Chapter 38 (Part 2)

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Once this decision was made, everyone panicked. A few moments later, a row of old knees instantly fell on the ground.


“Lord Cuilu!”


An old man in the jury raised his head and exclaimed: “Lord Cuilu, they are just trying to study, they didn’t do any crime worthy of death!”


That’s right.


Qin Wanwan was also a little scared in her heart. Who has never been distracted while studying?


“So what?” Cuilu frowned, “I don’t like people who don’t try hard.”


“How about ……” Jian Xingzhi interjected and proposed, “turn the steel knives into sharp cones for poking?”


With the contrast of directly stabbing with a bunch of steel knives, poking with sharp cones seemed very insignificant.


The people kneeling on the ground hurriedly agreed, as if any late and their students would die of being stabbed for being distracted while studying. They casted a grateful glance towards Jian Xingzhi. Cuilu hesitated for a moment, but seeing everyone opposing the steel knives, she agreed helplessly, “Okay, then, sharp cones it is.”


After saying that, she immediately returned to her usual cold look, and put her pen down: “Start scoring.”


Saying that, she did not hesitate to give full marks in the column of Jian Xingzhi.


The others followed her, and out of awe of Cuilu’s generosity and Jian Xingzhi’s helpful advice, they also didn’t hesitate to give Jian Xingzhi a perfect score.


This unexpected change made Qin Wanwan feel strange. The faces of the examinees also didn’t look too good, they looked at each other but no one disagreed with the result of the first test.


After a break, Cuilu asked everyone to sit down, and then began to announce the start of the second test.


“The second test is arithmetic, a total of ten questions are written in a parchment. Every question is marked with ten points. If answered correctly, ten points will be given. If answered incorrectly, ten points will be deducted. The time is one incense stick, let’s start.”


After Cuilu finished speaking, she ordered someone to beat the gong and drums to announce the start of the examination. The maids went over from both sides and started handing out the question papers.


Once the examination papers were distributed, everyone’s face changed colour. After a moment of hesitation, everyone still lifted their pens and began to scribble and draw sketches on the paper.


Jian Xingzhi also listened to Qin Wanwan’s advice and started to transcribe the questions. But as soon as he started, he realized that it was impossible. Because the topic was too long.


He began to speed up the transcription, and Qin Wanwan, who was waiting outside for some maids to bring tea, was also prepared. Just when a maid came to serve tea, she raised her hand, hit the maid hard on the neck and made her faint. After that, she used ‘Thousand disguise’ to change her appearance to that of the maid and then carried the tea in.


She started to change tea from Shen Zhiming’s position. While doing so, she stole a glance at Shen Zhiming’s paper. Shen Zhiming’s expression looked grave and he seemed to be thinking seriously. When Qin Wanwan’s gaze landed on his paper, she saw him writing-.


“Clear your mind and purify your heart from any desire. Never be agitated or angry.”


“No desire, means your mind won’t be tainted.”


Qin Wanwan briskly walked away from Shen Zhiming and went in front of Junshu after that.


She saw that Junshu was drawing some lines on the paper. He drew a vertical line, and a horizontal line after. Drawing another vertical and horizontal on top of it, and began to draw another vertical and horizontal line again. He looked calm and relaxed, as if he had already answered all the questions.


Qin Wanwan: “……”


Pretend, you can only pretend.


She carried the tea next to Liu Feishu. Liu Feishu also looked very relaxed. He was painting on one side and was drinking tea from time to time. His relaxed behaviour was different from Junshu. Where Junshu looked like he had answered all the questions, Liu Feishu looked like he had completely given up.


Next to Liu Feishuo was the silent Ning Buyan. This ill-looking man looked very serious in answering, just like Shen Zhiming. He was busily writing on the paper, but all he wrote was ‘three and five equals eight’. It was like the words to comfort himself, which doesn’t seem to be much useful.


After looking at the papers of this group of people, Qin Wanwan finally stopped in front of Xie Lutang. Looking at Xie Lutang’s paper, at that moment, Qin Wanwan felt that Xie Lutang might have had a boost in his IQ.


She put the tea in front of Xie Lutang, and spoke very softly: “Gongzi, have some tea.”


Xie Lutang didn’t realise it was Qin Wanwan, since she had already changed her face. He looked up towards her and politely thanked her: “Thank you, Miss.”


Qin Wanwan put down the tea cup, and then went to Jian Xingzhi to serve the tea. And at that moment, the transcribed note went from Jian Xingzhi’s hand to Qin Wanwan’s hand.


Qin Wanwan took the note and left. After she went out, she hurriedly found a place to hide and opened the note. But after a glance, she was shocked to see that the densely written words were only one question!


The question was a combination of questions. One big question containing ten smaller questions, the answer of the first question is needed to solve the second. And the second answer is needed for solving the third. Qin Wanwan glanced at the incense in the courtyard that had been placed for counting the time. The incense had already burned most of it, she didn’t have much time left!


Qin Wanwan gritted her teeth and began to calculate quickly. After calculating one question, she began to combine the answer to the next one. While she was busy running her mind to its fullest, Jian Xingzhi was sitting in the examination room, pretending to scribble on the paper.


The paper was painted solid black, but Qin Wanwan’s answer still didn’t come. He could not help but raise his hand to cover his mouth, and asked in a low voice: “Where is the answer?”


“Don’t speak, don’t disturb, I’m counting!”


Qin Wanwan repeatedly calculated each question. Jian Xingzhi watched the incense burning out little by little and gritted his teeth and whispered, “Can you do it or not?”


“No. Copy Xie-daojun’s answer.”


At Qin Wanwan’s impatient response, Jian Xingzhi glanced at Xie Lutang and said in a haughty manner, “I’m not copying his, his score won’t be as high as mine.”


“Then don’t say anything.”


Qin Wanwan was sweating a bucket while solving the problems: “I can barely calculate it!”


Although Hua Rong was a cultivator, the level of mathematics written on the question was extremely high. Qin Wanwan almost cried, she calculated for a long time but she was uncertain of even the answer of a small question.


Since she was uncertain of the answer, she certainly didn’t dare to give the answer to Jian Xingzhi. She could only calculate over and over again.


Seeing that the incense was almost burning out, Jian Xingzhi’s hands began to sweat. He urged her as he watched the incense anxiously: “Hurry up, ah. The incense is almost burning out, five, four, three ……”


“Two chickens!”


Qin Wanwan finally checked the first answer to the first question and answered hastily: “The first answer to the first question is two chickens!”


Jian Xingzhi got the answer and heard the gong drumming. Seeing the maids coming to collect the exam papers and tugging each paper from the examinees, Jian Xingzhi hurriedly covered the paper with his hand and quickly wrote: two.


Just as he finished writing, his paper was taken away, Jian Xingzhi breathed a sigh of relief, and began to wait to listen to the conclusion of his fate from God.


To be precise, he was waiting for death.


Cuilu went to the side to correct the papers. Everyone present except Jian Xingzhi, was drinking tea and wiping sweat as if they just fought a great battle. Jian Xingzhi coldly looked at the crowd, raised his hand to cover his lips and began to chat with Qin Wanwan.


“Beicheng, I think I’m finished. I definitely can’t pass the exam.”


“Master, don’t lose hope.”


Qin Wanwan re-dressed the fainted maid as she assured Jian Xingzhi, “They might be even worse than you.”


“I just wrote a ‘two’, I can only get one point at most.”


Jian Xingzhi rubbed his forehead, “I’m afraid we’ll have to change course.”


“Master, change your perspective.” Qin Wanwan dressed the maid up, changed back to her own face and patted the dirt on her hands. “You’ll have one point less at most, just wait.”


Anyway, just a group of Transformed Gods who have not even graduated from elementary school was taking the examination. So there’s nothing to fear.


Although Qin Wanwan said such comforting words, Jian Xingzhi still wasn’t reassured. He waited apprehensively for the results to come. Finally, Cuilu came out after scoring the papers. She waved her hand, and the maid standing next to her began to announce the score.


“Shen Ming has answered all questions wrong. Score: -100.”


Upon hearing this, Shen Zhiming’s face changed greatly. Junshu casted a puzzled look at Shen Zhiming and strained his neck as he said mockingly, “It seems there was something wrong with your papers.”


Cuilu glanced at him coldly, “Your own arithmetic is at the bottom and saying there is a problem on others’ papers. What a shame.”


The maid ignored this interlude and continued to announce, “Junshu, -90.”


“Liu Feishu, 0.”


“Ning Buyan, -50.”


“Xie Lutang, -10.”


“Jian Xingzhi ……”


Just as the maid read his name and raised her eyes to Jian Xingzhi, everyone looked over, and saw the maid smiling, “One point.”


The winner of the test; is the one who got only one point.


Jian Xingzhi’s panicked heart slowly calmed down as he finally let out a relieved smile. The maid finished announcing the score and announced the winner of today’s test, “This banquet is over. The winner is the one who got the highest score, Jian Xingzhi. I humbly advise Jian-gongzi to rest and take a bath. The city lord will send the servants to receive Gongzi at night. Please prepare yourself well.”


Saying that, the maid looked up and sent a bone chilling smile to Jian Xingzhi while saying: “Congratulations.”


The words just fell, and the voice of the system sounded in Jian Xingzhi’s mind.


Congratulations to the host for completing ‘Mission 7’, successfully entering the Feng Yalou House, entering the City Lord’s residence and becoming the City Lord, Hua Rong’s favorite man.


Points obtained: +500, 


Total points: 1900


    Mission 8: Be the perfect hostage and assist the supporting female lead to become the apex of people’s attention and obtain Linglong Jade.


    Emotional points task: Let the supporting female lead and Xie Lutang spend more than half an hour alone.


 Points +100


Hearing this task, Jian Xingzhi froze: “Why Xie Lutang?”


In the past, it was always someone with the face value of 90 points or more. But this time, it was already selected?




“Why are the points so high?!”


He had only scored 500 points even after seriously fighting with monsters till now. But the system is offering him 100 points just to let Qin Wanwan spend half an hour alone with Xie Lutang?


“That,” 666 answered with a hint of fear in her voice, “on the switchboard detection, the supporting female lead currently has the highest good impression towards Xie Lutang. The supporting female lead’s emotional points are considered more valuable ……”


Hearing such an unreasonable reason, Jian Xingzhi felt it was unbelievable: “She has the highest good impression of Xie Lutang? What about me? I am her master!”


666 became silent and dared not to speak at Jian Xingzhi exclamation, “Am I still not as good as Xie Lutang?”


“That,” 666 reassured him, “maybe the love between master-disciple and love between men and women are separated in the system’s program, and measured differently.”


This consolation made Jian Xingzhi choke, but ultimately, he couldn’t stop the uncomfortable feeling.


The maid presents began to pack the things up. Xie Lutang stood up and respectfully called Jian Xingzhi: “Senior, let’s go, Miss Qin is still waiting for us outside.”


Hearing this, Jian Xingzhi swept a cold glance at Xie Lutang.


He looked at the ’45’ ‘Emotional points’ on top of Xie Lutang’s head and the fire that was buried instantly flared up.


Xie Lutang noticed Jian Xingzhi’s cold look and didn’t respond. So he called out again: “Senior?”


“I’m warning you,” Jian Xingzhi raised his hand and pointed at Xie Lutang before saying, “don’t try to flirt(hit on) with my disciple ……”


His words weren’t even finished, and the long-lost electric wave hit Jian Xingzhi. The long hairs on Jian Xingzhi’s head immediately exploded and stood up like a hedgehog. Even his pointed finger at Xie Lutang was frozen in place.


666 at that time spoke up hesitantly: “That, the supporting female lead’s favourable expression towards anyone isn’t allowed to destroy.”


Jian Xingzhi: “……”


Xie Lutang saw Jian Xingzhi suddenly stiffening and his hair exploding like a frightened cat. He couldn’t understand the reason and hesitantly asked, “Did the senior just forbid me from saying something to Qin-guniang?”


“She is my disciple,” Jian Xingzhi slowed the pace of his speech. He decided to retreat for the time being seeing the enemy had also retreated. He didn’t want to fight with the powerful enemy such as the system and said his words in a roundabout way, “you are not allowed to hit on her*.”



[T/N: The play of the words are used here. 打我 (Da wo) means ‘hitting on me’ and 打她 (Da ta) means ‘hitting on her’. The first time when Jian Xingzhi was warning Xie Lutang, he used ‘Da ta’. But the second time he used ‘Da wo’. Although the meanings seem different, it can also be used in a roundabout way but still mean the same thing. (By the way, ‘hit on’ means flirting.)]


Hearing these words, Xie Lutang smiled.


He lowered his head and seemed to be a little embarrassed as he, “Senior is joking. Miss Qin is such a good natured person, how could this Junior just hit on her?”


Good natured?


Not hitting on her?


Miss Qin?


As Jian Xingzhi listened, he couldn’t help but clench his fist. He didn’t know why, he just felt that it wasn’t Xie Lutang who wanted to hit on Qin Wanwan, but he himself who wanted to hit Xie Lutang.


But he couldn’t show this unwarranted anger of his in front of everyone. Because it seemed too childish, too much damaging his image, so he could only fight back hard with dark words.


“Her name is not Miss Qin,” he insinuated that Xie Lutang knew nothing about Qin Wanwan to elevate his status to him, “Her name is, Gu, Bei, Cheng.”






The author has something to say:


[Mini Theater-1]


Cuilu: Die if you don’t try.


Author (kneeling): I’m not just trying, what crime did I do to die ah!


[Mini Theater-2]


The scene before the group of ‘male pets’ entered the banquet: What may happen inside is unpredictable, just like the clouds and wind.


At the exam time: Brother Jian is as smart as a dog.


After the exam: A bunch of illiterate chickens pecking each other.


The conclusion: It is not Jian Xingzhi who is uneducated, but the whole cultivation world has the same culture.


[Mini Theatre-2]


Xie Lutang: “Miss Qin asked me to call her Qin Wan.”


Jian Xingzhi: “No, her name is Gu Beicheng.”


Xie Lutang: “Miss Qin takes great care of me, never leaves me behind, never sells me out.”


Jian Xingzhi: “She is violent, crazy, always beats me, abandons me, and sells me.”


Xie Lutang: “I’ve never hurt Miss Qin and always saved her.”


Jian Xingzhi: “I’ve always beat her and told her to become stronger so she wouldn’t need me to save her and we could join forces to fight on the Silent Mountain and avenge ourselves!”


Xie Lutang: “So I have the highest good impression on her, isn’t it normal?”


Jian Xingzhi: “……”









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