The way to add a student in the seat was simple; directly pull one of the back students to the front seat, a column of people moved forward in turn.

So Wu Hanwen, the school’s study committee member, became Bai Lu’s new deskmate.

Wu Hanwen was thin but too energetic about study, he listened to the teacher, but kept shaking the chair while writing. He was taking notes very seriously, and he also didn’t think of hiding his study power. Seeing him so energetic in studies, she asked for his guidance. Wu Hanwen also patiently explained everything to her and enriched her own knowledge.

In high school, good students do a lot better than the teachers’ expectations, and they also understand the lectures better.

Because Wu Hanwen helped her in her studies, the topic became more clear and simpler to Bai Lu. Thus, Bai Lu’s exam results soared, soaring up several dozen places in the grade.

The test exam was exactly the same as the college entrance examination, with the same subjects and schedule. The last subject, English, ended in the afternoon, and the school took a rare break.

Mr. Bao took all the students of the class to have a get-together.

“The weather is a bit bad ah ……”

It was cloudy all day today and the forecast said it was going to rain heavily.

The students have said that they were senior warriors and would not bow down to the stormy weather. Teacher Bao finally caved in their reasoning and said, “Then you all set the location. We will gather there in the evening!”

Finally, a cafe was chosen. The choice was made for everyone’s consideration. There was a buffet restaurant and a KTV upstairs. All the students wanted to gather there after eating.

The students packed up their things, and went to the cafe while chatting. Bai Lu was afraid of rain so she especially brought an umbrella in the bag.

The restaurant wasn’t very big so it got cramped when all the students went there.

Bai Lu took a plate and picked up two pieces of cake, and added some fried spinach.

“What kind of eating habit is this?”

Bai Lu turned her head, and Wu Hanwen stood beside her, the plate in his hand was already filled, but he looked at Bai Lu’s plate with a look of disdain.

Bai Lu looked at his plate and said, “You really eat a lot.”

Wu Hanwen was frank: “My brain works so much, so of course I have to eat a lot.”

A boy came to call him, Wu Hanwen took his plate and left, leaving Bai Lu alone.

From the time Jiang Ru left, she had been alone.

After two hours of noisy eating, the waiter came over and politely indicated that time was up so Mr. Bao told everyone to pack up and get ready to go.

“Everyone should go home ah. Don’t let me know who sneaked away to go to the Internet cafe. I won’t take you guys to eat out if I know!”

Everyone responded with a ‘yes’ but they have already secretly planned together to go to a karaoke. The time and place had been discussed, just waiting for the teacher to go away.

Bai Lu did not like singing. So, she went back to school with her schoolbag.

She just went out when the sky lit up with lightning, followed by a thunderbolt, and finally clattering rain fell.

Bai Lu looked up when she was tapped on the shoulder. She turned around, and saw Zhou Yuxin and two other girls.

“You’re not going to karaoke either?”

Bai Lu nodded, “Well, I’m a little tired.”

“Did you bring an umbrella? Are you going back to school?”


“Let’s go together.”

Bai Lu nodded again, “Okay.”

The rain came fiercely. “Right.” Halfway down the road, Zhou Yuxin suddenly said, “Jiang Ru is gone, so now you are alone in the dormitory?”


“It’s so sad ……,” the other girls said, “Will you be afraid to sleep alone?”

“Why don’t you stay with us?”

Bai Lu looked at Zhou Yuxin. Seeing her looking this way Zhou Yuxin said, “We three live in one dormitory room. Originally there was someone from another class, but she recently moved home to live. Now there’s vacated a position, you can come.”

Bai Lu also really seriously thought about it.

Zhou Yuxin was thinking how to help Bai Lu to move in their dormitory with her stuff when the four girls unknowingly walked to the school taking a shortcut.

Bai Lu felt that women are born with intuition.

A few metres away, she seemed to have smelled the scent of flowers washed to them by the rain.

That fragrance reminded Bai Lu of Jiang Ru.

She thought of her picking up flowers from the ground, giving one to both of them, telling her that this flower was called Lonicera. But then crying beside the same bush……

On the path, under a telephone pole, stood a group of people.

Four men were standing under one umbrella.

They were gathered together to smoke and chat.

Maybe they were not considered men at their age, it was the darkness that made them strong.

The smoke made their surroundings a little smoky, the light of the streetlight also dimmed a little because of the smoke and rain.

The girls were still talking enthusiastically about helping Bai Lu move, and didn’t care about the few people on the side of the road.

But Bai Lu cared.

They walked plainly past them, who were giggling like they had heard the most funny thing.

Bai Lu did not look away, only the voices of the girls around her faded. After walking for a few seconds, she suddenly stood still.

The raindrops dropped on the umbrella with a crackling sound.

After walking a dozen meters away, everything returned to its original state. Only Bai Lu who stood still turned back.

Their figures became much smaller, each hidden under the shadows of the trees and the curtain of rain, not clearly visible.

“Bai Lu?” Zhou Yuxin called her.

Bai Lu turned back and the three girls looked at her strangely.

“What’s wrong?”

Bai Lu shook her head, “Nothing.”

“Let’s go.”

Bai Lu still didn’t move, Zhou Yuxin came to her side and said with concern, “What’s wrong? Why are you dazed? You didn’t even had that much drink.”

Bai Lu returned to her senses, and after a moment of silence, she said, “You guys go back first.”


Bai Lu said again, “You guys go back first, I have some things to buy.”

“What do you want to buy? We’ll go together.”

“No, I’ll be quick.”

“…… Okay then, come back early.”

Bai Lu nodded her head.

They waved goodbye.

She hadn’t left the range of the scent of flowers.

With her head bowed, Bai Lu walked to a nearby tree and stood still.

She was too small to lean against the thick trunk of the tree. The tree completely covered her, even her shadow. Like a ninja in a manga, she became one with the tree.

Under her feet were fallen leaves, and she began to step on them again with boredom.

After a while, Bai Lu raised her hand to check the time.

Ten o’clock, another half hour for the door of the dormitory to close.

Bai Lu slightly poked her head out and saw that the few people were still chatting under the streetlight, but the cigarettes had already turned to ashes.

Bai Lu lifted her school bag upwards and prepared to leave.

Almost at the same time as she turned around, those people also dispersed. Bai Lu stopped in her tracks and saw three men crammed under an umbrella pushing and shoving their way out, and went away.

Within a second, they crossed the road.

Bai Lu turned to look at the streetlight, there was only one person left under the pole.

Without an umbrella, the rain poured on him, but he stood still without care.

He hadn’t seen her, but she had seen him – from Jiang Ru’s phone.

Bai Lu quietly looked at Xu Hui, who was not far away.

Tall and thin, wearing dark clothes, which were slightly loose. His hands in his coat pockets, while his head down, not knowing what he was thinking.

About five or six minutes passed, the night breeze gradually cooled, he took his hand out of his pocket, wiped the rain on his face, and then turned away.

He did not follow the straight road, but turned directly into the neighborhood.

Bai Lu followed quietly.

Xu Hui entered the outermost building. It was four stories high, with sound-controlled lights installed.

Bai Lu waited outside for a while without seeing the sound-controlled lights on in the upper floors, and felt strange when the room on the first floor lit up.

The curtains were pulled so she couldn’t see inside.

The outside of Xu Hui’s house was not the same as the neighbors. There was no fence, no plants, and it looked bare.

Bai Lu stood for a while, her hands slowly moved to put away the umbrella.

Resentment, curiosity, boredom, win or lose, all kinds of emotion showing on the pair of eyes under the glasses ……

When she recalled this event afterwards, she also forgot exactly why she took that step.

All she remembered was the little light in the house, and the rain.

An endless rain, pouring and blanketing everything.



T/L: I don’t know about other readers….but I hate that Jiang Ru girl. People like her not only loses their worth but her family, her friends and the people around her. Love is a beautiful thing but people like her because of their obsession lowers it’s worth as well. Because of this kind of people, now people are wary of being in a relationship.

My dear readers, sorry if I offended any of you. It’s just I couldn’t help myself seeing a character I hate so much. I would like to know your opinions about other characters. Do comment and let me know which character is your favourite and which one you dislike.

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