Chapter 37 (Part 2)

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Two people, one memorising and the other meditating, didn’t sleep the whole night. Qin Wanwan, in that sense, had the upper hand since meditation can be considered as a way to rest for the cultivators. Jian Xingzhi on the other hand, had to use his divine sense to memorise. The night passed like this and when Xie Lutang pushed open the door in the morning, he saw Jian Xingzhi reading a book with big dark eye bags under his eyes. Xie Lutang was so shocked that he couldn’t form any words.


“Senior …… Senior ……”


“Good …… Oh my god!” Nan Feng covered his mouth in surprise and took a step back.


Jian Xingzhi raised his eyes to look at the two, and smiled miserably.


“Good morning.” Saying that, he turned his gaze back to the book, “Don’t disturb me. You guys go ahead and practice. I have to read.”


No one dared to speak, even Qin Wanwan was a little scared.


But it was good that she remembered her initial purpose and hurriedly pulled the other two away before running out.


After the three went out, Nan Feng patted his chest, his heart palpitating as he said, “Master, I got scared by the look of Jian-daojun. I don’t know why, I feel like he’s gone off the rails.”


“It’s okay,” Qin Wanwan waved her hand to comfort herself, “He’s in a good state of mind, don’t be afraid.”


“But I also feel that the Senior behaving this way isn’t quite normal ah.” Xie Lutang frowned, “Why don’t we stop his reading and think of other ways?”


“But he has already started reading,” Qin Wanwan said with difficulty, “I already spent fifty spirit stones to buy the books. I can’t just let them get wasted ah.”


Considering the fifty spirit stones, everyone was silent and decided to let Jian Xingzhi suffer a bit more.


But by the fourth night, Qin Wanwan could not hold on any longer.


She squatted in front of Jian Xingzhi, who had bloodshot eyes, staring intently at the book. She looked at the pointed cone under his hip with blood stains and the blood dripping from his hip. Qin Wanwan looked up at him in shock and hesitated before asking: “Master …… you …… are you okay?”


“Your Master is completely fine!”


Jian Xingzhi replied like an extra energetic person, “There are still a thousand books to memorise!”


“Master ……” Qin Wanwan looked at his dripping blood before suggesting, “Why don’t you take a break? It’s only a thousand books, you don’t need to memorize it.”


“No,” Jian Xingzhi refuted Qin Wanwan, “I can’t stop halfway. Don’t bother me, I want to memorize.”


“Then you can take a break before you memorize the thousand books.” Qin Wanwan looked at Jian Xingzhi’s blood-stained clothes and felt a little sympathy, “at least stop the bleeding first, okay?”


“It’s just a small injury, don’t worry about it,” Jian Xingzhi said, disliking Qin Wanwan disturbing him, “You go and practice. Don’t disturb me.”


Qin Wanwan did not dare to persuade him again. She turned to the bed, hesitated a little before reciting a spell, to stop the bleeding of Jian Xingzhi’s buttocks first.


All of Jian Xingzhi’s energy was being used on memorizing the book. If no one cares about his injury, she is afraid that he will die from blood loss.


It was how six of the seven days passed. On the sixth night, Cuilu sent someone to inform Jian Xingzhi and Xie Lutang that tomorrow was the long awaited day of the once-in-a-month banquet of all the male pets. Hua Rong will be present at the banquet and chose his favorite man to take away for the night.


Hearing this news, Xie Lutang hurriedly spoke, “Miss Qin, please go quickly and tell the Senior that he doesn’t need to memorise anymore!”




Qin Wanwan nodded her head, turned and ran to tell Jian Xingzhi the good news.


“Master, no need to memorise the poems anymore. Tomorrow is the banquet of the male pets. Please rest well, beauty is the most important thing!”


Hearing these words, Jian Xingzhi looked up leisurely from his position at Qin Wanwan and said with a smile: “The long drought happened to meet the timely rain, and the rowboat started to move at the gentle east wind towards the west*. I’ve finished reciting all the poems, just in the nick of time.”


[T/N: The author wrote in the RAWS that the lines were randomly taken from the internet.]


Qin Wanwan listened to Jian Xingzhi reciting the poem as if reciting sutras and felt a little scared. She raised her hands to help Jian Xingzhi stand, who had been sitting in the chair for seven days, and persuaded him, “Master, you have finished memorising all the poems. Don’t think too much about it now. Just be a normal person.”


“This is not good enough,” Jian Xingzhi, who was helped up by Qin Wanwan, walked forward with stiffened legs as he kept reciting poems like a drunkard, “If you don’t give the effort, how can you say your tree has gone deep? Beicheng, you should also read more, like your Master. Be a cultured person, from being uneducated to memorising six thousand books. It’s only a matter of seven days.”


Hearing this, Qin Wanwan’s heart thumped, she hurriedly sent Jian Xingzhi to the bedside and coaxed him to sleep: “Master don’t say anything. Take your beauty sleep, so that you will be the most beautiful man tomorrow!”


Saying that, Qin Wanwan made Jian Xingzhi lie down on the bed and covered him with the quilt.


Jian Xingzhi put his hands in front of his body, closed his eyes, and sighed softly: “No need to mourn for the spring. The longing will only fall into the mud and be crushed into dust. Only the fragrance of spring will be the same as before.”


Qin Wanwan resisted the urge to hit the curtain of the bed in frustration and quickly walked out the door. Outside, Xie Lutang and Nan Feng who were standing quickly came to her.


“How is the Senior doing? Has the situation improved?”


Qin Wanwan shook her head, showing a heavy expression as she said, “I’m afraid it’s already too late. His situation is completely hopeless now. It’s better to just give up.”


Saying that, she walked forward sadly. Holding her hands behind her back, she tilted her head to look at the moon, showing a melancholy expression.


Xie Lutang hesitated for a moment before comforting Qin Wanwan: “Miss Qin, please don’t worry too much. The Senior is just momentarily obsessed with reading. Maybe after spending some time with us again, he will get better.”


“I hope so.” Qin Wanwan nodded, “Thanks Xie-daojun for your good advice. Please rest early. Take Nan Feng with you. I’ll calm down after walking a bit.”


Xie Lutang nodded and went back to his room with Nan Feng.


After they left, the corners of Qin Wanwan’s mouth rose up to her cheeks and she bounced in place twice with her fists clenched.


He finally felt the torture and misery she felt. Last time when he plowed her out of the yellow sand, she was feeling just like this.


She learned how to use her sword in order to complete the task. He should also know how to recite poetry for completing the task!


Qin Wanwan felt secretly happy in the heart, but also a little sympathy. She couldn’t help but wonder if she was being too harsh on him.


But when she thought of the three hundred years she spent in the Immortal Realm as a beautiful fairy. Her parents ran everywhere to make false rumours for her, making her one of the strongest women in the Immortal Realm just so that she could live a better life. But all of this was wasted by his capricious and presumptuous sword. He not only killed her, but also took away her happy life and threw her here to suffer. Even if she somehow managed to return to the Immortal Realm, she is afraid she won’t be able to protect herself, let alone her Silent Mountain. So, in the end, she has no place to return, and it’s all because of him. Since she couldn’t make him apologize to her even by beating and scolding, then she will vent her anger and frustration on him. Let him experience how it feels to be weak and in pain. Only then could she consider it as him apologising to her.


Thinking about these, she threw away the sympathy from her heart and finally went back to her room with a light heart.


The next morning, Qin Wanwan got up early and started to get Jian Xingzhi ready with Nan Feng.


They made Jian Xingzhi change into a long blue brocade shirt. His hair was half-pulled with a white jade hairpin, and she used aromatherapy to iron Jian Xingzhi’s clothes. She made sure that everything about Jian Xingzhi was perfect, from his hair, clothes to the tip of his fingertips.


After all this was done, Jian Xingzhi looked at Qin Wanwan and asked, “Can I go?”


“Yes.” Qin Wanwan nodded and encouraged him, “Master, you have finished memorizing 7,000 books. Today you will be the prettiest male pet in Guicheng!”


Saying that, Qin Wanwan spread her fingers in the air to the sides and exaggeratedly praised, “Perfect.”


“I think so.”


Jian Xingzhi nodded his head, feeling more confident than necessary, “I am now able to write and read poetry, and also know martial arts. I will see who will dare to compete with this heavenly gentleman. This time, I will win the top prize of the banquet.”


“Master is right!”


Qin Wanwan mindlessly bragged. Just as they were speaking, Nan Feng ran from outside to inform them, “Master, Jian-daojun, Xie-daojun, let’s go.”


Hearing this, Jian Xingzhi stood up along with Qin Wanwan, “Let’s go.”


At Jian Xingzhi’s order, Qin Wanwan, Xie Lutang, and Nan Feng walked out, following him from behind. Each of their step filled with confidence. Especially Jian Xingzhi, he looked like he was stepping on the clouds and flying with the wind.


Jian Xingzhi walked through the crowd, under the astonished gaze of other people, he confidently swept a few strands of his hair behind his ear.


He had read and memorised seven thousand poetry books. This had given him the pride that he never had before.


If he can memorize so many poems, is there anything he can’t do?


A group of people walked to the garden where the banquet was scheduled. And when they reached the entrance, they were stopped.


“Only the two gentlemen are allowed to enter the banquet, and the rest have to stay.”


The maid stopped Qin Wanwan and Nan Feng. Qin Wanwan expressed her understanding and took a step back together with Nan Feng.


She turned her head to look at Jian Xingzhi, who was standing proudly with his hands behind his back, and Xie Lutang, who looked like he just came to watch a game. Just as she was thinking something, she heard the maid announcing, “This time, the Lord of the City is ill and cannot meet directly with all the gentlemen, so the selection method has been changed. There are some rules in the selection process, I hope the two gentlemen will hear me out. ”


Hearing this, everyone froze. But the maid didn’t seem to notice it and continued to speak: “This time, Lord Cuilu has set three of examinations for all the gentlemen. All the test questions were made in accordance with the preferences of the Lord of the City. Each test consists of 100 numbers. The gentleman who will score the highest will be the one who will serve the Lord this whole month.”


“It’s just a test.” Jian Xingzhi smiled and boasted with confidence, “I’ve read a lot of books, it will be a piece of cake to me.”


“You’re jesting.” the maid laughed in mockery, “the city lord hates people who read a lot of books. So please be careful. Especially if you are selected. It would be better to use vernacular if you can, lest you start spouting nonsense.”


Hearing these words, Jian Xingzhi turned back and looked at Qin Wanwan in shock.


Qin Wanwan’s heart also thumped. The city lord Hua Rong was raised by the city lord of Mingjing. Hua Rong still has the statue of the city lord of Mingjing in his house. He was searching for people who are similar in appearance or temperament of the divine city lord. The statue of the divine city lord was clearly holding a book. Then how could Hua Rong not like men who read a lot!?


“Among the three exams, what is the main test?”


Xie Lutang, regardless of the change, didn’t hesitate to seize the focus on him and asked. The maid turned her eyes to Xie Lutang and said respectfully, “City Lord likes people who are good at practical things. So the three exams, respectively, will be held on appearance, arithmetic and weapon refining.”


Hearing this, Jian Xingzhi’s face changed.


He turned around and dragged Qin Wanwan to the side. Xie Lutang and Nan Feng also followed them with nervous looks.


“Now what?” Nan Feng was anxious, “We are completely unprepared for the tests.”


“No, not unprepared,” Qin Wanwan raised her hand to stop Nan Feng’s words, and spoke seriously, “We now have to use the reverse strategy.”


“So what now?” Jian Xingzhi gritted his teeth. “I can’t do arithmetic.”


“Don’t panic, I’ll give you an analysis,” Qin Wanwan said seriously, “Your appearance will score the highest for sure. So it doesn’t matter if you are good at arithmetic or not. Even if your arithmetic score is low, you can fill it up by scoring well in the weapon refining test. Most of the male pets of the city lord’s residence should be ordinary people. With your ability, the weapon refining score will definitely be the highest among them. This test is completely in your favor, so don’t need to worry.”


Hearing this, everyone felt at ease.


Jian Xingzhi nodded: “That’s right. I can’t be worse than these ordinary people at refining weapons.”


“Master, have faith in yourself,” Qin Wanwan clenched her fist and encouraged him, “Go for it.”


Jian Xingzhi received her encouragement and nodded. After glancing at each other, he walked forward with Xie Lutang to enter the banquet.


The two entered the examination hall together, Xie Lutang on the way reassured Jian Xingzhi, “Senior, don’t worry. Miss Qin is right, everyone here is ordinary people. If we do well in the weapon refinement test, we should have a solid victory.”


Saying that, the two walked forward the path and entered the garden. Just as they entered, several men each sitting behind their own small table, and bowing their heads while doing their own things came into their vision.


As soon as he saw those people, Jian Xingzhi’s whole body froze.


Although most of the people here came in by disguising their appearance, but because the strength of his divine sense is much higher than the people present, he recognized them just by identifying the soul. The people who were present were-


Shen Zhiming, the patriarch of the Wen Xin Sect.


Junshu, the young master of Yinyue City.


There were some people whom he didn’t recognize. Like the young man in a pink long-shirt who was at the stage of God Transformation. Seeing Jian Xingzhi staring at them dumbfoundedly, he raised his glass and smiled towards Jian Xingzhi and Xie Lutang.


Another young man in white, who was at the Tribulation stage, was coughing as if he would die the next moment and bowing his head to drink medicine.


Together with Jian Xingzhi and Xie Lutang who was from the Tian Chen Sect.


People present there weren’t ordinary at all.


In that instant, the urge to turn around and run away came over Jian Xingzhi.


Is this the backyard house fight of a city lord?


When did the cultivators of the God Transformation and Tribulations stage have the secret desire to become a male pet?


When did the fate of the cultivators of God Transformation and Tribulations stage become worse than a dog that they have to become a mere male pet?


Even if he looks good, can his level of arithmetic be compared with the group of cultivators of the God Transformation and Tribulation stage? Let alone winning the arithmetic test, he can’t even win the weapon refining test ah!





The author has something to say:


Jian Xingzhi: “I studied so hard to memorise all the poems. In the end, it was arithmetic test. This is so unfair, how would I pass the exam now?”


[Small Theatre]


Qin Wanwan: “You put your hands on my chest just to shatter my ribs? This! Are! Boobs! Such big breasts! Don’t you feel anything?”


Jian Xingzhi: “If I thought about what boobs, I wouldn’t be worthy of being your Master.”




Jian Xingzhi: “You climbed into my bed in the middle of the night just to get me to memorize the book? I am so handsome, this bed is so soft, you have no other thoughts?”


Qin Wanwan: “If I think of the bed, I don’t deserve to be your disciple!”


Master, if there is a sin, there is retribution. Your retribution is me.






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