Chapter 39

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Then the middle opened slightly and was pulled at one side, revealing the blade hidden inside.


It was a device that held a blade inside and would open when the switch was pressed.




“Oh, that’s a dagger.”


“I told you so.”




Only then did Hyazelki glanced at Jiel, who thought it wasn’t a dagger.




“Baby, don’t you believe me?”


“Who would believe you?”


“No, no! Papa, if you say that, Jiel will misunderstand. It’s just that it doesn’t look like a dagger.”




Albert, who was standing quietly beside him, took the other dagger out of the wooden box at Kael’s wink and showed it to the people.


And when he put it on the table, he put it beside the dagger Jiel was holding.


“The blade is different.”




The two blades looked different when they put them neatly*.



[T/N: Oops! I seem to make a mistake. There were two daggers not one. 😅]


The dagger that Jiel was holding had wings carved with sharp edges. The end was also a little blunt.


On the other hand, the other dagger had a standard sharp blade and a sword was carved on its body.




“Because you can’t have a dagger with a blade.”




Hyazelki nodded in agreement at Kael’s answer.


Kael, who had been staring at her face for a while as if looking at her expression, soon turned his head.




“Albert, step back.”


“Yes, My Lord.”




After confirming that Albert stepped back, Kael reached out and a red celestial equilibrium appeared in the air.


Kael always had a dissatisfied look whenever the celestial equilibrium appeared.




‘Does it affect people?’


With that in mind, Hyazelki still fixed her eyes on Kael.


Following his gesture, a red light came from the celestial equilibrium and permeated the blade of each dagger.


The swaying red light was engraved in red patterns on the silver blade.


When it was sheathed again, the blade was locked. It was a device that couldn’t be opened by just pulling.




“Come on, Hia.”




Kael held out a dagger with wings to Hyazelki.




“Thank you.”


“But where is Lihan?”




Jiel, who picked up the dagger engraved with a sword, tilted his head and asked.




“Oh, he went to a training session with Owin at the Euston.”


“Really? Why didn’t Baby go?”




Before the awkwardly smiling Hyazelki could answer, Kael kicked Jiel.




“Why are you hitting me?”


“Now that you have delivered the tools, get out now.”


“What? Are you saying you’re done with my service now?”


“You know it well. So go away.”


“Baby, should I really go away?”




Hyazelki got tangled up in Jiel and Kael’s meaningless argument.


After rolling her eyes once, she grabbed Jiel’s hand.




“Then go for a walk with me. I happen to have business outside the castle.”


“Outside the castle?”


“Hia, you can’t go…….”




Hyazelki waved her hand at Kael, who frowned slightly at the mention of her going out of the castle.




“Oh, no, I’m not going anywhere outside the castle. I just… I just want to try it out.”






Hyazelki lifted the dagger she had just received.


Then, before Kael said anything, she led Jiel out of the room.




“Then I’ll be back!”




Kael looked displeased, but he didn’t chase her or stop her.


Instead, he approached the window.


His eyes were on the ground below.


After a while, Hyazelki and Kiel were seen leaving the mansion.


Now it seemed that there was more time to look at the ground than the sky.


Instead of the sky, it became his habit to look at the people.









When she pressed down on the wing pattern, a gap was formed.


Hyazelki, who took the dagger out of the sheath, gestured to Jiel to step back a little.




“Right here?”




Jiel, with a puzzled face, took a few more steps back, as she said.


Hyazelki, who seemed satisfied only then, held a dagger in her hand and breathed evenly.


She thought that if she was left alone, the black energy would approach her again.


She closed her eyes and waited for a while for the black mass to appear with the dagger properly held.








But even after waiting in preparation, nothing appeared.




“… What are you doing, Baby?”




At the question of Jiel, who was watching from afar, she felt awkward and stomped her feet.




“Why isn’t it coming out?”




“Come out!”




Jiel, who was watching from afar, eventually couldn’t resist and approached.




“What are you trying to do exactly, Baby?”


“No! That black energy! A lump of curses! I want to test this on them, but it’s not coming out!”


“Oh, you want to do that.”




Hyazelki stomped around and called the curse ball, but nothing happened.


Even the appearance of calling the curse was cute, so Jiel giggled and found Kael standing by the window and looking this way.




“……I feel like I’ve seen something incredible.”






Hyazelki, who was jumping around, turned her head to Jiel’s murmur.




“Look, Kael is smiling.”




When she turned her head toward the window, she could see Kael smiling standing by the window and looking this way.


The expression seemed to be engraved in her eyes from afar.


The expression on his face was gentle, as if he couldn’t help seeing his daughter jumping around and calling a mass of energy, neither could he stop himself from smiling.


Jiel muttered in surprise, “It’s a rare sight.”


Hyazelki put the dagger back into the sheath and waved at Kael with the best smile she could master.


Never once, her parents looked like the way Kael had. All four of her life times.


Finally, she felt like she had a family who truly cared for her.


Hyazelki held the dagger tightly.


With this, she thought there was nothing to be afraid of now.


Only on the fourth time, she was full of happiness.




“……I’m happy.”




Jiel rubbed her hair at her murmur.








As long as you’re happy. That’s it. He was glad to know that she was happy.




* * *




After completing the morning training, Hyazelki took a walk in the garden with Kael. After Lihan left the castle, she remained locked in the study most of the time.


Now, even though Jiel told her that it was okay for her to leave the castle or stay alone with the dagger, Kael still stayed next to Hyazelki almost all the time.


It was like a pleasant break for him.


There was now more than one cushion on the chair in the library that was much bigger than the one she used when she was young.


The atmosphere on one side of the study, which was only hard, softened.


Kael sat there with Hiazelki, reading calmly.


Knock, knock.


Then, a small knock broke the pleasant silence.


Albert, who opened the door and entered the study, had a messenger bird on his shoulder. It was a small bird with a mixture of white and pale sky blue colour.




“Master, the messenger has arrived.”




Kael, who was enjoying a peaceful time, slightly wrinkled his brows.




“……I’m going now.”


Kael stayed next to Hyazelki almost all the time, but never let her accompany him to the punishment of the sinner.




“Go ahead.”




Kael grumbled, “I can never take a break,” as he saw Hyazelki smiling and seeing him off.


As the two left the study, silence lingered again.


Hyazelki flipped through the page she was reading.


She was reading about continental magic.


All the wizards on the continent were those who used magic with the permission of dragons.


It was natural that talent was needed, and if the dragon’s permission was given after a bloody effort, he would become a wizard.


Magic was the power that flowed out of the dragons, so if someone abused them, they (Dragons) immediately took away the right to use magic.


The four dragons God has brought to earth for humans.


Many people asked if they really existed, but it was absolute for wizards.


Throughout the book, it was written in detail how magic was used on this continent.




‘It’s fun.’




It was very interesting how it was used in everyday life and how empires and kingdoms used it.


Turning to the last page, Hyazelki immediately rose from her seat.




‘Volume two, volume two…….’




She approached the bookshelf when she heard that it had two volumes.


Disconnected from the political story of the empire and the kingdom, Hyazelki couldn’t wait to read the next part.




“Oh, there it is.”




She found the book that her eyes wanted while looking through the bookshelf quickly.


Hyazelki stretched out her hand toward the bookcase with an excited face.


But the hand was pulled back without touching the book.








There was a black energy around the book she was trying to take out.


Hyazelki instinctively backed away and widened the distance from the bookshelf.




‘It’s finally here, this lump of curse.’




Hyazelki brought her hand to the dagger around her waist with an expression of ‘That’s great, I finally caught it.’


After pulling the dagger out of the sheath, Hyazelki grabbed it tightly.


The black thing that was hanging around the book grew bigger and spread to the bookshelf.




[I hate you…]




There was that voice again.




“Why do you hate me?”




Hyazelki asked the voice for the first time.


What can it achieve by hating her?


The reason they hated her was because she was over-loved by God.


It wasn’t Hiazelky’s fault. She never begged God for loving her, nor did she wish for it.


So there was no apology or sympathy for the sinners from her.


The feeling of hatred for her was their responsibility.


It was considered unfair to turn to oneself in the form of a curse.


Hyazelki said clearly, looking at the black energy spreading through the bookcase.




“It’s you who feel that way, so you have to take care of it on your own.”




Then she rushed in and stabbed the black mass with the dagger in her hand.




It was blunt, but it was possible to go through the bookshelf.


The red pattern engraved on the silver dagger shone lightly, and the black energy around the dagger shook.


It seemed to boil, it seemed to run wild.


As if not expecting her to behave like that, the black energy did not immediately attack and faltered.


Not missing the opportunity, Hyazelki moved toward the door to exit the study.


She didn’t care where it appeared, but she thought it would be better if she didn’t stay in the study if she was going to swing a dagger.




But the door suddenly got locked before she could reach it. Hyazelki, who grasped the situation only by the sound, quickly turned around.




‘Well, I don’t want anyone to get caught up in the mess so it would be better if I don’t go out of the study.’




Shrugging her shoulders, she glanced at the black energy that was quickly approaching her.


Maybe it knew it couldn’t harm Hyazelki just by chasing her, so the black energy gradually expanded its perimeter.


Soon, books neatly placed on the bookshelf flew randomly at her.


Hyazelki, who avoided it by bending her upper body, distorted her face in dissatisfaction.




“If you throw a book, the book will be ruined!”


It seemed to be the only thing she was worried about.


It wasn’t a matter of running away, so Hyazelky approached it.


Then she swung the dagger toward the black energy that ran at her.


As the dagger, which rushed quickly through the air, swept past, the black energy ran wild as it did on the bookshelf.


Boom, boom!




“Miss? Miss, are you inside? What’s the matter?”






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