Chapter 37

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Chapter 4. To the dragon who is anxious.





“The curse is…”




Jiel, who had his mouth tightly closed, murmured quietly.


Then Hiel answered straight as if he knew he (Jiel) would ask.




“Yes, it’s carved into her soul. It can’t be removed by human power. The same goes for the power of the dragon. We are not allowed to intervene. Because it’s already the fate of Hyazelki.”


“……fate like a bone stuck in the throat.”


“Don’t worry. She’ll get through it.”


“I suppose so.”




Jiel stared at Hyazelki, who had black energy surrounding her with a bitter face.




“……it doesn’t look good…….”


“But we had better leave it as it is. I don’t think we should try to dissipate it. Moreover, when Kael arrives, I think he can take action immediately after seeing it.”


“Is that so….”


“By the way, Jiel. Have you thought of any excuses?”


“Excuse? What excuse?”


“To Kael. Didn’t you bring out Hyazelki without telling him anything and send me a messenger bird?”






Only then did Jiel remember the fact that he had completely forgotten.


Hiel shook his head helplessly as he looked at him with low exclamations.




“It would be better to organize what you have to say in advance. He’ll be here soon.”


“What? Kael? Here? Now?”




Hiel has been talking on the premise that Kael would arrive at any time, but Jiel had a face like, ‘What are you talking about?’




“Yes. I sent a messenger bird twice just in case.”


“Why did you do that!”


“Jiel. It’s good that you brought her out of the castle, but it’s also your fault for why she’s hurt. Anyway, she’s my top priority.”


“More than me?”


“Of course.”




Jiel smacked his lips at the answer that immediately returned.


Hiel really seemed to have no hesitation.




‘Well, I would have done that, too.’




Jiel knew himself well.


He was just careless about this one.


Because Kael decided not to let her out of the castle and was being overprotective.


Jiel sighed deeply and sat down in front of Hyazelki, who had her eyes closed and was not waking up.




“That’s right. It’s my fault, so I’ll be the one getting into trouble. You don’t think he’s gonna kill him, right?”


“Well, he may try to kill you, but aren’t you an immortal?”


“……your words are sometimes very scary.”


And, as Hiel predicted, before long a black dragon appeared in the temple of light.




“Lord Hiel, Lord Kael is here.”


“Oh, thank you for your guidance.”




Kael, who entered the inner room under the guidance of a priest, found Hyazelki, whose black energy fluttered all over her body.








Kael, who distorted his face, kicked Jiel first before approaching Hyazelki.


Lihan looked down at Jiel sprawled on the floor with a painful expression with a blank face.




“This is…!”


“The wound wasn’t big, so I treated her. I think these black things are the reason why she isn’t waking up.”


“That damn thing…….”




Kael glared at Jiel, mumbling curses.


Jiel was tactfully sprawled on the floor, motionless.


Lihan, who passed by him, tried to hold Hyazelki’s hand, but Kael stopped him.




“Get back.”




At his words, Hiel led Lihan further back.


Kael’s red eyes shone lightly, and a red celestial equilibrium appeared in the air.


With it, he wrapped all the black energy around Hyazelki’s body and took it away from her.


Kael, who had taken the black energy off of her and stared at it as if he were going to kill it, soon waved his hands and made the black energy disappear.




“I got rid of them, so she’ll wake up soon.”




Kael was not wrong.


Before long, Hyazelki slowly opened her eyes.


She blinked for a moment and stared blankly into the air.




“Are you okay?”


She slowly turned her head to Kael’s voice that came straight.




‘This is…’




It was a place she had been once.


When she was injured Ciel brought her here. It already felt like a long time ago.




“Wait a minute.”




With Hiel’s soft voice, those who flocked around her quietly withdrew.


Hyazelki, who was staring blankly for a while, clenched her fist without saying a word.


Her eyes glowed silently in the air.


Now it was anger rather than fear in those eyes.








Hazelki raised her arms and wrapped them around her.


She could vividly remember being caught by the dark energy.


She tried to avoid the approaching cart, but her feet didn’t move. Something was grabbing her ankle.


After successfully removing it, she hurried out of the cart because she could move again.


But at that time, the cart filled with luggage collapsed toward her.


Hyazelki hit them with neat movements.


She wanted to hit the last piece of luggage that was falling but her fist didn’t touch it.


This was because the black energy, which at first only held on her ankle, quickly grew and weighed on the body.


At first, her ankles, then slowly her knees, thighs, waist, arms. It stuck to her whole body unpleasantly.




[Curse you.]




The voice rang in her ears and her vision became darker and darker.




[You won’t get away from us.]




‘Why am I still so weak?’


That made Hyazelki angry.




[You have to stay with us.]




The wound itself was not large. It was so small that it could be said it was nothing.


But the reason she lost consciousness was because of the black energy that ate into her body.


The sense of being swallowed was clear, so she got goosebumps.








No one around her had any malice towards her, but she felt a clear intention of murder.




“Why did you leave the castle without my permission?”




In Kael’s cold voice, Hyazelki looked up at him with a face as if she had been hit in the head hard.


Thanks to the voice, she was able to escape the sense of being held by a murderer.






“I asked who gave you the permission to leave the castle.”




Faced with his stiff expression, Hyazelki quietly dropped her gaze.




“Hey, that’s what I…….”






Kael didn’t pay attention to Jiel’s explanation until the end.


Kael’s eyes were fixed only on Hyazelki.


He said they would leave a note. He said they could come back before morning.


However, she didn’t think deeply about how Kael would feel when he woke up in the morning and checked the note.




“……I’m sorry.”




She had to apologize because she made him worry.




“As long as you live in my castle, do not leave the castle without my permission.”






However, Hyazelki did not respond to the following remarks.


Hyazelki raised her head to Kael’s persistent gaze, who was looking at her as if urging an answer.




“Hey, don’t be so……!”


Jiel, who looked at Hyazelki’s thoughtful appearance, tried to refute it, but closed his mouth again.


It’s because Kael’s eyes, who turned his head, were so ugly that his mouth closed automatically.








“I’m sorry that I went out without a word. This is an apology for making you worry.”






The words that followed seemed somehow angry, so Kael hardened his expression.


Sure enough, Hyazelki looked up at Kael coolly.




“But if I want to go out of the castle in the future, I will.”




“The castle is now a home to me. But I can’t stay home forever. I’m going to be strong.”


“But you lost again this time.”




“You who can’t even beat the curse, but you are still thinking of leaving the castle? Are you saying you just want to die?”


“Hey! No matter how wrong I am, I can’t stand this! There’s nothing wrong with what the Baby said!”




Jiel jumped at Kael’s words, but no one cared.


Hyazelki clenched her fist and faced Kael straight.




“I know. I lost. But Papa…… I don’t like losing.”


“… So what?”


“So help me. So that I can win.”




Hyazelki slowly lowered her legs from the bed.




“……we’ll go back and talk about the rest.”




As she was about to get out of bed, Hyazelki paused for a moment at the words.


When she stood on the floor again, she felt as if the energy of murder would attack her again.








But she stood on her own.


“I can’t do anything like this, so I have to get stronger.”




The feeling of the black energy attached to her body was vivid, but Hyazelki soon shook off her fear.


Rather than being attacked again, she was angry at herself for being weak.


As she stood alone, Lihan approached and held her hand carefully.




“……I’ll help you, too.”




“Let me help you, Hia. When Hia wins, let me be by her side.”


“…Yes, thank you.”




After holding hands tightly, Hiel made way for the children and took them outside.




“I’m always troubling, Hiel. Next time I come, I’ll visit you for tea.”


“……I’ll be waiting.”


As the two children left the room, Kael irritatedly messed up his hair.


Then Hiel immediately opened his mouth to Kael, who was frowning.




“Kael. It’s not good to lock her up too much.”


“……it’s not up to me.”


“Birds will fly into the sky someday. You can’t tie it up so that it won’t go because it’s a thorny path.”


“……I know.”




Kael left the room first, as if he didn’t want to hear more.


Jiel, who was about to follow him, stopped at the door and looked back at Hiel.




“Is there any way to break the curse?”




At the question, Hiel smiled bitterly and dropped his eyes slightly.




“I can’t break it, but…… At least there’s a way to reduce the risk…… we would have to use it.”







The curse was made up of sinners’ obsession with time and life.


Jealousy towards a child who was initially overloved by God.


After all the sin they accumulated, they lamented their situation in the fire pit of hell from where they could not escape, and their desire to live as humans again rose.


Obsession with life, time for themselves, and malice towards her.


It was again directed at Hyazelki in a murderous manner.


They even went far for wanting the child loved by God to be hated by humans.


They wanted the beloved child to become like themselves.


May you instill hatred of humans, commit an indelible sin, and be in the same position as them.


But no matter how abusive the parents of the child were, she didn’t commit any sin. In the end, strangers broke into her house and she died.


Thus, she repeated the life of being born again but never being loved. No matter how many times she died.


Nevertheless, she had no hatred for people.


So the desire of the sinners to harm her grew stronger and stronger.


After hearing the explanation, Hyazelki was lost in thought.


The fine hands that smoothed the chin had calluses.


It was proof that she didn’t neglect her training.


None of the four people gathered in Kael’s room, who ordered no one to come in, said anything.




‘But then….’




Hyazelki, who was worried, asked with a puzzled face.




“But then, the curse…….”




Jiel, who was quiet all the time, flinched at the word “curse” from her.








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