Chapter 39 (Part 2)

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“I was spying as the Master instructed.” Nan Feng explained seriously, “I went back to the backyard to inquire and found that the usual bustling backyard was deserted. No one was there. So I looked for the male pets around and went inside a room when I felt a presence there. And after looking for a while, I found a male pet in that room.”


“And then what happened?”


Qin Wanwan asked curiously and Nan Feng recalled: “That male pet was hiding under the bed. When I found him, rather than telling me to go away, he kept telling me to shut up and dragged me under the bed. Not long after, another man came, he was wearing armor, carrying a huge scythe and had no face. He began to patrol around. Seeing that huge man, the male pet became scared and told me to cover my mouth and stop my breathing. The man that was wearing armor patrolled for a while and left. Only when the man left did the male pet tell me that the man with the scythe had actually come to catch them for the banquet.”


“Why would they need to be catched for attending the banquet?”


Xie Lutang did not understand and asked in puzzlement. Nan Feng nodded and continued, “Yes, it’s weird but that male pet told me that in fact, the banquet is actually a death-defying assembly. Every time the city lord chooses a male pet, he sends wedding robes to that person and orders him to go over at night. And every time someone goes, they never come back. So after a few more experiences, everyone understood the situation and was unwilling to go. Because of this, every month, Cuilu will send the guard with the scythe to catch them.”


“What happens when they are caught? Are they sent to the banquet?”


Qin Wanwan asked curiously. Nan Feng shook his head and answered, “If there is no male pet set for the banquet, anyone who will be captured will be taken away.”


Nan Feng drew a line on his neck with his finger and said, “They will be killed on the spot. But as long as they survive the banquet and not get chosen, they will be safe for a month. Cuilu won’t pursue them either.”


Hearing this, Qin Wanwan thought for a moment and then understood: “Then you were discovered with the male pet?”




Nan Feng nodded with palpitations: “Just as we were talking, the guard with the scythe suddenly came back and lifted the bed to kill us. I pushed that male pet away and we ran separately. In a panic, I ran to the garden and inside the hillock when I fell down.”


Qin Wanwan listened and understood almost everything. She looked around and observed the surroundings. She took out the banana, but found that the magic seal on the banana looked completely dull, as if the place they fell were completely isolated from the outside world.


Qin Wanwan didn’t know if Jian Xingzhi knew they were in trouble and would come to their rescue, nor did she know if she should let him come to their rescue.


She closed her eyes and used her divine sense to sweep the surroundings and sense the direction of the Qi coming here.


Unlike inside the hillock where it was devoid of any spiritual energy, this place was filled with spiritual energy to the point of explosion.


Spiritual energy was constantly fed into this place from the outside world, and then dipped into the ground, flowing like a river and disappearing into the distance.


Why are there so many bones littered here?


    Why does this place need so much Qi?


Qin Wanwan frowned and pondered for a moment before looking at Xie Lutang and asking: “Xie Daogun, can you clean up all these white bones from the ground?”


Xie Lutang didn’t understand what Qin Wanwan wanted to do but he still nodded. He raised his hand and swung his sword towards the bones. The white bones instantly flew up, at that moment Xie Lutang sent his Sword Intent to the bones from two sides. The white bones immediately flew to the two corners, revealing the smooth flat surface of the ground below.


The surface of the ground was carved with a spell formation, a small line of the spell formation was soaked with blood, Qin Wanwan instantly remembered her dream, the dream where she was lying in a coffin, and her blood was flowing through a tube and going somewhere.


Qin Wanwan walked forward and stood in the middle of the spell formation.


She bent down and observed the specific way the spell formation was carved. The spell formation was a mixture of various runes, and was essentially just a language with its own specific expression.


This spell formation was used in gathering spiritual power for the spell formation itself. But its work seemed more than just gathering spiritual power. It looked like only a part of a spell formation, all the spiritual power sources gathered here must have been used for extracting the Qi to do something.


Blood was soaked only to half of the spell formation, a third line drawn by blood didn’t enter the spell formation, but rather went towards somewhere. Qin Wanwan used her divine sense and saw that the line drawn by blood were linked upwards, but it was unknown exactly where it was linked to.


Every month, choosing a man similar to Lin Yanzhi, the dream she had, lying inside a coffin and transfusing blood to somewhere, extracting huge amounts of Qi to an energy sucking spell formation.


Qin Wanwan closed her eyes and listed all the information in her mind one by one.


“At that time, the city lord of Guicheng was just a child saved and raised by the divine city lord of Mingjing. He raised the city for a hundred years and by the time Lin Yanzhi became evil, the city lord of Guicheng was just a Nascent Soul cultivator. After that battle, he immediately reached the Tribulation stage and became the Lord of Guicheng.”


    “What is the spiritual beast of the divine city lord of Mingjing?”




As Qin Wanwan was pondering this information, Jian Xingzhi also entered the hillock. After he entered the hillock, he raised his hand and threw the sword straight inside. The sword hit the wall of the hillock and bumped against the wall before coming back to him. But the astonishing thing was there wasn’t any damage seen or any vibration felt on the wall of the hillock.


Jian Xingzhi observed the surroundings for a moment, raised his hand to draw a formation in the ground. He inserted his sword into the spell formation, and in an instant, a bright light began to glow from the formation. Jian Xingzhi swung his sword, the shells of the entire hillock were blasted open, revealing the shape of a temple inside.


Qi crazily ran into the temple, Jian Xingzhi looked around, and it was clearly seen that all the spiritual energy was converging to this place.


The Qi rushing there was majestic and extraordinary, with a hint of black energy surrounding it. Although it was a temple, the place rather looked like the den of demonic cultivators than a natural blessed place.


Jian Xingzhi carried his sword and walked to the place where the spiritual energy was being converged. He looked down and saw the blood was flowing here, countless blood lines were being converged there, they were densely lined up beside each other, seemingly like a series of streams.


When Jian Xingzhi was looking down closely, he vaguely heard the sound of bells jingling behind him. The sound came from not far away from him, the closer the sound got, the louder it became. Jian Xingzhi raised his head with his sword and saw a coffin being carried there, the coffin shook and swayed at each step. Maids dressed in long pink dresses were scattering paper money, carrying green meditation lamps and walking to the gate.


The maids had no face, only the leader Cuilu looked as usual.


Cuilu respectfully bowed to Jian Xingzhi, “Jian-daojun, please lie down in the coffin.”


Jian Xingzhi didn’t speak, he looked up and saw the whole city dyeing in red.


He snorted and laughed before raising his hand and sticking his sword under the spell formation at his feet.


When Jian Xingzhi found the hillock, Qin Wanwan closed her eyes, thinking about all the clues. Jian Xingzhi’s face and Lin Yanzhi’s looks repeatedly appeared in her mind. Suddenly, she realized something, opening her eyes fiercely, she turned her head and asked Nan Feng: “You were in the backyard today, did you see a male pet named Song Shi?”


Nan Feng froze.


“Song Shi?” He was slightly confused, “Didn’t he die a long time ago?”


Qin Wanwan instantly reacted.


A person would do whatever it takes to get so much power, to gather spirit spell formations, to summon the fragments of the Linglong Jade, and to find a body, then the purpose could only be one –


He perhaps, wants to resurrect someone.


He has searched for a way for so long to resurrect Lin Yanzhi. Using a person with a similar appearance and temperament to him every month, but had no good results. Now seeing Jian Xingzhi looking so similar to Lin Yanzhi, that ‘Song Shi’s’ real purpose in the temple that day must have been to send Jian Xingzhi to the banquet through her.


There were so many people taking the test, but Cuilu gave full marks to Jian Xingzhi’s weird weapon refining. Although the arithmetic result was expected, since the group of Shen Zhiming were really illiterate. But Xie Lutang shouldn’t have had negative scores since she saw him solving the questions correctly. But they still made Jian Xingzhi the winner with only one point. Even if she thought with her toes, it was as clear as day that it was planned.


Saying that there was no winner other than him was nothing but a joke since their target from the beginning was Jian Xingzhi!


Just as everything became clear to Qin Wanwan, the ground instantly shook. Xie Lutang quickly held Qin Wanwan, the ground was trembling as if an earthquake had just struck. The roof above their heads suddenly disappeared and a spell formation fell on the ground.


At the same time, Jian Xingzhi’s voice fell from above: “Xie Lutang, take Qin Wanwan away and escape immediately. Wait for me outside Guicheng. If I don’t return in a day, you will leave immediately.”


“Jian Xingzhi, Hua Rong is setting you up!”


Qin Wanwan immediately spoke up, “Don’t be impulsive, let’s escape together.”


Jian Xingzhi didn’t respond, a moment later, he calmly spoke out: “I didn’t raise you to be filial to me. Don’t worry, I’ll go get the Linglong Jade for you,” saying this, Jian Xingzhi, drew his sword and turned his eyes to Cuilu, “and kill them all by the way.”


Jian Xingzhi’s voice disappeared, but Qin Wanwan froze, unable to speak.


Xie Lutang took a look at the spell formation on the ground and hurriedly told Qin Wanwan, “Miss Qin, Senior’s spell formation can match my Sword Intent. Perhaps we can open a passage here.”


Qin Wanwan didn’t make any sound as she raised her eyes to look in the direction where the Qi was being converged.


At that moment, the face of Jian Xingzhi flashed in her mind and the last sentence said by him, “If I don’t come back in one day, you will leave immediately” rang in her mind.


Does he not know the danger?


He knew, but he still chose to leave her in a safe place and went to fight alone.


He said he was going to get the Linglong Jade for her, but actually, he was luring away these high heads of Cuilu from her, so that she could escape smoothly.


Perhaps he wasn’t considered a good person to her, he is overbearing and brutal, bullying people with his strength, causing her to fall to this state, and beating her and scolding her.


But there is no denying that he is a good Master.


“I’m not leaving.”


Qin Wanwan took a deep breath, sat down cross-legged to lay the Silent Mountain Spirit Gathering Spell Formation on the ground. Anyway, it wasn’t the first time she waited for him, she didn’t and wouldn’t owe anyone, and this time was also the same.


Xie Lutang froze: “Miss Qin?”


“Take this banana.”


Qin Wanwan handed the banana to Xie Lutang, who grabbed the banana with a confused look. Qin Wanwan looked at his bewildered face and told him in a calm but serious manner: “You can sense my Master’s location through this banana. Take Nan Feng with you and then find the group of Shen Zhiming. Inform them that Jian Xingzhi was captured by Hua Rong, who wants to use him to summon the Linglong Jade. Once they appear, you can save Jian Xingzhi and me. ”


These people all rushed to Guicheng for the Linglong Jade. Even having extraordinary skills, they didn’t hesitate to be a mere male pet, and even wanted Jian Xingzhi from being chosen.


“What about you?” Xie Lutang looked at the spell formation under her, it was a kind of spell formation he had never seen. But, he can vaguely perceive something otherworldly emitting from the formation.


“I will stay here,” Qin Wanwan looked coldly in the direction of the flow of aura and said, “to form a Nascent Soul.”





The author has something to say:


[Mini Theater-1]


Qin Wanwan: “I told you, how can you get first place if you don’t study hard?”




Qin Wanwan: “Gu Beicheng is my exclusive name only called by my master.”


Jian Xingzhi: “I knew I was SPECIAL in my disciple’s heart!”


Qin Wanwan: “Indeed, you are special. Even after so many years, you are the only man who can make me angry.”


[Mini Theatre-3]


Qin Wanwan: “Xie-daojun, take this banana and contact the Master.”


Xie Lutang: “Is your Master a monkey?”








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