Chapter 36 (Part 1)

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Qin Wanwan took three deep breaths to calm herself down and not to think back to the scenes that would make her want to blow Jian Xingzhi’s head off.


She calmed herself, bowed her head and began to wash her hands. A cold glint flashed in her eyes. It’s never too late for a gentleman (lady) to take revenge.


Sooner or later there will be a day ……


Suddenly, she got stuck in her thoughts.


What would happen one day, sooner or later?


Step on his head?


But she already stepped on it.


Beat him up?


Already beaten until his whole body was crushed and broken many times.


Make him cry and apologize from the bottom of his heart?


Seems unlikely.


What else could she do?


For a moment, Qin Wanwan was confused about her revenge plan, but soon she reacted. She should not give up so quickly, if she couldn’t physically hurt him, then she would hurt him emotionally. She will now tolerate him, observe him, wait to gain his trust slowly and then catch his weakness. Finally, she will take full advantage of his trust and make him miserable. She will make him kneel in front of her, crying while repenting and asking for forgiveness.


Just thinking of such an image, Qin Wanwan felt her heart was comforted.


She washed her hands and took a handkerchief from the shelf to wipe her hands. As if she had stopped a demon from running rampant on a village, she flung the handkerchief away with full of confidence like a prideful man of strength and walked opposite to Jian Xingzhi before sitting on the bed to meditate.


She looked up and stared at the panel hovering in front of her where the time given by the system for cultivation was glowing. She closed her eyes and began to cultivate according to the system’s deadline for cultivation.


This has become her habit. When she spent one month in the desert with Jian Xingzhi, fighting with him day and night, it was the only time when she felt at peace. Maybe it was the effect of Jian Xingzhi’s fierce training, facing the 12 hours deadline set by the system everyday to fulfill its perverted requirements, she actually felt –


A mere 12 hours can’t beat her!


She ran the methods taught by Jian Xingzhi and closed her eyes. As her divine sense began to spread outside, she concentrated on developing her muscles, feeling the blood vessels, tendons, veins, spiritual roots, and then the depth of her Golden Core.


Her Golden Core was wrapped in a faint greenish color. As she gradually lost consciousness and her divine sense surrounded it, she saw an image flashing in her mind and suddenly, she found herself in a dark place.


A lot of tubes were inserted all around her body, blood flowed out from her body down the tubes and disappeared to the darkness of the place. Qin Wanwan didn’t open her eyes, but she could still see her surroundings clearly.


The place she was lying in seemed to be a coffin. The coffin was very large, outside the coffin, huge stone walls of a cave were seen arching upward. As she concentrated more, she seemed to vaguely hear the sound of water dripping from somewhere. The tubes on her body ran through all the way into the cave, as if her blood was a constant source of life to the cave.


And there was a peculiar sound of a heartbeat that kept ringing.


Thump. Thump.


Loud and clear.


Along with the sound of heartbeats, the ground was vibrating rhythmically. Qin Wanwan was lying inside the coffin blankly, she didn’t know whether she was dreaming or her soul was leaving her body. Just as she was thinking of cautiously observing her surroundings, she heard a dragon’s roar, followed by someone calling her: “Gu Beicheng.”


As the voice spoke, her head started to hurt. Qin Wanwan quickly opened her eyes and saw Jian Xingzhi standing in front of her. One of his hands was clenched into a fist and still pressing down on top of her head. When he saw her opening her eyes, he said smugly: “The meditation can make the soul unstable. If I hadn’t punched you, your soul would have really left your body.”


“I really want to thank you but can’t.”


Qin Wanwan’s head was shaken by Jian Xingzhi’s punch and she felt a buzzing pain rising. She held down her anger, raised her hand to slap away Jian Xingzhi’s hand and covered her head with her hands.


Seeing that she had a severe headache, Jian Xingzhi thought of something and gently grabbed both sides of her head. A cool spiritual energy rushed into her brain, and Qin Wanwan’s headache suddenly got much better.


She was touched by his generosity and opened her mouth to thank him. But before she could speak, she heard Jian Xingzhi’s happy voice: “This really counts! Does Beicheng still have a headache? If it doesn’t hurt, shall I hit you again?”


The feeling of gratitude instantly poofed away like a deflated balloon and only the impulse to break open the fool’s head remained in Qin Wanwan’s mind.


But Qin Wanwan knew she shouldn’t be angry at this moment. So, she clenched her fist to surpass the anger and told Jian Xingzhi about what she saw now: “I seem to feel the Linglong Jade now.”


“Tell me.”


Jian Xingzhi became interested when he heard it: “What did you see?”


“A coffin, a cave, and this cave has the sound of a heartbeat.”


Qin Wanwan briefly described, Jian Xingzhi thought for a moment before replying, “Heartbeat sounding in a cave …… I think I have seen this thing ah.”


“You have seen it?” Qin Wanwan was surprised.


Jian Xingzhi nodded: “There is a kind of demonic beast, named Miyu. It can change its appearance at will, it can become a flower, a grass, a rock, anything. So it’s very difficult to find. Its heart is actually a huge cave that can accommodate cultivators, or rather its master who it’s contracted with. So many cultivators like this beast as their own spiritual beast and use its heart as a place to seek refuge, which is like a big maze for outsiders. Once the cultivator encounters danger, he hides in the heart of the spiritual beast so it becomes difficult to find him.”


“So, this dream is suggesting to me that the Linglong Jade is hidden in the heart of this beast?”




Jian Xingzhi nodded, and Qin Wanwan frowned before asking, “Then how do we find this piece of Linglong Jade?”


“I once hunted down and killed a demonic cultivator who hid in the heart of this demonic beast.”


“How did you find him?”


Qin Wanwan was immediately interested. Jian Xingzhi seemed proud as he recalled, “This demonic cultivator had committed many crimes. He couldn’t win the fight against me and ran away. He hid in his spiritual beast’s heart but I immediately sealed the mountain.”


“Then what happened?”


“I directly condensed the Qi into a huge sword and sent my Sword Intent towards the mountain. All the trees of the mountain fell and he was standing in the middle of the opening. Then I sent another Sword Intent and he died.”


Qin Wanwan: “……”


Okay, she got it. There was no reason to ask.


Qin Wanwan thought about it and knocked on the table as she declared, “Then tomorrow, I’ll inquire who in Guicheng has such a spiritual beast about.”


“I’ll also go and ask.”


The two agreed with the plan and rested separately. The next morning, the two went to Xie Lutang and discussed the plan they made last night. The three along with Nan Feng split up, each going to look for more information.


The four of them went to look for Cuilu and other male pets residing in the city lord’s house. Xie Lutang chatted with other male pets in the courtyard, Nan Feng went to look for his underlings, and Qin Wanwan went to the kitchen to inquire about the spiritual beast on the pretext of getting rice.


Qin Wanwan asked a general question in the kitchen, but the people working there were all ordinary people, not cultivators. They have never heard of any Miyu or any spiritual beast. They only advised Qin Wanwan to eat more and grow fatter to look more lovely.


Qin Wanwan was a little frustrated, but when they handed her a basket full of vegetables, she happily turned back to return. Halfway going to the courtyard where she was residing, she found a dilapidated courtyard on the way. When she looked up, she found a pale golden light emitting from the roof of the courtyard. It seemed the courtyard was a temple of some sorts, maybe the people here had lit incense and candles inside, hence the faint glow. Qin Wanwan was a little curious, she couldn’t understand why this thing was situated in such a corner. She couldn’t help the curiosity and went inside the courtyard.



The courtyard was dilapidated and somewhat cold, maybe because no one has entered the courtyard for a long time. Qin Wanwan entered the courtyard and boldly walked forward. But the courtyard was not large, she just walked a few steps and already reached the inner room. When she looked inside, she found that she was right. It was indeed a temple.


The main hall was dedicated to a statue of a god, Qin Wanwan looked up and saw that the statue had the face of a young man, holding a scroll in one hand, and the other hand behind his back. He was looking into the distance, with the temperament of a gentleman scholar.


Qin Wanwan frowned and looked at the face of the statue carefully. She couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air when she realised something. The face of the statue was 80% similar to Jian Xingzhi!


Jian Xingzhi and having a scholar temperament? These two things were very unmatched and too weird to think about.


“This is the statue of the previous divine city lord.”


A nice male voice rang from behind her, Qin Wanwan jerked back and saw the young man she met when she mistakenly broke into the false room yesterday.


Qin Wanwan looked at the man, and then subconsciously looked at the face of the statue above her head, before finally realising one fact. The face of the statue was actually not very similar to Jian Xingzhi, but with the man in front of her. It could be said that they looked very identical.


“Hello again.”






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