Chapter 39 (Part 1)

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Xie Lutang was stunned after hearing such words from Jian Xingzhi. But Jian Xingzhi simply turned his head and headed out.


Qin Wanwan was still waiting for the two. Seeing the two coming out one after the other, she rushed forward and exclaimed excitedly, “Master, you are awesome! You took the first place ah!”


“Didn’t I say I will win?”


Jian Xingzhi pulled his jacket, hiding his inner little pride and commanded: “Let’s go back.”


Jian Xingzhi had just taken a step forward, when Qin Wanwan, who was behind him, turned around and saw Xie Lutang frowning behind him. She looked at his frowning face and couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong Xie-daojun? You don’t look good, ah.”


“I’m fine.” Xie Lutang shook his head, “I’m just a little confused.”


“Confused about what?”


“Just now, Senior said to me that,” Xie Lutang said with a serious face, “Daoist Qin’s real name is Gu Beicheng. So I’m a little confused as to how to address Guniang.”


Jian Xingzhi walked in front of them while listening to them talking. Suddenly, he felt a little curious and a little nervous as to what Qin Wanwan would answer. He was behaving as if he was bullying his classmates and the teacher somehow caught him bullying.


When he glanced back at the two, he saw Qin Wanwan smiling and waving her head as she said, “Xie-daojun, be need to be confused. I’m only called Gu Beicheng to Master. You can just call me Qin Wan.”


Hearing these words, rather than being angry, Jian Xingzhi was relieved.


His disciple is really good at distinguishing between close and distant friends. She told Xie Lutang her fake name. Gu Beicheng is actually her real name and only called by him!


His anger towards Xie Lutang went away, and he held his hands behind his back, as he walked forward leisurely.


The three of them returned to the courtyard together. Not long after they entered the courtyard, they saw servants and maids carrying wedding robes and jade hair crowns in. Qin Wanwan looked at the group of servants in confusion and asked curiously, “What is this all about?”


“Requesting Jian-gongzi to wear the wedding robes at night. After that, the Lord of the City will send someone to welcome you.”


After the servant respectfully finished, he put the wedding clothes on the table, bowed and retreated. Qin Wanwan touched the wedding dress and couldn’t help but be curious: “What is this all for? You have to get married to the city lord before bedding him?”


Saying that, Qin Wanwan couldn’t help but lament, “So passionate.”


Jian Xingzhi didn’t say anything. He pulled the wedding robes on the table, revealing a look of disgust.


Qin Wanwan glanced at the door and saw that Nan Feng had not yet returned. She sensed Nan Feng’s location in her mind and saw that Nan Feng seemed to be still in the house. But even after they returned, he didn’t come back, so she was a little worried: “Why hasn’t Nan Feng returned yet?”


“Where did he go?” Jian Xingzhi looked at her frowned expression and asked.


Qin Wanwan answered truthfully: “I asked him to find out why all the male pets didn’t attend the banquet, and which male pet had gone in the previous month to serve the city lord. But he didn’t come back once he went until now.”


“Does it take so long to inquire about these simple things?”


Xie Lutang frowned, and Qin Wanwan was also uneasy: “I’ll go find him.”


“Wait,” Jian Xingzhi saw Qin Wanwan intending to go out and immediately remembered the task. Coughing lightly, he ordered Xie Lutang, “You go too.”




Xie Lutang froze, Jian Xingzhi nodded and said sincerely: “Her cultivation level is poor. If you don’t protect her, who will? what if something happens to her?”


“Then why don’t we all go together ……”


Xie Lutang hesitantly glanced at Qin Wanwan. Jian Xingzhi waved his head in denial: “I still have to bathe and change clothes, so guys go first.”


“Master,” Qin Wanwan saw that Jian Xingzhi was so concerned about his appearance as if welcoming the bride at night and was a bit suspicious, “You’re not really planning to bed Hua Rong, are you?”


“Get lost!” Jian Xingzhi said furiously while throwing anything that was near his hand at Qin Wanwan, which was nothing but a banana.


Qin Wanwan caught the banana, spit out her tongue, and turned her head to Xie Lutang: “Xie-daojun, let’s go.”


Xie Lutang saw that Qin Wanwan didn’t mind, so he nodded and went out with Qin Wanwan.


Qin Wanwan sensed the location of Nan Feng, and squeezed the banana. The magic seal on the banana lit up and Qin Wanwan heard Jian Xingzhi’s voice sounding in her ears, “Beicheng, Master is giving you a chance to cultivate your feelings with Xie Lutang. Make good use of the opportunity.”


Qin Wanwan was stunned: “What did you say?”


Xie Lutang looked over at her muttering, “Miss Qin?”


Qin Wanwan smiled awkwardly, “Nothing.”


Saying that, she glanced at the banana in her hand. After seeing the magic seal on it, she understood what Jian Xingzhi meant. She and Xie Lutang walked towards the location of Nan Feng while listening to Jian Xingzhi’s command: “Spend half an hour alone with Xie Lutang, you can look at the flowers and birds if you feel bored. Go save Nan Feng only when you sense he is in danger.”


Jian Xingzhi said, but didn’t forget to warn her too: “But remember, your Master must always be the most important to you!”


Qin Wanwan understood as soon as she heard his order. It was Jian Xingzhi’s task this time, to let her and Xie Lutang spend half an hour alone.


She rolled her eyes and stuffed the banana into her sleeve.


Qin Wanwan saw the awkward atmosphere and coughed lightly as she spoke up: “Xie-daojun doesn’t seem to be very talkative?”


“Not really.”


Xie Lutang smiled: “It’s just that I don’t know what I should say to start a conversation. So I don’t talk very much anymore.”


“Would anyone dislike Xie-daojun?”


Qin Wanwan wondered, and Xie Lutang began to reminisce about the past, “When I was young, I was too respectful to my master, too strict to my junior brothers and sisters, and always talking about morality and dignity. Many people didn’t like that. At that time, my mind was sensitive, and I perceived that maybe others simply don’t like me, so I started talking less. Now I guess, I got used to it.”


“Xie-daojun also has this kind of time,” when Qin Wanwan heard, she suddenly felt compassion for Xie Lutang. She seemed to imagine him behaving strictly to his junior brothers and sisters, pretending to be indifferent, feeling a little nostalgic, “As a child, I also always felt that others don’t like me. So I was afraid to say anything wrong, and simply didn’t speak if it wasn’t necessary. Good thing that I met a lot of good people later, they have been unconditionally good to me and even loved me.” Qin Wanwan remembered her parents, and her mood couldn’t help but become low, “Now that I think about it, it was useless. Most people simply just never take your words to heart. If others don’t like you or hate you, you shouldn’t also put others’ words in your heart. ”


“What Guniang said is right.” Xie Lutang nodded his head, “no one actually cares what we say.”


Two people, talking and walking, came in front of the small hill in the garden. Qin Wanwan sensed Nan Feng’s location and confirmed that he was on the hillock before moving forward. Although she was sure of his location, she suddenly had a bad feeling.


Xie Lutang saw her serious look and couldn’t help but ask: “What’s wrong?”


“Nan Feng is here, but ……” Qin Wanwan looked up at the hillock and wondered out loud, “What is he doing here?”


Xie Lutang looked calm and went straight towards the hillock: “Let’s go in and take a look.”


The two of them entered the hillock together, the passageway in the hillock was narrow. Xie Lutang was walking forward, carrying his sword in hand, and Qin Wanwan followed him behind. Xie Lutang looked every way and gently told Qin Wanwan: “If you are afraid, you can grab my sleeve.”




In fact, Qin Wanwan wasn’t very afraid. But hearing his reassuring voice, Qin Wanwan felt very happy in her heart and grabbed the corner of Xie Lutang’s sleeve.


When the two of them were walking forward, Jian Xingzhi rolled his eyes at their behaviour.


He sensed the situation around the two by the magic seal on the banana, and couldn’t help but feel that something was wrong.


He closed his eyes, with the help of the magic seal on the banana, he sent his divine sense in the hillock and then carefully observed the flow of spiritual energy within the hillock. But it was strange that he couldn’t feel any spiritual energy there ……


Not right.


Jian Xingzhi suddenly realised a horrible fact. It was not that he couldn’t feel any Qi there, it was just that the place had no Qi at all!


He quickly expanded the range of his divine sense, looking down from above. But what he found shocked him. The entire hillock was actually like a hollow area. Next to the hillock, the flow of spiritual energy was as usual, and the flow was even thicker closer to the hillock. But right inside the hillock, all spiritual energy seemed to have disappeared into thin air.


Jian Xingzhi immediately reacted and shouted out, “Beicheng, get out from there!”


However, in that instant, a spell formation appeared beneath Xie Lutang’s feet. Xie Lutang fell into the spell formation, and Qin Wanwan, who was tugging his sleeve, also fell down!


Jian Xingzhi noticed them falling and shouted, “Hold on to the banana!”


Saying that, without hesitation, he got up from the bathtub, grabbed the wedding robe and draped it over his body before hurriedly rushing out with his sword.


Qin Wanwan and Xie Lutang fell down together. Xie Lutang raised his hand and grabbed Qin Wanwan who was screaming in shock. He helped her land steadily and asked anxiously, “Are you okay?”


As soon as the words left his mouth, Nan Feng’s voice rang out next to him, “Master! Xie-daogun! You came!”


Qin Wanwan turned her head and saw Nan Feng running towards them from a short distance away. Only then did she notice that this place looked like a huge cave, with a dark roof over their head and white bones lying all around.


The white bones were piled up like mountains, Nan Feng jumped from one hill after another and landed at Qin Wanwan’s feet. He grabbed Qin Wanwan’s skirt tightly and cried out like a child: “Master you came to save me, Nan Feng is so scared!”


“What happened?”


Xie Lutang has been with Nan Feng for a long time and considered him as a friend. He helped him stand up when Qin Wanwan frowned: “Didn’t you go to ask to gather information on the male pets? Then why did you come here?”






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