Chapter 35 (Part 1)

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Cuilu was dumbfounded seeing Jian Xingzhi appearance and couldn’t speak. Jian Xingzhi raised his eyes to look at Cuilu and coldly spoke: “I want to be the city lord’s male pet, can I?”


He didn’t know what to say to seduce someone but he does know how to start a fight.


Qin Wanwan’s request was simple, he only needed to use the tone of voice he uses to start a fight and repeat the lines told by Qin Wanwan.


As he finished reading the lines, he gazed coldly at Cuilu, who was staring blankly at him. She only came back to her senses a moment later with blood dripping from her nose. She sucked the bloods in and wiped her nose with the sleeve and replied in a fake calm tone, “Yes, I’ll go and let city lord know.”


“It was me who appeared at the women’s bath by digging a tunnel.” Jian Xingzhi continued, “How do you want me to compensate?”


“Since you dug the women’s bath,” Cuilu lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at him more lest she has another nosebleed as she replied, “You can dig the men’s bath too.”


“Can I live with Xie-daojun?”


“Of course,” Cuilu nodded, “I will immediately arrange a room for you. What about your disciple? Where do you plan her to stay?”


“She will stay with me,” Jian Xingzhi replied in a flat tone, “can it be done?”


“Yes, I’ll have someone add a bed. Please rest well. I’ll go report to the city lord.”


After saying that, Cuilu bowed towards Jian Xingzhi and led her people to leave the room quickly.


When the people left, Qin Wanwan leaped up violently from the quilt and took a big breath.


“I was scared to death.”


Qin Wanwan patted her chest as she said that. Jian Xingzhi also immediately sat up, raised his hand and began to arrange his clothes. After tiding up his appearance he coldly glared at her. Qin Wanwan, at that time, froze.


Jian Xingzhi’s appearance in the Immortal Realm is extremely handsome, with phoenix eyes and sword eyebrows, along with an angular jaw. Even if he looks at people casually, his expression looks cold.


In fact, if he just didn’t open his cheap mouth and didn’t think of fighting at every opportunity, his face could be considered a face that Qin Wanwan especially liked. So maybe she was under the quilt for a long time, or maybe Jian Xingzhi’s face was too good, looking at his gaze coldly looking at her, she suddenly felt her heart beating faster.


It was no wonder that Cuilu surrendered to him when she saw his real appearance. He could obviously earn thousands only relying his face but he just loves to rely on his fists.


Qin Wanwan suddenly felt a little pity for him. Just as she opened her mouth to praise Jian Xingzhi, he opened his mouth before her and asked while maintaining his high and mighty cold posture, “Don’t you think this city lord has a problem? Wouldn’t it have been better to do as I planned earlier?”


No, Master, it’s your planning that has the problem.


    If you have just showed your real face earlier rather than crushing a stone with your chest, you could have already seduced the city lord.


Qin Wanwan silently spat in her heart, as if Jian Xingzhi sensed what was in her small mind, he turned around and glared at her again, “Get up and let’s form another plan, better than your dumb plan. Don’t keep rolling on the bed.”


“You are saying as if you have already planned something good.” When Qin Wanwan heard him, she took a deep breath to surprassed the irritation and lifted the quilt before jumping down from the bed. She looked at Jian Xingzhi’s face and lamented again what a wastage of beauty for having such a trashy personality and asked, “how is my plan dumb?”


“Shut up, don’t talk back on your Master!”


Jian Xingzhi scolded her before turning his head and looking at Xie Lutang seriously.


“Did you came over on behalf of Tian Chen Sect?”


As he asked, he looked at the ‘Favourable Impression’ on Xie Lutang’s head that was glowing with the number 40 and turned his head away.


“Yes.” Xie Lutang knew what Jian Xingzhi was going to ask and replied respectfully, “I promised the Sect Leader to protect Miss Qin.”


“Why does she need protection for?”


Jian Xingzhi sat on the table and poured tea for him before replying, “She can protect herself.”


“Senior maybe unaware,” Xie Lutang shook his head as he explained, “some time ago, someone found the bones of a Qinglong in the Secret Realm. The Qinglong has died long ago and its Longdan had been taken away. This Qinglong was held captive by someone and experimented on to change its physique. The purpose was to use it to open the Deng Xian Gate and ascend to the Immortal Realm. Now that the Qinglong was killed by Qin-guniang who also had obtained its Longdan, there’s a possibility that those who had captured the Qinglong may hunt Qin-guniang down and snatch the Longdan away from her.”


“Not bad.” Qin Wanwan didn’t deny it and nodded, “It’s exactly me.”


“The person who can held captive the Qinglong for such a long time can never be an ordinary cultivator. The Qinglong has been raised for an extremely long time, and now that it is obtained by Qin-guniang, do you think the person will sit still?”


Qin Wanwan didn’t say anything, she pursed her lips and understood what Xie Lutang said was not false.


Jian Xingzhi looked at her, and Xie Lutang continued: “Moreover, the Longdan can change a person’s physique and even Qi. Everyone in the whole cultivation world covets the Longdan. In fact, the night before the Sword Mound Conference, the Tian Chen Sect has received news that the Linglong Jade will only be found when a person carrying Longdan enters the Secret Realm along with his/her companion. So the clan leaders secretly sent me to the Secret Realm. To confirm if the information was true, and if it was, they told me to take the Linglong Jade with me and ensure the safety of the person carrying the Longdan. Since Tian Chen Sect got the news, it’s natural that other sects got the news too. So because of this, Miss Qin who is carrying the Longdan is in grave danger.”


“Then why exactly did you come to help? What does she have to do with you?”


Jian Xingzhi raised his eyebrows, not believing Xie Lutang’s words. Xie Lutang wasn’t dissatisfied and replied in a smooth voice, “Those who are carrying the Longdan will have a certain connection to the Linglong Jade. Miss Qin should be the person who can find the Linglong Jade better than anyone. So it is my responsibility to protect Qin-guniang. Help her find the Linglong Jade, open the Immortal Ascension Gate, and after consuming the energy of the Linglong Jade, destroy it completely so that those who should not ascend will not have other delusional thoughts.”


This statement made everything clear to Qin Wanwan. Xie Lutang wanted to use her to find the Linglong Jade. After she ascended, he would destroy it, it’s a win-win situation.


But Qin Wanwan still couldn’t understand one thing, “If the Linglong Jade has been divided into five, can’t we just find one of the pieces and destroy it?”


“It can’t be done this way.” Xie Lutang smiled as he explained, “Linglong Jade itself is not actully a jade, it is only a huge amount of energy stored in the stone called ‘Linglong Jade’. If you destroy a single piece, as long as its other pieces are still there, it can regenerate new pieces. To destroy the Linglong Jade completely, it is only possible after it has opened the Deng Xian Gate once, the time when it is at its weakest state.”


Qin Wanwan finally understood this time, while Jian Xingzhi was still staring at Xie Lutang puzzled, not understanding a thing, “Then why did you come here?”


Xie Lutang’s movement became stiff, Qin Wanwan saw Xie Lutang’s embarrassed expression and hurriedly explained for him, “Is it not the same if he comes or someone else? Xie-daojun must be chosen because of his profound cultivation ……”


“Because, I let Qin-guniang down.”


Xie Lutang said, lifted his head and looked at Qin Wanwan before saying in a serious voice, “I promised to protect Qin-guniang, but in the end, it was me who let you be injured. It was my negligence.”


When Qin Wanwan heard these words, she couldn’t help but blush a little.


She hurriedly waved her hand: “No, I don’t blame Xie-daojun.”


Jian Xingzhi watched the two filtering in front of him like a pair of lovebirds and snorted lightly, interrupting them, “Okay, you’ll follow her from now on. What’s next? What do we do now?”


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