Chapter 37 (Part 1)

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The library didn’t have all the poetry books Qin Wanwan demanded. Only some popular best-selling poetry anthology books were sold there. But even so, it was close to thousands of books. Qin Wanwan took out all the spiritual stones she got after selling Jian Xingzhi to Feng Yalou, bought all the books and stuffed them into her Qiankun bag. The Qiankun bag couldn’t suffice all the books, so she stuffed the rest of the books to Nan Feng who followed her to the bookstore before heading back.


She carried the thousands of books back to the city lord’s residence. Jian Xingzhi at that time was studying the topography of the city master’s residence with Xie Lutang when Qin Wanwan ran in happily and shouted, “Master! I’ve bought all the books!”




The book should be good.


“Master, stop chatting with Xie-daojun and come here.” Qin Wanwan urged him, “the most important thing now is to study. If you dilly-dally more, I’m afraid we won’t have enough time.”


Jian Xingzhi smiled and then frowned as he murmured: “It’s just a few books ……”


His words weren’t finished, when a sea of books were poured on the table by Qin Wanwan.



As Qin Wanwan was pouring the books on the table, Nan Feng behind her was busy pulling the books from the Qiankun bag. The room was instantly filled with books.


Jian Xingzhi and Xie Lutang stood at the doorway, staring at the mountains of books with shocked eyes. After pouring all the books down, Qin Wanwan went to Jian Xingzhi and said in a serious manner, “Master, according to my understanding of your nature and Nan Feng’s information about Hua Rong, if you want to be the most beloved man of Hua Rong, you have to finish reading all these books. There are seven thousand books here. If you read a thousand per day, I believe you will be able to finish them all in seven days.”


“A thousand per day ……” Xie Lutang was incredulous, “That’s a little too much, right?”


“No, Xie-daojun,” Qin Wanwan wiggled her index finger left and right and explained, “you don’t know my master. My master is the best in everything in the world. Just 7,000 books is nothing to him at all!”


“What if I……” Jian Xingzhi gulped and asked, “Don’t want to?”


“Master,” Qin Wanwan turned her head to him and said in a serious manner, “think about it, I was once a very weak and incompetent person. But under your guidance, I am now able to break your bones. What is there in the world that can’t be done with effort? Master, you have to set an example, ah. Otherwise, how would you teach me in the future? Won’t I learn how to be lazy such as yourself? And it’s just 7,000 books. With your strong divine sense, not to mention seven days, you can even memorise them in a day!”


In front of Qin Wanwan’s passionate speech, Jian Xingzhi couldn’t refute and could only nod, “A day is still not enough. But I will try my best.”


“Master,” Qin Wanwan held his hand, her eyes full of admiration, “there is nothing in this world that you can’t do, you won’t let me down, right?”


“You think too highly of me.”


Jian Xingzhi trembled inwardly as he boasted proudly, “Actually, I am just a very ordinary sword cultivator.”


“Master, don’t be so humble,” Qin Wanwan lifted her hand and covered Jian Xingzhi’s mouth as she said, “You are the best in my heart. Whether we can find the Linglong Jade or not, it depends on you. Please start reading the books. I’m going to eat with Xie-daojun.”


Saying that, Qin Wanwan happily called on Xie Lutang, “Xie-daojun, let’s go eat today’s special menu; the roasted lamb!”


“Wait ……”


Jian Xingzhi wasn’t able to call her back. He just watched as Qin Wanwan happily pulled Nan Feng and Xie Lutang away.


He stood alone in front of the mountain and sea of books and murmured, “I want to eat roasted lamb too ……”


The words just fell, and the system let out a [ding] sound:.


Intimate contact of the supporting female lead with a handsome supporting male lead. 


Points: +5. 


Requesting the host to continue to work hard. To find the perfect peach blossom for the supporting female lead!


The moment he heard this voice, he didn’t know why, he felt even more stuffy.


Everyone else is in love and eating roasted sheep. Only he has to study.


But what can he even do?


Qin Wanwan is right, he is the Master. He can not teach her to be lazy about practicing and learning.


Jian Xingzhi took a deep breath, turned his head away, walked to the door and closed it. He sat down cross-legged on the chair and raised his hand to first put all the books poured on the table into his Qiankun bag, leaving only 1,000 books to be memorized for today.


The way of memorising books of a cultivator is different from mortals. A cultivator will use his divine sense to read all the thousand books at once, and at the same time, turn the pages of each book. This was the method that Jian Xingzhi used too. He opened one book and found out that he could actually read the words of the book but couldn’t understand a thing. It was as if the words were jumping on top of his head but refusing to enter his brain.


He concentrated on trying to get those words into his head, but just in a few moments, he felt sleepy.


He had no talent in reading poetry. He knew this fact better than anyone, but he couldn’t give up.


He tried to recite all the poems over and over again, but to no avail. Everytime he tried, he felt as if his divine sense had been hit hard by something. He couldn’t even concentrate, and felt very sleepy.


He desperately struggled to hold on, reciting the book between half-asleep and half-awake state. And as he struggled so hard, he heard the sound of Qin Wanwan and Xie Lutang’s happy steps.


Did they finish the whole roasted lamb?


He suddenly felt a little sad, and something akin to sourness inexplicably emerged in his heart.


This rebellious disciple, eating roasted lamb without even remembering her own Master.


As he was being a sour lemon, he heard Qin Wanwan opening the door.


After opening the door, Qin Wanwan sneaked a glance at him, wanting to confirm that he was not being lazy.


Jian Xingzhi immediately turned his head away, giving a cold hum.


    If the rebellious disciple doesn’t coax me properly, I won’t care about her anymore!


Qin Wanwan confirmed that he was not being lazy and didn’t even think about coaxing Jian Xingzhi. She simply went to bed, pulled up the quilt and fell asleep. Jian Xingzhi waited for a long time but didn’t hear any movement from Qin Wanwan’s side. He felt even more angry at her carelessness and turned his head to her as he asked, “Did you bring anything for me?”


“Master, memorize the books properly,” Qin Wanwan turned her back to him and coldly said, “don’t always think about eating.”


Qin Wanwan’s ruthless reply made him choke on his saliva. He turned his head back in shame and continued to recite the book.


When he felt he had almost finished memorising the books for today, he went to bed like a zombie, fell face first on the bed and pulled the quilt before slowly closing his eyes.


At that moment, he felt happiness spreading all over his body.


He closed his eyes and slept soundly, but before long, he suddenly felt a presence beside him. When he opened his eyes in a daze, he saw Qin Wanwan lying beside him and staring unblinkingly at him. She was lying too close to him, so close that he could even feel the warmth of her breath. Jian Xingzhi’s whole body immediately stiffened up at their closeness.


He instantly woke up and opened his eyes wide to look at Qin Wanwan, and saw Qin Wanwan slowly coming towards him, her face getting closer and closer.


His brain became a mess, his breathing almost stopped. He felt panic in his heart, and his mind was full of weird unthinking thoughts.


What is she going to do? What does she want to do?


He couldn’t react, and just a moment before Qin Wanwan was about to kiss him, he heard Qin Wanwan asking him leisurely, “Master, are you awake?”


Jian Xingzhi swallowed and replied nervously, “Awake…… awake.”


“Then tell me,” Qin Wanwan took out a book he had just memorized and opened a random page before asking, “what is the next line of ‘The incense burner burning in the sun, producing purple smoke’?”


Hearing this, Jian Xingzhi was snapped out of his daze. He sat up instantly and looked at Qin Wanwan in shock: “You climbed into my bed in the middle of the night just to get me to memorise the book?!”


“Master, if I care about where I’m, whether in your bed or not.” Qin Wanwan got up calmly, with a frank face she said, “how am I worthy of being your disciple? I want to do whatever it takes to supervise you, train you, so that you can become a cultured master. To make sure you don’t be the waste and shame of our Shangji Clan. Do you want the people to point at our clan, saying that the people of Shangji Clan are uncultured and only know how to fight?”


“But I’ve already finished memorising a thousand books today!”


Jian Xingzhi was anxious, Qin Wanwan listened to the familiar lines spoken by Jian Xingzhi, felt the pleasure of their position switching and restrained her inner joy as she said with great seriousness, “Master, you have to have higher requirements for yourself. Just like when I only needed 2334 points per day to complete my martial cultivation requirements, you made me complete 3000. And for this reason, you also taught me the ‘Spring Birth’ technique. It was because you were strict in my training that I’m so strong right now. Now this disciple wants to return the favour and generosity. I can’t let my Master slack off. I can’t sleep at night when my Master is struggling so hard to memorise the books. So I made a reading apparatus and would like to ask my myaster to give it a try.”


“Apparatus…… what is it?”


Jian Xingzhi was afraid, he knew something was wrong when he thought that Qin Wanwan actually even remembered that the last ending number of accumulating martial arts proficiency points of hers was 4.


Qin Wanwan jumped off the bed and pulled open the curtain. After the curtain was lifted, Jian Xingzhi saw a weird looking chair. The chair was weird because the place where people would sit had been hollowed out. Below stood a pile of sharp cones, above hung a rope, and overall it looked like some kind of torture device.


“Mortal readers, in order to study hard, always use this hair pulling and cone stabbing the thighs chair. But I am using this as inspiration, and have improved this chair specifically. This chair won’t need to operate manually, it would automatically stab the buttocks. As long as it detects that you aren’t studying and feeling sleepy, it will start working.”


Qin Wanwan introduced the chair proudly, “I will tie this rope on your head and it will monitor if you are studying hard or not. If you try to slack off and get off of the chair, the rope above will pull your hair and the cones below will stab your buttocks, ensuring that you are instantly awake and focused. I am not from a clan as good as Master, with such a powerful heart method such as ‘Spring Birth’. I can only contribute my humble contribution to Master through my own efforts, and I hope Master will receive it with a smile!”


Jian Xingzhi didn’t speak, he quietly looked at that chair, and felt an inexplicable despair hanging over his head and buttocks at the moment.


Qin Wanwan cheerfully urged him to sit on the chair. Thinking how harshly he trained Qin Wanwan, Jian Xingzhi took a deep breath and walked to that chair as Qin Wanwan commanded. When he sat on the chair, Qin Wanwan tied the rope on his head, handed him the book and shouted with great energy, “Come on Master! Read the book!”


Qin Wanwan finished her job and leisurely waved at him, “Then Master, I’m going to bed. I know you can do it, fighting!”


Jian Xingzhi nodded seriously at her before saying, “Okay, go ahead. Remember to get up early in the morning to practice with your sword. Don’t be lazy!”




Qin Wanwan answered, and after taking two steps forward, she suddenly thought something and turned back. The scene of Jian Xingzhi half-crouching and half-sitting on those spiked cones while his hair being pulled by the rope entered her vision. Jian Xingzhi furiously released his divine sense at the book and began to read.


Qin Wanwan looked at him quietly for a moment, before turning her head away and getting into the bed.


After getting into bed, Qin Wanwan again secretly looked at Jian Xingzhi through the curtain and saw him struggling hard. She inexplicably felt a little weak in her heart. She tried to sleep with her back to him, but even after tossing and turning for half of the night, she couldn’t sleep. With a sigh, she finally got up, sat cross-legged on the bed and propped her head to look at Jian Xingzhi: “Master.”


At that moment, she suddenly felt a vague sense of familiarity.


It was as if they were in the high school dormitory. Seeing the person next bed to her turning on the light to read, she couldn’t help but get up and flip open the exercise book……






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