Chapter 34

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“Of course, of course! The mountain path is so rough that no one knows because people can’t enter it. We can go because we will be flying there.”




Hyazelki, who was listening to Jiel with her hands held together sparkled her eyes.




“What are you talking about?”


“Oh, I’m talking about the Florence Mountains in the South. Come to think of it, I think Hyazelki will like it if she sees it.”




Jiel and Hyazelki went on excitedly, but Kael was frowning.




“All the flowers that humans say are precious blooms there. Some flowers that you can’t find and is only recorded in books are also found there.”


“Well, people don’t even know they’re there, right?”


“They don’t know. If they knew, there would be a flood of people willing to risk their lives to climb the mountain.”


“It must be pretty…”


Kael frowned even more at the low murmur of Hyazelki.






“Human beings seem to make a lot of things out of flowers. There are many decorations made of petals, too. Besides the Florence Mountains, there are also mountain ranges with many pretty flowers that people can enter. The flowers that make such things seem to be obtained from there.”




Despite Kael’s call, Jiel kept talking.




“What if all the flowers die?”


“That’s not going to happen. I’ll keep them blooming forever.”




It was also because only Hyazelki, who was excited, wanted to hear more about the flowers.




“The villages near the mountain range all decorate their houses with flowers. Baby, someday…….”




Finally, Jiel couldn’t finish his sentence.


This was because Kael, who approached at once, hit the back of his head with all his might.




“Stop talking nonsense.”


“Why is this nonsense! Maybe we can go together someday! If we fly there, we can come back in a day!”


“Don’t try to take Hia out of the castle.”




It was Hyazelki who flinched at the cold gaze of Kael.








Until now, she was so happy living in the castle that she didn’t pay much attention to outside the castle.


She didn’t have a good memory outside.


However, there were some places she wanted to visit when she listened to Jiel’s story like that.


There was a vague reason she could guess, but it was still not completely convincing to Hyazelki.


Now that she thought she was strong enough to protect herself, she could go anywhere.


Jiel, who appeared to be infrequently offended, frowned.


“Human beings call it overprotection. You know that, right?”


“It’s dangerous outside the castle.”




‘Ah, as expected.’




Hyazelki turned her head slightly because she thought the reason she expected was exactly right.




“So, you’re going to lock her up for the rest of her life? She’s a human being, and she’s going to go back to the humans one day…….”




Again, Kael kicked Jiel without listening to him until the end.


Hyazelki, who was listening to the conversation blankly, dropped her head.


In the castle, besides Kael, everyone was just ordinary humans.




‘…I can’t leave them…….’




As Jiel said, will she be sent somewhere else someday…… Hyazelki’s expression darkened with anxiety.


Kael stared at Jiel with a face stained with irritation, and soon turned his back.


“Let’s go back, Hia.”










Hyazelki, who was lost in thought, answered a beat later.


Kael, who was staring at her disappointed expression, soon led her out of the forest.


Lihan, who was looking at the two people moving away, kicked Jiel, who fell on the floor.




“…… Even if she is a Baby, she has the right to see the world……….”




Jiel, who murmured low, flashed his red eyes.


Seeing it, Lihan let out a short sigh.




“But Kael must have judged that she is still young.”


“What are you talking about! Baby will become an adult on her birthday this year! Besides, don’t you know what Kael is thinking seeing his expression? He won’t let her go out even when she becomes a grandma! Don’t you even want to go out?”




Lihan stared at Jiel, who was talking annoyingly while rubbing the place he was kicked.




“I don’t care where. If I had Hia, I don’t need anything else.”


“Ha! You are like him, like him…….”




To Jiel, who sighed heavily as if he was frustrated, Lihan only urged him to hurry back.


Now that Hyazelki had left first, Jiel kicked his tongue at the sight of Kael hurrying them to return to the castle.




* * *




That night, after the fireworks display, Hyazelki was lying on the bed with her eyes wide open.




“Why are you so upset?”




“Are you going to send me somewhere else, Papa?”


“How many times have I told you not to listen to what such a crazy person says? I don’t intend to send you anywhere.”






On her way back from the forest to the castle, Kael gave her the answer she wanted when asked by Hyazelki.


The permission to stay here forever.


That’s what Jiel said, but he assured to Hyazelki that the castle was her home.


Even if it’s colder than other regions because it’s the Northern part of the country, there are people who celebrate her birthdays with smile.


When she was in a village where she lived in her previous life, she received so much affection that she had never received before that she liked that village a lot.








She didn’t want to live in an inhabited village.


However, she did miss them.


The things that Jiel says, cities outside the castle.


She lived three lives, but she still didn’t know much about the world.


She’s only been in a very small world.


So she wanted to see the world outside the castle. On the premise of coming back here after seeing it, of course.


This was the house where she would return even if she went on a trip.




“Whoo… let’s just go to sleep.”




Hyazelki, who murmured low, closed her eyes soon.


She wondered what’s the use of thinking like this.


And just as she was about to sleep hearing the sound of her breathing even in the silence.








With a familiar voice, Hyazelki opened her eyes again.










Jiel urgently put his index finger on her lips, who jumped up her upper body in surprise.


Hyazelki, who lowered her voice to the maximum at the gesture, asked in a whisper.




“What are you doing at this hour?”


She was a little worried about Jiel because he seemed to be thinking about something else even during the fireworks.


Still, she just believed it would be because Kael said he would return to normal soon.


And in fact, Jiel’s expression now was a naughty face as usual.




“Don’t you want to see outside the castle, Baby?”




“The Florence Mountains and other cities decorated with flowers? Don’t you miss them?”




Of course, she wanted to see it if she had the chance.


But she couldn’t answer hastily saying she would go back to humans one day.


Jiel asked curiously as he looked at Hyazelki, who had her mouth closed.




“Don’t you want to see them?”






Hyazelki, who was mumbling and agonizing, turned her head to hide her expression.


“……I miss them.”


“Right? Then…….”


“However, I want to live in the castle with Papa and others for a long time.”


“Huh? You’re living.”




Hyazelki was a little puzzled by Jiel’s indifferent attitude, but didn’t talk much.


It was Jiel who was rather puzzled to see her hesitating without being able to bring it up.




“Why? Because you’re afraid you can’t come back if you leave the castle?”




Hyazelki’s shoulders flinched, perhaps hitting the nail on the head.




“Kael, did he say you wouldn’t be able to come back to the castle if you go outside once?”




Hyazelki couldn’t hide her expression of absurdity and looked at Jiel muttering how could her Papa be such a bad guy.




“Papa couldn’t have said that.”




“……Jiel said.”


“Did I?”


“……I should we go back to humans…….”




Only then did Jiel remember what he said in the forest. The words he couldn’t finish because Kael kicked him.




“Oh, my God…”




Jiel wanted to hit his cheeky mouth.


Not knowing what to say, Jiel closed his mouth and scratched his head.




“Well… Baby, I mean…….”




When he faced the face looking up at him with her eyebrows drooping down, he felt as if he had committed a great sin.




“Of course you are going back to the castle! Baby, this is where you’ll always be!”


“But you said I have to go back to the human world someday…… Jiel, you won’t be thinking of taking me with you to see outside world, will you?”


Jiel jumped at the pitiful question.




“What are you talking about, Baby! I can’t have done that! If I do that, I’m gonna die at the hands of Kael!”




It wasn’t until Jiel’s answer that Hyazelki looked a little relieved.




“So, Baby, let’s…… Let’s see.”


“What? What?”


“The Florence Mountains. I’II take you.”


“Really? I want to go too! Only if you take me back to the castle, I want to see it.”


“Then let’s go. Get up.”


“What? Now?”




At Jiel’s urging, Hyazelki opened her eyes wide.




“Yes, yes! Hurry up! We’re going right now!”


“But… I have to ask Papa if I can come back.….”


“It’s okay, it’s okay. Because we can go there for the night. There won’t be any problem if we come back by morning, right?”


“Are we really… going?”


Hyazelki was suspicious, but she was being swept away by Jiel’s firm attitude.








The anxious-looking Hyazelki still seemed to hesitate.




“It’s all right, it’s all right. I left a note in Kael’s room, so he’ll know if we can’t come back by morning.”


“Ah… then…….”




Jiel held out a change of clothes and a shawl to her, who was slowly getting out of bed.




“Now, hurry up and change into this. We’re going to fly, so make sure you wear a shawl! I’ll go get the blanket!”




Jiel, who rushed out, moved very carefully so that there was no sound when closing the door.




‘Are we really going?’



Hyazelki was puzzled, but it was exciting to think of seeing the Florence Mountains in person, which she heard from Jiel.


So she quickly tried to change into the clothes that Jiel held out, but stopped.


What he put out was a fairly modest dress.




‘I think it’s going to be uncomfortable…….’




So Hyazelki, who threw it away, went into the dressing room and took out her training shirt and pants and put them on.


Jiel, who soon appeared with a thick blanket, looked surprised when he saw Hiazelky’s clothes.


But soon he shrugged his shoulders, wrapped her in a blanket, and hugged her.




“Woah, Jiel!”






Jiel looked around, covering the mouth of Hyazelki, who inadvertently made a loud noise.


On both sides, there were people in the next room, so they couldn’t relax for a moment.




“Hold tight, Baby.”






Hyazelki, who was so excited, hugged Jiel’s neck tightly.


Jiel, who popped open the large window in the room, stepped on the window frame without hesitation and jumped up.


In an instant, the cold wind blew on her cheeks, and the surrounding scenery changed rapidly.


Like the first day she came to the castle in Ciel’s arms, Hyazelki flew in the arms of a green dragon.


And contrary to that time, she was gradually moving away from the castle.




‘It feels weird.’




It felt strange because it was a castle that she had already lived in for more than 10 years.




‘It’s something to live and see for a long time…….’




She was only 16 years old. Nevertheless, Hyazelki kept feeling like she had lived too long.


It was also because she repeated her life several times, but each time, she felt that way because her life ended when she was still a child.








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