Chapter 31 (Part 1)

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T/N: Some information has been changed in chapter 30 Part 1. I suggest everyone to read the chapter before reading this chapter.



“Master, don’t be too angry,” 666 felt Jian Xingzhi’s anger, and hurried to calm him, “although the process is not very satisfactory, but you have at least entered the Feng Yalou House. It’s still good that you have taken two steps on completing the mission ah!”

“Do you think I want to enter Feng Yalou?!”

Jian Xingzhi was so angry that his mind became muddled in rage, “I don’t want these 500 points, I’m not doing this mission!”

“Master ……” 666 smiled with a stiffened face, “if you don’t want to do the task, then don’t do ah. But some of your points will be deducted.”

As 666 persuaded Jian Xingzhi, Jian Xingzhi was carried to the beauty house. The two men carried the cart and entered the building. When they reached inside, many young men came to see with curious expressions.

Qing Zhu drove these people away, ordered someone to call the doctor, then fetched water and wiped Jian Xingzhi’s face.

Once the clean face of Jian Xingzhi was revealed, the crowd sucked in a breath of cold air in awe. Qin Zhu raised his hand and clapped twice before saying in a happy voice, “We now have a Hua Ling!”

The men present looked at each other but didn’t open their mouths. If Jian Xingzhi was born ugly, then they could have resisted and voice out their disagreement. But with Jian Xingzhi’s look, he didn’t look like a mortal. He simply looked like an immortal, a God that descended upon the mortal realm. So none of the men dared to say harsh words.

“It was a good idea,” Qing Zhu was so happy as he remembered today’s successful deal, “what a winning bargain.”

Saying this, Qing Zhu went outside and instructed the two teenagers in peach-colored clothes by the door, “Huanxi, take good care of your brother. He is precious so don’t let others bully him and take care of him well.”


Huanxi seemed to be reluctant but still responded with a bow.

When Qing Zhu led people to leave, Huanxi instantly changed his face. He sat next to Jian Xingzhi, stared at his face for a moment before coldly snorted: “Don’t think that having a beautiful face is great. The one who will be the Hua Ling doesn’t only rely on the face.”

Jian Xingzhi did not understand what he was saying. He indifferently averted his eyes, and began to survey the surroundings, while leading the body repairing method all over his body to quickly repair his bones.

When Huanxi saw that Jian Xingzhi ignored him, he thought he looked down on him and laughed mockingly: “Don’t look down on me, and I won’t look down on you either. I am at least a herdsman, but you will be a flower boy and sent to someone else’s bed. What an unlucky fellow! I am afraid you will be played to death in two nights. Forget about a better life, you won’t even be sold at a good price after being defiled!

“You’re so noisy.”

Jian Xingzhi finally spoke, Huanxi widened his eyes, and then angrily shouted out: “You little wandering hoof! Do you think being arrogant makes you look better? I will see how you win over Fuqin*……”

[T/M: Fuqin means father.]

The door was opened before his words were finished, Qing Zhu guided the doctor in. Seeing him entering, Huanxi hurriedly changed his face and bowed respectfully: “Fuqin.”

In Feng Yalou, everyone called Qing Zhu ‘Fuqin’. Qing Zhu nodded towards Huanxi, led the doctor in, and said in a worried tone, “Doctor Zhang, this is my new flower boy, I want him to be healthy before tomorrow. I have been preparing for a long time for this year’s Hua Ling competition. Even the Lord of the city’s subordinate Cuilu will also come. I want him to win in the name of glory of Feng Yalou.”

“Don’t worry, Lord Qing Zhu,” the doctor’s tone was flat, “I will do my best.”

He raised his hand and touched Jian Xingzhi’s body, and then frowned: “All the bones in his body are broken, who could do such a cruel thing?”

Jian Xingzhi looked at the doctor indifferently, thinking that this doctor was too ignorant.

“Can he be healed?” Qing Zhu hurriedly inquired.

The doctor smiled: “These are ordinary injuries, not caused by spells. I’ll write a prescription, he should be fine by tomorrow night.”

“Thanks a lot, Doctor Zhang.”

Qing Zhu sent the doctor away and instructed others to prepare the medicine. Not a moment later, the medicine was carried up by Huanxi and fed to Jian Xingzhi.

Jian Xingzhi drank the medicine and closed his eyes.

He was feeling a little weak at the moment, his face was pale and sweats were dripping down from his forehead. He looked very frail, as if he was suffering and would die the next moment.

Huanxi fed him medicine, perhaps Jian Xingzhi’s was too good-looking, seeing his pale face and closed eyes, he said with sympathy: “Forget it, don’t feel too sad. At least, you are still alive and have a way of living. The brothers in the building are very good, don’t feel sad for the life you have left behind. Tomorrow we will see if it is a male or female guest, if it is a male guest ……”

“Are you all here voluntarily?”

Jian Xingzhi could not listen more and interrupted his rambling.

Huanxi froze before replying in a sad tone, “Who do you think came willingly? We were all either sold over, or robbed. Fuqin’s cultivation is profound, don’t think of escaping or something.”

Jian Xingzhi did not speak, but made a decision in his heart.

He will kill this scourge of people.

He closed his eyes, and felt the medicine running through his body. The medicine condensed with the body repairing spell and began to repair his bones.

Huanxi finished feeding him the medicine, and then covered him with the quilt. Seeing him not wanting to talk more, he stood up and went to stand outside the door.

When it was deep in the night, Jian Xingzhi’s body was half repaired. His bones gradually solidified, and just at that moment, he heard the door open with a ‘creak’.

He opened his eyes and saw Qing Zhu walked in, swaying his buttocks side by side like an enchanted demon.

Jian Xingzhi closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. He felt Qing Zhu walked to him, and a moment later, a hand gently fell on Jian Xingzhi’s calf. Jian Xingzhi opened his eyes in surprise at this action and frowned: “What are you doing?

Qing Zhu did not say anything, but looked at Jian Xingzhi with a smile. Holding a wooden boxes in one hand, the other hand fell on Jian Xingzhi’s calf and caressed it. His fingers slid from his calf to thigh, and then patted Jian Xingzhi’s buttocks before praising, “Good legs, good buttocks, and good figure.”

“I advise you to stop right now if you are not seeking death.”

Jian Xingzhi clenched his fists, he had reached the last stage of the condensation of bones all over his body, so he didn’t dare to move at the moment. Although Qing Zhu was a Golden Pill cultivator, his cultivation obviously depends on the accumulation of pills. On the other hand, Jian Xingzhi’s cultivation was too much higher than him, there was no way Qing Zhu could resist Jian Xingzhi’s spiritual power if he attacked. Only when Jian Xingzhi was an ordinary person could he defeat him.

“Don’t be angry.”

Qingzhu threw a wink towards Jian Xingzhi as he said, “From now on, I will be your Fuqin. I will take good care of you, let you wear gold and silver in Feng Yalou, become a spring dream in the hearts of every man and woman in Guicheng. I know it’s still hard for you to accept, but it’s okay.” Saying this, Qing Zhu opened the wooden box in his hand, “Fuqin will teach you to be a man.”

“What is this?” Jian Xingzhi stared at the green bamboo in suspicion. The green bamboo box opened gently and something floated outside from it with a flow. Jian Xingzhi suddenly felt his neck itching and then something drilling into his body.

Jian Xingzhi’s eyes turned cold, he listened to the Qing Zhu gentle introduction with narrowed eyes: “This is the bone charming insect I especially bought for you. This charming insect carries a strange fragrance on the body of the person it resides. It intensifies people’s nerves to feel pleasure to the extreme. As long as you are fed the blood of the person who ……”

Two powerful hands grabbed Qing Zhu’s neck and pinched it hard before throwing him to the ground fiercely. The sound of bones breaking resonated in the whole room. Qing Zhu opened his eyes wide and saw that Jian Xingzhi, who was lying on the bed a moment ago, was kneeling on the ground. He pinched Qing Zhu’s neck and pressed him on the ground as he asked in a cold voice: “Feeding me blood for what?”

Qing Zhu trembled, his body curling up in pain.

Death rushed to his neck, he fought for survival, and opened his mouth to scream. But only groaning left his mouth, along with a gurgling sound. Two mouthfuls of blood spurted out, and then he closed his eyes.


666 screamed out, “You killed him!!!”

Jian Xingzhi froze, and only after a moment did he react: “Isn’t he too weak? And they say he is a Golden Pill cultivator ……”

“Master, now is not the time to talk about this. Hurry up and think of a way.”

666 reminded him; “He is an important character to advance the plot. Without him the Hua Ling competition can not be held, and you won’t be seen by the city lord, nor incorporated into his house. If you won’t enter the city lord’s house, Qin Wan can’t come to save you either……”

“So what now?” Jian Xingzhi understood what it meant and said with a huff, “I’ve already killed him ah.”

666 was silent, a moment later, she heaved out, “Master, then let’s hurry up and take over the Feng Yalou House as your own.”


Jian Xingzhi could not react, 666 calmly spoke: “You will go out now, beat the men living here into submission to accept you as the owner of the Feng Yalou from now on. At least manipulate them until the Hua Ling competition.”

Jian Xingzhi: “……”

666 quickly urged him: “Master! Hurry up!”

Jian Xingzhi took two deep breaths, crossed his legs on the ground, closed his eyes, quickly stopped the spell of repairing his bones before standing up. Then, he swiftly cut off the head of Qing Zhu, and kicked the door open before carrying the head and walking out.

Huanxi was standing outside the door, he was so shocked when he heard the door being kicked open with a “boom!” that he almost flew in the air. When he looked back, he saw Jian Xingzhi standing at the door, his white face and clothes stained with blood. When Huanxi’s eyes landed on his head, he saw that the hand was carrying the head of Qing Zhu.

Huanxi froze, and then screamed out bloodily, before turning around and running downstairs.

Jian Xingzhi indifferently watched him run, raised his hand and immediately a spell flew at Huanxi. Huanxi felt something was coming his way, when he turned back, he saw Jian Xingzhi standing high up and coldly speaking, “Go, and inform everyone of Feng Yalou to meet me in the backyard. Otherwise, prepare them to die.”

With that, Jian Xingzhi raised his hand and threw the head in his hand downstairs.

Huanxi screamed again and hurriedly stumbled out.

Most of them were mortals, and at most was only at the Foundation Establishment stage. In the past, Qing Zhu accumulated too much authority, so they all obeyed Qing Zhu’s orders. Now seeing Qing Zhu dying in the hands of Jian Xingzhi, there was no thought to escape in his mind. Huanxi quickly informed everyone, and gathered them at the backyard of Feng Yalou, where Jian Xingzhi was standing.

Jian Xingzhi looked at the men dressed up in fancy clothes, smeared with powder, and could not help but frown.

But thinking of 666’s words, in order to avoid unnecessary electric shocks, he still endured the discomfort and spoke, “Qing Zhu is dead, from now on, the Feng Yalou House will be taken over by me. Whoever dares to say more, will be killed immediately.”

Once the men heard this, they all kneeled down in unison, and cried out, “Fuqin, please spare my life.”

When the word “Fuqin” reached Jian Xingzhi’s ears, he clenched his fist and angrily shouted: “Don’t call me Fuqin!”

The young men looked at him with confused eyes and tears hanging at their eyelashes. Seeing them all looking at him blankly, Jian Xingzhi hesitated for a moment and instructed, “Call me Master.”

“Oooooooo, Master, spare my life ……”

The groups of herders immediately began to cry again, Jian Xingzhi slapped the table twice in annoyance and again shouted, “No crying! I’ll kill whoever cries!”

The scene turned immediately silent. Everyone held back their tears, bowed their heads and kneeled on the ground.

Jian Xingzhi opened his mouth, simply put forward all his requirements: “go back and change into plain clothes, preferably black. Do not wear any makeup and powder, you aren’t allowed to walk twisting your buttocks. Stand straight and sit upright, you also have to have your spine straight when kneeling before me. Not allowed to talk in a high-pitched, girly voice. You will call me myaster, and each other brother. Don’t be a shame in the name of men. Behave like a true man! “

The heralds did not dare to oppose, they were so happy that they couldn’t hold their tears anymore which fell one by one.

Jian Xingzhi coldly swept them a glance and they immediately kneeled with their backs much straighter.

Jian Xingzhi finished teaching them to be a man and glanced at the door. He was about to signal them to leave when 666 hurriedly reminded him: “You now have the identity of the pimp of Feng Yalou, and so the plot is still considered stable. Now, send a message to Qin Wan, tell her to come and rescue you. Do not go outside in any case. The plot can not be messed up!”

Although the plot has already been messed up, 666 was still trying to muddle through.

When Jian Xingzhi heard the name ‘Qin Wan’, his face turned expressionless: “Will she really come to save me? She’s the one who sold me out.”

“Of course she ……”

“This is the second time.”

The first time he was sold to dig the mine, and the second time he was sold to be a little flower boy.

The only difference was that last time it was she who paid, but this time she was paid instead.

Jian Xingzhi’s reminder made 666 a little weak, her voice became smaller as she tried to reason, “She is after all your disciple ah …… There were reasons for selling you. It must be because she believes in you too much, and thinks that you are too powerful. She may have thought you could solve the problem. And besides, she can’t beat Qing Zhu, you need to complete the task to earn back the previous points ……”

666 opened her round eyes to make her words more believable, “She must be very worried about you now, you just have to find a way to send her a message, and she will come immediately to save you! You just have to tell her to rescue you at the Hua Ling competition tomorrow. As long as she comes and makes a big fuss then the system will think the task is complete. You just have to be taken by the city lord’s house, where she will go to save you, but will be caught in the end. As long as this series of actions are completed, the mission will be completed.”

Jian Xingzhi did not speak, and 666 urged more, “Hurry up, she is probably very worried about you. Maybe even feel very guilty?”

Jian Xingzhi thought about 666’s evaluation. If ‘Qin Wan’ is really worried about him, then it would be better if he sent her a message.

He thought for a moment, and lifted his finger to Huanxi and instructed: “You, go to the city to find the girl who sold me today. Tell her that her I was tortured and is about to be sold to someone else. Tell her to come tomorrow night at the Hua Ling selection, to save me.”

Once Huanxi heard this, he was dumbfounded. He had no idea why the man in front of him, who had only just become the ‘Fuqin‘ of the Feng Yalou, had any need to be saved by someone.

But he did not dare to ask more questions, hurriedly nodded his head, and then retreated.

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