Chapter 31

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It was the spell Kael said to Hyazelki, who wanted to learn swordsmanship to protect herself.


Light gushed from the congregation clock in response to the voice close to the scream.


As if time had stopped for a moment, the two blades that were moving stopped, and at the same time, a chain of white and dark red crossing each other rose from the ground.


They tied up all the men who surrounded them, as well as the man with knives.




“Oh my god!”


The men freaked out when the chain that tied them penetrated their bodies.


Soon after the chain had completely permeated themselves, they rubbed where it had been and tried to find traces.


Confused eyes wandered in the air in an incomprehensible situation.


Hyazelki shook her hand holding the watch.




“If they hold a grudge or try to commit an evil deed, they will feel terrible pain.”




Kael’s voice lingered in her head.


This won’t hurt herself or Lihan. But she was afraid of the pain they would suffer.




‘They are not going to die……’




Whether or not they knew her worries, they were busy making sure that there was nothing wrong with their body.


Incredible things have happened, but nothing feels different.




“……hold it for now.”


The men who confirmed it tried to reach for Hyazelki again.




“It’s the price for moving even after being told.”




And the man who took the child hostage raised his knife again.


But at the same time.










Immediately a terrible pain struck the men.


The man who dropped the knife grabbed his wrist with the other hand. It felt hot, as if his hands were on fire. He even felt like he wanted to be free from this pain by cutting off his wrist right away.




“Hand, my hand…!”




Seeing the man rolling on the floor, Hyazelki backed away.


Lihan, who stood beside her, quickly grabbed her hand.




“Hey, what’s wrong?”


As more and more men rolled on the floor screaming in pain, Hyazelki’s face turned white like a sheet of paper.


The scene was a horror for Hyazelki.


More fear than when the men raised their swords after themselves.


Obviously Kael said, they are gonna feel terrible pain.


Knowing that, Hyazelki used this power to protect no one from getting hurt. However, when she saw the terrible pain they were really going through, she felt it was horrible.


She felt nauseous and dizzy.




‘……I feel like throwing up.….’




Hyazelki, who looked through the men who were shaking and complaining of the pain, soon closed her eyes.










Lihan and Yuri grabbed her as her legs lost strength and fell down.


The alley was thrown into chaos.


The screams of the men and the voices of those who called Hyazelki were intertwined.




Kael landed from the sky with a sound as Yuri and Lihan were anxiously calling for Hyazelki.


He could understand the situation without anyone explaining it. No one could explain it anyway.


Dozens of men squirming on the ground while struggling with pain. Owin’s sword that was dripping with blood, and Hyazelki who lost consciousness.


Kael approached Hyazelki and looked at her pocket watch.


As expected, she used the spell he told her.


It must have been too heavy a feeling for Hyazelki. To make someone suffer.






“……call Hiel.”




Kael said so to Yuri, who was making a tearful face, and sent another messenger bird flying.


Then he approached the screaming men. He felt like he was looking at dirt more than bugs, but they were not in the spirit to question his gaze.




“……the pain will not end as long as you bear ill will.”




Kael’s low words made some people feel the pain slowly subsiding.




“Master, may I take this child to the security guard and return?”




Kael nodded briefly to Owin, who held the limp child.




“Hey, what is this…….”




As the pain died down enough to speak, a man gasped and as Kael asked.




“Didn’t you think of the possibility of meeting the Dragon of Judgement while committing a crime?”




The man stopped breathing at Kael’s low voice.




“Well, that’s…… It doesn’t exist…….”


They wanted to deny it, but they knew it instinctively. The Dragon of Judgement is real.




“I, I… I didn’t do anything…… I didn’t do anything!”




The red eyes glowed lightly.


What he meant by “doing nothing” was that he had captured and brought the children as he was told to, but did not directly harm them.


He just did what he was told, he didn’t care how the children would end up, and he didn’t know the details.


He insisted that he was innocent because he was not involved in making such a move.


Just a struggle to find a way to live.


He’s only thinking about himself.


Looking at it made him (Kael) sick.


Kael asked the man, twisting his mouth.




“Yeah, let’s say you didn’t do anything. So, what was this situation about?”


“…… just…… some ordered ……!”


“So, you were going to take him and exchange him for money.”




The person who looked up at Kael trembled.




“Or did you think that the Dragon of Judgement won’t punish you for such a ‘small’ crime? Why do you think that?”


“……sa, save…… Save me, please…….”




Before the tearful words had finished, Kael leaned over.


The mere touch of his cold gaze horrified the man.




“What did you say when they cried for help?”


“Oh, oh, oh.”




Kael, who looked at the man who couldn’t speak, turned around.


Then all those struggling with pain were bound with their own red chains.




“Although already, you can no longer commit evil acts or bear malice.”


Kael approached Hyazelki while saying so.


With her power, they will not be able to do any evil in the future.


But they were still guilty, so they couldn’t escape the judgment.








Lihan’s voice, calling for Hyazelki, was shaking violently. Even the hand that held her.


Looking at the fluctuating eyes, he could see how shaken Lihan was.


Kael patted Lihan on the shoulder a couple of times and hugged Hyazelki.




“Let’s go back.”




* * *




All the people who kidnapped the children in Bavaria that day were caught.


The woman who witnessed the child being moved was killed, and Bavaria’s security guards took care of it.


They were first handed over to the security guards and then sent to the Dragon of Judgement.


They were punished by the laws made by humans and judged by the dragon.


They were the ones who used to catch and sell children, so the crime was never light.


Kael, who was reluctant to even mix words with the sinners, spoke quite a lot in the process of judging them.




“There was a sinner who sacrificed countless children. He was sentenced to a thorny forest. The number of victims’ original souls tore through his skin and dug into his body before piercing his organs and doing it again. It lasted as long as the lives of the children who were killed were unsatisfied. The sinner suffered the pain repeatedly until the end of his life and suffered the same pain even when he died.”




“The lifespan of a young child, the sinner paid for his crime by that long. As much as the lives of all the children that the sinner had harmed wasn’t over, he suffered.”




“Some suffered the pain of being cut into small pieces until they died, some suffered the pain of being burned alive, and some suffered the pain of their skin rotting and bone erosion until they died.”




All the sinners caught by Kael’s words bowed their heads.


They couldn’t even raise their heads because of the fear of having their heads crushed.




“Death won’t come easily, and death won’t get rid of the pain. Pay for your sins because the victims and those you have harmed are not coming back.”




There was nothing but silence in the judgment room.


Albert read their sins in detail as he watched their faces turning dark.


Kael, who listened to the report quietly, looking at them with cool eyes, said with a still expressionless expression.




“Let’s begin the trial.”




* * *




When Hyazelki came to her senses again, she had already returned to the castle.


Lying in her familiar room, she opened her eyes and stared blankly at the ceiling for a moment.




“You woke up?”




As she moved her eyes to the soft voice, she saw a dragon with shining with golden hair.








In a small murmur, Hiel reached out and patted Hyazelki’s head.




“How do you feel?”




The question reminded Hyazelki of the situation before she lost consciousness.


Distorting her face in an instant, she slowly raised her upper body.


She looked down at the floor with her trembling hands hanging down. She felt like she could see people rolling on the floor in front of her. Even the screams that hit her ears were ringing around her.


Hiel, who smiled bitterly at Hyazelki, who could not hide her discomfort, slowly grabbed her trembling hand.


“It’s all right.”






Hyazelki covered her eyes with her other hand.




“……I’m sad.”




Tears welled up and soon overflowed.


Her palms that were covering her eyes became damp.


It was scary to see someone in front of her writhing on the ground in pain, and it was the pain that she made them feel.


It’s a pain they wouldn’t have felt if they didn’t bear malice in the first place.


She had to put up with it.


She had to take it in, even this sadness.


She started training to protect herself, and she thought she should endure this sadness because she couldn’t help it.


But she felt nauseous and unwanted tears flowed. Even though knowing that if she went back to the situation, she would have used that power again.




‘……to be stronger…….’


Hyazelki clenched her fist. If she were strong enough to knock them out at once, she wouldn’t have to use the power of this pocket watch.


Owin would have laughed at her thoughts if he heard it.








At Hiel’s low call, she removed her tearful palm and raised her head.




“It’s all right. I’m not hurting anyone anymore.”


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