Chapter 36

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Hyazelki said flatly because she knew Jiel would keep asking unless she said no.


Jiel, who smacked his lips bitterly, found a flower pot falling this way from the railing on the second floor.


As he waved his hands with a casual face, vines poured out of other pots left on the railing and wrapped them around the falling pot.




“I think this place is filled with the scent of flowers somehow. Is it because there are a lot of flower decorations?”


“I think so.”




Hyazelki, who knew nothing, passed by the hovering flowerpot.


Similar things happened several times, but nothing reached Hyazelki.


As long as Jiel was next to her, there was nothing that could hurt her.


But as similar things continued, Jiel was about to get annoyed.


“Wow! They sell flower-shaped cookies! Jiel, shall we eat that?”




While passing through the street, Hyazelki smiled, pointing to the flower-shaped cookie displayed in a bakery.


Jiel’s expression, which was wrinkled with irritation, was also relieved in an instant.




“Really? Do you want me to buy that for you?”


“I’m going to buy it.”




Hyazelki, who looked up calmly at Jiel, who shone his eyes, quickly walked to the shop.


Jiel grinned as he saw him running quickly and taking money from her pocket and buying the cookies.


She really grew a lot. He can’t believe she’s 16 already.


This winter, the coming-of-age ceremony will be held on the occasion of her birthday.




‘But she can’t just be kept in the castle forever.’




He objected to Kael’s intention to keep her bound only in the castle.




‘But why are there so many?’


Jiel, with a frown, looked around once.


The more they walked on the street, the more hideous the eyes around them became.


Other than that, he felt like he was catching up with something strange.


Hyazelki was staring at the cookies, which were placed in the paper bag, with an innocent face, as if she could not feel anything.




“Should we talk to her?”


“She seems like some aristocratic lady.”


“What does it have to do with talking to her? Can’t you just say you don’t want to?”


“If she’s a noble lady, you know exactly what attitude she’ll be returning to.”


“If you’re a man, just go with the guts.”




Two men passing by Jiel giggled and whispered to themselves.


Jiel followed them with a sullen face. The eyes of the two men were on Hyazelki.


Stopping a little further apart from her, they continued to squabble with each other.




“What would you do if she talks to you?”



“Well, then…….”




A man who naturally tried to answer Jiel’s sudden question blurred the end of his words.




“Who are you?”


“I’m the guardian of that child you’re talking about. Do you have anything to do with my child?”




The finely braided dark green hair, which usually looked gentle, seemed to create a colder atmosphere for no reason.




“Ah…… It’s…….”




Jiel folded his arms as he saw the two men unable to answer properly.




“Yes, I know my Baby is pretty.”


“Oh, yes…”




The men who answered with a nod of surprise hurriedly shut their mouths.


“But don’t try to treat her recklessly. She’s a precious child.”




Jiel turned his back with a snort of ‘Hmph’.


And at the same time, a scream rang in his ears.




“Oh my god!”




A cart loaded with luggage had so much load that it could not be seen. Several boxes were rolling around after falling from the cart.


The person who was pushing the cart from behind was restless with a frustrated face, and a familiar person was lying in front of the cart.








For a moment everything but Hyazelki seemed blurred in his eyes.


He just took off his eyes for a while.


Jiel, who ran to her, hugged the child through people stamping their feet asking if she was okay and what to do with the situation.


Then he kicked the ground and flew into the sky at once.


There was a small scratch on her cheek, perhaps because it was scratched while falling, but no other major wounds were seen.


Nevertheless, holding Hyazelki, who had lost her consciousness, made him feel uneasy enough to lose his mind.




* * *




Flying to the Florence Mountains with Lihan, Kael frowned and looked at the flower bed.


As soon as he heard from Hiel’s messenger bird, he flew straight there, but no one was found.




‘Where did he take her? Should I break his legs…….’




Kael’s cold sunken gaze scanned the flower bed and devised a way to punish Jiel.




“……She must have liked it.”




Lihan, who was looking around the flower bed for a while, murmured quietly.


He also thought that he wanted to see how much Hyazelki loved this place as a flower-loving person.


Then he remembered Jiel who was talking to her about the Florence Mountains.




“Mr. Kael.”


“What’s wrong?”


“Isn’t there a city near the mountain range with lots of flower decorations there?”






Lihan retraced his memory and tapped his chin.




“In addition to this mountain range, I think I heard there was a city decorated with flowers. I think Jiel must have wanted to show her the city, too.”




Kael frowned.


He said they went somewhere in the South, but he couldn’t remember the exact location.


Unlike Jiel, who had been wandering around the continent all the time, Kael lived in the castle for as long as he could remember, so he did not know the geography well.


Kael, who rubbed his face with a sigh, reached out to Lihan.




“Let’s go.”


He flew high in the sky with Lihan.


To the place where one can see the land of the South at a glance.


It could not be seen with the naked eye, but it was possible for a dragon.


The black dragon squinted its eyes among the clouds and scanned the continent.


What a beautiful land. The continent where people cannot be seen.


People like beautiful places, and abandon the barren land.


Kael didn’t like humans very much from the beginning, so he settled down in the barren Northern land.


It was the first time Kael touched the Florence Mountains with his feet.


And soon he looked at the place with the most flowers.




“Let’s go there first.”




The Florence Mountains are beyond human reach.


Then Kael, who found a place with many flowers, flew to the nearest city.


Kael hated crowded places. Most dragons do, but Kael especially hated it.


But now he couldn’t afford to argue about that.


Full of flower decorations, it was just Hyazelki’s taste.


But in the main street, in the alley, she wasn’t there.




“She’s not here either.”




Perhaps because they couldn’t find them, Lihan’s face hardened a little.


This is the end of the predictable place, so she had to be here.


Jiel was a dragon that wandered around the continent, so he had no idea where she would be.


They can send a messenger bird to find Jiel, but if he goes somewhere again while the messenger bird returns to its owner, it would be more difficult to find him.




“Did you see that?”




Standing in the middle of a busy street, he was wondering where to go next, and that’s when he heard two passers-by talking.




“I saw it! Wasn’t we just nearby?”


“Was it really a dragon? Dragon from the myth?”


“I don’t know if it’s a dragon from the myth, but it was definitely a dragon. There’s no way a person can fly in the sky with wings.”




Lihan also looked back at the passersby who passed them at the same time as Kael, as if he had heard them.


Kael immediately chased the two and caught them.


The captured passersby looked up at him with puzzled faces, then flinched at his cold eyes.




“Wh, what do you want?”


“……was there a girl beside the shaggy guy who sprung his wings?”




Rather than reprimanding him for standing out, Kael’s confirmation of Hyazelki’s whereabouts came first.




“Oh, the one he was holding?”






Kael’s eyebrows wriggled.




“I heard that the girl was injured in a collision with a cart…….”


The news was a matter of great concern.


Kael touched his forehead, and Lihan clenched his fist.




“You can go.”




As they waved their hands, the two passersby quickly moved away while looking around.


If he flew somewhere with an injured woman in his arms, the destination would definitely be Hiel.




“Let’s go, Lihan.”






Kael looked around with a sharp gaze and hurried along.


It’s dangerous outside the castle. The black spirits always aim at Hyazelki, and if Kael is not around, bad things will happen so quickly.


Out of the crowded streets, Kael immediately grabbed Lihan and flew up.




* * *




Even after Hiel’s action, Hyazelki did not wake up.


“Why didn’t he see someone standing in the front before pushing the cart on such a busy street?”




Jiel, who was biting his nails with a nervous face, murmured discontentedly.








Hiel, who glanced at him, called him quietly.






“You don’t know?”


“Know what?”




Jiel, who was pacing around the bed Hyazelki was lying down, tilted his head.


Then Hiel sighed briefly and showed him the area near her ankle.




“Do you see it?”




Then, he saw black marks on her ankle as if someone had caught them.


However, this time, it was a little different from before.


There was black energy all over her, to the point where Hiel raised his hand in surprise.


Hiel, who covered his mouth with his hand without realizing it, murmured quietly.








It certainly wasn’t a big wound.


A little bruise near the wrist and a scratch on the face.


She didn’t hurt her head that hard either.


But now that he checked this shaking black energy, Hiel could clearly see it.




“……it can’t be.”




“Did you secretly take Hyazelki out of the castle without Kael knowing? It’s a curse she has. This is why Ciel entrusted her to Kael.”






Hiel stared pitifully at Jiel’s innocent question, who sounded he really didn’t know anything.




“I guess you only felt like taking her and didn’t even think of the curse.”


“I knew that she was loved excessively by God and hated by humans.”


“This is the curse of sinners.”




Jiel narrowed his brow faintly.


A child whom God loved so much. A child born to resemble God.


So he didn’t even think that she would be under such a curse.


It’s just that she was born with a fate that she wouldn’t be loved by humans in return for being loved by God.




“So it’s not the fault of the person pushing the cart. It’s something they can’t do with their own power.”


“……Is that why she is entrusted to Kael?”


“Yes, not because she’s not loved by humans, but because of the curse.”




Jiel’s eyes were on Hyazelki, who had black energy all over her body.




“……the condition is serious. This is not something I can do. Kael needs to come.”


Thin ankles, wrists, and waist that look like it could be grabbed with one hand. He was anxious to think of the black thing stuck all over her body.


What do you mean, they are bothering this delicate child because they have no place to bother?


Jiel sighed briefly, and Hiel called a messenger bird and sent it to Kael.




“She’s too young for this.”




He was a dragon so she was young in their eyes. At the age of her coming-of-age ceremony on her birthday, she will be an adult according to humans.


Of course, from their point of view, she will still look like a child to them even after reaching adulthood.








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