Chapter 38

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“Isn’t it useless if she doesn’t have hatred for people?”


“That’s right.”


“Wait, then why are they trying to hurt Baby?”


“They have already realized in her three lives that she won’t hate humans.”




Jiel scratched his forehead at Kael’s reply.




“That’s why they’re trying to develop hatred for ordinary people. When the people are consumed with hatred, they will take possession of those and commit crimes. Or maybe they’re just trying to live on that body. They could have another purpose, too.”




Oh, my God, Jiel murmured without realizing it.


There was a heavy silence in the room for a moment.




“…, Then.”



Lihan, who had been silent all along, broke the silence.


The day he learned everything about Hyazelki.


It was a great shock to Lihan because he knew about the curse vaguely but did not know that she was reincarnated thrice.


But what mattered to him, though, was something else.




“Then, how can we keep it at bay?”




There was no fear or compassion for the curse in his eyes facing Kael straight.


It was just wanting to know how to keep it at bay and what he should do for this.




‘As expected, he’s pretty smart.’




It was a good attitude. It doesn’t matter to him why they cursed her anyway.


Nothing changed even if he lamented and thought that it was unfair.




“Basically, I think it’s okay when Kael is around. The castle is safe. I think that’s why he didn’t want her to go out of the castle.” (Hiel)



“Now you know something useful.” (Kael)


“Well, I don’t think she has anything to worry about when she’s with us…… The problem is that she can’t be alone.” (Jiel)


“It didn’t help much when she was with you.” (Kael)




Jiel closed his mouth with a sulky face at Kael’s words.


He wanted to complain, but he had nothing to say because it was right. Hyazelki was hurt even when he was with her.




“But I don’t think there’s a way to keep the curse at bay.”


“Is there any?”


“Hiel… I think it won’t be there even if we search for it.”


“It’s worth believing what Hiel said.”


“…I mean, what if I don’t want to believe?”


“You have a knack for doing things that will drop our trust for you, not him.”






Hyazelki intervened in the conversation between the two who were at the verge of creating a scuffle.


“What’s wrong?”


“Then, to overcome the curse…… Does it mean I have to live to the end of my life without hating people? But even so, I don’t really hate anyone…….”


“This time it will be different.”




Seeing him speaking so confidently, Hyazelki tilted her head.






“Because you came to me this time.”




To a mythical dragon.


How reliable it is to think that way.




“That black energy, can it be physically affected or harmed by anyone?”


“It’s impossible.”




Kael shook his head when asked by Lihan.


But Lihen tilted his head curiously.




“But…… Once I threw a book at it and it disappeared.”









Kael and Jiel cast a confused look at Lihan.


The sword cannot harm something that doesn’t have any physical body and only is a ball of energy.


All Kael does is to remove it. Only his celestial equilibrium could evaporate it.


Even Hiel’s healing power couldn’t separate it away from Hyazelki.




“Oh, but… If it’s something that can be prevented from approaching by harming it physically…….”




Jiel murmured.




“The black energy from that curse…… Isn’t it possible to block it?”




* * *




After the day Hyazelki secretly left the castle with Jiel, wherever she went, Kael followed her.




“……Papa, I’m just going to the training ground.”


“I know.”






In the past, Hyazelki used to drag him out of the room because he didn’t come out of the room unless he needed it, always saying he wanted to look at the sky and bathe in the sunlight.


Now every time she left the room, he would follow her. No, he even went to her room and stuck to her.




“I think it’ll be okay if we do what Jiel said. So it’s okay for now.”


“It hasn’t been confirmed yet. Besides, the tool wasn’t made yet.”




If it is true that the black energy was withdrawn after being hit by a book thrown by Lihan, that means there is a way to stop it from approaching Hyazelki. So they speculated that the reason they could not touch it was because they were dragons.


In other words, human beings can harm it physically.




“Doesn’t it mean that we can stop it if we made a tool and store your power into it?”




However, it was just that the risk was high. What kind of tool there is that can store Kael’s power into it and shake off the black energy that approach Hyazelki?


And the tool is under construction. So he was likely to stick around her like this until it arrived.


Jiel, who returned to the castle together with them, soon left, saying he would make the tool as Kael requested.


Before he left, he bloomed the garden full of flowers as an apology.


Thanks to this, the road to the training ground was fragrant.


Hyazelki, who visited the training ground for morning training, tied her long hair up high.


Soon after returning to the castle, Hyazelki apologised to Lihan several times.


Hearing that he was surprised when she suddenly disappeared the day after his birthday.




“Good morning.”




Entering the training ground, Hyazelki smiled and greeted him.


Lihan and Owin, who started training first, smiled and greeted her back.


Kael watched Hyazelki’s training from start to finish.


At first, the gaze was burdensome, but soon she focused all her attention on moving her body.


Owin approached Kael as he stared at her wielding a wooden sword in a simple movement.




“Master, I have something to tell you.”


“What is it?”


“There’s a place I’d like to visit for a while, with Lihan.”




The wooden sword wielding at the scarecrow stopped.


Lihan and Hyazelki simultaneously turned to Kael and Owin.




“Where are you going? What about me?”




Hyazelki asked in place of Kael.


Owin glanced back at Hyazelki and Lihan once before opening his mouth again.




“Lihan’s skills are excellent, but he is extremely inexperienced. I’d like to go back to Euston and have him compete with the knights.”


“Is that so?”


“Miss is not in a situation to leave the castle right now, so I’ll just take Lihan with me.”


“Yeah. I didn’t mean to let Hia learn that much anyway. I will allow it.”


“Thank you.”




Hyazelki lowered the wooden sword she was holding.


She didn’t really want to make a name for herself as a knight. She didn’t want to be the best knight on the continent.


But swordsmanship was fun, and she was building her own confidence.


Feeling helpless, she shook her head to shake off her useless thoughts.


It’s not just about competing with other knights.


If she could do everything she wanted here, it would also be something she had built up for the future.






“Be careful.”




Lihan looked a little uncomfortable looking at her smiling face.




“Hia, be careful, too. Don’t get hurt.”


“Papa is following me to the training ground everyday. I can’t get hurt.”




Looking at the grinning Hyazelki, Lihan grabbed the wooden sword with more strength.


Every time he sees that smile, his desire to be strong increases.


The children soon concentrated again on training, but Owin looked at her sadly for quite a while.




A few days later, Lihan and Orwin left the castle, being seen off by Hyazelki.


Since then, Hyazelki has spent all her time in the study except for the training sessions set by Owin.


In addition to training, she took a walk with Kael once a day, but immediately locked herself back in the study upon returning.


Since Lihan was not with her all the time, the vacancy was felt greater than she thought.


Knock, knock.








Hyazelki, who was turning the page of the book, stood and answered the door instead of Kael, who fell asleep.


Albert, who entered the study, found Kael asleep and agonized for a moment with a troubled face.


But even before the trouble was over.




“I’m here!”




Jiel came in with a stormy roar.


Kael woke up at the shout, frowning at his raucous appearance.


Albert stepped back before the scolding for nothing began.




“I’m here! I brought it!”


“Welcome, Jiel!”


“He’s a guy with a great talent for being loud with useless things.”


“……I’ve learned the art of thinking of swearings as compliments.”




Jiel looked at Kael disapprovingly and showed the box in his hand before saying excitedly,




“I have brought what I was talking about. All I have to do is put your strength in it, but do we do it here?”




At that, Kael stood up.


“Let’s go to my room.”




Hyazelki quickly closed the book and got up.


The box in Jiel’s hand was not very large, so she looked at it with a little wonder.




“But the box is small. Didn’t you say you’d bring it with a weapon that I can use?” (Hyazelki)


“Yes! It’s a sword.” (Jiel)


“If it’s a sword, how did you fix it inside such a small box?” (Hyazelki)


“It’s not a long sword, Hia.” (Kael)


“What? Why? You said you’d allow me to hold a real sword after the coming-of-age ceremony.” (Hyazelki)


“You haven’t had your coming-of-age ceremony yet. Your birthday is not yet to come.” (Kael)




Hyazelki pouted her lips and muttered with a sulky face.




“It must be a sword without a blade anyway.”


“Huh? Baby, why would I give you a sword without a blade?”




Arriving in the room, Albert opened the door, and Kael went inside first.


Jiel, who was following him, turned his head and asked Hyazelki.


She answered as if it were natural.




“I don’t want to be involved in sins.”






It was somehow the attitude of an onlooker.


As if she would maintain peace in the world if she didn’t touch a real sword with a blade.


Jiel smiled bitterly at the slightly different attitude than before.


He’d appreciate it if she would stay pure forever, but the world doesn’t leave her alone.


Still, he seemed a little relieved to see her getting stronger.


After entering Kael’s room, Jiel put down the box in his hand on the table.


When he opened the lid of the square wooden box, it contained a delicately crafted dagger.




“Wow… Oh?”




Hyazelki, who was admiring it unknowingly, tilted her head curiously.




“What is this?”






In response to Jiel’s answer, who turned immediately to get something, she looked into the wooden box again with a face of ignorance.




“It’s made of wood, isn’t it?”




No, it didn’t matter that it was made of wood.




“It doesn’t have a blade.”




In the eyes of Hyazelki, it was just a square carving of wood.




“No, isn’t it smaller than a dagger?”




It was smaller than a normal dagger.




“I made it for practical use!”




Jiel picked up the dagger from the box, said rather proudly.


One side of the dagger had a sword engraved on it and the other had wings engraved on it.


Vines were engraved at both ends, and the wings engraved on the vines shone brightly as if they were sprinkled with gold powder.


The carved winged pattern was slightly protruding as if it had been carved into another tree.




“If you press here, see.”




Jiel explained how precious this was made of wood and pressed down on the part where the wings were engraved.







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