Chapter 32

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Chapter 3. To you who haven’t seen the world.








‘…but as long as they have malice, they must suffer…….’




Hyazelki dropped her damp hands.


She too, will have to endure.




“……Are they…….”




Unable to finish the question, Hyazelki bit her lips.


She was scared to ask even though she promised herself that she would endure it. She was afraid they were really, really dead.


She thought it might be because she clearly saw how much pain those men suffered.


But Hiel shook his head slowly.




“They are alive. But they were judged because they were sinners. They were punished according to the laws made by humans, and judged by the Dragon of Judgement.”




Though she was glad she was alive, she still felt uncomfortable.


If they were judged anyway, they wouldn’t be safe.




“It’s none of your business, so please stop thinking about it. They just paid for their sins.”






Hyazelki bowed her head and looked at the congregation clock hanging around her neck.


Their screams seemed to ring in her ears, and the little clock felt heavy.


Hiel reached out and gently stroked Hyazelki’s head.




“……even those human beings are meant to hurt you.”




Hiel, who spoke in a low voice, carefully laid her back.




“Get some more rest. I’m sure you’ll feel better when you wake up.”


“…What about Lihan?”


“He’s fine. He’s not hurt.”






“What about the… the child? What happened?”


With a gentle smile, Hiel replied, stroking Hyazelki’s head again and again.




“The child is safe, too.”


“What about Yuri? Owin?”


“They’re fine, too. If I’m here, will there be any injuries?”




At Hiel’s words, Hyazelki smiled lightly.


Come to think of it, Hiel’s presence here meant that all the injured were cured.




“Thank you, Hiel.”




She wanted to call him to have a tea time together to thank him, not like this.




“I said I’d fly to you whenever you get hurt.”


“Me, too. If Hiel says he needs me, I’ll go see him anytime.”




Hiel opened his eyes wide at her whisper.




“To the Temple of Light?”




Smiling softly, she felt her eyelids becoming heavy, so she slowly closed her eyes.




“The child was saved thanks to you. Don’t worry, sleep a little longer.”






Hyazelki smiled faintly with a more comfortable face.


She saved him. He who had no strength and would have only hoped for help.


Thinking about that alone made her feel a little at ease.




When Hyazelki opened her eyes again, everyone was gathered by her bed.




“Are you okay?”




Lihan, who asked anxiously, quickly grabbed Hyazelki’s hand.


Kael, who was deprived of the chance, looked displeased and quickly took her other hand.


Hyazelki glanced at the faces once.


Neither Lihan nor Kael looked fine. Hiel had a faint smile, and Yuri and Lisa seemed to have cried.


Owin, who was seen standing far away, seemed restless, and Albert, who was standing behind everyone, had drooped eyebrows.


The weight of the heavy pocket watch seemed to gradually decrease.


It was overwhelming to realize that there were so many people who were worried about her.




‘This time…’




She strongly thought that she wanted to live this life for a long time.


She didn’t want to lose it. The happiness of the present.


And to protect this life, she had to subdue those who wanted to harm her, and in the process, someone was bound to get hurt.


This life is not extinguished…… She had to comfort herself by saying that.


Hyazelki decided to put up with it from now on.




“I’m fine.”


Everyone who watched her curved mouth breathed a sigh of relief.


Then, the door burst open and Jiel appeared loudly.




“Baby! Hurry up and come out!”


“Jiel, she just woke up. Give her some time to relax…….”


“You woke up earlier. Come on, come on! ‘Cause I’m ready!”




Jiel, who ran like a wind, stamped his feet and urged Hyazelki.


But somehow Kael didn’t stop Jiel.




“Come on, Hia.”




Lihan raised Hyazelki carefully.




“Even in summer, it’s chilly at night, so wear this.”




Wearing Lisa’s outer garment on her shoulder, Hyazelki stumbled as she tried to get off the bed and take her steps.


Kael and Lihan held her from both sides, so she didn’t fall, and legs wouldn’t get shaky.


Hyazelki, who tilted her head up, asked with her eyes wide open.




“How long did I sleep?”


“Just a little bit.”




Lihan, who replied as if it was insignificant, grabbed her arm firmly.


It was much easier to walk with Lihan and Kael holding her. Although her legs were still a little shaky.


Jiel, who was looking at the scene with impatience, quickly hugged Hyazelki.




“Now, we can go fast like this, right?”






Jiel pretended not to see Kael’s face turning fierce and tried to leave the room quickly.




“Don’t run too fast. It hasn’t been long since she woke up.”


“It’s okay, it’s okay!”


“Jiel, it doesn’t matter if you’re okay or not. It’s important that Hyazelki is okay.


“……Hiel is very straightforward at times like this.”




As Hiel spoke with a rare stern face, Jiel had no choice but to walk slower.




“Jiel, I’m 11 years old now! I’m heavy!”


“Baby, I can easily hug you no matter how old you are.”




Jiel, who relieved the worried Hyazelki in a word, excitedly moved on.


They all left the castle and headed for the garden.


It was already dark because it was late at night, but Jiel strode along.


In the garden, several maids were moving awkwardly.




“Oh, that’s enough.”




When Jiel beckoned, they quickly stepped out of their places.


He carefully made Hyazelki stand on the ground. Of course, immediately Kael and Lihan came up and grabbed her from both sides.


“You didn’t even see the fireworks because of that, did you?”




Jiel, who approached the place where the maids were moving, lowered himself and asked.


Hyazelki, who flinched at the words, shivered.


However, it soon calmed down by the warmth of the small and large hands covering her both hands.




“Here we go.”




Jiel, who looked more excited than Hyazelki, lit the firecrackers he had installed beforehand and quickly stepped back.




“Look, Baby. You missed it, didn’t you? The Fireworks.”




A thin flame rose to the sky.


It reached the black night sky and spread all over the place to paint.




The roar reminded her of the night of the festival, so she was startled for a moment, but soon she was mesmerized by the sight of the fireworks.




“… It’s pretty…….”


“Isn’t it pretty?”




Jiel, who approached her, smiled and asked.


When Hyazelki nodded softly, he smiled and patted her head.




“You can cover up bad things with pleasant things like this. Then you’ll be all right.”




Bang! The flame went off again.


At that moment, Hyazelki, who was caught in the fireworks display, smiled quietly and nodded.


It’s so pretty, but she has never seen it before, so when she heard that sound, she thought of the men who were in pain.


But as Jiel said, a fireworks display was engraved in place of the terrible memory.


There were people who warmed her hands pleasantly, and there were also soft strokes on her heads.




“……thank you.”




Looking up at the sky, Hyazelki said quietly.


There are so many people who love her that she feels reassured.


It was not known whether the power of this pocket watch would be used in the future.


However, there was one fact that never left her head.




‘I saved the boy.’




It was a completely different situation, and she didn’t look like herself in the past.


Nevertheless, thanks to the rescue of the child, she felt like she had saved herself from being assaulted and killed by strange men in the past.




‘……it’s all right now.’




It was okay. Now.


And if everyone was by her side, she thought it would be okay from now on.


If the same situation happens again anyway, she will make the same choice.


Just being with everyone.


If only she could keep this happy time and everyone, she was willing to lift the sword.


Hyazelki smiled brightly and enjoyed the fireworks.


On that day, firecrackers decorated the night sky for a long time on the barren Northern land.






As soon as she woke up early in the morning, Hyazelki left the room and headed straight to the training ground at the end of the garden.




“Happy birthday, Lihan.”




Hyazelki, who smiled at Lihan already warming up, had her hair up and tied behind her head.




“Hia, you are awake?”


“I thought I’d come first today.”




Looking at her lips sticking out, Lihan let down the wooden sword he was wielding.


Lihan is now taller than Hyazelki. Even though she’s two years older.




“Did you grow tall again?”


Looking at Lihan approaching, Hyazelki measured his height by moving her hands between her head and Lihan’s head.


Now she has to stretch her hand out to reach his head.




“You’re younger, but why am I smaller?”




Lihan, who gently held her hand, replied insignificantly.




“It’s because Hia keeps walking around at night. You woke up yesterday, too, right?”


“Oh, I got caught again. But I came back quietly, though.”


“Did you have another nightmare?”


“It’s been a long time. It’s all right.”




Lihan sighed quietly as he saw Hyazelki smiling.




“Rather, the maids said they will show off their skills because it’s your birthday today!”




Looking at her chattering excitedly, Lihan looked a little troubled.




“You don’t have to do that…….”


At Lihan’s request, his birthday passed quietly.


Yuri complained because he didn’t inform them about his birthday in advance, so it just passed by.


However, he said he didn’t want anything loud, and he didn’t seem to have spent much of his time thinking about it.




“Surprise! It’s your present!”




Lihan opened his eyes wide when he saw the handkerchief that Hyazelki put in front of him.




“………I thought you have been locked up in your room often lately. You were making this.”


“Hehe…… I learned it from Yuri and tried to embroider it.”


“Thank you…… I’ll use it well.”




As he said so, Lihan twitched the corners of his mouth very slightly.


It was a smile of his own.


Lihan didn’t laugh as if he had been made that way. No, he didn’t think he could.


He was just like a statue, something that can’t even laugh.




‘I worked really hard on it.’




She thought he would smile a little brightly, but all he did was twitch his lips.


When Hyazelki once asked him why he doesn’t laugh, Lihan was confused.


Then, since then, the corners of his mouth would twitch like that.


It didn’t take long before she realized it was his own way of smiling.




Hyazelki, who pursed her lips, reached out to Lihan’s face.


Then she raised his mouth with both thumbs and made him smile broadly.




“There you go.”


“Don’t do it, Hia.”





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