Chapter 35

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“Are you looking forward to it, Baby?”




Hyazelki, who was watching the clouds passing by blankly, smiled at Jiel’s question.






“It is the most beautiful mountain range on the continent. I assure you.”


“Most beautiful on this continent?”




Jiel spoke proudly at her reaction.




“It’s a place where no people can enter, so it’s a place that I took care of freely. I’m sure the Baby will like it when she sees it!”




Jiel wandered all over the continent.


He doesn’t stay in one place too long, nor does he bless one place too much.


Because it would affect people’s lives.


The place where he took care of flowers and plants to his heart’s content.



With a smile on her face, Hyazelki nodded hard.




“Yes, just hearing that makes me like it already!”




As soon as she got out of the Northern barren land, the view changed a little.


The continent, where summer came, was quickly filled with fresh green light.


It turned warmer and greener the more they went to the South.


And at some point, she saw a mountain range shining brightly through the mountain peaks.




“There, Baby.”




The mountain top is too steep for anyone to enter.


There were so many flowers that it could be called a “flower paradise.”


Jiel, who flew over it, slowly folded his wings.


The wings slowly permeated his back, and he gradually returned from the form of a dragon to a human form.




“Here we are!”



When Jiel let go of his hand, Hyazelki bounced off of his arms a few steps.


It was full of flowers everywhere, and she felt surrounded by the scent of flowers.








An exclamation came out automatically.


Her gaze was lost in the flower garden.


The sun was creeping up, shining everything with the light of dawn.


A place where all kinds of beautiful flowers bloom just below the subtly blue sky.


Indeed, it was worth saying beautiful as Jiel boasted.




“……it’s so pretty.






Standing next to Hyazelki, who muttered quietly, Jiel smiled happily.


She has never seen such a beautiful place.


Of course, she hasn’t had a chance to see it in her previous lives.




“……It’s so beautiful, but it’s a shame that people can’t see it.”



“That’s right. You can only come here if you fly through the sky. Well, I’ve done some things to prevent people from coming here after I’ve been here for a while.”


“Can’t people come here?”


“It will be damaged if they come here.”






Hyazelki, who opened her eyes wide, asked with a face that she really didn’t understand.


Jiel replied with a slightly bitter smile.




“Humans will want to have this.”


“This? How can they have this?”




A flower bed at the top of a mountain range. How can a person have this for themselves?


Hyazelki tilted her head incomprehensibly.




“I know. It’s something humans can’t have, but they’ll covet it. Then this place will be ruined.”






Jiel smiled and stroked her head when he glanced at her, who still looked unsure.



“You don’t have to try to understand.”


“By the way, Jiel.”




Hyazelki, who shook off her thoughts, clapped her hands as if she had remembered something she had forgotten.






“Can I send a messenger bird to Lihan? If he wakes up, I want you to go and take him and Kael here! It’s so pretty…… I want it to show Lihan…….”




Hyazelki, who was chattering excitedly, suddenly hardened her expression.




“Huh? Uh, uh…… The… the… the… What’s the matter?”




Hyazelki cried, with a look of consternation.




“It’s already dawn! I’ll be late for morning training!”




Jiel, who was very anxious, lost his anxiety knowing she was worried about training.




“Well, it’s all right. I left a note for Kael, so he’ll take care of it. And it’s okay to take a day off.”


“Then, let me send a messenger bird to apologize for being absent from training without letting him know.”


“Huh? Uh… But isn’t he still sleeping?”



Jiel asked innocently to Hyazelki, who was surrounded with convulsions.




“What do you mean, it’s time to start training soon. Owin is very diligent. Lihan too.”


“I know… But I don’t think he’ll be interested in this kind of place anyway…….”


“No, Lihan said that if I like it, everything is good.”


“What? It’s….”


“So I’m sure he’ll like this Florence Mountain range, too.”




Jiel’s expression changed subtly when he saw how confident Hyazelki was.




“It’s strange.”




Jiel, who thought so, bit his lips. Eventually, he thought of sending a messenger bird with the expression of uncertainty while Hyazelki was full of expectations.


When he reached out his hand, branches rose from the ground and leaves bloomed on it.


And a brown, green bird appeared in it like a flower.








Jiel put the bird in his hand and pondered for a while.


Then he immediately looked into its eyes and said.




“We’re in the Florence Mountains now. You can come when you have time, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Because, we’ll be leaving this place soon.”


“I’m sorry. I missed morning training without telling you, Owin!”




Hyazelki, who clung to Jiel’s shoulder facing the messenger bird, added apologetically.




“By the way, we are leaving?”






Having said that, Jiel turned his back on Hyazelki and whispered softly to the messenger bird.



“Go to Hiel.”




Since Hyazelki was watching, he had to send a messenger bird. But he couldn’t send it to Kael because he was afraid he would be beaten by him, so he sent it to Hiel.


Hyazelki looked up with a smile at the bird flying into the sky, letting out a loud chirp.


Jiel felt a little guilty when he saw her looking at the bird excitedly, but soon shrugged his shoulders and shook off his thoughts.




* * *








Hiel, who was looking at the messenger bird sent by Jiel with a sulky face, shook his head with a short sigh.


Seeing this out-of-the-box contact, it seemed like he was up to something.


In addition, he said ‘we’, and since he heard Hyazelki’s voice, it was clear that she was with him.




‘I can’t believe she was worried about missing the morning training because she didn’t tell anyone…….’


Hiel, who was thinking about what would happen, soon sighed and shook his head.


Then he sent the messenger bird away again and took a step, but stopped suddenly.


Then, with a sigh, he turned around again and reached into the air.


A white light clumped over his hands and a messenger bird sprang up.


Hiel, who smiled softly, looked into the red eyes of the messenger bird and whispered.




“I think the messenger that should have gone to you reached the wrong destination.”




* * *




Kael, who left the room at dawn, crumpled his face when he found the note in front of him.




“She’s nowhere.”




Lihan, who had already toured the training ground, Hyazelki’s room, and castle once, said.


Kael threw the crumpled note to the floor with a frown.



Lihan, who walked with an expressionless face and picked it up, sighed after confirming the content.




“I’ll go look for them right away.”


“Where will you go?”






At the question, Kael touched his forehead and closed his mouth.


The note only said, “Don’t worry because I’m going to take Hyazelki with me. But I can’t say where we are going.”


But it’s Jiel’s fault that he just took her outside.


Kael was visibly nervous.


Here, Hyazelki was protected in the castle by his magic, but it disappears when she leaves the castle.


It was a matter of never knowing when another black thing would be after her.


Her curse was a secret fact. Of course, not everyone knew about it or in detail.







Albert, who belatedly heard from Lihan, ran all over the castle, before coming back to Kael.


Kael, who was very keen on the call of the butler who was trying to even his breathing, turned his head.


Then he found a white messenger bird flying together above Albert’s head, who was running. His face immediately became more firm.




‘I can’t believe a sinner has come at a time like this.’




It was because he thought it would be a messenger bird to inform the appearance of a sinner.




“Albert, I’m sorry, but I don’t have time for that now…….”




Kael, who was going to say that he would deal with the sinner later, blurred his words.


This is because his eyes met with the messenger bird that flew in front of him.




[I think the messenger bird that should have gone to you reached the wrong destination.]




Hiel’s voice, who said so, told him where Jiel and Hyazelki were and what that would leave that place.


Even Hyazelki’s words that she said she was sorry for missing the morning training without informing them.


Kael raised the corners of his mouth when he heard the messenger bird.




“Lihan, do you want to go, too?”


“Yes, I want to go.”


“Then let’s go right away.”




At his call, Lihan followed suit.




“We two will leave. Albert, take care of everything here.”


“What? Oh, yes, My Lord.”




Albert had a nervous face, but he didn’t complain.


Kael was smiling, but because the atmosphere was cold and it felt like a bomb that was about to explode, sweat began to drop down his neck.




* * *




After leaving the Florence Mountains, Jiel and Hyazelki moved toward the city where people lived.


It was not as beautiful as the Florence Mountains that Jiel freely planted because it’s out of reach, but it was still a flowery area.


A fairly large city, nestled near the Florence Mountains in the South.


It was the most temperature-free place in the South, and was always decorated with flowers and the trade was active.


Perhaps that’s why the place was full of life, and in Hyazelki’s eyes the people were like flowers.


Holding Jiel’s hand, Hyazelki walked down the street with a smile on her lips.




“But since we left the mountain, will Lihan be able to come?”






Jiel, whose shoulders flinched in surprise at the question, twitched his lips again.




“That, that… Earlier! I said they would have to come this way when I sent the messenger bird.”


“Oh, really?”


“Yes. Probably.”




“No, it’s nothing.”



Jiel was smiling, but somehow it looked stiff.


With a shrug, Hyazelki busied herself looking around the street again.




“What a beautiful city.”


“Right? It’s perfect for the Baby’s taste”.


“Yes, because Jiel knows me well.”


“Sure, sure! I know the Baby well!”




Seeing Jiel smiling with a proud face, even she couldn’t help but smile on her own.


Hyazelki, who was walking like that, suddenly stopped walking.




“Why? Do you like it? Do you want me to buy it for you?”




Jiel asked straight away, looking at the flamboyantly decorated hat.


Shaking her head at him, she took another step.




“I just saw it because it was pretty.”


“If it’s pretty, should I buy it for you?””


“That fancy hat doesn’t suit me anyway.”


“What? What nonsense is that! Baby, you will be in big trouble if you say that somewhere else. It’s not right to say that when you’re so pretty. Do you want me to buy it for you?”


“No, Jiel. Thank you.”






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