Chapter 34 (Part 1)

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After drinking Qin Wanwan’s blood, the compulsion really quieted down, but who knew why, Jian Xingzhi felt another kind of panic haunting the heart.

The soft touch that touched his tongue made his heart beat faster than ever, and the compulsions seemed deliberately provoked by something. He knew after chanting a few paragraphs of the ‘Clean and Calm sutra, his heart would calm down. So he pushed all the useless thoughts away and began to break the ban set by Cuilu again.

As Jian Xingzhi was busy recovering his spiritual power, Qin Wanwan was also in a panic.

She has promised to herself and was determined to take revenge on Jian Xingzhi. But with how the situation was going, how would she retaliate against him? Why does it seem her revenge plan is going wrong?

She doesn’t love him even an inch, so why did she let him, an old dog, take a bite on her?

Qin Wanwan shook her head and pushed these useless thoughts away before concentrating on finding Nan Feng and their location. After confirming their location, she turned to Jian Xingzhi

Jian Xingzhi was finally able to break Cuilu’s spell. Seeing him opening his eyes, Qin Wanwan, who was already prepared to escape, began to discuss with Jian Xingzhi, “I’ve figured out where they are, but how do we get out of here?”

“Fighting directly ……” Jian Xingzhi recovered his spiritual power, raised his hand and condensed his Qi into a sword. Then he cut open the chains and handcuffs before starting to form a plan, “I can’t fight, because my sea of consciousness is damaged.” Jian Xingzhi said with rare seriousness, “I can’t use too much spiritual energy.”

“I know.”

Qin Wanwan nodded, and after some thought, she reassured Jian Xingzhi: “Coming here may be an opportunity. We can practice our current cultivation level by fighting these people which is good for us. I checked just now and saw that a barrier was set up outside. Once we get out of the prison, the guards will be able to sense it.”

“Then there is only one old way left.”

Jian Xingzhi looked seriously at Qin Wanwan, and Qin Wanwan immediately realized what he was going to do. So quickly raised her hand to stop him: “Master, you don’t need to dig. Why don’t we use Thousand Disguise and disguise ourselves?”

“You’re so smart,” Jian Xingzhi coughed lightly at his own praise, “I also have this intention.”

Qin Wanwan didn’t say anything. The two of them went together to the prison window, and took a look at the guards patrolling outside the window. But soon, then they found a problem ……

They are the guards of Guicheng. So all of them wore masks.

“Do you think we still need to change?” Jian Xingzhi could not understand and asked.

Qin Wanwan hesitated before replying, “No…… We don’t need it.”

Since they don’t need to change their appearance, the two squatted at the window. When the guards patrolling around came close to their window, Jian Xingzhi pulled them inside. Qin Wanwan elbowed them on the stomach and hit those people on the neck, making them unconscious. After that, the two began to strip them of their clothes, and changed into it. Pulling the two guards to the wall, they handcuffed them to the iron shackles, and finally ran out together over the wall.

They were just running out of the courtyard when they saw two larger black-robed guards standing by the door with masks. Their masks had hideous expressions painted on them. As the two were about to move forward, they saw those two other guards walking up towards the gate, seemingly intending to go out as well.

Those two men handed the token to the guard at the door, and then they heard the gatekeeper ask one of them, “Who is the King of Heaven as fierce as a tiger?”

The other man quickly replied, “I am Erbai Yi.”

The gatekeeper nodded and gave that person a pass. Then the gatekeeper looked at the next person’s token, turned his head and asked, “Two orioles singing in the green willow.”

The next person quickly replied, “My father is waiting for me to go for a drink.”

The gatekeeper nodded again and returned the token to that person and let them leave. Looking up at Jian Xingzhi and Qin Wanwan, the guard asked, “You two are going out?”

Jian Xingzhi and Qin Wanwan shook their heads together. Their bodies were stiff as they turned around, as if they were patrolling the area, and walked back.

Walking to an unoccupied place, Jian Xingzhi frowned, looking quite dissatisfied: “They actually have a pair of secret codes! How do we get out now?”

Qin Wanwan didn’t say anything, she took out the token she grabbed from the guards they locked up in the prison and saw that it said “Sick and dying, but sat up in shock”. She thought about it and understood the reason for it. Everyone in Guicheng was wearing masks, to prevent the people of the city lord’s house from ordinary people, they used this secret word code system.

And the gatekeeper has a good memory.

Qin Wanwan could not help but feel emotional as she turned her head to look at Jian Xingzhi: “Master you are right.”

Jian Xingzhi was bewildered, Qin Wanwan took out the hoe Jian Xingzhi had used before to dig tunnel from her Qiankun bag and passed it to Jian Xingzhi, “Dig a tunnel.”

Jian Xingzhi nodded reluctantly, this seems to be their only way out for now.

Jian Xingzhi was very skilled in digging, and Qin Wanwan already knew that. But this time it’s as if he was injected with chicken blood, his speed was very fast. Faster than a rabbit or squirrel.

Qin Wanwan roughly figured out Xie Lutang’s direction, but she was also careful of their safety and reminded Jian Xingzhi from time to time, “Don’t just focus on digging, pay attention to where you are digging.”

“Don’t worry,” Jian Xingzhi reassured her, “I have experience, last time those tunnels dug by me in the Wen Xin Sect were sturdy enough that they didn’t collapse when we were escaping.”

“This time it can’t collapse either!” Qin Wanwan was afraid of this kind of thing, “Dig slowly, it’s better if you dig inch by inch.”

“Don’t argue,” Jian Xingzhi thought she simply talked too much and smashed the hoe on a hard stone, “I have my own measure.”

The words just fell, and the two felt warmth beneath their feet. Qin Wanwan looked down at the sudden emergence of water on the ground and froze: “What is this?”

Jian Xingzhi was also confused, he raised his hand to feel what he had just dug and said in confusion: “It seems to be a brick?”

He just finished saying it, when the next second, a large “boom” sound was heard in front of them. The two subconsciously back a little, only to find that water was pouring out from the hole Jian Xingzhi had just dug.

Warm water poured in the tunnel, Qin Wanwan and Jian Xingzhi looked at each other, as Qin Wanwan said hesitantly: “This seems to be a hot spring?”

“Let’s go check it out.”

Jian Xingzhi tightened his eyebrows and said. They have come far enough, so they can’t just back down now. Qin Wanwan knew this too, so she could only nod.

The two squeezed through the hole one after the other and swam upstream together.

The water was warm and comfortable, Qin Wanwan was thinking what and where this place could be as she swam upward. Jian Xingzhi was first to raise his head out of water. Wiping the water on his face, he stared ahead and freeze immediately.

The scene where a bunch of girls were wrapped in bath towels appeared at his widely opened vision. Jian Xingzhi was dumbfounded, he hurriedly closed his eyes, stammered and finally opened his mouth to explain: “I’m….. sorry ……”

Qin Wanwan also swam up at that moment. As soon as she emerged, the other women looked at her, which made Qin Wanwan freeze. But she reacted much faster than Jian Xingzhi, she raised her hand underwater and tore her outside robe. After that, she covered her chest and started slapping the water, creating large waves, and shouted towards Jian Xingzhi: “Pervert! Catch the Pervert!”

As soon as she shouted, the crowd of girls instantly reacted. A series of things smashed on Jian Xingzhi in a group as profanity was poured like water. The group of girls screamed and ran outside the bath, and another group of girls who were fully dressed rushed inside at the commotion.

Qin Wanwan watched as Jian Xingzhi was surrounded. She took advantage of the chaos and secretly said to Jian Xingzhi in a low voice, “Master, I’ll go first, and find where Xie-daojun is.”

When Jian Xingzhi heard that Qin Wanwan was using him again, he couldn’t help but shout angrily, “Rebellious disciple!”

Qin Wanwan didn’t care if Jian Xingzhi thought of her as a rebel. He had Thousand Disguise in his hand, as long as he could change his face and blend in the crowd before Cuilu came, he’ll be fine.

The fact that she was able to teach him a lesson by the small mistake he made was also a comfort to her.

She crawled out of the bath on her hands and knees, took a bath towel from the side and wrapped it around her. Followed by the other girls who were screaming, she rushed out with them together: “Help! There is a pervert in the women’s bath!”

As she went out and shouted, the surrounding guards all rushed towards the bath. Qin Wanwan followed the crowd of girls to the courtyard, and then rushed towards the backyard.

Xie Lutang was placed in the backyard, which seemed to be the place for male pets. Some girls who are maids were seen in the backyard. Qin Wanwan followed those girls and rushed inside, the guards wanted to stop them, but when they saw that the girls were only wrapped in a bath towel, they were too scared to open their eyes, let alone stop them.

After Qin Wanwan followed the people smoothly into the backyard, everyone went to their respective masters. Qin Wanwan quickly entered Xie Lutang’s small courtyard and contacted Nan Feng through her divine sense, “Nan Feng, which room are you in?”

“The one over there to the east.”


Qin Wanwan was a little confused, she didn’t distinguish between north and south, only ran inside.

She quickly returned to her senses and asked back, “Which way is it, left or right?”

“To left …… right?”

Nan Feng was also confused. Qin Wanwan hurriedly rushed to the long corridor to the left. She was afraid of making a mistake, and didn’t enter any room directly. After entering the hallway, she went to one of the windows, opened it and took a peek.

As a result, once the window was opened and she looked inside, she froze. Someone was sitting on the other side of the window behind a table. He was holding a volume of books in his hand, and quietly reading it. The moment she opened the window, he looked up and stared at her.

The man was extremely beautiful, with a pair of eyes like the ocean. But the thing that surprised Qin Wanwan the most was his face, which was similar to the ‘Jian Xingzhi’ of Immortal Realm by a few points.

But he looked much more feminine than Jian Xingzhi. His temperament also looked more gentle. Such a face was already considered heavenly in the Immortal Realm, let alone the small Cultivation Realm. But what is he doing here in this small world?

Qin Wanwan was too stunned by this beauty, not realizing that she was wrapped in a bath towel and her body was dripping wet. She was holding a water ladle in her hand, and her appearance right now is not fit to be seen by anyone.

The other party looked at her and saw her looking at him. He seemed unconcerned about her appearance, and instead smiled gently, “Does Guniang want to have a cup of tea?”




The author has something to say: 


Be careful of what you dig for. Not every tunnel can lead you to your destination.


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